The Transformation Story Archive The Other Sex

ReGenesis, Inc. - Indistinguishable from Magic

by Bill Hart

It was Ladies' Night once again at "Bart's Downwind Bar."

And as he usually did on Ladies' Night, Kevin Dalton sat at the counter nursing one small drink. Bart wouldn't let him sit there unless he'd ordered a drink, but not even Bart could tell him how big it had to be or how fast he had to consume it. And between the small sips he was taking and all the time he spent watching all the beautiful women, one small glass would last him until closing time.

Kevin loved being at the "Downwind" on Ladies' Night. But then, it was the ladies who were probably the biggest reason Kevin was there in the first place. He could never believe how many absolutely gorgeous women came to Bart's on their night. Where were they hiding the rest of the week, he often wondered?

He loved watching them. And tonight, he thought, maybe I'll even get a little lucky, particularly since I'm between girlfriends at the moment.

But at that very moment, he saw her enter the bar.

She must have been the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen in his entire life. She was exceptionally well-proportioned, a veritable goddess of perfection, with long red hair and emerald eyes. From her stance and the way she moved, she had to know she was beautiful. And at the same time, she must have also known that every set of male eyes in the "Downwind" were focused solely on her. Dressed in a leather mini, she showed off her fabulously long and slender legs. And the tight form-fitting sweater she wore highlighted a pair of firm, full breasts.

Continuing to ogle her, Kevin took another sip of his drink. Almost immediately, he began coughing, the swallowed drink having gone down his windpipe instead of his throat.

"If I was you, I wouldn't waste a lot of my time doing much drooling over that one, young man." said Bart the bartender.

"Why not?" asked Kevin. "She's one totally hot babe."

"I won't disagree with you there, young man. It's just that she probably won't be all that interested in you, if you know what I mean." replied Bart. "I've seen her in here a lot of times, although not generally on Ladies' Night. And in all those times, I've never once seen her leave with one of the guys."

Kevin grinned. "Then, maybe I'll be the first."

"I don't think you quite understand, young fella." replied Bart. "Just because I've never seen her leave with a man doesn't mean she's been leaving here alone. She always manages to pick up one of the other girls before she leaves."

Kevin stared at Bart with shocked disbelief. "You mean to tell me she's a lesbian."

"I can't say for certain." replied Bart. "But that's what the rumor mill around here says, not that it's infallible or even all that accurate most of the time."

Kevin turned back and stared at the stunning redhead. He shook his head in disbelief. "She's really a lesbian?" he asked Bart, still sounding unsure of this assessment. "It's still awful hard to believe something like that about a woman who looks so damn good."

"I know exactly what you mean, young man." said Bart wistfully. "But I've never heard anybody ever say beautiful women couldn't also be lesbians. Hell, I've seen her leave here some nights with women nearly as beautiful as she is. And yet, as I said earlier, never once have I seen her leave with a man." Bart sighed. "But you know what, young man, even having seen what I've seen, I still don't want to believe it."

Kevin also sighed. "Me neither, Bart." He turned to take a last look at the woman, then slowly turned back to the bartender. "What a total waste." said Kevin. "I can't imagine someone wasting packaging like that on a girl who only likes other girls." He took another sip of his drink.

"So who said I like only girls." came a sexy feminine voice from behind him.

Kevin turned quickly around to see her standing directly behind him. "I'm terribly sorry." he squirmed, nearly falling off his stool. "I, ah, ... er, ... didn't really mean anything by what I said. I mean, if you want to be a lesbian, then that's your business. It's really none of my business who you choose to sleep with." Embarrassed, Kevin swallowed the remainder of his drink in one quick gulp.

"But I'm not a lesbian - exactly. Actually, I regard myself as bi. It's just there aren't generally many guys hanging around this place that I ever find all that interesting." She smiled at him. "But, you just might be an exception. My name's Marlika Warners."

"Kevin Dalton." he replied. "I'm glad to meet you Marlika. I'm sure you've been told several times that your name is nearly as exotic as you are. Would you like to join me.

"Thank you, Kevin. I'd love to join you." she replied, sitting down on stool next to him. "How about another drink, Kevin?" she asked with a warm smile. "The one you have looks pretty empty."

"Uh, sure. Why not?" he replied. "But shouldn't that be my come on line to you with me buying the drinks."

"Not necessarily, Kevin. I'm a very liberated woman about these kinds of things." smiled Marlika. "Bart. I'll have one of my usuals. And give Kevin another of whatever it was he was drinking."

"Sure thing, Dr. Warners."

"Doctor?" asked Kevin in surprise. He looked over at Marlika who was staring daggers at Bart.

"Do you have a problem with intelligent women, Kevin?" she asked bluntly.

"No. Of course not. I was just surprised, that's all." asserted Kevin. "I hope this won't offend you, Marlika, but I just never would have thought of associating a beautiful woman like yourself with being a doctor."

"No offense taken." she smiled in a manner that made Kevin nervous. "I've had to deal with all types of inane stereotypes from men before. And I'll probably have to continue dealing with them for a long time yet to come."

Kevin breathed a big sigh of relief. "What kind of doctor are you?"

"I'm a medical doctor. My specialization is in comparative anatomies. I work for a company called ReGenesis, Inc., which I'd wager you've never heard of before now. But, beyond telling you their name, I can't divulge to your or anyone else what I actually do for them."

Bart set down two glasses in front of them. "I'll put these on your tab, Doc." The bartender gave Kevin a congratulatory wink.

"Thank you, Bart."

Kevin continued to stare at her. "I still find it very difficult to believe you're actually a doctor, Marlika."

"Few people can, Kevin." she smiled sweetly. "Most people, especially the men I meet, take one look at this body and I can absolutely guarantee you that my being a doctor is the farthest thought from their minds. For example, take a look at that girl standing near the door, Kevin." As he turned to look, Marlika emptied a small packet, completely unnoticed, into Kevin's drink. "She looks like a hooker, doesn't she?"

"I suppose she could be."

"But is she?"

"How would I know?"

"That's my point exactly, Kevin. Many people judge others solely on their appearance with the actual truth being, at best, of secondary importance."

As he listened, Kevin took a sip from his newly delivered drink. For some reason, it seemed to taste a little more tart and tangy than his earlier one had. "Bart? Is this what I had before?" he asked.

"Exactly the same, young man."

"I was just wondering." said Kevin. "Not that I'm complaining any. This one just tastes better than the other one."

Marlika smiled at him. "Tell me, Kevin. Have you ever thought what it would be like to be someone or something totally different than the you who is sitting here with me right now?" she asked.

Kevin looked at her with a puzzled expression. "What do you mean?" He took a sip of his drink as she watched his actions intently.

"Let's imagine that someone can somehow make it possible for you to have the opportunity to be totally different than who, or what, you are at this exact moment." she replied. "For the sake of argument, let's say you could be transformed into a tall, very handsome man with rippling muscles who could drive any woman mad with lust and desire just by her seeing you. Would you do it?"

"To be honest, I don't really know. But it is an awfully strange question." Kevin took another sip of his drink. "Even if it were possible, I'd have to think about it for a while."

"Hmmm. That sounds like an honest answer." replied Marlika. "But if you want to hear a strange question, then take the same situation, except, instead of becoming a handsome man, this same someone offers you the chance to become a cow; that is, a fully-functional bovine that would be completely indistinguishable from any other cow taken from the same herd. Now, would you do that?"

"No way." exclaimed Kevin. "I would never want to be an animal."

"How about being female?" she asked bluntly. "Cows are female animals. Did that factor into your decision at all?"

"No. Not at all." he replied. "Why should it?" Kevin took a large gulp of his drink.

Marlika smiled at him again. Kevin was certain his heart skipped a beat or two. He was certain she liked him

"Actually, Marlika, I'm really pretty happy just being who I am." Especially right now, he thought, taking another sip of his drink. "I don't think I'd like being anyone or anything else but me."

"Why don't you finish up that drink of yours, Kevin." suggested Marlika with a wide grin. "Once you've finished with it, then we can go back to my apartment and have a good time."

"Okay. That sounds like an excellent idea to me." he replied with an ear-to-ear grin of expectant pleasures. He gave Bart a hurried thumbs up to let the bartender know he was going to be the first after all. He chugged the rest of his drink, then stood up eagerly and stretched his arms. "I'm ready to go to your place, Marlika."

She smiled at him again. But first, she thought, a little test. "Kiss me, Kevin." she commanded.

Obediently and without hesitation, Kevin kissed her, exactly as she had commanded.

I really ought to talk to someone over in the marketing department about selling this wonderful powder, thought Marlika, but I doubt I'd like giving up this little advantage of mine. "Follow me, Kevin." And as she headed for the door, Kevin followed closely behind her like an obedient little puppy being led along on an invisible leash.

One of the waitresses watched them leave. She wondered if they would ever see the young man leaving with her again. Contrary to all the rumors, she had seen that woman leave with a man one time before. At that time, she had left with her ex-boyfriend cast in the obedient little puppy dog role. Having been glad to see him finally showing interest in another woman, it had been weeks before she'd noticed he had not returned to the bar. And several more weeks had passed before she'd found out that none of his friends had seen him again after leaving with her that night. But then, nobody had ever again seen any of the women she'd left with either.


The next thing Kevin knew, sunlight, rapidly warming his body, was streaming in through a window above the bed he was sharing with Marlika. Strangely, for this was not normally a position he found himself in, his head was quite comfortably tucked into the crook of Marlika's arm with his own arm gently laid across her stomach.

Kevin couldn't believe how he felt this morning. He felt great. He felt far better, vastly superior to even those mornings after having had incredible bouts of sex the night before, than he usually felt the morning after. Even though he couldn't remember leaving the bar or any details of his obvious sexual escapades the previous night, he readily assumed he and Marlika had gotten it on last night. Why else would he still be here? And why else would he be with her in her bed? Obviously, he assumed, she had fallen completely for his many charms.

Not wanting to disturb or wake her, Kevin carefully rose from their shared bed. For several minutes he simply watched with awe the rhythmic rise and fall of her breasts as she continued to sleep undisturbed. Damn was she ever gorgeous, thought Kevin.

But, as nature began calling, Kevin wondered where the little boy's room was located. Marlika must have told him where the bathroom was last night, but he couldn't remember where it was at the moment. As he continued to search for the room, Kevin soon began thinking there might be something wrong with him. Inexplicably, his body felt very peculiar and somewhat odd as he moved about from room to room. Even his very movements themselves sometimes felt strange to him. He couldn't quite determine what it was that made him feel so weird, but he soon passed it off as nothing more than just basking in the afterglow of what he still assumed must have been positively incredible sex with Marlika last night. He only wished he could remember doing it with her.

As he searched, he peeked into a couple of open doors and, inside one, he was very surprised to see an exceptionally beautiful blonde woman gazing back at him. She wasn't wearing much, just a pair of bikini panties that showed off her waspish waist and long shapely legs and a pullover sleeveless T-shirt that appeared to have been jaggedly torn off across the bottom of her ample, but barely covered, breasts.

Kevin quickly pulled the door closed so she wouldn't think he was some kind of pervert peeking in on her.

Kevin didn't remember Marlika saying anything about having a roommate last night, especially one that was so gorgeous, but then, for some strange reason, he had problems remembering much of anything that had happened last night. The last thing he clearly remembered was telling Marlika he wouldn't want to be a cow, if such a thing were possible. She has some strange ideas, he thought. But try as he might, he couldn't remember leaving the bar, coming here, or the two of them making love. And not remembering making love to her was a damn shame.

After finally finding the bathroom, he sat down and relieved himself. As he finished, he began wondering if Marlika would be upset if he went back to her roommate's room and introduced himself to her. She had told him she was a liberated woman on many issues. Maybe that meant she wouldn't be overly possessive of him, as well. Hell, I might even get lucky again, he thought. And maybe this time, I'll even remember it.

Knocking softly on the door where he'd seen the blond, Kevin was surprised at receiving no answer from inside. She saw me, thought Kevin, I know she did. So she must know I'm here. Slowly Kevin cracked open her door. "Hello." said Kevin, but somehow his voice sounded odd to his ears. "My name is Kevin. Can I come in again?"

Once again, he received no answer. She must be shy, he thought. After opening the door further, he cautiously stepped inside, before coming abruptly to a stop when he saw her standing directly in front of him.

Kevin was surprised again. She hadn't let loose a blood-curdling scream at seeing an unknown man standing in her bedroom. "Hello." he said to her calmly. But at the same time she curiously seemed to mouth the word 'hello' back at him. In fact, she seemed to be mimicking his every action. Was she making fun of him for some reason?

Kevin reached out his hand to her.

And suddenly, the roomlights came on.

Kevin gasped as his outstretched hand touched glass instead of flesh. His hand fell back to his side at the unexpected realization that there could be no blond haired woman standing in this room at all.

But that was not exactly true.

There was a simply gorgeous blond in the full-length mirror on the wall. And for some strange reason, she was staring back at him with the same expression of stunned exasperation on her face he could tell was also on his own face. It was at that moment, he realized there actually was a blond haired woman in the room after all.

Only somehow, he was her.

"Do you like what you see, Kevin?"

"What happened to me?" he asked, continuing to stare at himself in the mirror.

"It looks pretty obvious to me, Kevin." replied the grinning doctor. "You've been transformed into a buxom blond bombshell."

"But how?" asked Kevin. He frowned as his exploring hands ran lightly across his waspish waist before, almost with minds of their own, slipping up under his cutoff T-shirt. "This isn't possible." he muttered.

"Oh, really." Marlika shook her head and sighed. "I still wonder how guys like you can think all the girls they meet are just airheaded bimbos? But your simple question deserves a simple answer, Kevin." she smiled. "I changed you into the girl you now are. I needed a subject on whom to test a radical new theory I'd developed that, most unfortunately for them, the powers that be at work wouldn't allow me to explore further there. All of them mistakenly believe magic is an absolutely necessary component in order to do what I've done to you. Although derived from the same ancient arcane tomes, my theories are totally scientific, nothing magical, in nature. As I'm sure, you must know, it's been said that any significantly advanced science is totally indistinguishable from magic. And, using you, last night, I proved it.

"Do you remember when I asked you last night, if there were someway to do it, would you want to become someone else."

Kevin shook his head indicating he remembered the conversation.

"You said you didn't know. Didn't you?"

Kevin once again nodded his agreement.

"But you were certain you wouldn't want to become an animal."

"Yeah. I remember all that." replied Kevin, putting his hands on his hips. "But what has any of that to do with changing me into this?" he queried.

"If you remember, I used a cow, a female animal, for my example. And when I asked you about it, you said being female didn't enter into your decision."


"As we left the bar last night, I decided to refashion your bodily structures into those of another person. It'll give you the perfect chance to find out if you'll like being someone other than yourself, Kevin. Since being female didn't factor into your not wanting to be a cow and as I was really desirous of having another female lover last night, I decided the someone else I would transform you into would be female. My experimental transformation serum, interpolated from the writings in those recently discovered ancient arcane tomes they're so proud of at work, worked perfectly, just as all my theories indicated it should. This proves beyond any doubts that magic actually is nothing more than an advanced science. Look at yourself, Kevin. You were the perfect subject for my experiment."

"Perfect?" Kevin stared at his smooth slinky legs, his waspish waist, his shoulder length blonde hair, and his ample breasts reflected in the mirror. He shook his head in disbelief. "I don't consider looking like this to be all that perfect, Marlika. I've never wanted to be a girl. And I don't want to be one now."

"And why not?" demanded Marlika. "I didn't hear you complaining about being a girl last night, but then you weren't being overly inhibited by worrisome thoughts of your lost maleness." Marlika smiled at him. "Of course last night, as a condition of the test, I just made sure you had absolutely no idea you'd lost anything you thought important. And you acted quite naturally for someone having the luscious form you now possess. But then you don't remember anything that happened last night. Do you, Kevin, dear? You should know that you were an absolutely fantastic lover last night, sweetheart. I've never been more impressed with any other girl I've shared my bed with. And, of course, if you haven't pieced it all together by now, you were, again according to my design, definitely all girl last night."

Kevin gasped. "You mean ..."

"Of course, Kevin." she laughed at him. "Just what did you think I meant, lover. Into the wee hours of the night, I sucked on those juicy little nipples of yours just as you sucked on mine. You were simply wonderful. We both explored each others' bodies. And, in addition, you and I spent several hours licking the others' sweet pussies. You were clearly enjoying yourself last night. It was evident by the wild looks of unimaginable pleasure constantly in your eyes. Of course, if the world had been privy to the events going on in my bedroom last night, no one would have thought of us in terms other than lesbian lovers."

"But why change me into this girl?" asked Kevin. "We could have just as easily been lovers with me remaining male. Couldn't we? Besides didn't you tell me earlier that you were bi, not a lesbian."

"Well, yes I did. And I really am bi ... sort of." she tried to explain her rationale. "All things being equal, I could have had just as much fun with you as a male. It's just that whenever I'm presented with the choice, I find I'd rather have a female sex partner. It's nothing personal. And after all, Kevin, I did have complete control over the choice of your sex last night." Marlika smiled at Kevin, which made him even more uncomfortable. "For as long as you stay here with me, this will be your room, Kevin. It has everything you need for someone who looks as you now do."

"I'm not staying here." retorted Kevin quickly.

"Oh really?" smiled Marlika smugly. "And where will you go?"

"I'll go home."

"Not a real good idea, Kevin. Take another quick peek at yourself in the mirror." said Marlika. "I don't really think anyone you know or anyone you've been living with will believe that you are Kevin Dalton. Do you?"

Kevin didn't have to look at himself or think about what she'd said for very long before deciding she was probably right. "Then, I'll go to the police."

Dr. Warners laughed again. "And tell them what? You'll have the same problem. I really doubt they'll believe much of anything you tell them once you've said you're really Kevin Dalton somehow transformed into a girl by the evil Dr. Marlika Warners. I'll just deny everything. They'll laugh you out of the precinct, my dear."

"Then you have to change me back." whined Kevin.

"No, I don't." replied Marlika. "As you are now, you can assist me with my continued outside research. Your help will be invaluable. And as a little bonus for you, we can continue to be lovers for as long as we live together. But to be totally effective in your new role of helping obtain additional test subjects for my experiments, you will have to learn more about your new self."

"What are you talking about now?" asked Kevin nervously.

"In just a short while, the two of us will be heading off for the mall together. We must start showing you off to all the eligible guys in town." said Marlika with a mischievous grin that implied things to Kevin he'd rather not thought about. "By the end of the day, we should have found ourselves a couple of really handsome hunks. We'll let them show us a good time. And then afterwards, we'll bring them back here to show them an even better time, if you know what I mean." smiled Marlika.

"Like hell I will." exclaimed Kevin. "I'm not going anywhere looking like this. And I'm not doing those kinds of things with some other guy."

"Damn it." swore Dr. Warners. "You sure are one hellacious party pooper, my girl."

"I am not a girl." answered Kevin angrily. "And if you don't like it because I won't follow your orders, then change me back into my real self - right now. I told you, I do not want to be a girl. And I sure as hell don't like having these big tits."

"Maybe I should change you again." snarled Dr. Warners. "You're going to be real downer as well as a complete pain in the ass with that shitty attitude of yours."

"You mean you really can change me back again?" asked Kevin with surprise. "I was beginning to think this change was permanent - that I was stuck this way forever."

Marlika shook her head. "Duh. What's wrong little smartie?" she said sarcastically. "I transformed you into a girl, didn't I? Doesn't it make sense to you that I could give some girl a couple of pills or inject my serum into her ass, which would result in her becoming a boy? Of course, I could just as easily alter you into a Myrmecophaga tridactyla instead. Would you like that? You'd certainly be less trouble for me as one of those." Without waiting for an answer, she quickly turned and walked out of the very puzzled Kevin's room, only to return just a few moments later. "You want to be changed, Kevin?" she asked.

"You aren't going to change me into one of those mirfogadackla things, are you?" he asked fearfully.

"No." replied Marlika. "Even though you would be far easier to take care of as a Giant Anteater, my lease here doesn't allow me to keep pets."

Kevin gave a big sigh of relief.

"You want to be normal?" asked Dr. Warners.

"You know I do." replied Kevin.

Marlika simply tossed him a small unlabeled prescription bottle. "There's a drinking glass on the bathroom sink. Go take two of these pills. Then call me in the morning."

Not waiting to give Dr. Warners any time to change her mind, Kevin hurried off to the bathroom. Finding the glass on the sink, exactly where Marlika had said it would be, he quickly filled it from the tap. After twisting the top off the pill container, he shook out two large yellow pills covered with purple and green spots, popped the odd-looking pills into his mouth, and chugged the water in order to swallow them.

Leaving the small bottle on the sink, Kevin returned to the room where he had left Marlika. "How long will it take before I start noticing any new changes?" he asked her.

"It shouldn't take very long at all, Kevin. Those pills tend to take effect very quickly." she replied as she noticed Kevin nod slightly, then begin shaking his head. "Kevin, I want you to stand on one foot and crow like a rooster." she commanded.

"What ..." exclaimed Kevin, as his left foot uncontrollably lifted off the floor and he began crowing like rooster. He knew something was very wrong about this. She had, obviously not intending to restore him to normal, fooled him again. Trying as hard as he could to quit acting so foolishly, he found himself completely unable to stop.

"I told you those pills wouldn't take long to take effect." gloated Marlika. "They're another of the company's little secrets. They really should try marketing them, you know. Of course, I've made a few slight modifications of my own to their formula to enhance their efficacy."

She smiled as she watched Kevin hopelessly continue balancing on his right foot, while crowing, quite loudly, like a rooster. But playing games with Kevin, although much fun, wasn't getting her own work accomplished any sooner. "You can put your foot down and quit crowing now, Kevin." she instructed him. "And you no longer need to wear that skimpy little top you have on."

Exactly as he'd been instructed, Kevin put his foot back down on the floor and immediately quit crowing. Also, as Marlika had suggested, he pulled the scant top he'd been wearing over his head of blond hair and tossed it casually onto the floor near the mirror. Kevin looked anxiously at Dr. Warners.

"Look at yourself in the mirror, Kevin." she commanded. "Concentrate on those lovely breasts of yours."

Without hesitation, Kevin complied.

"You like having your big tits." she stated. "Don't you, Kevin?"

"Yes." he replied. He suddenly stared at his large breasts as if seeing them for the first time. He wondered what had possessed him earlier, when he had told Marlika he didn't like his big tits.

"You love the way they make you look and feel." she told him. "Don't you, Kevin?"

"Yes." he replied again as he threw back his shoulders and struck a sensual pose in the mirror. He totally adored the way his big firm boobies made him look. And just looking at them made him feel so incredibly sexy. In fact, Kevin could no longer imagine his body without having his wonderful titties.

"Now, I want you to fondle those lovely breasts and nipples of yours that you enjoy having so much, Kevin." she ordered. "With each stroke of your breasts, the more and more pleasure you'll feel passing through your body. With each new gentle caress, your breasts will become increasingly more sensitive. And as they become more sensitive, your feminine sexual arousal will be steadily reinforced."

After little time had passed, Kevin, highly aroused, was also breathing quite heavily as he continued his gentle fondlings of his breasts. He couldn't stop his playful stroking of them, but then, if he had his own way, he would never stop. It just felt too good to even want to stop.

Marlika smiled at him, pleased at watching his breasts in their arousal rhythmically rise and fall with his constantly intensifying emotional state. But Kevin never noticed her attentions.

"You like having this body. Don't you, Kevin?"

Kevin nodded yes.

"This body is infinitely superior to your old one. Don't you agree, Kevin?"

Once again Kevin nodded yes.

"In fact, this is the very shape and form you've always dreamed of having. Isn't that true, Kevin?"

Another affirmative nod.

"But, if the whole truth be known, this is the only body you've ever had. You've never had another form other than this one. And you have never wanted another shape other than this one. Have you, sweet Kevin?"

He nodded silently again.

"Your body has developed as it has because its perfectly natural for your body to have developed the way it has. You now have the body you were always meant to have. You are now look the way you have always been meant to loom. Isn't that right, dearest Kevin."

"Yes." replied Kevin in a voice oozing sexuality. Still lightly caressing his breasts, he watched their risings and fallings in the mirror, as he continued admiring the way he looked. A wide grin spread across his face.

"How do you feel now, Kevin?"

"I feel incredibly sexy." he replied in the same dreamy and sensual tone.

"You must get dressed."

"Why?" asked Kevin curiously. "Getting dressed means I have to cover up my body. Don't you like seeing all of me?" he pouted.

Marlika smiled. This is working better than I could have ever imagined it would, she thought. "As much as I adore seeing your bare body, Kevin, our society is far too intolerant of people running around outside naked, or even nearly naked. You'll find appropriate clothes in your closet."

Kevin strolled over to his closet, while Marlika admired his vastly improved and very definitely feminine gait. Quickly sizing up the clothes in his closet, he pulled out a short one piece dress with a plunging neckline that was barely long enough to extend to his thigh. He casually slipped into it as if he'd been dressing in clothes like these for years. With equal grace, he casually slipped into a pair of open-toed shoes with two inch heels, before strolling confidently back to stand before the mirror once more.

"You look totally hot, Kevin." complimented Marlika,

"I know." he replied, lost in the total admiration of himself. He quickly passed his tongue across the bottom of his upper lip.

Marlika smiled at him. "Once I get myself ready, Kevin, then we'll be ready to head off to the mall." she said, feeling quite proud of having been able to alter Kevin's mind so easily again.

But suddenly, and quite inexplicably, Kevin's expression turned to total shocked. "I'm not going to the mall with you." he stated firmly with no hint of sensuality lingering in his voice.

What was wrong now, thought Marlika. "And why not, Kevin?"

"There will be lots of guys at the mall, Marlika. Won't there?" he whispered nervously. "After taking just one look at me, they'll fall completely and madly into total lust for me. But, I guess, that's only to be expected of them." Kevin smiled at himself in the mirror. "But that just wouldn't be right, Marlika. No matter what I look like now or how much I totally love being the way I am, I also know I'm really a guy deep down myself." Kevin began to sadly pout. "No matter how much I know I'd enjoy their attentions, I just can't have any of those guys pawing at me and trying to kiss me as if I were some loose woman."

Shit, she swore to herself, as she realized what she'd done wrong this time. I shouldn't have kept calling him Kevin. It only continued to reinforce his otherwise diminishing male sense of self. As a result of my blunder, my pretty little Kevin is now gender confused. But how can I fix that, wondered Marlika?

However, it wasn't long before Marlika had an idea. "Look at me, Kevin."

Quickly and obediently, he turned to face her.

This is very good, she thought, the pills are still active, which means I can still make a few more mental modifications, only this time I'll have to center on his gender. "Look into the mirror, Kevin." she commanded, knowing this would be the very last time she addressed him by that name.

As Kevin had been ordered, he once more quickly complied. He stood before the mirror gazing at his reflection.

"What is the apparent gender of the person whose image you see being reflected in the mirror?"

Kevin quickly answered, "Female."

Marlika smiled, then asked her next question. "When you look in a mirror, whose image should be reflected back to you?"

"Mine." he answered simply.

"Now, given the actual image you can see in the mirror and your knowledge of who you should see reflected back at you, tell me, what is your gender?"

Kevin began to ponder the question he'd been asked. He was confused by how difficult the question actually was. Before now, he had always thought himself male. But now, an incredibly beautiful female image looked back at him from the mirror. As he stared at the image in the mirror seeking his answer, his posture began to subtly alter, becoming increasingly more feminine with each moment's passage. Suddenly he knew, with no doubts at all, the correct reply to the doctor's question.

"I must be female." she replied.

"Now we should just need to impose the mental image you had of yourself last night." said Dr. Warners. "Of course, this time, we won't want to completely suppress Kevin ... at least not quite yet. He might still be useful. You need a name."

"I already have one." she quickly replied. "It's Kevin Jeffrey Dalton."

"That doesn't sound like a girl's name to me." replied Marlika. "Does it sound like one to you?"

Kevin frowned and shook her head. "No. Not really." she quickly admitted, sounding somewhat puzzled at her name. Why don't I have a girl's name like all the other girls I know, she wondered.

"Have you some name you'd like to called?" asked Marlika. "I'm sure you should be able to decide on something both exotic and sensual to fit your incredibly sensual new form. Look into your deepest and most intimate fantasies to guide you in choosing your name."

For several minutes, Kevin thought about what name from her fantasies would be most suitable for her. Then, having selected one, she began smiling. "How about Lexia Anjanette Dalton for my name?" she asked proud of her decision.

"With the exception of retaining the Dalton surname, that's an excellent choice." replied Marlika. "Although I seriously doubt keeping Dalton as your last name would be a source of any serious problems in our future, I would rather err on the side of caution and change it to something distinctly different." Marlika thought for a moment. "Close your eyes and listen closely to me.

"Unless I allow otherwise, the part of your mind known until now as Kevin Jeffrey Dalton is henceforth constrained to a small portion of your mind. His status is that of a mere observer. And as an observer, he shall watch everything you do through your eyes, but he will be completely powerless to prevent you from doing whatever you want to do.

"Unless I, and I alone, tell you otherwise, you are now, and have always been, Lexia Anjanette Wellington.

"As Lexia, you will retain no knowledge of having been Kevin Dalton. You will retain no knowledge of anyone named Kevin Dalton. Nor will you, in any way, be able to sense his confined presence in the deep recesses of your mind.

"As Lexia, you will also be a very normal heterosexual female, with an intense sexual appetite for nearly every male you see. And, even though you are yourself totally heterosexual, you will have no qualms or misgivings about the two of us continuing on as lesbian lovers. Our sexual relationship will be completely natural to you.

"From time to time, I will probably decide to allow Kevin some time out of his mental imprisonment. He may yet have some use. Or he may not. But when, and if, I do, he will remember all that you have done. However, only when alone in my presence will he ever be able to think as if he were the male he once was. Otherwise, Kevin will quickly resubmerge into his mental cage with your personality resuming complete control until I should decide to call him forth again.

"Do you understand all of what I've said, Lexia?"

"Yes, Marlika." replied Lexia sexily. "Completely."

"When I count to three, you will open your eyes, Lexia. You will be you and no one other than you.

"One ...

"Two ...


Lexia opened her eyes and rapidly looked around the room as if she were seeing it for the first time. As her eyes landed on her own reflection in the mirror, she smiled seductively and struck a sensual pose in front of it. Knowing she was beautiful, she wanted to flaunt it.

Marlika also smiled as she watched Lexia posing before the mirror. She was quite certain that Kevin, now in his new observer status, was internally screaming from his little corner of her mind.

Lexia turned from the mirror to face Marlika. "Well?" she questioned her. She put her hands on her waist, then began tapping her foot.

"What?" asked the doctor.

"You're not ready yet, Marlika." scolded Lexia.

"Ready?" she asked. "For what?"

"Damnation, Marlika." swore Lexia. "And to think you're always telling me how short my attention span is supposed to be." she scolded the doctor once more. "We were going to the mall. Don't you remember?" she asked picking up the tempo of her impatiently tapping foot. "Here I am all ready to go and you still look like you've just got out of bed."

"I'm sorry, Lexia." she grinned. "Our going to the mall this morning must have somehow slipped my mind." She turned to leave Lexia's room, but as she reached the door she turned back again. "It won't take me very long to get ready, Lexia." Marlika began wondering how long it would take the two of them to find suitable new test subjects for use in her next round of tests.

As Marlika left her room, Lexia went back to pose before the mirror. She smiled at herself, knowing how totally hot she looked. "I'm an absolute fox and a total babe." she told herself as she shifted poses in the mirror. Suddenly, she frowned. "I really hope Marlika hurries up." She began to tap her foot impatiently again. "Right now, I'm hornier than hell. I don't know why, But I seem to be getting even hornier with every passing second. If we don't make it to the mall soon, so I can find a man, then surely I can't be held responsible for anything I might have to do to satisfy my needs."

And from the little corner of her mind, Kevin screamed.


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