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A Marked Man

by Cheirron

In my mailbox was a small package wrapped in thick brown paper with no return address or stamps. It was a tape recorder with a cassette in it. My curiosity piqued, I pressed the play button.

After a short hiss a deep metallic voice began.

"The message on this tape is for Mr. Roland Thorpe. There will be serious consequences if anyone other than Roland Thorpe listens to this tape. In the unlikely event you are not Roland Thorpe, place the tape recorder back in the mailbox and it will be redelivered."

The strange voice stopped and was followed by some background static. My initial curiosity turned into real interest. Who would send me a taped message?

The deep gravely voice returned.

"Mr. Thorpe, let me start by congratulating you on your victory in the House. We know you are responsible for getting Congressman Bishop's amendment to the National Wildlife Refuge bill through the Resource and Agriculture Committee -a masterful piece of politics. And let's not forget your gracious contributions to the North American Cattleman Association's political action committee. Your political suave in preventing the reintroduction of the wolf into the northwest wilderness is what brought you to our attention..."

The voice started to fade out. I turned up the volume, but could barely hear what was being said. I held the tape recorder up to my ear and turned the volume all the way up. As soon as the volume was as high as it would go, there was a spraying sound and my right hand and the side of my face was suddenly wet. I jerked the recorder away from my ear and saw a couple drops of watery clear fluid coming from a small hole in the bottom half of the recorder. I put the recorder down on the table and went into the bathroom to dry my face and hand on a towel. As I walked out of the bathroom the voice from the recorder started again.

"...can't permit you to continue supporting this malevolent legislation. It is not, as you said in the committee hearing, that the over zealous preservationists are trying to remove the people from the environmental equation. It is the bottom-line-at-all-costs-industrialists, such as you, who are trying to simplify the environmental equation so that humans are the only variable. It isn't bad enough that you oppose the wolf reintroduction project, but we are also aware of the bill you are writing with Congressman Bishop to actually promote the killing of wolves to protect livestock. A problem we both know does not exist. Without your help the Bishop modification will not make through the Senate and your bill to murder wolves will die before it is born. You have forced us to take action against you. The judgment has been made and the sentence has been passed. We are not a violent group, however, and we have chosen to reform you. You are a marked man, Mr. Thorpe. You can not wipe off the scent of your corruption. You will soon see the wolf from an entirely different perspective. Good bye Mr. Thorpe. We look forward to your reformation."

The tape recorder turned itself off. I had gotten threatening letters from fanatical animal rights activist ever since I started the ball rolling against that ridiculous plan of releasing wolves back into the environment. This was just the most unusual, though certainly not the most threatening. I dropped the tape recorder into the wastebasket.


The next day I drove out to the barn to see the newest breeding bull that I'd purchased. Lacy, my overseer's golden retriever, ran up to my truck as I pulled into the dirt lot. I bent over to pet her but she took off running with her tail between her legs. She was usually a very friendly dog. I looked around but couldn't see what spooked her.

I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to see my overseer. He was managing the unloading of my new bull into the paddock. I leaned on the wooden fence to watch.

"Hi Frank, he's a beauty isn't he?"

"Yes, he is Mr. Thorpe. His pedigree certainly is impressive. I just hope he can produce as advertised."

The bull entered the paddock and walked around. He appeared to be agitated. He put his head up in the air with his nostrils flaring and then looked directly at me. He suddenly charged at the fence where I was standing. He slid to a stop about 10 feet in front of me in a threatening stance.

Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch his strange behavior. I walked around the paddock to Frank. The bull followed me keeping pace on the other side of the fence.

"Am I wearing red or something? He seems to have taken a disliking to me." I joked

"Perhaps he needs time to adjust to his new surroundings. Maybe we should go up to the house and take care of the paper work." Frank suggested.

While we went over the paperwork, Frank's wife made us lunch. After lunch it was almost two o'clock and in order to make my appointment at the bank I had to leave. I told Frank to get the new bull tucked in and I'd be back to see him tomorrow.

I made my meeting with my financial planners and didn't finish until after 6 o'clock. I decided to eat dinner in town at Noonan's Steakhouse. I left my truck at the bank and walked the four blocks to the restaurant.

After dinner I headed back to my car. The street was sparsely lit. The streetlights were few and created deep shadows between the cones of yellowish light. I had walked these sidewalks hundreds of times at night without a second thought about my safety. Tonight, however, something was making me nervous.

I walked quicker past the alleyways and through the darkness between the light posts. It felt like I was being watched. That I was being followed. This was silly. What do I have to be afraid of? This wasn't Washington or New York for God's sake. Despite my attempt to calm my racing heart this irrational fear not only continued but grew worse. As I passed another dark alley I saw two glowing dots of light that floated above the shadowed ground. Even though my heart started pounding in my chest and I broke out in a sweat I forced myself to stop. I was going to convince myself that it was nothing. I looked closer into the alley as my eyes started adjusting to the dark. The two points of light moved to the right and disappeared. My heart jumped into my throat. Oh my god! It was some sort of animal. A big animal. I started running away from the alley but eventually slowed to a very fast walk. Nothing emerged from the darkened alley.

I tried to laugh it off, but the feeling of being pursued continued. I turned my head to look behind me. I glanced down another dark alley on the other side of the street. Another set of eyes was reflecting light back at me. There's more than one. I started jogging towards my truck and broke into a flat out run for the last block.

I flung opened the unlocked door of my truck. I slammed it closed and quickly locked both doors. I fumbled the keys out of my pocket and inserted them into the ignition. My shaking hands caused several failed attempts. As I put the truck in gear I looked to my right. Through the darkened side window of the next car I saw two more glowing eyes staring at me. They disappeared behind the car. In my panic I almost hit several cars as I accelerated out of the parking lot.

I raced down Main street barely stopping as I ran red lights. I was quickly out of town and onto the unlit two-lane road that would take me back to my ranch.

Just as my heart started returning to normal, the terrible sensation of being hunted returned. Something was behind me. I broke out in a cold sweat again. I forced myself to look into my rearview mirror. Nothing but darkness. But I couldn't see well through the small back window into the back of the truck. I kept glancing into the rearview mirror. I expected to see two glowing eyes rise up from the bed of my truck. What was I going to do? There was something in the back of my truck.

I saw Joe's brightly-lit service station and convenience store up ahead. I swerved into it and slammed on the breaks. I bolted out of my door and ran into the store. Only then did I turn around to look at my truck. Nothing was coming to get me. I could see the back of my truck. There was nothing there.

"Are you okay, Mr. Thorpe?"

I almost physically jumped in the air as I spun around to see Sally behind the counter looking concerned.

"Oh Sally"

I paused. Panting with relief. I felt very childish letting my imagination run away like that.

"I'm fine."

"Are you sure? The way you ran in here I thought something was wrong. You're all wet."

I looked down at my shirt. My shirt was nearly soaked with sweat.

Embarrassed about getting spooked by my overactive imagination I lied.

"I've been out doing some work on the ranch and I guess I got a little sweaty."

I walked over to the glassed in refrigerator and pulled out a six pack of Coors. I opened and drank one as Sally rang me up. As I walked back out to the truck I nonchalantly glanced in the back. I resisted the urge to look under it knowing that Sally was watching me from inside the store. I got into the cab and drove back onto the road. This time at a more reasonable speed. I entered my road and drove the two miles back to my house.

I opened the automatic garage door and parked the truck in the garage next to my Porsche. Something I usually don't do. I entered the house after I watched the garage door come down. I turned the lights on as I walked into the kitchen and put the beer in the refrigerator. I drank my second beer as I continued flicking on lights while walking throughout the house. I turned on the TV just to have some noise. Once in my bedroom I pealed off my still moist cloths and walked into the bathroom to shower.

I stepped out of the shower into the steam filled room feeling refreshed. What was I so afraid of? I couldn't explain my irrational level of paranoia and anxiety. Why was I overreacting to a couple stray dogs? It all seemed rather foolish now. I slipped on my terry cloth robe and walked out of my bedroom down the long hallway to the living room.

I stopped in the middle of the well-lit hallway. Something didn't feel right. I couldn't figure it out, but my heart started to pound faster and harder. I listened and could only hear the TV in the distance. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched again. I could see part of the living room at the end of the hallway with the flickering light from the TV. The feeling of being pursued grew. I couldn't tell where it was coming from. I looked behind me towards my bedroom and froze.

Sitting in the doorway to my bedroom was a large dark gray wolf. He didn't move. I could barely even see the rise and fall of his chest. He just stared at me. My paralysis finally broke and I started slowly walking backwards away from him down the hallway. He stood up and started coming towards me. I turned and ran down the hallway.

I entered the living room and stopped. There was another wolf sitting in the middle of my living room. I quickly looked for another route of escape and realized that there were at least five other wolves sitting in my living room and I was standing in the middle of them. The one from my bedroom came to the end of the hallway and sat down to join his fellows in their staring contest.

My heart was trying to hammer its way out of my chest. I could feel sweat trickling down from my armpits. I looked around myself trying to watch all seven of them at once. They just sat there watching me. Why didn't they attack?

There wasn't anyway past them and nothing within reach to use as a weapon. Maybe I could bluff my way out. Perhaps if I acted intimidating. "Get...get out of here. Arhhh!" I screamed at them and made shooing motions with my arms.

The one sitting in the middle of the living room opened his mouth letting his tongue hang out and started panting. It looked almost like he was smiling and for the first time he took his eyes off of me and looked at his companions. He then looked back at me, closed his mouth and a soft deep growl started from all around me. All seven of them start growling at the same time.

I nearly lost control of my bladder. The one in front of me started walking slowly towards me. I backed away, but stopped when I looked over my shoulder to see another wolf sitting behind me. I quickly looked forward and the first wolf was directly in front of me. His humid breath felt warm on my bare thighs. I pulled my robe closed. The wolf put his nose to my crotch and tried to nuzzle his snout inside of my robe. I tightened it. He looked up at me. Directly into my eyes and growled. A real growl baring his teeth at me. It was as if he was upset that I had pulled my robe closed. He put his nose back to my crotch and tried to work his way into my robe. I moved my hands to cover my groin, but jerked them quickly away as he snapped at them. My robe opened when I was no longer holding it and he put his nose underneath my scrotum. I resisted the urge to step away. I could feel his cool moist nose against my inner thighs.

Perhaps he just wanted to smell me and then they would go away. I grasped at any possibility no matter how unlikely. I was getting very nervous with those teeth that close to my favorite body parts. He stopped nuzzling under my balls and gave a long lick to my flaccid penis as he sat down.

He opened his mouth and gave me that queer smiling look again and made a short yipping sound. Evidently that was some sort of signal because another wolf started sniffing my genitals. I didn't move, still foolishly hoping that a good sniff was all they wanted. Then one of them dipped his head under the back of my robe and put his cold nose into my butt. The rest of the wolves soon joined in and I had three snouts digging into my butt and three snouts jostling for position in my groin. Their apparent leader sat there with his tongue out watching my face. Suddenly there was a flurry of licking going on and my butt and groin were soon covered in slobber.

The licking suddenly stopped as I felt sharp teeth around each ankle. I looked down to find a wolf grasping each ankle in their mouth. They didn't break the skin but I couldn't move my feet without them raking their teeth across my ankles. The message seemed clear. They didn't want me to try to run. It was finally getting through my adrenaline soaked brain that these wolves were obviously not normal. Someone must have trained them to behave this way. It had to be that wolf-loving psycho who sent me the tape.

My thoughts were interrupted as I felt my robe being pulled on by a wolf from behind me. He pulled on it like a dog playing tug-of-war with a piece of cloth. I tried to keep my feet planted in my wolf holders as I was repeatedly jerked backwards. I was going to loose my balance if I didn't get rid of the robe. So I shrugged it off to stand completely naked.

My ankles were released. A wolf walked up to smell my groin again, but instead he took my balls into his mouth. My legs started to feel shaky and weak as I anticipated the bite, but instead he started slowly pulling down. I moved lower to keep his teeth from digging into my scrotum. Once I was kneeling he let go. I didn't realize that I had been holding my breath until I started breathing again.

Two wolves took my wrist in their mouths and pulled me onto my hands and knees. As I craned my neck I was now looking up slightly at the leader as he stood facing me. He leaned down and started licking my face and ears. I scrunched my eyes and mouth closed and not wanting to antagonize them I simply endured it. Once he stopped I wiped my face off with my right hand. I opened my eyes as the leader walked around behind me. I got ready to stand up when a wolf from my right put its mouth around the back of my neck. Again, I almost lost control of my bladder. I closed my eyes waiting for the killing blow, but it didn't come. In fact, the pressure on my neck got lighter, but he didn't remove his mouth. I felt his warm tongue resting against my throat.

One of them started licking my ass. In this position he got all the way to my anus, which I squeezed tighter. There was a growl from behind me and the pressure got tighter on my neck. The message was clear and I tried to relax. The licking resumed. His tongue was very warm and he was producing a ton of slobber. I was starting to get used to the sensation, when I felt two paws on my back.

The claws dug into my skin a little, but not any harder than the teeth in my neck. The unimaginable dawned on me. I was being mounted. I felt something hot and moist jab at my asshole. Oh my God, he actually wanted to fuck me.

I yelled "No! Get down! Stop it!" I tensed up to try to stand but I was cruelly reminded of the teeth on my neck. He bit down hard. A trickle of wolf saliva ran down my neck, but I realized it was my blood as a drop appeared on the carpet between my hands. I stopped resisting.

The probing of my anus became more directed and he finally planted the tip of his cock at my anal opening. I squeezed it tight and he slid off. He growled and the pressure on my neck increased again. I still didn't relax. Another wolf put his head under my belly and grabbed my scrotum and penis at the base with his mouth and slowly started to bite down.

I started sobbing. "All right, let go." They seemed to have understood what I said because the pressure eased before I even tried to relax and the wolf grabbing my genitals let go completely.

I felt the hot poker quest for my asshole again and it finally zeroed in on it. He started exerting pressure on my anus. Involuntarily I squeezed, but I quickly relaxed. He kept a constant pressure and my traitorous anus started to open allowing him in. He broke through and slid his hot wolf cock into my rectum. He slowly started moving in and out without totally removing his dick. Each time he thrust in with more and more strength. This went on for a long time. At least it seemed like a long time. Eventually, he thrust in as far as he could. I didn't think he was cuming. A wave of nausea threatened to cause me to retch just thinking about it. He was pushing harder and he was starting to hurt my anus. He was stretching me somehow. I was puzzled. His dick was already inside me. What was he pushing in now?

I tried to look between my legs, but I couldn't see anything except for his hind legs and tail hanging down behind them. However, I noticed a wolf to my left standing in profile as he watched his leader screw me. His cock was erect and protruding from his sheath. It was pink and appeared to be moist. The tip was pointed with no head. The shaft appeared to be about 6 inches long, but as I watched a two inch long bulge slid out of his fur covered sheath. It looked like the head of his dick was at the base and not the tip. He must be over 8 inches long from tip to where the bulge disappeared into his fur covered sheath.

The leader was trying to push his bulge into my ass. Just as I realized this he gave a strong push and I felt a terrible pain as he succeeded in plunging his bulge into me. The pain quickly started to subside as he rested his chest on my back and gripped my sides with his front legs. He kept his penis motionless inside me. It felt like I had to take the dump of my life and I felt my guts squeeze down trying to expel him without success. The teeth on my neck disappeared and he licked my neck where the other wolf pierced the skin. I felt his hot breath on my right ear as he started panting.

He slowly started thrusting in and out, but he couldn't withdraw very far because his bulge met resistance at my sphincter. I seemed to be keeping him in. In fact, I got the sensation that his bulge was getting bigger. He started thrusting harder and harder. It became apparent that he couldn't remove his cock even if he wanted to. He was stuck inside me.

He was pumping wildly. Faster than any human could. His balls slapping against mine with each forward thrust. The strokes were very short because of the bulge. He finally pushed against my butt harder than ever before and held it. I could feel his cock grow even larger. It started pumping all by itself as he released his jism. My rectum felt hot as it filled up with his sperm. Again I felt the urge to take a crap and squeezed down. I strained as hard as I could, but I couldn't even budge him. We were stuck like this. He relaxed all of his weight onto my back and then just laid there. He didn't make any effort to withdraw and his cock didn't feel like it was going down. It felt like I had a tennis ball in my ass and I couldn't get it out. How long was it going to take him to soften?

Another wolf walked up to my face and jumped up to place his paws on my shoulders. His cock was aimed right between my eyes and before I could drop my head he started shooting cum onto my face. I put my head down to the floor and covered my face with my arms. I couldn't lower my butt because when I tried to lay down the cock stuck in my rectum pulled painfully on my asshole. Once the one over my head stopped cuming I looked up and they were virtually in line. The next one came to stand over my head and ejaculated onto my arms and head. This continued until each had his turn. Then as a group they started licking the cum off of me. They dug their noses under and around my arms to get at my face. I twisted my head back and forth, but they were all around me. Their cum covered tongues hit my lips again and again. I tried to wipe my mouth on the carpet but they keep at it. I inadvertently licked my lips and tasted a combination of their cum and saliva. I was shocked by the thought of what I was tasting.

The leader suddenly seemed to come to life and tried to pull out of my asshole. It felt like he was ripping me open. I opened my mouth to scream and a wolf clamped his mouth over mine and snaked his tongue into my mouth. I barely noticed what he was doing as the pain in my rear took precedence. The wolf on my back stopped trying to pull out and started vigorously humping me again.

Now that the pain in my ass was abating I directed my attention to the wolf that was French kissing me. I couldn't move my head away because of the teeth gently touching my cheeks. His muzzle rapped so far around my mouth that his chin was by my right ear and his nose was breathing heavily into my left ear. I tried to push his roving tongue out with my tongue, but not only was his tongue longer, it seemed to be stronger and more mobile. I brought my teeth down slowly to warn him that I was going to bite his tongue if he didn't remove it. He responded by slowly biting down on my face. The trade didn't seem fair; his tongue versus my face. So I stopped biting his tongue and he relaxed.

His tongue continued to stroke the inside of my mouth and I realized that there was a lot of fluid in my mouth. I involuntarily swallowed and almost heaved when I realized that the fluid tasted like their cum. This wolf must have had a mouthful of cum which he transferred to my mouth. Unwittingly I had swallowed it. He let me go and gave my face one final lick from chin to forehead. I started coughing and unsuccessfully tried to vomit. I felt the warm pressure building in my rectum signifying that the leader was cuming again and his cock still stayed hard as he relaxed on my back. What a sight I must have made. A naked man on his hands and knees in the middle of his living room with six highly aroused wolves around him. My upper torso was covered in drying wolf slobber and cum. And to top it off I had a wolf laying on of my back with his cock firmly locked in my butt. Those bastards certainly trained these wolves well. It was obvious the wolves were trained to perform this humiliating plan. This would certainly not win me over to their cause. When I got out of this, I was going to find that son-of-a-bitch and make him pay.

My thoughts of revenge were interrupted when I noticed that my cock was becoming erect. It felt like it was on fire. Blood pounded into my penis to the point of nearly bursting the skin. I started feeling very horny. What was wrong with this picture? I couldn't imagine getting turned on by what was happening to me? But there was no denying my rigid dick and those intense erotic urges.

The wolves noticed my arousal. They quickly came over and crawled under my belly. Four, five maybe all six warm moist tongues were playing over my cock. My throbbing manhood was completely covered with warm moist undulating tongues. I couldn't deny those erotic urges. Much too quickly I felt myself starting to cum. Wave after wave of orgasm spasmed through me as their tongues continued to work furiously over my pumping penis. I was sure not a drop of my sperm hit the carpet as they lapped it up as soon as it shot out.

I expected to feel a post-coital let down, but instead I seemed to be even hornier and my cock was not softening. The licking continued and I quickly came again. The urges seemed to get even stronger. I no longer cared about the buggering going on in my butt. I just wanted to feel my cock being stroked by those dexterous tongues. I was still rock hard and I came a third time. Where was I getting the stamina? And still the sexual tension built with each climax. Or should I say plateau, because I didn't get satisfaction with ejaculating. The pleasure ran through me but it only seemed to make the need worse.

One of the wolves gave up jostling for position like a puppy at its mother's teat and came around to my face. He placed his paws on my shoulder and I was staring right at his pink bobbing wolf meat. He walked his hindlegs forward until his cock was touching my lips. I didn't even notice. All of my attention was totally focused on my own aching member. In fact, my mouth hung open as I panted with each intense orgasm. Suddenly my mouth was full of liquid and I was swallowing. The wolf was cuming on my face and mouth. I swallowed not paying any attention to what was in my mouth. The wolves seemed to take turns shooting their loads into my face. My sex crazed mind didn't allow me to focus on what was landing in my half open mouth. I was too centered on the ecstasy coming from my groin as I lost track of the number of times I came.

The licking stopped. The cold air hit my exposed cock and I came again. Why did they stop? They were all sitting around me watching. The head wolf was cuming again. Surely he had filled my whole colon by now. He seemed to finally be softening and he pulled out. The pain in my asshole was so insignificant it didn't even really register because my sex drive was so out of control. I actually started begging the wolves to start again.

"Come on, start licking again. I'll hold still. Come on, come here."

I motioned for them to restart their glorious licking. I was actually rutting with the air as I reached under myself to start jerking off. They simply sat there with their tongues hanging out, "smiling" at me.

The leader came around to my side and crawled under me. Thank god. I stopped jerking off as I expected him to start licking me. However, he crawled forward in-between my arms and then stood up. This placed me on his back in much the same position as he was on mine. He backed up into my thrusting pelvis. My cock went underneath his balls. His fur on my penis felt so wonderful I felt another orgasm coming on. I started humping away. I rubbed my cock on his luscious fur. I accidentally hit his asshole. Somehow he was wide open and my cock easily slid into his rectal furnace. His hot moist tunnel was like nothing I had ever felt before. I grabbed him around his waist and got onto my feet. I started pumping as fast and as hard as I could totally oblivious to what I was doing. My final release came with a great explosion. I shoved my bone hard cock into the wolf as sperm buzzed through my cock. More cum than I could possibly produce continued to stream out of my cock. I felt his rectal walls float away from contact with my cock as I filled him with my seed.

The height of sexual pleasure from which I fell was so far the exhaustion almost caused me to pass out. I completely collapsed onto the back of the wolf with my cock still inside of him. He stood there holding my weight while I waited for the room to stop spinning. I eventually made a move to withdraw but I couldn't seem to pull out. He kept backing up when I tried to pull out. Maybe he wanted more, but I was sure that I was finally spent. I put my hands on his hips to hold him still as I pulled. I still couldn't withdraw. I pulled harder. He started to growl. I stopped and lay back down on his furry back. The growling stopped. Somehow he was suctioning onto my cock with his ass. My penis still felt hard, but I knew my cock would eventually soften and he wouldn't be able to keep me in. I rested my head on his soft shoulders to wait.

About every five minutes or so I slowly gave a gentle pull to test if he had relaxed his rectal clamp. Each time I found I was still stuck and my penis was still erect. About 30 minutes went by before one of my test pulls resulted in me sliding out of his anal canal. He walked out from underneath me leaving me on my hands and knees. He turned around and joined the circle of wolves sitting around me watching.

When they didn't move for awhile I repositioned myself until I was sitting. I looked around at the wolves and they continued staring at me as if they expected me to do something. Getting bolder I stood up. Nothing happened. I started inching towards a gap between two wolves and they started growling. I reversed direction and started moving towards another gap and those wolves started growling. I moved back into the middle of the circle and the growling stopped. Message received loud and clear. I sat back down.

My groin had an itch and I idly scratched myself. Instead of wiry pubic hairs I felt soft fur. I looked down at my crotch and couldn't believe what I saw. My scrotum was covered in a dark grayish fur and my penis was gone. In its place was a sheath of skin covered in the same fur that covered my testicles.

I grabbed the sheath and was partially relieved to feel my penis inside. The act of touching myself caused my dick to grow. However, instead of my cock a moist bright pink piece of flesh peaked out of the sheath. What had happened to my cock? The pink flesh retreated into the sheath. I grabbed the opening to the sheath and pulled it apart to try to see inside. I couldn't see anything. I put two fingers into the sheath and felt my penis. The shape was wrong and it was too warm and moist.

I started getting hard again. This time as it emerged I noticed that it tapered to a point. I stroked myself through the sheath trying to stimulate my penis to show itself. With the stroking it quickly became erect and jutted proudly out of the sheath. It looked just like the wolf's dick. A bulge seemed to be forming just inside of my sheath. I pulled down on the sheath and the bulge popped out extending my exposed wolf cock to about 9 inches.

The wolves started a loud long howl. Their snouts were pointed up to heaven as the howl continued. I panicked and jumped up off the floor running. I sprinted between two wolves before they even realized I wasn't still passively sitting on the floor. I flew down the hallway to my bedroom and slammed the door shut.

There was no lock and I doubted they could turn a doorknob. However, they seemed smarter than normal and I remembered seeing some television show where a dog used its mouth to turn a doorknob to let itself outside. I pushed my dresser over in front of the door. I could hear sniffing at my door followed by some whining sounds.

Then another long howl that seemed to come from in my house as well as from outside. The howling sent a chill up my spine. Then there was total silence. I turned and saw two glowing eyes as they looked into my bedroom window. I ran over and hoisted the mattress from my bed up and over against the window. I frantically took the rest of the bed and laid it up on the mattress covering the window. Where else was I vulnerable? My mind raced through my room and the adjoining bathroom. There were no more doors or windows. I sat down on a chair and started shaking all over as the adrenaline surge started to wear off.

I reached for my phone to call the police. I picked up the receiver, but there was no dial tone. I couldn't dial out. I checked it again. Just as I put it up to my ear I could hear the chorus of howling again. It was loudest through the phone as if the phone was off the hook in another room. The wolves couldn't be that smart? They must have been trained to do that. What other explanation could there be?

I dropped the phone to the floor as I plopped back down in the chair. There was a minor itch on my abdomen. I looked down to see that the fur covering my altered genitals had spread. It was halfway down my inner thighs and was creeping up my belly. My god! What was going on? This was impossible!

As I watched the fur continue to spread. I could actually see it sprout from my skin as it spread across my body. I ran into the bathroom as the fur approached my chest. In the mirror I watched as my skin slowly disappeared. I looked closer and found that even my eyelids had developed a fine covering of grayish brown fur.

I noticed a tugging sensation at the base of my spine and twisted my butt around to see it in the mirror. Right before my eyes my tail bone lifted out of my crack and started growing. The fur on it lengthened. I stared transfixed as within minutes I developed a tail. I felt something move and shift at the base of my new tail and without realizing it I pulled my tail between my legs like a scared dog. For some reason it just now occurred to me that I was changing into a wolf. How could that be? Werewolves were just myth. They weren't real. I must be dreaming but laughed at how ludicrous that sounded. This was obviously no dream.

The howling started again. I could hear them much clearer now. I ran to the bathroom door thinking they had broken into my bedroom. It was empty. There was a different sound within the howling. It was almost like a song where I couldn't make out the words. I got the sense that it meant something.

I went back into my bathroom and noticed that my face had changed. The tip of my nose had turned black and my ears were pointy. I leaned over to look closer and as I touched my ears with a fur-covered hand they twitched. I noticed that my eyes were no longer human. They had turned a yellowish brown and there wasn't any white around them anymore. It sent a shiver down my spine seeing this fur covered alien look back at me with yellowish brown eyes. Suddenly my mouth and black nose started pushing out from my face to become a muzzle. Now I had a wolf's head on my fur-covered human body.

I stepped back from the mirror and almost lost my balance. I looked down and noticed that my feet had lengthened and had become narrower. My toenails had thickened, darkened and curved into claws as my toes merge together. Before I knew it I found it more comfortable to stand on my toes as my heels continued to rise up off the floor. The change continued up my legs.

I touched my legs and I noticed that my hands had changed shape. My thumbs were migrating up as my palms got longer. A web of skin joined my four fingers together and my nails changed into claws like my toes. A thick skin protruded from the fur on my fingertips and where the fingers joined my hand to form a paw pad. My legs had completely changed and my arms weren't far behind.

As the transformation hit my pelvis and lower spine I lost my balance and fell onto my side. I watched myself in the full length mirror as my pelvis twisted. It reoriented my legs so that they comfortably bent 90 degrees from my body. My chest grew out and narrowed as my shoulders rotated slightly forward. My neck lengthened and it became more comfortable to look up completing the metamorphosis. I looked just like a wolf.

I started panting as my incredibly long tongue slid out of my mouth exposing extremely sharp teeth. I closed my mouth. My tongue felt like it was bulging in my mouth and I started feeling hot and stuffy. The need to pant was too strong and I let my tongue hang out again. A blessed coolness spread from my tongue to refresh my whole body.

I closed my eyes to block out the sight of the wolf lying on my bathroom floor. I couldn't bring myself to replace the image in the mirror with the image of my former self. I opened my eyes and looked for myself somewhere in the mirror. All I saw was this large gray wolf looking back at me.

I rolled over and stood on all fours. I was standing on my fingers and toes, but it felt right. I was terribly thirsty and put my front paws on the counter and looked at the sink. I scratched at the round knobs with my paws trying to get them to turn. I couldn't turn them without grasping them. I looked at the toilet bowl and after a moments hesitation I decided what the hell.

I lapped up the water with my new tongue and realized that I could smell a plethora of new smells. They weren't good or bad. The novelty and intricacy of the aromas made them all very interesting. Once I was done drinking I backed away from the toilet bowl and sniffed the air bringing a bloom of aromas to my awareness. The coolness of tile and porcelain, a sharp chemical smell of the plastic shower curtain, moist mildew, overly sweet perfumed toilet paper. For every smell I could identify there were thousands more that I couldn't. Even the smells I could identify were loaded with different layers and nuances that I had never noticed before. I could smell my former randy body odors permeating the bathroom and could actually see my footprints with my nose. Some footprints had an old faded smell but others seemed vibrant and new. Besides myself and the myriad of household odors I could also smell the other wolves.

Just then someone yelled. "Let us in." Then a bunch of guys started yelling together. "Let us in." I got a terrible achy loneliness deep in my chest. The sense of being totally alone was terrible. The isolation physically hurt. I laid down and I felt like weeping. I couldn't stand it anymore.

I screamed. "Help me. Please, somebody help me." However, instead of words a strange long mournful howl is all that I produced.

I heard a frantic scratching at my bedroom door. The doorknob was being turned and the door opened a crack before it hit the dresser. A great mass slammed into the door causing the door to hit the dresser. With each hit the dresser slid another inch across the wooden floor.

I still felt this soul crushing loneliness. I started weeping in despair. It came out as a whining sound. I howled out again for help.

As the pounding continued against the dresser, someone said through the crack in the doorway to my bedroom. "We're coming."

The pounding from my bedroom stopped. I looked up and saw the wolf leader. I didn't know how I knew he was the leader. They pretty much all looked alike to me before, but I was sure he was in charge. He walked over and puts his nose down to mine and started to lick my face. He smelled nice, like a warm breeze through pine trees. The other wolves all crowded into the bathroom around me and started nuzzling me. I stood up. They started rubbing their bodies against mine. Fur stroking fur. I felt a nose rooting around my tail. Several tails were near my snout and I pressed close to their tails drinking in their scents.

The pain was gone and was being replaced by joy. I felt an incredibly strong sense of belonging. The good feelings kept building until I felt ready to burst. I felt my tail wagging back and forth thwacking several wolves in the process. I noticed their tails were wagging too. I wanted to jump and run. The energy was streaming through my body. Just for the joy of it I raised my muzzle and howled.

I burst through the pack and ran out of my bedroom down the hallway. I wasn't trying to run away. I felt the need to run just to release the energy building in me. I rounded the corner into the living room and stopped when I saw the closed front door. The pack ran past me down another hallway towards my solarium. I followed and saw them streak out the open sliding glass door. I was right behind them.

A barrage of outdoor smells almost caused me to stop running. I wanted to savor them all. However, the excitement of running on all fours faster than I'd ever run before kept me going. I ran with the other wolves as we quickly left the tamed area around my house and entered the finger of wild forest that ran from the state and federal parks to my ranch. Feeling the ground fly by beneath me, I leapt effortlessly over fallen logs, wove around trees and sprinted through meadows. It was wonderful. The ferns and tall grasses whisked by brushing my sides. It was pure ecstasy as the wind coursed through my fur with my tail streaming out behind me.

The pack finally stopped in a grassy field near a large boulder. The leader wolf turned around and sat down. The other wolves laid down with their tongues hanging incredibly far out of their mouths which must be what I looked like as I stood there panting.

Eventually the leader stopped panting and spoke to me. It sounded like a bunch of low growling noises with sharp barking sounds and some high yipping. However, my brain interpreted it as speech.

"Human's sympathetic to the weirven have been battling with your alpha's. All of their progress was threatened by your actions. They felt that the best way to stop you was to make you one with us. You are now a weirven of the Gryndal brotherhood and I am Edrake your alpha. Do you know what that means?"

"You're telling me that you are the leader of this wolf pack."

"Leader is not a correct analogy and we are not a wolf pack. We are weirven, just as you are now weirven. As Gryndal-alpha I am obeyed absolutely. I planted my seed in you and then accepted yours in return during your change. The bond has been formed and it can not be broken. You will find that you are incapable of disobeying me."

"What if I don't want to be part of your clan? How are you going to keep me from leaving?" Even though the thought of leaving the group seemed terrifying somehow, his talk of obedience ruffled my fur. I wasn't used to taking orders.

"A lesson in the ways of the Gryndal brotherhood is evidently in order. Come here now." He said in a commanding growl.

I decided to ignore his command and stay where I was. A feeling of impending doom started to develop. My legs started shaking and my tail involuntarily clamped down between my legs. My chest grew tight and it became hard to breath. Something bad was going to happen if I didn't go to him. A whimper escaped my muzzle. I took a step towards him and the pressure abated a little. I walked the rest of the way over to him. It was as if a great pressure was suddenly relieved and I could breath easily again. My legs stopped shaking and I realized that I was panting.

"Do you understand your position?" He was standing a foot in front of me. I glanced up at his face and looked him in the eye. I quickly glanced down as he bore his teeth, raised his hackles and a deep menacing rumbling started in his chest.

"How impudent! Are you challenging me?" He growled.

I laid down on my belly like a scolded dog. "I don't know what you mean. I'm not challenging you."

"Good." He barked. "You are not capable of being alpha as long as I live. Perhaps you need more evidence that I am your alpha. Stand up and present me your tail."

I slowly stood up avoiding his gaze and turned around.

"Lift your tail and accept me as your alpha."

My tail was still between my legs and with a great amount of concentration I lifted it. I felt his cold nose rooting around my butt followed by his warm tongue. The stimulation to my anus sent a tingling down my entire body. A small corner of my mind told me to run away, but my body wouldn't move.

After he tongued me for awhile I felt my dick creep out of my sheath. He stopped and the cold air hit my asshole. It was quickly warm again as he mounted me. After several attempts he penetrated my anus. It sent a wave of pleasure through my whole body. He thrust in and out a few times and then started pushing his knot into me. I felt my anus stretching much easier than before and I found there was no pain this time. Once over the widest part of his bulb he quickly slammed in the rest of the way. He held still as I felt him growing larger inside of me. He started jackhammering wildly in short rapid strokes as his large knot prevented him from withdrawing too far.

He called out "Ahnya and Polkin." He leaned his head towards my left ear and huskily told me to accept what was offered.

Two of the weirven appeared and one bent under by belly and started licking my already straining cock. The other weirven climbed on my shoulders presenting me with his erection. I could smell his precum dribbling from his cock more than see it. It had a multitude of warm sweet musky smells. I licked it with my tongue tasting a salty sweetness. I found that the flavor grew on me and I licked more and more. I virtually lapped up his precum of which he seemed to have plenty. He moved his dick closer and pushed it into my muzzle. I opened my mouth and felt his cock slide along my long tongue towards the back of my throat. I closed my lips around his length and snaked my tongue out to caress the knot just outside of my mouth.

I knew what he must be feeling. Just as I started sucking him the other weirven took my throbbing dick into his mouth. I could feel his long tongue doing wonderful things around my cock. The ridges along the roof of his mouth were driving me wild.

Edrake was pounding into my ass the whole time. He gave one last great push into me and stopped. I could feel him grow even larger inside of me and then his cock started jerking as he pumped his hot seed into me. I felt him relax on my back with his knot firmly stuck in my rectum. Seconds later the weirven I was sucking released his juices into the back of my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could as he pushed his baseball sized knot into my mouth. He shuddered, pulled out and climbed down with his still erect cock bouncing underneath his abdomen. I felt a warm energy suffuse my body which started to intensify in my pelvis.

My orgasm built momentum and hit me like a train. I thrust as hard as I could into the other weirven's mouth with Edrake still attached to my ass. He swallowed my whole cock. Bulge and all. I felt the end of his hard ridged palate as I entered his soft throat muscles, which tightly grabbed my penis and tried to pull it further into his gullet. Wave after wave of cum streamed out of my cock. Each one more pleasurable than the last. When I was finally done he pulled off and licked my face a couple times and ran over to the knot of weirven who were evidently enjoying what they were witnessing. Several weirven were coupling and the rest were bent in half sucking themselves.

My cock was still rock hard and pulsating. Like before I felt myself getting hornier and hornier. I started dry humping the air with my pelvis pulling Edrake along with me. The pleasure was growing so much I had to release it. I couldn't grab my cock. A whimpering sound escaped my throat. A weirven looked over at me and then shifted his gaze to look above me at Edrake. Something unspoken must have passed between them, because he got up from his auto-fellatio and padded over to us. He crawled underneath my belly and pushed his ass up into the air. I was too wound up. As soon as his furry tail touched my straining cock I blew my load all over his asshole. However, just like before, having an orgasm only seemed to bring me to a new plateau of sexual pressure before the urges became even stronger.

Still hard I frantically tried to penetrate his anus. I kept slipping off to the side or underneath him. With great effort I slowed down and carefully aimed at where I felt his opening to be. I felt his pucker with the tip of my cock and slowly pushed in. He opened easily accepting my cock. A slippery hot tunnel engulfed my cock. I couldn't control myself any longer and I thrust with all of my might. I jammed my knot into him and after a lot of pressure the resistance disappeared as I savagely slam my entire knot into him. He gave a little yelp, at my rough treatment, but he didn't move. As I entered I felt my dick growing even larger. Filling his rectum. Making it impossible for me to withdraw or for him to get away. Just like Edrake behind me I was tied to this weirven. I started giving quick powerful thrusts until I quickly came again. I orgasmed many times before I finally felt complete release. By this time Edrake apparently had gotten his second wind and was taking advantage of my captive form. He fucked me for an eternity and I realized that I was no longer appalled by what was happening. In fact, I was enjoying it. I didn't want it to stop. Just as this new insight dawned on me he gave one final heave and started that enjoyable warmth flowing in the center of my bowels. He relaxed onto my back sandwiching me between him and the nameless weirven under me as we waited for our cocks to eventually soften.

A Marked Man copyright 1999 by Cheirron.

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