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The Skin of Change

by Tekwolf

Steve was intrigued with the thought of shape changing. Every since he had seen "The American Werewolf in London" at the theater with his friends, he had thought about what it would really be like.

He was under no illusions. He knew that things like this weren't real, but in made for great imagining.

Obviously he was not the only one that thought like that. There was tons of printed material, art and pictures that dealt with this subject. He began a collection and new of no one else that had one so big.

Over a hundred books and more pictures than he could count. It had become quite a hobby. His family wondered why he liked that junk, but it seemed harmless, so they didn't say anything. Steven was at work one day and a friend asked if he would go with them to his home in country. He was getting tired of work and readily agreed that a trip to the boonies would be good for him. They made their plans and took a week off of work to go. Pat picked up Steve in his Blazer and they were off. Steve knew that it was going to be a long trip and brought a book along to read. For over an hour, they traveled down winding roads, up and down hills, and gradually the terrain steepened. More and more they were climbing. The engine in the truck was straining to get then up the hills. Finally, they came to a dirt road that led up the side of the mountain. "Is this where you are from?" Steve asked him. "I didn't know that you meant this far into the country. Damn, do they have to pump in sunshine man?" "All right asshole," Pat said. "I told you I lived in the country. You think that you live in the country, but the area where you live is almost in the town limits already. The biggest patch of woods around you is only several hundred acres. Its only a matter time until some developer comes in and then there won't be any forest left."

"Yea I know," Steve said. "Well this should really be an experience."

They arrived at the end of the road and pulled up in front of a board house with a large porch. Some of the boards were falling off and Steve could tell that Pat was sensitive about the lack of care. He decided not to mention the first thought that popped into his mind. The relatives came out and Steve realized that there were many many brothers and sisters. "Hello, I'm Pat's mother," a big buxom woman said. She and Pat hugged. Then she turned to me and said as she hugged me also, "You must be Steve." Steve was not used to this kind of family interaction and it was uncomfortable. Then it was over and they went in to supper. It was an affair to remember. Steve couldn't remember when he had seen so much food and when he had tasted anything so good. He could get used to this. Pat said," Steve and I are going into town tomorrow and look around. I haven't been here in so long, I want to see if anything is different.

Back out the dirt road they went and drove into town. The town was certainly not what Steve was used to. The so called town only had eight or ten buildings. There was a gas station with one pump and a small grocery store, but the one that caught his attention was Mabel's Emporium of Curses and Spells. Steve didn't believe in things like this. Surprisingly for a person that collected the things that he did, he just couldn't believe that a spell could work.

The store however had caught his interest and he wanted to go in. Pat told him," Don't go in there Steve. Mabel's a witch and the only people who deal with her are desperate." Steve wasn't about to let that bother him. He went up into the steps, into the store. There was a jumbled clutter and dust all about. The old lady behind the counter asked him," Any thing I can help you with boy?" Steve, always polite answered," No mam, I just wanted to look around."

"No one just comes in to look around," she said. "You were guided in here by something. Come closer and let me look at you." Steve was kind of unnerved and really didn't want to, but was afraid to say no.

She looked at his palm for a moment, then looked up into his eyes. She had almost black eyes and she seemed to stare right into Steve's soul. "I know what you want," she said. She went into the back room and brought out a wooden box.

Letters were carved into the top. They said \"Skin of Change\". "This is what you most want," she told him. "It grants the wearer the ability to change his shape. It must be put on at night and worn through out the next day to activate the spell. Read the included directions or you will be in peril". Steve didn't want the thing , but was too scared to say no. The witch had a presence that unnerved him. He asked what she wanted for it and she settled for 50 bucks.

Steve left the store with the box and met Pat at the store. Pat asked what he had and Steve showed him the box. "I told you not to go in there," he said. How much did she get out of you?" He laughed when Steve told him. Take that out and bury it deep when you get home, he told Steve. "You don't believe it can do anything do you?" he asked.

"I don't know, but I wouldn't take a chance," he said. The rest of the trip passed uneventful and The box was placed in the back of the truck and forgotten until they got home. Steve took it out with the rest of his things and took it into the house. He put it in the spare bedroom and promptly forgot about it. He went to work the next morning and the week went about like all of the others.

Finally, the weekend was approaching and he was going to have two days off. H was at home Thursday night, when he remembered the box. He got it out and opened it. There was a piece of paper on top of some type of skin. He removed the paper and looked down at the skin. He realized that it was skin off of a deer, from his days as a hunter. He couldn't help but touch it, and his fingers tingled where they were in contact with the skin. "This is weird," he thought. He read the paper. "Who so ever puts on this skin, may take on the form of the animal," It read. "You must wear the skin for a day before the magic is active, then you must remove it before full day, or remain a deer for another full day. More than three days as a deer and it becomes permanent. User Beware: Use of more than one time, Forbidden." Steve thought about for a while and got excited. He couldn't pass a chance at his dream of being something else. He made preparations for the weekend and planned to try it. After getting a bath that night, he removed the skin and looked at it. It looked like a pair of briefs, except for several notable differences. The first thing was the genitalia. It had a complete set, including a penis and balls.

As he turned it around, he saw there was a tail in the back. Curiosity got the best of him and he stripped naked and started to pull the skin on. He stepped into it and pulled it up to his crotch. His penis slipped into the sheath provided and his testicles were cradled by the sack of the one time deer. He pulled it up to his waist and snugged it there. He had expected it to be cold or clammy, but instead, it was warm and almost life like. He went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and felt himself get hard. It really turned him on. He left it for a while as he got ready for work the next day. It felt strange to be walking around the house with that thing on.

He started to take it back off and got a surprise! He couldn't find

the edge. It wouldn't come loose and he started to panic. He grabbed the tail and pulled and it hurt. The thing had taken on a life of its on and was now attached to him. It just wouldn't come off. He sat on his recliner and stared at it for a while as he thought things over. There was nothing he could do about it now, except wait. He drifted off to sleep.

He dreamed of running in the wood. Things seemed to fly by faster and faster. He jumped over a log and continued on and on. He woke up in a sweat. Thank god its only a dream he thought. He suddenly looked down and realized that it most certainly was not a dream. The thing was still down there. He couldn't go to work like that and called in sick.

Things began to happen that day right at dusk. There was suddenly a tingling in his crotch and things began to feel different. He hadn't looked at it in hours, so he took his clothes off and examined himself

There in his crotch was a perfect set of deer genitalia. There was a furry sheath that was attached to his stomach and a set to testicles that were larger and more hairy than he remembered. He became excited and his penis slipped out of its sheath. It no longer looked human. As he got more excited, the transformation accelerated. The once pants expanded and creeped up over his back and stomach, as well as moving slowly down his legs. He went to the door and opened it slightly, so he could get out after the transformation.

He went into the bathroom, so he could watch in the full length mirror that was there. There were changes indeed. His eyes had changed. No longer the human eyes that he always saw, there were dark deer eyes staring back at him. His sight blurred and he lost all color. He tried to speak, but change gripped his throat. Speech was no longer possible. His arms stretched, and fingers grew together , nails slowly growing to form hooves. His neck got longer and thinner and as he watched horns sprouted from his head. His ears became covered in fur and grew. He had deer ears and horns, with a human face, but that changed also. There was pressure on his head and his face began to push out, taking both nose and mouth with it. New scents exploded into his brain as his nose changed. He stared at a deer head.

Pain in his back brought him back from the shock of what he was seeing and feeling. He stumbled up the hall and fell onto the couch. As he lay there, he was intensely uncomfortable lying on his back. There was pressure in his chest as his ribs contracted. His pelvis seemed to squeeze together and a tail pushed out of his spine. Lastly his legs throbbed and thighs slimmed as the knees reversed themselves and feet elongated as the toes fused into hooves. He rolled off of the couch and stood on four legs for the first time.

Instincts that he didn't have before drove him forward to the door and he was out and running into the woods. At this point, Steve couldn't have stopped if he had wanted to. His new body and instincts were in control.

After a while he slowed to a trot, marveling at the distance he had covered so quickly. He was slowly gaining some measure of control over the deer part of him. He was amazed at his ability to see in the dark. Things may have been black and white, but the increased night vision was worth it. Suddenly he smelled an enticing scent. He didn't know what it was, but he followed his nose and went toward the source. As he went through the brush, he suddenly came out into a clearing. There were several other deer there. A quick look, told him that they were all does. He wondered if there was another buck also, but then he remembered that a large buck had been hit by a car, sometime last week. The does that were there were in heat. Steve didn't know that at the time, he just felt the deer body responding. He and the doe he courted nuzzled for a while, then she offered herself to him and he mounted her from behind. No sexual experience from before could compare to this. His entire body was now a sexually charged lightning rod. He plunged in and placed his hooves on her back and thrust until he seemed to explode! He dropped down and walked around for a few minutes, then repeated the performance with the other doors that were in heat. Sometime during the night, when he had serviced all of the does, he made his way back toward his human home. As he neared the house, the sky was beginning to lighten. Steve felt a sudden shifting and an intense pain. Then he was standing there, naked except for the skin, which he could now tell was loose. He remembered the instructions and removed the skin. He went into the house and took a shower. He thought about the events of the night before, and it still seemed like a dream. Steve suddenly had the urge to try it again that night, but he remembered the witch told him not to use it more than once. She seemed quite insistent.

What could it hurt? He might try it one more time. Last night was so weird, Steve had to reassure himself that it was for real. The pleasure he felt was so intense, that he had to have more. He would do it.

He waited for night fall and donned the skin once more. He had it on for several minutes, when he felt it tighten and the transformation started one more time. It was much quicker this time. He could see his bones almost melt under his skin, which was rapidly being covered. By the time he fell to all fours once more, it was over. As a deer he left his house and went in search of the does. He repeated his performance of the night before and once more returned by sunrise. He took off the skin and went inside. As he went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, he got the shock of his life. There were distinct traces of the deer there. There was a light fur around his ears and his eyes were no longer normal. They were deer eyes. They didn't have the normal human irises. They were black. He felt something move behind him and reached back toward his butt. There he found a tail. Not the complete tail he had as a deer, but a smaller version. It was truly his though. He could hold it out and flick it at will. He had a funny feeling and looked down at his crotch. To his relief, what he found there looked human, but it was surrounded, not by the usual curly pubic hair, but by a white hair that was coarse. It also covered his testicles and he could see that they were too large still. The warning he was given came back to him. He went to the den and fell into a chair. He had to think about this.

He stayed there in the chair for hours. He stared at the wall unthinking and uncaring. Hunger and the need to go to the bathroom, finally made him get up and move. He showered and got ready for bed. He finally came to the decision, that he could live with the changes. The experience was worth it. He wished he had listened to the witch, but what was done, was done. He went to bed. He started awake during the night and realized that something was wrong. He felt different, nut in a familiar way. He tried to get out of bed and realized that he was four footed once more. It scared the hell out of him. He had never put the skin back on and it had happened again. Would he ever be human again? With the morning light, he got his answer. He shifted again. He was once more human.

He went to the mirror and saw what he dreaded. He now retained even more of the features of the deer. It seemed that his DNA had destabilized and every time he changed, he lost a little more humanity. He had to sleep and every time he did, he changed. He felt more at home now outside, and didn't even go back inside anymore. Days passed and he gradually regressed into the four legged form. He couldn't speak any longer and no longer cared. He wandered away one day and realized that he didn't want to go back. He found the deer and there and he found home. Steve was no more. Pat came by Steve's house. He hadn't heard from him and he hadn't showed up at work. He went in and found no one there. It was strange that the house was open and his friend was no where to be seen.

He searched for signs of where Steve had gone and found none. He was about to call the police to report Steve missing. As he walked to the phone, he spied a skin on the floor. He picked it up and it tingled against his skin. He remembered it as the one Steve had bought from the witch. He should throw it away or burn it, but he was curious. He put it in the car, then called the police. After they had left, he went home. That night, he remembered the skin. He had the urge to try it on. He felt funny about it, but finally tried it on. Maybe he would find his friend after all.

The Skin of Change copyright 1997 by Tekwolf.

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