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Maybe Next Time

by Justal

Brad and Lori were running late for work that Monday morning. After another fun-filled weekend of sex together, they had taken a little too long for that extra quickie after breakfast.

Brad, an ex-highschool football player, looked over at Lori as he turned his Mustang GT from northbound 494 onto the 394 onramp heading towards downtown Minneapolis. He felt his 10" cock start to become rigid again as he glanced at Lori's 38EE figure in the passenger seat.

He and Lori had met in highschool when he was a senior and she was a junior member of the B chearleader squad. Brad had noticed her right away as easily the most amply endowed girl in the school with breasts almost as big as the pom-poms she carried.

Lori was attracted immediately to Brad, or rather, to the huge bulge in his jockstrap. She was in his pants before the end of their first date, enthralled by the way Brads huge cock filled her mouth and pussy. They quickly grew serious about each other and has been living together for the past 4 years since she had graduated from highschool.

Brad looked at the clock on the dash and saw that they had less than 15 minutes for him to get to his job as salesman at the Ford dealership on the 394 strip. Then Lori would take the Mustang south to her job as waitress at Hooters in the MegaMall in Bloomington. It was going to be tight and Brad hoped the freeway traffic was moving well this morning. Lori was lost in the song on KS95 radio, "Cream" by the local Minnetonka artist that used to go by the name Prince.

Brad was not paying close attention as he merged onto the freeway, and did not notice that the traffic ahead of him was moving barely at a crawl. He scarely had time to apply his brakes in a split-second reflex action as the Mustang plowed into the back of the semi-trailer truck ahead of him.

Luckily for Brad and Lori, the airbags deployed and they had escaped serious injury. Brad was barely conscious as he noticed that the impact had forced open the back doors of the semi-trailer and two drums had dropped onto the hood of the Mustang, breaking the windshield. The lids popped off the drums and gallons of liquid were pouring into the passenger compartment of the Mustang through the broken windshield. The last thing Brad remembered was the labels on the lids of the open containers warning "Caution - Extreme Biohazard. Handle with care, do not allow to come into contact with skin, do not breathe fumes."

The HAZOP squad from the local fire department and the EPA had arrived quickly and quarantined the scene. Removing Brad and Lori from the car would take a little more time than normal, as the chemical spill specialists suited up and a large plastic bubble was erected around the accident scene. Brad and Lori were almost completely covered with the spilled liquid for 45 minutes until it was possible to safely remove them from the wreakage. A frantic call was placed to the owner of the truck as the MSDS sheets on the drivers shipping manafest were unusually vague as to the normal precautions and physical reactivity to the drum contents. A worried-looking bioengineer from BIOTech Research showed up at the scene just as the pair were removed from the heavily damaged car.


Brad and Lori both woke up in the hospital room, lying on separate beds and clothed in the typical hospital gowns. They looked at each other and around the room, which definitely was not a typical hospital room. This room looked more like a fancy hotel room with hospital beds. All the normal hospital equipment was well hidden and encased in panels lining the oak-paneled walls of the room. There were several cameras mounted near the ceiling at various locations around the room and Brad could hear one of them pan and zoom on them as they both sat up in their beds.

There were three doors in the room and one of them opened. An authorative female figure wearing a doctors smock and skirt entered the room. Her nametag said "Dr. Pamala Harper, M.D., PhD - BIOTech Research, DNA Division."

"Brad and Lori," said the doctor, "Good to see you both up and looking so well."

"Doctor, where are we and why are we here?" asked Lori, "The last thing I remember was being in our car on the freeway."

"First," explained the doctor,"Please call me Pam, we have no formalities here."

"You are both the guests of BIOTech Corporation," she continued, " At our research center in Maple Grove. After the automobile accident, it was decided that coming here was the best choice for your recovery as the more traditional hospital facilities would not be able to react properly for treatment of possible, Ah.., symptoms after your exposure to the hazardous waste being carried on the truck you hit."

"What symptoms?" asked Brad.

"We'll talk more about that later", said Pam. "First let me explain a little about the accomodations. "The bathroom is over there... " as she gestured towards another door. "And you likely have noticed the camaras, which are there only for your protection I assure you."

"Meals will be brought in to you and we will be providing a special diet to avoid any unpleasant reactions with anything that could effect you negatively during your recovery and treatment."

"Right now, however, the best thing for you is sleep." said Pam as she took out a vial of pills and gave two to each of them. "Please take these with the water on your sidetables."

Brad and Lori did as they were instructed.

"These will take hold quickly, so I should explain one last thing further." said the doctor, "During your sleep you may experiece some unusual and erotic dreams. Do not be concerned, they are normal after the type of trama you have been exposed to. You may actually find them to be quite pleasurable, so enjoy them."

With that the doctor turned and left the room. Brad and Lori soon felt very sleepy. As they dozed off, Brad noticed his cock was hard as if ready for action and Lori felt her breasts were full and her nipples erect - although neither of them felt the least bit sexually aroused.


During the night both Brad and Lori had experienced vivid sexually explicit dreams. It was as if someone had probed their minds to find their most exotic fetish and made it come to life.

Brad dreamed that his penis had grown to astronomical proportions, over 5'long and 16" across with balls the size of beachballs. And when he came, it was in gallons and lasted for what seemed like 5 minutes. This pleased Brad as he never was satisfied, even with his current 10" cock, and desired to have the largest cock in the world.

Lori had drifted off and immediately began dreaming that her already large breasts were enlarging to record-breaking size. They expanded to the point where the nipples touched her toes with dinner-plate sized aureole and 4" long nipples. At the same time her pussy slit, lips and clit grew to elephantine accommodating proportions. Lori smiled in her sleep to know that she had the biggest tits and pussy in the world and could pleasure and accomodate even the biggest most well-hung stud imaginable.


Waking up in the morning, Lori and Brad ate the breakfast waiting for them. They ate quietly and made no mention of their dreams from the previous night. But Brad's incestant erection and Lori's full and sensitive breast sensations continued. Both Brad and Lori also noticed an itch on their stomachs and around their genitals that they discretely scratched from time to time.

After breakfast, they both showered and freshened up. Brad was increasingly concerned that his erection was still throbbing firm, but seemed somehow not as large and full as normal. The itch on his stomach and around his balls appeared to be related to a light growth of fuzz on areas normally smooth and bald. Brad assumed that the itch and fuzz were just dry skin resulting from his soaking in the chemical the day before.

Lori looked at herself naked in the full length mirror. Her full breasts and extremely erect nipples almost glowed this morning. She could feel goosebumps running from under her breasts down to her pussy and thighs as she ran her hands across her stomach. She also noticed that her aureola were pleasantly toned and the veins running from her nipples up her breasts were engorged and the aureole itself covered with the same bumps she usually got when she was highly sexually aroused. It was unusual that she did not feel particularily horny, however.


Brad and Lori had dressed in new hospital gowns and just sat down on the sofa to watch Good Morning America when the doctor walked in.

"Good morning", greeted Pam, "I trust you slept well."

"Today we are going to discuss a little further about your exposure to the chemicals and what to expect in your symptoms and recovery."

"Doctor," said Brad sternly, "Why are we still being kept here. We both feel just fine and want to go home."

"Brad, and please call me Pam, we need to keep you under observation until we are certain that any effect of the exposure have passed. Even though you believe you are fine, let me assure you that you are not - based on the examinations we did when you first came here, and based on the results of the monitors in this room."

"How long will we be here?" asked Lori.

"At least a week, or longer, depending..." answered Pam, "It really is difficult to tell exactly. Please have patience. We have contacted both your employers and family and explained the situation. You may be able to have visitors soon."

"But now," Pam continued, "I'm afraid that I will have to ask you to again take a sleeping pill. Total rest is still the best way to allow the chemicals to work their way out of your system."

"First, however, I would like to explain a little more about some symptoms you may experience. Normally the first is the erotic dreams that you may have already experienced. We have already noted that you both have the symptoms of sexual arousal, but likely have no sex drive. Believe me, that will change. You may find fine hair starting to grow in various areas of your bodies, and males often find the hair on their heads thinning - females find theirs growing at a rapid rate. If you feel the urge to masturbate, please do so. But there should be no sexual contact between either of you for now, that is very important!"

With that Pam gave them both sleeping pills and watched them drift off to sleep.

That day and night, for most of the next 24 hours, Brad and Lori slept. Reruns of the same erotic dreams for both of them filled their heads.


Early the next morning, Lori woke up first in a sweat after the latest episode in her dreams. She felt super-horny. Heeding the doctors warning, she crept into the bathroom in spite of a drastic craving to plunge Brad's huge cock between her legs.

She sleepily started the shower and took off the hospital gown, hanging it on the hook behind the door. Catching a glimpse of herself in the full length mirror brought a gasp of surprise to her lips.

During the night, she had changed. Her normally EE sized breasts now hung down to below her navel. What had been large, firm breasts now were enormous tits that stuck out 18" from her chest, capped with heavily veined aureole and thumb size nipples.

Lori was very aroused and could feel the liquid release between her legs. Having to pull her breasts apart for a better look, she was shocked to find a mat of blond hair over her entire stomach - running from below her breasts, to surround her snatch and halfway down her thighs.

Her pussy lips were much more pronounced and hung down at least 2" on both sides. She parted the lips to find a firm clit the size of her thumb, rubbing it caused shudders of excitement to course through her body and her pussy relaxed and puffed up into an aroused state.

Her slit opened up and, holy cow, it must have been twice as long as previously - over 6". Lori noticed a part in the hair on her stomach that ran all the way from her pussy to between her pendulous breasts. Between the part the skin was dark red, like a sunburned scar. Running her fingers up and down the part brought tides of slippery liquid from between her thighs and she moaned in pleasure.

Lori stuck first one finger, then three, then her entire hand up her weeping love canal. The feeling was fantastic. She balled her hand into a fist and plunged it in and out, in and out...barely touching the sides of her vagina and not being able to reach her cervix.

Coming to a series of orgasms and leaving a large pool of cunt juice on the floor, Lori took her shower. Putting her gown back on, she quietly returned to bed - quite spent - and went back to sleep.

Lori's getting back into bed woke Brad up. His sheets were soaked with cum after a night of sexual adventure. He got up and went into the bathroom. As he pulled out his cock to take a leak, he was thankful that it was flaccid in his hand. Shaking himself off, he flushed the toilet and removed his gown - dropping it on the floor.

Brad stepped in and started the shower, with the first cold wave hitting him like a shock. Damn, he thought as he almost immediately got hard again. "Now I'll have to work off this boner" Brad said aloud to noone in particular.

Reaching down, he placed his hand completely around his shaft. That shouldn't be, thought Brad. He opened his eyes and looked down. In his hand was an erect penis that was less than 1/2 the size and girth of the one he went to bed with. Erect it was slightly smaller than he had been limp before.

He also noticed that the fuzz from yesterday had now sprouted into a coarse mat of pubic-like hair that ran from his crotch to his chest, and down his legs to his knees.

Something else felt funny, too, as he lifted his cock and looked at his grapefruit sized balls. Hey! His balls were now 2 to 3 times the size from yesterday, and now hung down halfway to his knees. It was as if what he had lost in cock, he now more than made up in balls.

Maybe the deminished penis size was only tempory. If his penis were to start regrowing and catch up proportionally with his new balls, his cock would be absolutely huge!

With that thought arousing his desire, Brad soaped up his cock and balls and started pumping for all he was worth. After a few minutes, Brad came for what seemed an eternity. He shot cum out his cock, hitting the far wall of the shower 5' away.

Brad then started soaping up his hair to finish his shower. As he did he discovered with a shock that hair was coming out of his head by the fistful! Finishing up in a panic, Brad got out of the shower to towel off. Looking in the mirror, Brad saw that he was now entirely hairless over his entire body - except for the thick mat of pubic hair that ran from his chest to his knees.

Brad also saw that his head appeared to be more conical in shape and it looked like he was developing a double chin. The muscle tone on his chest and arms was now more rounded, but there were thick veins of muscle running along his back, neck, chest and arms.

In the middle of his forehead there was a 3" long dark red mark like a gash that had scared over. Maybe he had hit his head on the car during the accident, but why had he not noticed it before. Brad felt short of breath and faint, so he hurried back to bed and immediately fell asleep.

A few minutes later the doctor entered the room, and pulled back the sheets on both of them. "So, it has begun and is progressing nicely." Pam smiled as she gave them both injections to help them sleep.

That night they both slept soundly, with none of the strange dreams of the last few nights.


The next morning, Pam entered the room and gave both of them a shot of vitamins and something to counteract the relaxant drugs in their system.

After a few minutes, Brad and Lori awoke and lay in their beds, almost unable to move. Brad could barely talk and still felt entirely out of breath.

"I feel fantastic" Lori answered, "Hornier than hell!"

"Do either of you feel hungry?" asked the doctor.

"Yes, but not for food." came the almost simultaneous from both of them.

"Well," said Pam,"before we discuss nutrition, let's see how you are doing with the after effects of the chemical."

Pam removed the covers from Lori's bed, then reached under her back to untie the gown. She got it off, but it was quite a task, as she removed the gown to unveil the biggest tits in the world.

"Stay laying down, Lori." said Pam,"You will have to learn to sit and walk all over again with those honeys."

Pam helped Lori to her feet. Lori's breasts were every bit as large as the ones she imagined in her dreams. They stuck out 36" from her chest and hovered barely above her feet. In her excitement, Lori's nipples hardened and were now pressing against the floor, each as big as Brad's 10" cock. Her aurola were now as large as trashcan lids and covered with 1" thick dark purple veins. They were indeed magnificent.

"Let's have a look down here, shall we?" asked Pam as she parted the breasts to have a look at Lori's pussy.

"Omigosh...", shrieked Lori at the sight she saw.

Her pussy now extended from just above her asshole and ended slightly below her breasts. Her pussy lips were hanging 6" down and the opening was over 20" long. The blond fuzz had grown to a glorious tangled mass of pussy hair that covered her front and sides from breasts to knees.

The doctor took a small flashlight and pulled apart the enormous pussy lips and reached inside with her hand. Reaching to her shoulder, she could not touch the bottom of Lori's humongous snatch.

Just the touch of the doctors arm was enough to set off Lori into orgasmic convulsions, dumping gallons of fluid onto the floor from her pussy and mixed with milk dripping from her nipples.

Lori looked back and saw that her blond hair now trailed all the way down and was dragging on the floor.

"Now I need to do an oral exam," said Pam as she took out a tongue depresser, "Say ahh..."

Lori stuck out her tongue. It rolled out of her mouth, unwinding to a length of over 12". It then unfurled 8" wide and was covered with thouands of tiny "suction cups".

"Just excellent", said the doctor as Pam retracted her tongue. "Please sit down."

Lori did as she was told as Pam turned her attention to Brad, still covered head to toe by his sheet. Brad had scarcely heard what had transpired and was trying to find out why he could not breathe and could barely speak. And he was having trouble opening his eyes, although he could "see".

Lori gasped As Brad's sheet and gown were removed. Pam helped Brad onto his feet.

What Pam and Lori saw standing before them was no longer completely recognizable as Brad, but was now a 6'2" cock and balls with legs and arms.

"What's the matter?" came the question barely audible from the slit at the tip of the cock's head. Brad turned and looked in the wall mirror. Actually, Brad no longer had a nose, eyes or mouth as a normal person. He could breath and speak slightly with his cock slit. And it was if he could mentally visualize everything around him in his mind, which gave him more vivid images that he had ever seen with his eyes.

As a cock, Brad was perfect. Circumcised with graceful mons and glans. His balls were over 3' diameter each and completely filled the space between his former waist and feet. His legs were a bit shorter, but he could move slowly.

When Lori stood up, a generous gush of precum dribbled out Brad's lips and down the cock. He scooped a handful of it and presented it to Lori, who stuck out her long tongue and suctioned it off his hand with a shudder.

Lori laid on her back on the carpet, parted her breasts and opened her dripping monster pussy. Brad did not have to he asked twice as he plunged his head into her pussy and dove for the bottom. With his hands he could reach Lori's cock-sized nipples and wrap one hand around each, squeezing and pulling.

The both came over and over for hours on end, barely tiring until night time. Only to awake and continue the orgy again.

You see, Brad and Lori were made for each other, always had been. Brad was a walking cock and Lori was always there to satisfy both their needs.

******* Pam closed the door and walked down the long hallway with rooms lining both sides. Moans and groans of sexual ecstasy filled the air.

The rooms were filled with people, the result of experiments gone awry. All of these people were volunteers, carefully screened and selected. Brad and Lori were an accident, their transformations caused by being doused in the remains of the latest failed DNA formula. If not for Brad's careless driving, the two drums of chemicals would have been safely incinerated several days ago.

Brad and Lori also received much more of the chemical than had ever been administered to anyone previously. Normally given in small injections, carefully controlled, a few cc's at a time. Brad and Lori absorbed many times that through their skin and by breathing the evaporating chemicals.

Through normal channels, ads in the Minneapolis Tribune and St. Paul Dispatch - and recruiting on the Univesity of Minnesota campus nearby - there was always a steady stream of willing volunteers at the prescreenings.

Brad and Lori would have failed the initial interviews immediatedly. Brad was too well-hung and Lori too amply endowed to be chose for the experiments.

Volunteers were normally screened first for the size of their sexual organs. Men were limited to a maximum size of 6" erect or under. Women to a bust size of B cup, preferrably A or AA cup; and vaginal size was a consideration as well - the smaller and tighter the better.

After the initial screening, both men and women were given psychological testing to determine if they had strong fetish or sexual desires of any kind. Brad and Lori would have failed these as well.

The final test was for hormonal balance, men for testosterone and women for estrogen. Too high a level for either was instant disqualification.

What the lab was looking for were Mr. and Ms. Average, either single or married. The final number of recruits was a select few, and even fewer married couples made the final cut.

Making the final cut, the purpose of the experimentation was explained to the chosen few: To develop a formula to perfect body proportion and sexual desire and desireability, and reverse the declining fertility and increasing divorce rates in the U.S. population. To take preselected or married couples and make them such perfect mates for each other, they would never desire another person again.

It was a lofty goal, and so far largely an unsuccessful one. For while the results so far had created couples perfectly matched for each other, none of the couples would be considered normal in society. And the resulting sexual drives of the test couples was insatiable. So much so that anything else, even food, became unimportant.

The experiments were carefully orchistrated. Single people were paired according to common desires in mates, married people remained together. Couples were allowed to spend time together becoming acquainted or renewing themselves for several days in their private rooms. Couples were then separated and given individualized lessons on mediation and yoga. Seeking peace within themselves and their mates was the ultimate goal. These lessons lasted for a week or more, until the psychologists on staff felt that the couples were ready.

The day finally came when the couples were reunited. Facing each other, naked, in special chairs that allowed them to assume the lotus position and touch the fingertips of both hands.

A mindprobe was attached to both, to monitor and track thought patterns to as pure a level as possible. The DNA formula was administered by a drip a few cc at a time over a several hour time period. Afterwards the couples were returned to their rooms to sleep and allow the transformation to take place.

As the chemicals coursed through their systems, it adapted itself to the individuals deepest thoughts, personal feelings and desires. Through the yoga and meditation, the true feelings of the mate should also be passed to the other to blend the results and create an ideal final match.

Well, so much for theory. It just had not worked out that well so far, although Pam believed that they were getting closer.

It seems that, for all the careful prescreening and tests, all individuals harbor subconscious fetishes that remain hidden until the DNA formula pulls them out and uses them to shape the transformations.

Unfortunately for Brad and Lori, Pam now had the opportunity to see how far the formula could go if uncontrolled.

The obituaries in the Minneapolis paper would read that they both died of injuries suffered in the car accident. The BIOTech Corporate would have to care for them the rest of their lives or until a reversing formula could be found, if ever.


Pam continued down the hall on her rounds and entered room 5. Mr and Mrs Iverston, read the tag on the door. One of the first married couples, John and Mary's tranformation had deeply troubled Pam.

Walking into the room, the couple were on the bed in the heat of desire. The couple ignored Pam, they all did after a while - she was just a minor annoyance in their life of orgy.

Mary was lying on her back on the bed. Her previously AA sized breasts were each as large as a beanbag, only her nipples were normal size - all six on each breast! John was a sight to behold himself with two 12" cocks and four baseball sized balls between his legs. And where a normal person had hands, John had a huge cock on the end of each arm.

They were going at it in the normal position. John had his two cocks buried in Mary's pussy and ass, and one "hand" between Mary's gigantic breasts and the other halfway down her throat.

For during the programming with the DNA injection, John had released a thought of huge breasts with an even dozen nipples to lick and suck. And Mary was thinking of being fucked by 4 men with enormous cocks. Pam marveled at the power of the human mind.

Going to the next room, Pam looked in on Sam and Agnes. They were both painfully shy college students coming into the clinic and appeared to be perfectly matched. They were! For now Pam had difficulty telling them apart as both had developed into twin nymphomaniac hermaphrodites each sporting 75" busts with breasts the size of firm volleyballs, wasp thin waists, long shocking red hair and 15" cocks and orange size balls. Life for them now was a continuous 69, pussy plunge or tit sandwich.

Coming to the final occupied room, and the latest experimental couple, was Paul and Sue Johnson. They were the most successful couple yet. Paul was originally a 5'10" very normal 35 year old husband with a normal 6" cock and would be considered very normal looking. Sue was 5'6" typical housewife of 32 with ordinary B sized breasts and a small firm pussy, having never borne children.

Pam had high hopes for this couple, Mr. and Mrs. Average. Boy would she be surprized. As Pam entered the room she saw a female and male with the bodies of Mr. and Ms. Ventura beach bodybuilders. The female had muscles everywhere and a pair of muscular 60" soccerball sized breasts with normal sized aurolea and firm pinkie sized nipples. The male had a body by Jake and a 16" penis with baseball sized balls. The two would pose and flex for one another and then ravage each other into a sexual froth. Success at last, thought Pam originally. Unfortunately, the screening had failed to determine that Sue was a tomboy at heart and that Paul was a closet crossdresser. So now, Paul was Sue and Sue was... well, you get the picture.


Closing the door, Pam walked down the hallway considering all the options that lay ahead and experiments yet to do. They were working on a revised formula that showed more promise for control of subconscious thoughts. Meanwhile, Pam and her staff continued to work on reversing formulas for the couples so far. Her only concern was to whether any of the couples now actually wanted to reverse themselves back.

Maybe next time it will work, Pam thought. Maybe next time...

******** Justal

Maybe Next Time copyright 1996 by Justal.

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