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The Best of Friends

by Bill Hart

Nobody gave it a second thought, when Charles Morgan and Samuel Johnson decided to attend the same small college in the northern part of the state. Why should they? After all, the boys, known to all their friends as Charlie and Sam, were best friends. And had been ever since grammar school.

They always used to say that nothing would ever come between them. And nothing ever had. Even girls hadn't come close to separating them.

Charlie and Sam lived in the same dormitory, on the same floor, and in rooms right next to each other. They'd originally planned to join one of the campus fraternities, but when pledge week ended, they'd only wanted Charlie.

Charlie had told them "If you don't take Sam, I won't be joining your frat. Sam's my friend, and if he's not good enough for you, then you're not good enough for me."

The president of the fraternity, Dennis Reilly, had been livid and had taken Charlie's statement personally. "Nobody speaks to me like that. You don't want be our fraternity brother, fine. And I'll just make sure you don't have to join any other house. So there. How do you like that?"

"That's alright with me." Charlie had responded.

And he and Sam had left the frat hall, leaving behind a stunned Reilly, his mouth hanging wide-open in shock of disbelief.

"Terry and Chris told us that Reilly was an asshole. But I never would have guessed, until now, that they were being overly kind."

And both boys had howled with laughter.

But it wasn't long after, that Sam and Charlie decided that they had made the right decision about that particular frat.

There were stories of strange and unexplainable things going on there. And some of the stories, like boys changing into girls, were just plain unbelievable. They were glad they weren't part of it.

But, as it turned out, life in the dorm wasn't too bad. They did what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it.

It was an odd night.

Lightning filled the sky, while thunder reverberated through the halls of dorm. Neither Sam nor Charlie had ever seen this type of weather before. They stared out the window of Charlie's room in utter fascination of the lightning that flashed ever nearer. And then they laughed whenever the booms of thunder shook the room.

There came a knock at the door.

On opening the door, Charlie stared at the two gorgeous young women who stood out in the hall.

"May we come in?" one asked in a melodious voice.

"Y-y-y-y-yes. Pl-please, c-c-come in." stammered Charlie, nearly struck senseless by their beauty.

And as they entered, Sam could see why he friend had stammered.

"My name's Patricia, but all my friends call me Patty." said tall, leggy, blue-eyed, young woman with shoulder-length blond hair. "And this is my friend Sean." indicating her buxom companion with long silky, jet black hair that flowed down her back.

Sam and Charlie could only stare.

"We'd like to be friends." said both girls almost at the same time. "That is, if you know what we mean."

"Y-y-y-yeah. M-m-m-my name's Charlie, and this is Sam. He's my best bud and lives in the room next door."

"You're really cute, Charlie." said Patty, as she moved closer. "And you've just solved a problem that Sean and I were really worried about."

"What problem?" asks Charlie.

"Why, the bed problem, silly." says Patty. "There's four of us, and that teeny little bed isn't big enough for all of us. But it'll be all right for you and me. Don't you agree?" And she kisses him on the cheek.

Well..., of course." Charlie agrees, slyly smiling. "Sam. Why don't you show Sean your b..., eh, room."

And suddenly, before Sam has a chance to say or do anything, Sean is kissing him. "I'd just love to see your bed, Sam." she coos. Sam slips an arm around Sean's waist and, as Charlie watches on, the two of them, in obvious lust, exit the room.

"I thought they'd never leave." comes Patty's sexy voice from behind.

Charlie turns around... and is startled, then excited. Patty is naked. Her clothes lay in a heap on the floor around her feet.

"Come join me." she says.

As Charlie strips, he tosses his clothes in the chair near the foot of the bed.

He is obviously excited now.

Patty only smiles.

The embrace and kiss. Lust and passion are things best shared. And slowly they fall, almost as if gliding, onto the bed. In earnest, lovemaking has begun.

Charlie's hand traces Patty's feminine curves. They kiss more deeply than before. His hand cups a breast, then the other. And the kiss is ever deeper. The hand reaches down and finds her damp slit. And the kiss...

Time is meaningless.



Both are aroused.

Each wants the other.

Lust. Ever powerful lust is in the air.

"It is time for the penetration." thinks Charlie as he looks down at her.

There is a flash of lightning that fills the room. And at the very same instant, thunder booms and rocks the walls.

Neither Charlie nor Patty notice either the thunder or the lightning.

And Charlie looks up into Patty's brown eyes and sighs.

"I must be going. It's getting late." Patty says, getting up from the bed. "Sean and I have some other things planned for tonight. Maybe we'll come back tomorrow. Besides, you look very sleepy. Very, very sleepy."

Charlie yawns.

Then Charlie's eyes close.

And by the time Patty finishes putting on the clothes that had been tossed into the chair earlier, Charlie is fast asleep.

Patty and Sean meet outside the dorm.

"It worked. Just like that old man in the mall said it would." said Sean.

"C'mon, let's party before this wears off." replied Patty.

And from the shadows... unseen... an old man, wearing what looks like an old bath robe, smiles.

"Enjoy it while you can." he thinks. "For tomorrow is another day. And what you lose tonight, you lose forever."

A loud and insistent knocking wakes Charlie.

Rising from the bed, Charlie walks sleepily towards the door, stumbling over the clothes lying on the floor.

"I wonder what my clothes are doing in the middle of the floor?" thinks Charlie.

And when the door opens, there stands Sam.

"Charlie, thank god its you!" exclaimed Sam. "You haven't changed."

"Changed??? What do you mean changed?"

"I'm mean, you're still you. Still Charlie, my best friend."

"Of course I'm still me, silly. Who else would I be?"

"I want you to look at me." said Sam. "Look really hard. Am I different in any way?"

"You look perfectly normal to me. You're still the same old Sam I've known since grammar school. Let's sit down on your bed and talk about what's bothering you. Okay?"

"Okay." sniffed Sam. "Just like old times."

And Charlie puts an arm around Sam and asks "What's wrong?"

"I had this really strange dream. In it, we changed into other people."

"That is weird, but as you can plainly see, it was just that - a dream. You and I haven't changed at all. We're the same people we've always been."

"I guess you're right. But it felt so real."

"You'll feel better if you get some sleep."

And Charlie holds Sam, rocking back and forth, until finally Sam falls into a peaceful sleep. Then Charlie gently lays Sam's head on the pillow.

Suddenly, Charlie springs up from Sam's bed and walks over to the full-length mirror on the wall. It must have been Sam's talk of being changed into someone else. Charlie seemingly isn't quite sure anymore.

But the reflection in the mirror is more convincing.

"I'm still me." thinks a very relieved Charlie.

And as Charlie turns back towards the sleeping Sam, brushing away a few stray strands of blond hair, she can't help but wish that part of Sam's delusion were true.

"You know. It would be really nice if my tits were as big as yours." as she smiles at her sleeping and buxom, raven-haired friend. "But then, those boys tonight didn't seem to mind their current size. Did they?"

And as Charlie slips into her bed, she pauses briefly before reaching up to turn out the light.

And from the mall, the old man smiles as the light slowly fades from the window of the sorority.

"Yes." he thinks to himself. "Tomorrow starts another day. And I hope that Charlotte Morgan and Samantha Johnson, known to their sorority sisters as Charlie and Sam, enjoy their new lives."


The Best of Friends copyright 1996 by Bill Hart.

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