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Role Reversal

by Tekwolf

Mark was the consummate deer hunter. He was raised from the time that he was a small boy to be a hunter. His father has also hunter since he was small and it was only natural that Mark would follow in his foot steps. Mark was not like most hunters though. Instead of joining a deer club with many others, he preferred to hunt by himself. He had made plans to go to the woods for a full month. As he ran his own business, he could do this. Deer season was just days away and he couldn't wait to get started. He had spent all of the last week getting his equipment together and he was almost ready. He loaded all of the things into his UV (sport utility vehicle) and set the alarm clock for five A.M. By six the next morning, he was on the road. It was a long trip to the National Forest where he would hunt. Usually hunting was not allowed in a national Forest, but the wildlife department felt there were too many deer and some needed to be harvested. Only a few permits were issued, and each of the lucky hunters had the Forest to themselves for a month each. His thoughts dwelled on his equipment. His most prized possession was the rifle, now safely stashed in the hard case that he had bought for it. It was a large caliber and had a 3 X 9 scope on top. Mark knew that this would be adequate for any deer that he might find. He turned off of the main on to a dirt road that ran back into the forest. Anyone could drive in as far as he was now, but he had a key to the gate that guarded a trail that went miles back into the park. It was originally constructed to allow rangers access to the interior of the park. Mark drove his truck through the gate and carefully locked it behind him. Then he continued on. The road, if you could call it that, was really a rough trail that only a four wheel drive could navigate. After he had gone four miles in, he stopped in a clearing and set up his camp. He had the best of equipment. He set up camp, put the tent together and cooked a meal.

Later he went into the tent and went to sleep. The new day dawned bright and early. Mark had already been in a tree for an hour. He had set the stand up on a well used trail and waited. It was the time of year that was the height of the rut and bucks would be following the does that were just beginning to come into heat. As he sat there, a doe suddenly appeared coming down the trail. She was nervously looking down the trail and stopping and starting.

Mark knew from experience that there would be a buck along shortly and prepared himself for the shot. Just off of the trail, he caught a glimpse of a large set on antlers moving through the trees, heading towards the doe. He sighted the rifle on a clearing and waited for the deer to come into the open. As the rather large buck entered the opening, mark squeezed the trigger. There was a deafening roar and the deer slowly slumped to the ground. Mark knew or at least thought that the animal had felt no pain. He waited for a while to make sure the deer was dead and then got down and moved over to where it lay. As he looked down on the deer, he was amazed at the size of it. This was by far the largest buck that he had ever shot. He spent the rest of the day carefully skinning the deer and packing the meat back to camp. He had taken especial care with the skinning because he wanted to mount the head.

Over into the afternoon, Mark started to celebrate the kill, with the beer that he had brought with him. He had no where to go, and the meat would keep until the following day, when he would drive out to the meat cutter, in the town he had passed on the way in. He built up the camp fire and preceded to get roaring drunk. He didn't bring a TV or Radio, as he wanted to be isolated, so he found his amusements in other ways. As was a tradition in his family, he had left the deer's sexual organs attached to the skin. He was drunk and started looking at the skin. He turned it this way and that, looking at and admiring his handy work. A strange thought crossed his mind. What would it feel like to wear the skin? Didn't the ancient cave men cover themselves in the skins of their kills? Well, then he would too. He got out of his clothes and stepped into the leg openings of the skin. He pulled it up around his waist. When he got to the organs, he shrugged and snugged them up to his own. He could feel the tail poking him in the butt, but it wasn't too uncomfortable. He proceeded to put his arms into the front leg holes. The rest of the skin came up over his back and the part that used to cover the head, with the ears attached lay on his head. He shivered. The skin was cold at first and smelled, but as time went on it warmed to his body temperature and he got used to the smell.

He paraded around the fire yelling, "I'm a deer, I'm a deer." He didn't stop to think how stupid this was or even obscene. What happen next was something he would never forget for as long as he lived.

The skin suddenly tightened up around him and began to squirm. He felt pain in his crotch and something seemed to crawl up his ass. He couldn't comprehend any of this as drunk as he was. He was doubled over with pain and went to his hands and knees. As he watch almost with a detachment, the skin on his arms moved down to his hands and the fingers began to fuse together, as his arm grew longer. His chest began to feel tight as the ribs moved closer together. He could also feel the ears on top of his head that waved as he thought about them and something pushed up out of his forehead. Suddenly an intense pain flashed along his hips and down into his legs. His feet were on fire. The pain became all consuming and his world grew dark and he knew no more.

Mark woke up slowly and thought,"Boy, I've got to lay off of that beer." No drunk had ever done anything like that before. He thought of the things that happened and decided that it was just a dream. He opened his eyes and got a shock. Everything was slightly blurry and there were no colors! He had a bad feeling about this and tries to scramble to his feet. Something just was not working right. He looked down at his arms and saw what he feared. For there was hair and cloven hooves where his hands were supposed to be. He shakily got to his feet, all four of them. Strangely as he raised his head, it felt uncommonly heavy. He remembered the rack of the buck he had killed and thought he knew why. Mark slowly got used to his new situation. He learned to move correctly on his new feet and wandered down to the creek to find a still pool, so that he could look at his reflection. As he stood on the bank, a large, magnificent buck looked back at him. Suddenly, a new scent came to his now more sensitive nose. There was a strange stirring in his groin and his penis dropped from its new sheath. Mark couldn't recognize the scent but obviously the deer in him did. As he followed the scent , he became more and more excited and it had to have a release. He was drives by alien instincts that he did not understand to find the doe that was somewhere ahead.

Up in a tree there was a hunter, that had been there from just before daylight. As he watched the doe in front of him, he got ready for the buck that was sure to follow.

Role Reversal copyright 1997 by Tekwolf.

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