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The Donkey Day

by DevilsDonkey

I awake coughing heavily. I can't stop, my teeth hurt. I stagger into the bathroom, coughing more. I look in the mirror, then cough into into the sink.

"Cough, cough, cougheeeeeehh, cougheeeaurgh!" What? I look up see blood coming from my jaw. I bare my teeth. They're slack and blood is running from them. Two fall into the sink. In panic I place a finger into my mouth and the rest fall out. I'm terrified but transfixed by the sight of new teeth growing in their place. Nicer ones? No! They're large and slab-like, slightly wonky and yellow and lined.

A sprouting of hair comes out of my chin, long and grey. "What's goeeeng on?" I cry in fear. My body feels like lead, but the skin burns and itches like crazy. I look at it, it's going hard!

A sudden pain in my ears, and I see them elongating, they and my body already have traces of fuzzy hair on them. I cry out, "NoooEEEEEAAAAURGH!" I know what's happening; it's impossible and I never would have wanted it in reality. I'm becoming a donkey......

My balls ache and I look down. They're growing, I put my hand over them, but all that happens is that I can feel the sack grow large and leathery. My dick changes shape before my eyes--my foreskin is growing and so is the skin leading to it, growing longer and tougher. My dick is inside the skin that is joining with my belly--it's now a long leathery pouch growing hair. I try to touch the cock inside but the area that was a foreskin tightly seals the cock inside. My cock feels like its on fire, it feels like its melting and hardening at the same time. I feel it through the pouch and the shape feels wrong--wrong for a human, that is.

My intestines burn and I feel my cock begin to burrow forward and toward the pouches exit, it hurts and twitches, tunneling, forcing its way past the opening. I see it. My word, it's huge and pink, mottled with pieces of brown. It continues to move out. My ex-foreskin hurts and feels like its going to tear. My member is at least 70cm long and growing. It is now a huge hose like appendage that pulls me forward. It's so sensitive. I feel a not unfamiliar bunching in my groin. Oh no, it's getting ready to orgasm.

I run into the living room. but pull up at the pain in my hands. The slight webbing between them has grown; there is no gap between them. The fingers are inside, but they're stiff and uncooperative, they won't move. They seem to be fusing together, forming a bulge under the skin. The skin about the lumps is not getting hairy--it's going hard like a blister and it's tightening! I cry out in pain, but there is no stpping it. I can't believe what is happening. As the shape changes, a pain in my feet takes my attention.

The soles of my feet hurt. It's like I can't stand on them without hurting the bones in them. Unbelieveably, my size thirteen feet are stretching and thinning. I stand on my toes. Much more comfy, but I realise that it's wrong, wrong. My legs are becoming HIND legs. I have a terrifying fear--or is it knowledge--that this transformation is irreversible and permanent. I have to stop it. But as I move to the phone, I fall to the floor in pain, blood boiling. The pain in my hands and feet has reached it's height. The skin at their tips bursts open painlessly to reveal shiny new hooves. Lying back on the floor, I scream out "Heeelp-aaaurrgh, HeeeHaawww!" How can I save myself?

My chest is barreling outward. Through my changing eyes I can see the veins growing in the flesh surrounding my ribs. Extra flesh needs veins to carry the blood around my new form. I squirm about on the floor, banging around madly, trying to get up. I can't; my movements are clumsy and restricted.

Suddenly the pain stops. I stop moving. Is this it? Am I to spend my days as a half and half? What would the world make of me? Better to be a full donkey than suffer the..

Oh my, the transformation hasn't stopped, it has moved into my mind! I try to think of something human, something I want, but new images are spilling into my brain. I can't stop it. I think of my donkey future. I can't bear it, but unbidden the image of a female ass enters my mind! My front hoof grazes against my erect donkey cock! It jumps, hard. It's tightening and tightening. It is sending orgasm signals to my brain and they are turning me bestial. The sexual need is replacing my humanity and whenever I manage to battle through it, all I can find is the donkey. It's like there is a war for my body and the donkey is winning, easily.

Suddenly the pain in my body returns, worse than ever! I try to get up again and fall again, then my back and neck begins to burn, my body in more pain than before.

My neck expands, growing thick and muscled, or rather, muscle bound. I feel trapped in this body, like an out of control roller coaster. My hips and limbs are gathering fat and muscle about them, and my bones continue making cracking sounds as they are pulled inexorably into their new form. My body is covered in hard hide, which is itself covered by coarse grey hair arranged in a black cross on my back, like that that marks all grey jackasses. I roll onto all four hooves.

A pain in my spine's root makes me turn, and I see a tufted tail force its way out of me. It's grown in 10 seconds, and then it twitches back into my rump. It moves! It's part of me... who is that? I can only remember with effort--hard to think cohesively at all! Fear and terror take over and I try to orate, and cry out.

"Meeehaannarrrkeee-aauuurgh." It turns into a bray in my stunted unpliable throat. "HAW HEE HAW HEE HAW!" I can no longer talk at all! My chest lengthens and my belly grows heavy. What's left of my face grows outward and my nose and mouth join. I find myself chomping at air, then rolling my vile huge tongue out of my mouth and running over my ridiculously over sized teeth. There's little of me left. My tail rises, and my arse stirs. I know what's coming. and I scream out "Breeeehaurgh" and amidst the bray make my last ever human word. "aaaauuggghNoooEeeeaurgh!" The shit falls from my arse and the horrid aroma reaches my nostrils.

My cock is boiling now, so tight, burning me up. I want to scream to the world goodbye, but I am braying and now I'm cumming, the heavy musky liquid splashing about my hooves. I try to keep my humanity but my throat begins to twitch. I don't care. I embrace a shattering bellow that issues from my now Jackass mouth. HEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAWW!

Life begins anew. Sean is gone. Only a donkey remains. In his place in the universe, his world, there is now only lust, hunger and being.

The Donkey Day copyright 2001 by DevilsDonkey.

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