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The Perfect Husband

by Bryan Derksen

Author's Note: This story was mostly written while in a "funny mood", and is not at all my usual style. If I ever become a well- known and respected pillar of the community, please pretend I had nothing to do with it :)

It was saturday night, and I was at one of the bars downtown. I came here whenever my wife, Sarah, started to grate too hard on my nerves; and that was increasingly often these days. The bitch was getting more and more assertive, less willing to put up with my fast-and-loose lifestyle. Well, screw her. I could live without her approval.

I was by now more or less a regular here and I knew most of the people by sight. But there was at least one new face, and it certainly drew my eye; she was only a reasonably good looker, long dark hair and deep brown eyes, but there was a certain smouldering sexuality about her that made her stand out. For some reason no one else seemed to have noticed her, and after a minute's thought I decided to go for it.

I picked up my drink, and in short order I had picked her up, as well. Actually, I wasn't sure who had picked up whom; imagine my delight as she spent the minimum socially-required time introducing herself, and then put her hand on my thigh and said "I hope you don't mind, Bob. But I'd really like to get to know you better." I suppose I should have been more wary, since this was almost too good to be true. But at the time I wouldn't have believed the real truth if someone had told me.

We got up and headed out of the bar, and I followed her to her car. She was coming on a little strong for my tastes, but I figured what the hell; I was horny, and I thought I could handle her if she got too dominating. We drove to a nearby motel, where I found that she already had a room key. She'd obviously been looking for someone like me, and I began to wonder whether this was some sort of a setup. But who was I to look a gift horse in the mouth? As soon as we got inside she came on to me hotter than ever, sensually slipping out of her revealing attire.

I was very impressed, more than a little excited, and I began to shed my clothes as well. The air was thick with a strong musky odor, a primal smell that drove me powerfully. Impatient even at this rate of progress, I stepped towards her. She cupped my face in her hands and began to kiss me passionately. An electric sensation ran through me and I could feel my cock harden already, jutting out against the belly of the woman. I wasn't even that bothered by her taking the initiative like this; I could tell she was going to be good.

She pulled away, sitting on the bed and reclining invitingly with a mysterious, seductive smile on her face. I sat down next to her, almost shaking with anticipation. She reached out to caress my cock, sending more sparks through me and establishing unequivocally that I was ready. Then she rolled over onto her hands and knees, proffering her hindquarters and turning her head to look at me again with that smile. "You wanna try me doggy style?"

I'd never really been into that sort of thing, but my interest was piqued and I wasn't about to complain. "Why not," I murmured, "I'll try anything once." Grasping her ass and leaning over her, I probed for her cunt. After a few seconds I found it and thrust upwards, a strange urgency overriding my normally leisurely approach. She tilted her pelvis to meet my thrust, tight pussy accepting my cock perfectly. Grunting with pleasure, I started to pump in and out and soon began to lose control to the rhythmic thrusting of my hips.

She must be doing something new, I thought. Each thrust generated a pulse of pleasure that rippled inwards from my cock to shoot through my whole body. Each was like a miniature climax, a sensation through my flesh like I had never experienced before. With each thrust the woman grunted softly in pleasure and backed against me, forcing my cock as deeper into her pussy. The steady cyclic pounding went on and on.

After several minutes, I began to wonder through the haze exactly what was happening. I'd never known sex like this; I had been at it for longer than usual but felt no hint of an oncoming peak. The unusual pulses of pleasure rippling through my body were almost as good as orgasms, but each only left me hungry for the next. Not that I was complaining, mind you, but I was beginning to feel a little strange. My skin tingled and my muscles felt pleasantly numb.

After several more minutes of constant thrusting I was panting and sweating, but somewhat disturbingly I wasn't aching. After fucking this long in this posture, I thought, I should have had at least a sore back and neck. Instead, aside from a slight itchiness, I felt more comfortable even than when I had started. The continuing pleasure was distracting, but I was now starting to get a little nervous as well. Still keeping up the rhythmic motions, I turned to look back at myself.

My next grunt turned into a gasp of shock and fear. My body had changed somehow, altering its proportion and texture. My thrusting hips were narrower and deeper, the musculature subtly different. On my skin was a thin but even coat of downy brown hair, my legs seemed shorter, and most terrifying of all I glimpsed the stub of a short tail growing out of my backside. Horrified, I tried to reach back to touch it but for some reason I couldn't twist my shoulder back far enough.

Turning away, I was suddenly staring into the woman's face as she glanced over her shoulder at me. Her mysterious smile was back, but this time tinted with malice. "What... What..." I grunted in horror, stunned by the change and distracted by the steady rhythm of my pumping cock. She said nothing, instead nodding to the side and then returning her attention to meeting my thrusts.

Looking in the direction of her nod, I saw the large mirror on the wall reflecting our image. "Oh... God... No..." I grunted gutturally, my trouble with speech coming not just from distraction. If I hadn't known it was me, I wouldn't have been able to recognize myself. I would barely even recognize myself as human, looking more an more like a some sort of animal-man humping a woman in an exotic porno show with every thrust. The brown hair all over my body was slowly thickening, the tail lengthening, my legs shortening. My ears were pointed and stuck out, as did my canine teeth, and my nose was upturned and snoutlike.

Terror squeezed my heart, mixing with the throbbing ecstasy of the continuing sex. Between them rational thought was difficult, but I still managed to realize that the woman was somehow responsible. I mentally braced myself to pull away, but I couldn't carry through the intent and continued to thrust in a steady rhythm. What was stopping me? Attempting to gather my willpower, I failed again and suddenly realized that I was hooked like an addict. All of my fear and determination was insufficient to overcome my irresistible gut need for just one more push. I might as well have been physically locked in place, I would be just as incapable of stopping. Growing even more desperate, I struggled to place my hands on the woman's shoulders to push myself away. I was so shocked to see my fingers shortened to half their normal length that I fumbled the last of my resolve and instead ended up using them to help pull the woman even harder against me.

It was like some sort of a nightmare, my body possessed and acting against my will to bring doom upon me. But that wasn't exactly the truth, I was forced to admit; to my greater horror I knew that I was actually in control of myself but didn't really want to stop. I knew exactly what was happening to me, intellectually, but every fibre of my being was screaming for more. For the next few minutes I lost my train of thought, the pounding pleasure clouding my mind. Actually, in retrospect I think I may have subconsciously stopped trying to think of ways or even reasons to get away, just in case I was successful.

The rhythmic pumping slowly grew in intensity, and I watched helplessly as my hands slowly continued turning into paws before my eyes. Fur was sprouting with increasing speed, in time with my thrusts, and my nails were extending into blunt claws. My whole body was changing, bones slowly twisting and stretching into new configurations, muscles flowing like putty. My legs had shortened to the point where I was forced to rise to my toes, and I could see my nose and mouth pushing forward.

Finally I came for real, longer and harder than I ever had before. I howled in ecstasy, and then collapsed panting and exhausted onto the woman's back as the intensity of the experience began to wane. I just wanted to lay there, resting on her back, sated yet still buried firmly inside her. But I had to know. Turning my head to look in the mirror, I whimpered in fear and despair. Looking back at me, mounted on the woman as I was, was a large animal resembling almost exactly a german shepard. Only its head seemed slightly wrong, rounder and with intelligent, fearful eyes. My eyes! I had been turned into a dog!

I felt mentally numb, completely drained. This simply couldn't be happening! Yet it had, as plain as the muzzle on my face. A last few spastic thrusts, and then I weakly tried to pull my cock out. This time, although I had the will to uncouple now that the terrible compulsion had lifted, I actually was physically stuck. Though my arousal was receding, my cock remained erect and there was a lump at its base that was too big to remove. Fear once again rising through exhaustion and despair, I began struggling to get free.

"Whoa, boy." The woman said through her own exhaustion. "You can't get out yet. Just relax and wait."

"Uhn... Yiff... Mwelp?" I yipped, completely failing to form words with my altered mouth and throat. I did manage to emit a close-to-human sounding moan of despair, however, and I felt my eyes sting with tears. Not surprising, considering the state I was in. The woman reached back and patted my side, but otherwise didn't respond. She was apparently out of breath, too.

As I lay straddled on the woman's back, I tried to make some sort of sense of what had happened. But there seemed to be no sense; Somehow, for some reason, the woman had turned me into a dog. The sense of fear and loss was overwhelming; what would happen to me now? How could I live? Why, oh why, hadn't I been able to stop myself? That last question was the worst, filling me with a sense of disgust and self-loathing, almost as if I had brought this on myself. I didn't want to be an animal, dammit! I was human!

At long last I felt my cock start to go limp, the lump at its base contracting. I again tried to back away, and with a small yelp and a wet sucking noise I was finally free. No longer draped over the back of the woman I fumbled for a moment with tired, unfamiliar legs and then collapsed on the bed. Panting and wasted, I watched numbly as my aching pink shaft retracted into a furry sheath I hadn't had before. Then closed my eyes and wished the universe would go away.

I tried to tell myself it was all a dream, that things would go back to normal. I mean, a dream was the most reasonable explanation for what had happened to me, right? There was no way this could possibly be real. But I just couldn't convince myself. Why had she done this to me? I began to whine in sorrow, almost without noticing myself doing it.

After a short while, someone walked up and sat down on the bed next to me. I jerked my head up in fear and surprise and saw that it was the woman returning, now dressed in a bathrobe. "Hey, it's okay..." She said soothingly, reaching out and caressing my long cheek. I flinched at her touch, ears flattening, but I tried to keep the fear and anger in check. She had changed me one way; perhaps she could change me back. I met her gaze with as much pleading as I could put into my eyes, and whimpered.

"Oh, you poor dog." She said condescendingly, with an amused smile. I felt a surge of anger and resentment. I wanted to shout "I'm human!" But the growl caught in my throat as she slid her hand back and started rubbing the back of my neck, and then it turned into a faint groan of pleasure as the nervous tension oozed out of my tired muscles. She kept rubbing, long nails scratching my skin through the thick fur, and my tongue lolled out as I started panting again.

Then, while I was distracted, her other hand slipped something around my neck and deftly closed a buckle. Snapping out of my dazed state, I yelped and scrambled to back away from her. She held me firmly, though, and after straining futily against the collar for a few seconds I sank back to my belly in defeat. She was laughing at me! Sobbing in frustration and shame, I cursed myself. How could I have let myself fall for that? To succumb to having my ears scratched, of all things!

After a short while, my hiccuping sobs petered out into sniffles. I just didn't have the energy for more, though sniffling through my new nasal passages was no picnic either. In fact, I was so tired I was beginning to doze off when the woman reentered the room, fully dressed this time. Before I could rouse myself further, she approached and snapped the end of a leash to my collar. Tugging gently, and then more firmly, she forced me to rise from my strangely comfortable position and climb awkwardly off the bed. Walking a few steps to the center of the room, I tried to get the knack of quadrupedal movement. It felt nothing at all like crawling, but I managed adequately.

Then the room's door opened and I looked up sharply. It was Sarah! Excitement flared and I strained against the leash trying to reach her. Cringing with my tail tucked between my legs and a desperate, pleading expression on my face, I tried to convey my need for help. Sure, she was only my wife and I had no idea what she was doing here, but at least I knew her! perhaps she could do something! "Bob?" She asked, looking at me with amazed recognition. I nodded vigorously and barked, a surge of hope rising. But then she crushed it utterly with a delighted laugh. "Wonderful! I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't watched you do it myself!" Crouching, she took my head in her hands and looked deeply into my eyes. "It really is you in there, isn't it?"

Stunned, I fell back on my haunches. Sarah stood up, and the woman handed her my leash. She was somehow involved in this! "Here're his papers and licence." The woman told her, giving Sarah an envelope. "Remember, be firm but kind. He probably won't be up to doing much right now, he's exhausted, but be careful until he understands his position." Sarah took the envelope, and gave the woman a different one in exchange.

"Your payment," she said.

The woman thanked her, grinning at me one last time. Then Sarah turned and walked out the door, leash pulling me to my feet. "Come along, Bob!" She called brightly. I staggered after her, unsteady both from unfamiliarity with walking on four legs and from shock. She wasn't just involved, she was responsible! What the hell was going on here, and how could I possibly get out of it now? Sarah led me out of the motel, around the corner, and into the back seat of her car. She talked to me a little as she drove, but I was too tired and defeated to listen or even think any more. I only vaguely remember arriving home.


I woke up slowly the next morning, lingering for a time in the half-sleeping state before full awareness returns. I felt physically comfortable and well-rested, but vague memories of fear and horror nagged at my peace. Some sort of dream, I pondered? I tried to put the disturbing images out of my mind, yawned, and stretched. That felt good... but wrong. A sudden sense of dread seized me, my eyes flew open, and I stared at my outstretched arms. A moment later I was thrashing and yowling in panic, struggling to get to my feet. Memory flooded back, and I realized that it wasn't a dream.

I was in a room, on the floor next to a bed. Everything looked huge and strange from my vantage point, but after a moment I recognized it as the spare bedroom in my own house. Scrambling towards the door, my cries were choked off as I jerked against my collar. Slipping and falling back I saw that I was tied to the bed on a short leash. I pawed clumsily at the knot, my paws failing miserably at even basic manipulation. Frustrated at my impotence, I snarled and bit it.

The sound of the doorknob turning behind me snapped my attention away from the knot and I whipped around, suddenly a little nervous. But when I saw that it was Sarah at the door my anger overrode everything else and I lunged towards her, straining on my hind legs against the leash. I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake her, to demand that she have me changed back, but even if I could reach her I wasn't tall enough any more. I had to settle for barking at her instead, half-strangled by the collar.

Sarah took an involuntary step back at my unexpected lunge, but recovered her composure quickly once she remembered the length of the leash. Setting her jaw, she stepped forward again and slapped me firmly across the face. I fell back on my haunches, anger completely dispelled by the sudden shock and pain and replaced with a bewildered cringe. What was I doing? Sarah held my life in her hands! I crouched in humiliated abasement, ears involuntarily flattened and tail tucked, hoping she would forgive the outburst.

She glared sternly at me for a few seconds, and I cringed harder. Then a surge of relief burst in my chest as she softened her gaze and said "okay, that's better. Behave yourself." Whew! I hated having to suck up to her like that, but after all that had happened to me I was feeling pretty vulnerable and helpless. Sarah's uncharacteristic confidence didn't help my resolve, either.

Staying just beyond my reach, Sarah walked over to a chair and sat smugly. "Wow, I still can't believe it!" she enthused. "You're really, really a dog!" Absently rubbing herself, she stared at me with obvious excitement. Even more obvious to me, I suspected; though my senses hadn't changed as much as I would have expected, my sense of smell had certainly improved. And she smelled very horny.

Realizing that I was responding to the scent, I shook my head and tried to refocus my thoughts. "Yelp?" I asked, attempting to convey a questioning tone. Sarah seemed to snap out of a daze, too, and took a moment to regain her composure. "Um, yeah. I guess I kind of owe you an explanation, after all." I grunted agreement.

"You were a hell of a husband, Bob." She began accusingly. "Abusing, unfaithful, a real asshole. It was getting so hard..." Tears stung Sarah's eyes and her voice became strained. " hard, to keep loving you through that. I've always loved you, you know..." It sounded so sappy I wanted to retch, but for some reason her emotion moved me and I felt a little guilty. Guilty! What am I thinking, this is the woman...

Pausing briefly to sniff and wipe away the tears, Sarah continued. "Well, it was just too much. I couldn't stay, I had to leave. It was hard, but I took some money and went to the station. I didn't know where I was going. But I met a woman there, some sort of witch. Somehow she knew everything, and she offered me a better solution. She said she could make you into the perfect husband!"

Sarah got off the chair, knelt, and hugged me tightly. Filled with foreboding, I couldn't resist. "Oh, Bob!" She cried, "now you'll be good and loyal and obedient, won't you? She said it would be in your blood now, and you don't have a choice anyway, right? The police will never find you or suspect me, we've still got your house and money, and she said you'd still live as long as a man! I love you, Bob..."

As her tears soaked into my fur, my mind reeled in turmoil. I had no reason to doubt her story, I could tell she was sincere. That meant she had no intention of turning me back. I could scarcely hunt down the witch myself; I would hardly be able to handle a doorknob, let alone bargain for my human form. And In the eyes of the law, Sarah owned me!

The realization was numbing. I was going to be a dog, her dog, for the rest of my life.


The Perfect Husband copyright 1996 by Bryan Derksen.

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