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The She-Wolf

by Throat Wolf

Astra lay naked in the deserted meadow, lustrous blonde hair spread out on the ground behind her like a golden haze. She'd been for a swim in the nearby lake, then combed her hair out as it dried. Now her clothes lay neatly piled nearby for when she wished to put them back on. She knew she was safe from prying eyes here, for the only others besides her who would come to this place were the creatures of the forest, and they were her friends.

One in particular was a special friend to Astra...her she-wolf. Well, she called it "hers" because it always came to her whenever she came out here. She remembered the first time she'd seen it...she'd been sitting by the lake, idly tossing pebbles into it, and then she'd looked up to see the lean, grey reflection in the water. Lifting her gaze from the water to the shore beside her, her eyes met those of the she-wolf as it leaned down to lap at the water.

At first, Astra had been frightened, for everyone knows that a wolf is a wild creature, as prone to attack you as it is to run away--or so the villagers had said. They were also afraid of this place because of the Wolfen--some sort of mystical shapechanging monster that supposedly ate people. Astra dismissed the legends as the creations of some drunk old farmer who'd seen a wolf come onto his field one night in the light of the full moon. The moon was tricky, after all--its light cast odd shadows. Perhaps the farmer only thought he saw the wolf change shape.

But to her surprise, the wolf had been friendly. It had come over, sniffed at her hand, and then licked it. Astra had smiled, and lifted her hand to the wolf's neck experimentally. Without so much of a growl, it let her pet it. And so they had become friends.

The she-wolf came around every time Astra was there, from then on. She'd petted it, played with it, even talked to it. It did her good to have someone to talk to, she felt; life as a peasant girl in the village wasn't easy at the best of times. Even if the wolf couldn't talk back, Astra had the strangest feeling that it understood what she was saying.

Then, one day, she'd stripped naked and gone swimming. The she-wolf had joined her, dogpaddling gamely along until she'd had her fill. After she'd come out of the water and sat on the beach combing her hair, she was slightly startled when the she-wolf had come up to her and nuzzled her private region with its cold, wet nose. But it was really nothing unusual, Astra had reflected after a moment's thought. That was how canines and lupines got acquainted, after all, through smelling each other's nether regions. Astra had chuckled, wondering if she should reciprocate.

Then the she-wolf had begun to lick her. Astra had momentarily ceased combing her hair, intending to chasten the she-wolf, but then she'd realized that it felt good. There was no reason to stop something that felt good, was there? Besides, it wasn't as if it were one of the boorish men of the village, most of whose only interest in her was to shove their thing into hers for just long enough to get some relief, and then lose all interest in her. It was nice to feel good just for herself for a change...

Lost in her recollections, Astra didn't hear the she-wolf's approach at first. Then she heard the pitpat of its running feet, and looked up. There it was, standing at the edge of the clearing. "Hello, girl!" Astra called out. It barked a reply, and bounded over to her. "Hi there...and how are you doing today?" Astra asked it. It barked again, and panted, then lay down beside her.

Astra smiled. "Well, it's good to see you, too." She lay back on the ground. "It's good to be here, to get away from that village...sometimes I wish I could leave and never come back." The wolf yawned, and licked her leg. Astra smiled, and stroked the she-wolf. She closed her eyes, and let the wolf continue. It liked to lick her all over, as though it were giving a puppy a bath. Astra wasn't sure why, but she didn't mind. It was a way for the she-wolf to express its affection for her, and it felt kind of nice in a way. Astra relaxed and dozed, her dreams expressing her fantasies as the wolf's rough tongue swiped over her body.

She was a princess, lying on a regal bed, with a maid delicately scrubbing at her legs with a washcloth...the cloth moved up her legs, toward her private area... She moaned slightly. It was no longer a maid, but a lover, pausing at her crotch before moving up to her chest to kiss her breasts, which filled out under the rough, warm tongue, becoming firm. The tongue paused at her neck, swiping her a couple of times across the face before moving back down to her legs again.

Then she felt a slightly different sensation around her feet, as if they were both being licked at the same time. She was too sleepy to take much notice of this, really; her thoughts were back on the bed, lying there with her lover. She reached down to one of her breasts, massaged it gently and pretended it was his touch. The warmth moved up from her feet to her lower legs, her calves. She reached down to her crotch, touched herself there, increasing the pleasure that the she-wolf had begun.

The warmth reached up to her thighs now, enveloped her legs in a sheath of moist warmth that felt halfway between a warm bath and being in bed. In her fantasy, she was pulling the covers up to her waist, over herself and her lover.

Then the warmth slid past her waist, and she felt it all around her...her hands slid into it as well, as they were still down at her crotch. The warmth tightened around her legs, and tightened momentarily again as it moved further up her. She felt some kind of throbbing against her bare skin, and it felt a little warmer. She moaned gently...her lover was holding her so close that she could feel his body heat against her.

As her lower chest now felt the warmth, Astra mmmmed and moaned. This felt good. It moved up to her breasts. The tightness around her legs moved upward, too, and increased a couple of times, squeezing her tightly, then releasing. The regular throbbing grew more intense. She reached up to touch her breasts, massaged them, felt them peak. She arched her back. Then her hand brushed against something warm and damp. It wasn't just a fantasy. But then...what was it?

Astra opened her eyes, and then her eyes widened. The first thing she noticed was the the she-wolf seemed to have grown a great deal, now standing perhaps eight feet tall at the shoulders. The next thing she noticed was that she was up to her shoulders in its mouth. Its eyes met hers, and one of them winked.

"No!" Astra gasped. "NOOOO!!!" she screamed, suddenly realizing the truth of all those legends. The Wolfen did exist, they did eat people, and one was eating her! She tried to struggle, but her legs were gripped tightly inside the she-Wolfen's throat muscles. The she-Wolfen swallowed again, and Astra's head was pulled into its mouth. "Why are you doing this to me?! I thought you were my friend!"

The she-Wolfen didn't respond, swallowing again and lowering its jaw, blocking out the sunlight. It tilted up its head, and Astra's panic grew as she slid forward, down, down into its throat. As the tight muscles gripped her lower chest, then her upper chest, Astra's last realization was that the throbbing she felt was the she-Wolfen's heartbeat conducted through the tissues of its throat.

The she-Wolfen licked her lips, and curled up to sleep, feeling Astra's struggles and muffled screams gradually growing fainter inside of her. It had been a satisfying meal.


Michael flopped onto the soft bed of reeds, totally exhausted. Sweat still beaded his arms from the hard work he had done that day. It was the height of fall, the harvest time when all the people of the small village were obligated to work to gather the crops that they grew on the small piece of land assigned them by their lord. And it had been one of those days. Even little Cassandra had been forced to work hard. It was especially difficult for her, Michael knew, since her older sister Astra had disappeared months before. But Astra had had it coming, wandering off into the wilderness by herself, as was her wont. It had only been a matter of time before the Wolfen had gotten her. Michael propped himself up on one elbow, listening. In her bed across their tiny one-room hovel, he heard Cassandra sniffling to herself. She tried to be quiet and keep it all inside, but every so often, Michael heard her crying in the night. He wished he could do something to reassure her, but the truth was, he had been feeling the same way. Astra had been no kin to him, but they were very close all the same. Astra had never cared much for the other men of the village, but he had been very special to her, and she to him. When he thought about all the good times they'd had together, it almost made him want to cry himself. But life went on. Or at least it did for Michael and Cassandra. As for Astra...better to try not to think about her. Try not to think about her. Try not to think...

Michael awoke sometime in the night to a soft sound. The sound of someone's foot pressing down gently against the scattered reeds that served as a kind of carpeting on the floor. Michael sat up, looked around. There was a figure standing there, silhouetted against the moonlight that streamed in through the open door of the hut. A female figure, with full, long, blonde hair. Michael sat up, and with shaking fingers lit a candle. "Who--" he breathed (not wanting to wake Cassandra). And then the candle's flickering light cast its illumination upon the female stranger, and Michael nearly dropped it. "A-A-Astra?" he gasped. There she stood in the flickering candlelight, the spitting image of how she'd looked that day long ago, the last time he'd ever seen her. Her blonde hair was long, thick, and full, streaming down behind her back to hang low against the ankles of her bare feet. The candlelight made her soft blue eyes glisten, and her pale skin seem even paler. The long peasant dress she wore did little to hide the attractive contours nature had seen fit to give her. Michael was struck speechless by the spectre of her awesome beauty. "I've missed you," Astra said softly. Then no more words were necessary as they found each other and embraced. When they parted moments or hours later, Michael managed to say, "But--where have you been all this time?" Astra looked down. "I'm sorry I've been away," she said. "I was--unable to come any sooner. But--I've been thinking about you." "Was there no way you could have sent word?" Michael asked. "I've been all right, but Cassandra has been heartbroken...crying almost every night." Astra looked over at Cassandra. "The poor girl. She has been much on my mind as well." She looked back at Michael. "How have you been? Have you been working hard at the harvest?" Michael nodded. "It's exhausting work, but it was helped me keep from thinking about you. But now that you're back, that's all over." Astra nodded. "That's right. I've returned to make sure that we never have to part again." Astra let the dress slip from her shoulders, fully exposing her lithe, handsome body. No further words were necessary as the two lovers found each other. Michael's hands gently caressed Astra's breasts, then moved down along her sides as their lips met. They lay down softly on Michael's bed, and their two bodies cleaved together, for a short time, into one. Astra moaned, softly but intensely, as Michael did those things to her that had always turned her on. Slowly, as if relearning forgotten tricks, Michael brought her all the way to the height of her passion. Afterward, they lay side by side on the narrow bed, enjoying each other's warmth and closeness. At last, a few minutes later, Astra stood up. "What is it?" Michael asked, sitting up. "I have something I want to show you," Astra said. "Please don't be afraid of what you're about to see." "Why would I be a...fraid...?" Michael trailed off, and his jaw slowly slid downward in shock as the silhouette Astra made against the moonlit door began to change. It was growing, somehow, expanding until it seemed to take up the entire hut. When the changes stopped, a human no longer stood before him. Instead, it was a sort of a hybrid shape, somewhere between a wolf and a woman. From the waist up, Astra's body was almost as it had been. It was still humanoid, and the same familiar contours were present there. However, it was covered with a layer of greyish fur, and the head was no longer human but lupine--the head of a wolf, with only a slight shortness of feature to suggest that it had once been that of a normal woman. Below her waist was the body of a gigantic wolf, at least eight feet in length and probably more--and that measurement did not even include the bushy grey tail attached at the rear. "You're--you're--Wolfen!" Michael gasped. His half-whisper sounded incredibly loud in his ears, and his heartbeat was almost deafening. He was frozen in place by his fear, and a fine cold sweat now covered his entire body. There was a Wolfen inside his hut, one of those same creatures who were rumored to eat those unwary who wandered too far into their woods, and who had been thought resonsible for Astra's disappearance in the first place! "Be at ease," Astra purred, her voice sounding deeper from this larger body. "I'm not here to kill you, or to harm you in any way." Something in her tone, in her eyes, caused Michael to relax. "I'm still the same Astra whom you love, and who loves you. I'm only...better now." "H-h-how?" Michael stammered. "How did you..." "I'll show you." Astra smiled wolfishly at him, and moved over to the small cot where Cassandra rested. Gently, she reached under the small girl and cradled her in her arms. "Cassandra," she murmured, "it's Astra. I'm back now." "Mmmm," Cassandra mumbled in her sleep, "A...stra?" "Yes, Cassy. Everything's going to be all right now." Astra rocked Cassandra gently in her arms. "Everything...all right..." Astra held her sister close against her chest, her back turned on Michael. She bent her head down against her chest, and Michael couldn't see what she was doing, and was still too frightened to move a muscle from where he sat. Cassandra was dreaming that Astra had returned, as she often had dreamed ever since Astra had disappeared. She knew deep down that soon she would wake up and be alone again, but instead of fighting it she gave in to it, going with the warm, comfortable feeling of being loved. Warm, now it felt soft and warm all around her. Cassandra's sleep-becalmed mind never wondered how this came to just accepted it and drifted away. Astra tilted her head back, straight up, and Michael could see groups of muscles in her throat working, and a lump beginning to move down her throat. She turned back to face Michael...and her arms were empty. "Wh--where's Cassandra? What have you done with her?" Michael asked, though deep inside, he already knew." "She's safe," Astra said. "The safest place she could ever be, now. She's inside of me." She ran a hand along the side of her chest meaningfully. "Inside..." Michael watched the lump slide down through Astra's human torso, passing the junction into her larger lupine form. "You...ate her?" Michael was shaking now, but he still could not move an inch. "Yes, but don't worry," Astra purred. "This was also done to me, and here I am now." She began to move closer to him. "B-b-but--" Michael's jaws worked but no words came out. "It's all right," Astra said, running a furry, clawed hand gently along the side of Michael's chest. "She'll come to no harm. Nor will you." "Y-y-you're going" Michael gasped. Astra carefully lowered herself to the floor, tucking her wolf body's forepaws under her body, so that her head was about even with Michael's, just a little higher. "Don't be afraid of me. No harm will come to you." "I...think I'd rather not..." Michael started to get up, but was stopped by Astra's hands on his shoulders. "I can't just let you leave," Astra said. "Not after all that I went through to come back for you." She moved her arms down to under Michael's arms, embraced him. "Come here, you..." she purred. Michael found himself pillowed between Astra's breasts which had increased in size along with the rest of her. It wasn't the worst position in which to find himself--it was actually rather comfortable. The cozy warmth of her busom was nicely accentuated by the shaggy grey fur which covered it. "Mmmmm," she purred, her breasts hardening slightly. Astra looked down at Michael, pointed her huge muzzle down so that it was only inches away from his face. "Kiss me..." she murmured, brushing her lips against his. Michael had little choice but to obey, and an electric thrill went through him as the tip of her tongue pushed its way into his mouth for just a moment. It felt...tasted...good. He closed his eyes and leaned into the kiss, enjoying the sensation. When they broke off, Astra smiled down at him, and he felt that something had...changed. Everything was slightly fuzzy, except for...her mouth. It was the only thing that seemed to be in focus, and there was something about opened up, wider, so that he could see inside. It seemed to be larger on the inside than on the outside. How could this be? Magic? Michael found he didn't care. Her soft, pink tongue seemed large enough to be a mattress in itself. It looked so...inviting, somehow. He just wanted to climb inside. "Can I...come in?" he asked. "Please do," Astra said. "You know it's nice and warm inside..." She formed a stirrup with her hands for him to pull himself up with. Once Michael was level with her mouth, he pulled himself inside by gripping both front lower fangs, and then braced his feet against those fangs to push himself the rest of the way in. At last, he was lying full-length against her tongue, and her mouth slowly closed over him. "Mmmmmm, yummy." Astra's tongue slid back and forth over Michael's prone body, pressing him against the roof of her mouth and from side to side. It was soft and warm against him where it touched him, and where it pushed gently against his nether region, Michael could feel himself getting hard. "Now...doesn't that feel nice?" Astra thought to Michael. "Mmmm, yes...YES..." Michael murmured, thrusting against the soft warmth. It seemed to press harder and harder against him. Despite his earlier dalliance with Astra, he could feel himself being brought close to climax once more. "Ooooh, I never knew it could be like this." "Come on, love..." Astra moved her tongue back and forth a little. "Let me taste it..." Michael's moans grew louder. He could feel the forces building up inside of him, until he could hold back no longer. He climaxed, thrusting against her tongue until the last drops of semen had forced their way out. "Mmmm, that was good. But I think I want more..." Astra gradually tipped her head back, so that Michael began to slide back over her tongue. "Ungggh..." he moaned, rubbing against the rough surface. "What are you doing...?" "Nothing for you to be concerned about, lover...just relax and enjoy it," Astra suggested. Michael closed his eyes and savored the feeling of moist warmth that was all around him. He knew that something wasn't right, but he couldn't quite understand what it was so he didn't dwell on it. Michael gradually slid back, into Astra's throat. As she swallowed, the muscles in her esophagus clamped down on him, squeezing him as they pulled him deeper. It was almost like a full body massage. "Mmmm..." "It was kind of like this for me..." Astra imparted to him mentally. "I was lying there, half-asleep, and before I knew it, I was up to my neck in she-wolfen. And then there was nowhere to go but down." Michael's legs slid over her tongue, then into her throat. Now Michael was completely inside it, gripped by the strong musculature that directed all food toward her stomach. "But it was the best thing that ever happened to me." After long moments, the grip around him eased, and he found himself in a space that was still warm and tight, yet also...damp. More than damp, actually, quite wet. And there was another form in there with him, too. "Ca--Cassandra?" Michael murmured, his voice sounding quite loud in the enclosed space. She didn't move, or seem to hear him. Suddenly the warm glow that had suffused Michael's consciousness faded. He realized exactly where he was and what was happening to him. "N-no..." he gasped. "It can't be..." Michael pushed against the flesh all around him, his hands sliding on the slick surface. "Astra? Let me out!" he cried. "Please! Please! I'll do anything--I don't want to die..." His struggles grew fainter and fainter as his voice grew weaker. "Be at peace," Astra said, her voice coming from all around him. "You won't be'll simply become a part of me for a while. A very precious part, indeed." Michael's body relaxed completely as the muscles all around him began to contract. As much as he tried to fight it, there was nothing he could do. His consciousness began to drift away, despite his best efforts. "What--how--" he tried to say, as the warmth built up. But then even his jaw relaxed, and he could no longer speak. He felt a strange prickling sensation all over his body, and then his awareness finally disappeared.

Astra ran a hand along the contours of her expanded chest, purring in delight as the fullness of her stomach produced a pleasant feeling of wellbeing. The nutrients from Michael's and Cassandra's bodies were beginning to flow into her bloodstream, which was good. They would fortify her body, enable it to do what was necessary later on. Another pleasant feeling was the presence of Michael and Cassandra's minds, held unconscious within her own. It was good to be able to have loved ones so close, and especially so to be able to provide them with the same chance for a new life that had been given to her. "I'm going to be so much more to you," Astra murmured to herself. "I'll be a mother to you as well as your big sister, Cassandra." She giggled. "I think Michael always wanted to get me pregnant, but I don't believe he ever thought it would be like this." It would take a few months to bring them to term, and a couple more to raise them to adulthood, but it would be time well spent. And so Astra drifted off to sleep, thinking pleasant thoughts of future motherhood. "And after that...well, we'll just see what happens..."


(This story is copyright 1995 by Throat Wolf. Permission is granted for this one electronic distribution and archival, but not for distribution by any other means, including CD-ROM.)

The She-Wolf copyright 1996 by Throat Wolf.

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