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Lady's Night

by Wanderer

As I wound down from my performance, the other Lupine Boys kept a weather eye on me. I couldn't blame them. After all, I spend the first half of the night in a blue funk, then get up, announce to the entire bar that my ex-girlfriend's dead, sing a heart-wrenching song ... and just about shatter the mood. Worst thing is, if I try to apologise, they'll just say it isn't my fault. Meanwhile, Jack's trying desperately to give the ambiance some musical CPR with a few fast numbers. The expression, 'spitting into the wind', comes to mind, somehow.

After I'd downed a few more colas, I was beginning to calm down finally. (Don't ask me to explain it, I'll just confuse myself.) Then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"You sang beautifully", a soft soprano voice half-whispered behind me. With the awestruck expressions on a half-dozen wolfish faces in front of me, I could form a pretty good idea about what I'd find behind me. I decided to turn anyway.


There, as large as life, stood a statuesque blonde, her golden hair cascading over her shoulders in a shimmering waterfall.

"Thank you", I said, my voice still rough ... both from my visible nature and from the beating I'd given it. There's a reason I don't really open up much. "I'm glad you liked it", I managed to get out just ahead of a cough.

"Are you all right?"

"Fine.", I squeezed out. "Just ... dry. Happens sometimes. What's your name?"

"Lady Death."

I smirked at the obvious pseudonym. "I believe we've met before, then ... or just missed."

I got a smirk in exchange. "I'd expect so." Then the smirk vanishes. "There's ... something I want to ... " Suddenly, she broke off and looked past me. I turned and looked.

At half-a-dozen werewolves, served up hot'n'steaming. Hoo boy. I stood up and made a brief bow to them. "This conversation is private, thank you." Then, with a flutter of my cape, (of course I'm still wearing it ... where would I put it?), I led the way to a table on the far side of the room, taking my cola with me. "Sorry. They don't get out much. Then again, neither do I."

She smiled, almost sadly, I think. "It's all right."

"Now, what were you wanting to say to me?"

"I ... I heard what you said about Laura ... " She looked uncomfortable, but I had to wait for her to finish ... I had no idea where she was going. "And I was wondering ... would you like to ... see her again?"

I was confused for a moment ... then relaxed with a wintry smile tugging at the edges of my short muzzle. "Ah. You mean, would I like to see someone who looks just like her?" I shake my head. "No. No, I'm afraid not."

"But why? You said you loved her ... "

I smiled sadly at her confusion. "O, Lady ... what good would it do me? Do you really think an image would be enough?"

Softly, almost inaudibly, she whispered, "It wouldn't, would it?"

I took her hand. "No. It wouldn't. I fell in love with Laura because she was an intelligent, artistic, sensitive soul. Because she loved me, even though she left me." I blush beneath my fur at the memory of a kiss. "All the way up until she left me, she and I were in love. With all of the blushing, giggling parts that make people roll their eyes. Even after she left, so long as we could still see each other, the spark was still there." I smirked. "Who knows? Maybe that's why he took her out of state. But all the way through until the last time I saw her ... there was still magic in our kisses. Tell me, Lady ... could you do that? Make yourself over, body and soul? Could you really, in every way, be the woman I lost?"

She was silent.

I held her hand more firmly, and continued. "On the other paw, so to speak ... you are a wonderful, caring person ... and I would like to get to know you." I smiled and looked straight into her eyes. "The real you, this time."

She smiled, rather shyly this time. "How'd you guess?"

I laughed softly. "O my Lady, look around you. The beautiful people we're not. No matter how sensitive and caring you are, you still had a reason to come here." I looked at her slyly then. "I'll make you a bargain. Next time you come here, come as yourself. No shifting or anything. Just you. And I'll buy us some colas."

She laughed. "Okay. But you have to come as yourself, too."

I cleared my throat in embarassment and bowed my head.


"Lady ... this is me. Every inch. I simply can't look any more human."

She blushed, a light tint rising up her cheeks. I smiled. "I will leave the English accent at home, though.", I said in my normal, plain-vanilla voice.

Well, it was plain vanilla before I wound up with werewolf sprinkles. Still, she smiled again. "It's a deal. I'll wear a picture card so you'll know me."

"Just so long as it doesn't say, 'Werewolf Hunter', I teased."

"Why not?", she purred with a grin.

And we both broke up laughing.

As we parted, I kissed her hand and licked my lips to get her scent.

And wished her good night and fair travel.

And smiled.

Sometimes, things work out all right.

Lady's Night copyright 1997 by Wanderer.

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