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by Picklejuice

The grown-haired, white shirted and blue jeaned yong man came ot the last page of the strange book and read these words:

“Owa Tana Silum”

He read the words after it and a sort of horror spread across his face. At the same time, his body feels itchy, like how a man’s chin feels right after a shave. The feeling passed. He reads furthur, and shouts the phrase 10 times, faster and faster. He does it again, loudly, shouting. As he does this, his ears sprout fur and stretch away from his head, becoming pointy. He gets up, and runs to a mirror. His ears have become those of a donkey’s: furred, floppy, and growing out of his tangled mane of a head. He scratches his hand, then looks at it in fright. The back of his hand is slowly growing brown stuby hair. He says, “Aaah!”

He grabs the book and runs out of the room. He finds his sister and repeats his phrased shoutings. She runs in terror. A pain passes through his hands and he drops the book. He looks at his hands: they are sticking togeather, forming an animal’s hoof. The flesh between his fingers is beginning to fuse. He tries to part his fingers, but a sharp pain in his feet distracts him. He drops to his butt and tears at his shoes with his stubby fingers. As he unloostens the straps of his shoes, his feet elongate, carrying the shoes with them. Bristly brown hair is sprouting from his feet. He kicks off the shoes, and sees that his toes are fusing into hooves, too. Cursing, he scrambles over to the book and reads the phrase again and again, trying different pronounciations. His tail starts to grow. It pushes against the back of his pants, and starts to worm its way down his left pant leg. Its growth causes him pain, but he tries more phrases. Then, his hairy thighs start to strain at the seams of his pants. He paws at his jeans buttons, dropping the book. He can see his nose and mouth lengthening away from his face. Somehow, the button unbuttons, his jeans unzip, and he pulls them off, desparately. There, his fur-covered thighs exposed: They are shortening, and his foot is lengthening. A definite crude hoof is now on the end of each foot.

Trying to get up, he fell again to the ground. He cursed, and noticed that his shirt was growing wet from his exertions. Finally, he got up and stumbled around before settling: standing on his back hooves. His tail swished in anger. He clenched his crude fist, and walked toward the book. It like open to the correct page, and he went down on all four’s to read it. As he read, his thigh grew shorter and his feet grew longer, and his body grew more brown fur. His tail swished back and forth.

“What!” he shouted at the book: “Hope eeeh less? AAAnh eeeh No!” He stood again, dropping the book, trembling in rage. His fase was now covered in rough brown fur, and his chin & nose were still elongating outwards. Snarling his teeth, he clomped off to another room, trail a brow furred tail with a hair tuft at the end. His hands were complete hooves by the time he reached the door outside. He samashed its window open iwth a hoof and went through. A pain shot through his back, and he fell to all four’s. He wobbled about a bit, then went to the stables. His hands were knobbing under his fur as he used them to climb up the side of the wall next to the door. “Heef” he said, as he pawed at the door latch. His back legs were still changing- fur sprouting, knobbing feet. The door opened. He clomped inside.

His hair was shrinking back and growing at the same time - turning into a mane. HIs neck elongated, powerful muscles stretching under the rich brown coat of fur. He said, “hAanrk” as his neck expanded into his rather limited shirt collar. He sat back on his haunches, and pawed at the air, trying to get his hoves up to his neck to rip at the chirt. However, his shirt split itself down the front.

Sitting there, his ears flopped as his mussel sprouted whiskers, his chin wiggled into place, and his eyes finally stopped changing. It was done, he felt. He was a complete donkey. He got up on all four’s, and started walking down the stable doors, opening them. However, he did notice that he wasn’t the right size. He was a little too small, in comparison to the other jack asses in the barn. He felt his shirt get a lot tighter, rip, and fall off as he grew to the correct size. He screamed: “EEEH AHHnk EEEEEH!”

He was indistinguishable from the other asses in the barn that were now milling about. Except for the fact that most of the rest of the others were female. He could smell that. He approached a female with a nice tail, and realized dimly that his mind was degrading, too. He sniffed her butt, then reared up and landed on her. He moved back and forth on her, scaping his furry belly against her back and maneuvering around her bristly tail.

Quick ‘n’ dirty transforming - who needs a story? The Intolerable Picklejuice

Donkey copyright 1996 by Picklejuice.

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