The Transformation Story Archive Mythical Beings


by Wolphin

Ever since I met Ayshea, thing have been different. Actually, that is probably an understatement. If you had told me a few months about what was going to happen in my life, well, I probably would have sent you in for psychiatric evaluation. But, quite surprisingly thing have worked out nicely. Ayshea and myself seem to be made for each other, that may seem strange, but it is true.

>From the beginning, her friends said it wouldn't last, most of mine just sat around drooling over her. I mean, it isn't every day you see someone as devilishly handsome as myself with such a good-looking lady strolling about the town. Actually, some would probably argue with that previous line. Yes, she is extremely beautiful, slightly taller that me, her hair is a light chestnut colour which shimmers when the light hits it but she may argue with being called a lady. Don't get me wrong, she fits the definition, but one may assume too much when they hear the term. I should really explain. The logical place to start is in the beginning, so I may as well start back there.

About six months ago I had a mad urge to go fishing. It was early summer, the rains had eased off, the rivers were running clear and beginning to drop back to their summer flow. Originally there was a group of us down for a weekend, but they don't really fish that much, so Sunday night they headed back to the city and I camped out by myself for a few days of serious fishing.

I'll admit, I'm not the worlds greatest fisherman. Sure, I'm good and I've got a couple of nice fish in my time, but I refuse to get up at the crack of dawn, leave a nice warm bed to go and stand knee deep in the subzero water, watching my fingers freeze to the butt of my rod while saying through blue lips, "Isn't this fun." No, I'll stay in bed, have a leisurely breakfast, then hit the water mid morning.

However, this week was not that bad. The mornings were mild and the afternoons were getting positively hot. On more than one occasion I debated about stripping off and having a good dunking, but always ended up deciding against it. On this particular day I had planned to it a stretch of river which ran along the end of an isolated farm.

It was pretty close to the middle of no where. Some old settlement scheme from the 1940s I think. There was an access road to the river near one boundary and the going along the river bank was pretty easy. I arrived a little after nine and quickly grabbed all my gear and headed off downstream. I had planned to hike down to the farm, then walk along the open banks. I had discussed it with an old fishing buddy before, but neither of us had actually done it before, but we had looked at the aerial photos and thought we could cover probably five kilometres or so of river. Plus, in the middle of the farm land a substantial creek entered the river, that would definitely be worth a cast at this time of year.

After fighting my way through the undergrowth I finally reached the farm boundary. It was the standard rusting barbwire fence which I was pretty experienced at climbing over. I always felt a little nervous about entering farms like this. There was nothing illegal about it, the actual river and twenty meters either side of it was State Forest, but I never felt like arguing the point with an irate farmer armed with a double barrelled shotgun.

Anyway, I finally reached the water and like I had hoped there was a fair amount of fish around. Almost every log, rock or run seemed to have some form of fish lurking in, under or beside it. However, there was nothing of any size, I got a couple of undersize rainbows, plus released another few. There were lots of perch in the pools, but none of any size, but I kept on heading downstream.

Eventually I reached the pool where the creek flowed in. I was a little wary of a big fish hanging around the mouth so I carefully crept down along the long grass. Finally I got myself into position, sheltered behind a fallen log, leaning out a bit I put a cast just where I wanted it.


Drawing a breath I slowly retrieved my line, bracing myself for the sudden jerk I was expecting. Carefully I turned the handle, listening to the silence of the surrounds, then I jumped as the lure hit the tip of the rod.


Choosing another spot, I tried again with the same results.

Still nothing.

Twenty minutes later there was still nothing, but I did have an ominous swirl behind the lure on one cast. I decided to "rest the water" as they say and thought that it was as good a time as any to have lunch. Settling back behind my log, I pulled out a sandwich and started munching away.

A few minutes later I hear the clip-clop of a horse nearby. I looked up from behind my log, but couldn't see anything. The pool curved around a sharp bend about ten meters downstream and I gathered one of the horses from the farm had wandered down for a drink. I decided not to do anything in case I spooked it and continues with my lunch.

A while later I stuffed the empty wrapped in my pocket, grabbed my rod and prepared for another cast. The horse had completely slipped my mind.

Peering out from my hiding place I did a long cast down around the bend. I was just about to start my retrieve when I heard a female voice shout out "hey!"

Surprised I stuck my head out from behind the log.

There, in the water was the head of a woman, probably in her early twenties, holding my line in her hands, looking with a surprised expression my direction.

Unsure what to do, I bobbed my head in greeting.

"G'day," I said, somewhat embarrassed.

Since she was holding my line, plus the fact that any fish which had been in the pool had long since disappeared I climbed over the log and walked down the bank towards her, retrieving my line in the process.

"Sorry," I said again. "I didn't expect to see anyone else here, let alone anyone swimming."

She glared at me for a while, seemingly annoyed. Then her face melted into a radiant smile.

"That is ok," she replied, slicking my line clear of her shoulders. "I never expected to have someone try and catch me like that."

I grinned and wound the lure in.

"So, you live in these parts?" I ventured.

She nodded. "My folks own this farm, although they live in the city. So I look after it. It is not serious money earner. We do have a few cattle and some of it is blue gums, but most of it is partially cleared. I just like to wander down along the old tracks, getting a feel for it, getting back to nature as it were."

I nodded knowingly.

"You ride too?" I added.

For a moment she looked a little alarmed.

"What do you mean?"

"Ride a horse, I heard a horse nearby a short while ago," I explained.

"Ahhh," she said looking relieved. "I suppose you could say that."

I looked puzzled.

"Well," she explained. "There are horses here, but as a general rule, I don't ride them. Not too good at staying on, I have a tendency to fall off - hopeless balance."

She smiled and I chuckled back.

"I know the feeling."

"Do you ride?" she asked.

"Me? No, I've been on a horse about twice in my life. I'm hopeless. I can sit on them, but that is about it. But I've always liked horses. Always fancied a Clydesdale. Now that is my kind of horse, nice and placid. But with a sort of hidden strength." I shrugged. "I don't know, I've always seemed to like the big horses, they always seem to have more effect on me than the small breeds."

She nodded in understanding.

As we were talking she had floated downstream. I had followed her along the bank, crossing over the creak and making my way around the corner. Here there was a well defined path leading down from the paddock and across the grass to a small beach. On the edge of the grass was a backpack, a towel and I could make out a T-shirt.

That filtered through my brain and I blushed.

"Oh, I am so sorry," I blurted out. "I'll leave."

"Hmmm?" she enquired quizzically.

I gestured to her clothes and did my best not too look at her.

"Your clothes," I said. "I'm sorry, I didn't realise. I'll just keep heading downstream."

She looked puzzled for a moment, then let out a gale of laughter, her face lighting up in a patch of sunshine.

"No, no," she said, her voice full of merriment. "That is ok. If you just turn your back for a moment, I'll put something on."

I quickly turned around and studied a nearby tree with intimate detail. I heard the sound of dripping water, followed by vigorous rubbing and a few seconds later she told me I could turn around.

Her hair hung down past her shoulders, its wet strands still dripping on the hastily pulled on T-shirt. One hand holding the towel wrapped around her waist, while the other reached for the backpack.

"So, Mr Fisherman," she said with a gleam in her eye. "Do you have a name?"

"Err, Br... Brian," I stumbled, my eyes transfixed on her figure.

She was amazing.

There was an awkward silence before I stuttered "Umm, can I ask your name?"

"Ayshea," she said quietly.

"Aye-she-ia?" I questioned.

She nodded.

"Interesting name, Gaelic?"

She nodded again.

Another awkward silence.

"So, any good fishing spots around here?" I asked.

She looked a little unsure, then brightened up.

"Well, nothing brilliant, but down towards the other boundary there is a nice spot," she ventured. "I've seen fish swimming in the pool."

I looked relieved.

"Right then, I'll be on my way," I said. "It was nice to meet you Ayshea."

I started to turn.

"Wait!" she called out. "Don't go that way. The river does a big bend. If you cut across the paddock its only about half a kilometre or so, probably two, two and a half going along the river."

I nodded, "Thanks."

"I'll show you the way," she said. "Its a nice walk on a day like today."

She slung the backpack over her shoulder and headed off up the path. Clipping the lure to the base of my rod I followed. Climbing up out of the river channel, the remains of a green field spread out before us. In the distance, you could see the line of trees marking the river. She was right, it did do a big loop, I could save a considerable amount of time doing this.

Before we left, I looked back at the beach. It was force of habit. Always check an area before you leave to ensure nothing is left behind. There was something strange about it, but I could not figure it out. Puzzled I followed Ayshea into the paddock.

As we walked we talked. For the first few minutes it was awkward. I always feel nervous around people I do not know and Ayshea was no exception. The fact I thought she was beautiful did not help things at all either. She also seemed a little nervous, but slowly she relaxed.

It turned out she was a little like me. Basically down here to recharge her batteries and get away for it for a while. Like me, she had taken a few months off work and was enjoying it. I was fascinated by her name, it was very unusual and I asked her if she was from Ireland. She was not, but her ancestors were. In fact, it turned out we both had ancestors from the same part of Ireland.

Halfway across the paddock we were chatting like old friends. There was a large peppermint tree nearby and I suggested we stopped by for a break. The midday sun was frying my brain and I needed to cool down.

She nodded in understanding and we headed for the tree, sweeping aside the weeping branches and walking inside the shadowed enclosure. The interior of the tree was much cooler that outside and I flopped on the dead leaves, exhausted, lying back on my pack feeling the sweat roll off me.

I closed my eyes and heard Ayshea collapsed on the ground beside me. As we both relaxed in the cool hideaway my jumbled thoughts tried to put themselves in order. Finally it dawned on me.

I rolled on my side to face her.

"Your horse," I said.

"What?" she replied.

"Your horse," I continued. "What about your horse?"

"What do you mean my horse?" she asked.

"Your horse," I persisted. "You rode it into the water. There was one set of horse prints leading into the water, but one set of human prints leading out. That has been gnawing away at me since we left the river, but it just clicked. Plus you're not wearing any shoes. You must have ridden down to the river. But where is your horse?"

For a moment she looked at me strangely before saying "I don't have a horse."

"But you must," I insisted. "You rode down to the water on it, lead it in, then you went swimming. What happened to it? Did it float away?"

Her face was expressionless as she said, "I didn't have a horse."

"But you must," I pressed. "You even said that you have horses here, so what happened to it. It couldn't disappear into thin air, I mean you're not hiding it in a back pocket are you?"

She gave me that strange look again and shook her head, looking a little sad.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," she said quietly.

"What," I said sarcastically. "That you can make a horse disappear with a wave of your hand?"

I meant it as a joke, but she must have taken it seriously as she nodded at me solemnly.

I giggled, then looked at her quizzically.

"I'll show you," she said slowly.

Standing, she looked down at me. "Go outside and stand with your back to the tree and I'll show you my horse."

I felt a bit of a fool, but she seemed so serious. Almost reluctantly I clambered to my feet, gave her another quizzical look which she answered with a gesture to get out. So, I pushed myself out through the branches and stood in the sun surveying the paddock.

"And no peeking," she called out from behind me and I nodded.

Behind me I heard rustling in the leaves, but I kept my word and studied the landscape. After a minute I felt embarrassed, after two I felt like an idiot and could imagine her heading off in the opposite direction behind me. The rustlings in the leaves stopped and I debated whether or not to turn around.

Then, suddenly there was a loud whinny about two foot from my ear.

My first reaction was to run and I was all ready to bolt, when curiosity over took me, turning I peered into the tree. It was too dark in there to make anything out, hesitating I parted the curtain of leaves and stepped inside.

The coolness and darkness enveloped me and it took a few moments for my eyes to adjust, then I saw it. It was pretty hard not to notice.

A huge horse's head, staring right at me. I took a sudden intake of breath and the horse stepped forward and nickered softly at me. It seemed harmless enough, but boy was it big. Obviously a Clydesdale and a big one at that. Its muscular shoulder stood at the same height as my head.

Peering around the dark insides of the tree, I looked for any sign of Ayshea. Against the trunk was her backpack, then I noticed her towel and T-shirt draped over a low branch. Other than that there was no sign. Curious, I examined the complete inside of the tree, there was no sign of her, there was just the horse.

Well, at least the horse seemed friendly enough, as I explored the shadow recess of the tree it followed my movements with its eyes, nervously pawing at the ground with one foot. I completed my examination and found myself absentmindedly stroking the flank of the beast.

Ayshea was gone and this horse was here. Clearly she had not left the tree, I would have heard it, I made enough noise going out. Likewise, even if the horse was nearby when I left the tree, which it wasn't, I would have heard it. My mind worked its self through all the possibilities. Then, a combination of desperate thoughts emerged. Glancing down to beneath the hind quarters of the beast I discovered that it was actually a her.

I turned and regarded its great head and for the second time that day felt like a fool.

"Ayshea?" I ventured, somehow not surprised when the horse bobbed its head in acknowledgement.


For a moment I stood there, silent. The only sound the gently breathing of the horse. This just could not be, someone was not able to transform themselves into a horse. It was against the laws of nature, let alone physics. This beast must have been at least ten times the weight of Ayshea the human. But here it was, I knew that somehow it must be her. As Holmes said, eliminate all possible scenarios and whatever is left, however improbably, must be true.

Well, Ayshea was not hiding from me and the horse must have came from somewhere. Since there was not anything like an underground tunnel here, that meant the horse must have been here when I left, similarly Ayshea must still be here. This all pointed to Ayshea being the horse.

I could not believe it.

"I can't believe it," I said to myself. "You can not be Ayshea. It is not possible. Oh great, now look at me, I'm talking to a horse."

The horse curled its lips back and nickered loudly at me, I would have sworn it was laughing. Then it stepped closer and draped its head over my back and pulled me close to her shoulder. Absently I gently scritched at her fur and she whickered softly in my ear in appreciation.

For a while I just stood there thinking about it. This woman had turned into a horse and now I was massaging her shoulder. Life is strange don't you think? Ayshea was the first to break the silence. She lifted her head and slowly took a few steps back until she could look directly at me. She regarded me calmly for a few moments, then her eyes closed.

At first nothing happened, then the strangest thing I have ever seen occurred. Her head began to shrink, her muzzle pulling in towards her eyes while her eyes moved in and down her head. At the same time her neck began to pull up towards her head, drawing some of her body mass with it. The dark brown fur began to lighten, then fade until only tanned skin remained. As I watched, definite shoulders formed and arms separated from the rest of her body. My eyes darted back to her head, where her ears slid to the side, pulling her head into a more rounded human shape while her mane lengthened into flowing golden locks. Then, after a few minutes a centaur stood before me.

For the second time that day, I was speechless.

" just were...?" I stuttered like a baby.

She giggled innocently.

"Yes," she replied. "That was me and this too is me as was the form you saw before. But before you start to ask too many questions, I shall explain. Come."

She gestured for me to join her as she strode out into open and unsure what to do, I followed. I did not know where we were going, but she seemed to know so I followed, enthralled by her story.

She began by explaining that technically she was not a centaur. Sure, she was in that form now, but centaurs are creatures with a horse's body and a human torso, while she was able to change her shape. She could be human, equine or almost any combination of either. She was born a human, her unusual ability not awakening in her to much later in life.

"You probably don't know what girls go through during puberty," she explained.

"But you do know their bodies change, well, mine changed a little more than most," she gave her infectious giggle again and waves a hand back over her flanks before continuing with her story.

As far as she knew she was a horse spirit. A sort of lost soul, unable to determine to which species it should adhere. Apparently it is not uncommon and there were recorded cases before, hence the tales of centaurs, minotaurs and werewolves. She said it still happened today, but people were unable to recognise it.

"To be willing to see a centaur," she said. "You have to believe in them. If you had seen me walk into the pool, you would have seen a horse get in and swim around. However, you did not see me until I called out, even then you only saw my human half. I was equine below the water, but you could not know that. In fact, it was not until you noticed my tracks leading in and out of the water that your brain began to comprehend. I sensed that in you and was willing to take a chance that you would be able to see me. If you had not believed, then you would not have called me Ayshea when you entered the tree after I changed."

It was strange, but it sounded logical coming from her. Then again, I had a feeling anything coming from her would have sounded logical. She continued to talk about how there were several other so-called mythological creatures living in this area. They all knew one another and lived in relative privacy in the general community.

She paused in her walk and looked down at me.

"Any questions?" she asked before resuming.

"Ummm, well, you said you could become equine, just this form?" I asked.

She stopped and looked at me again.

"No," she said. "I can change myself to almost any sub-species assuming I know what I am trying to transform into and have seen it before."

I nodded.

"But this is like a default form for you?"

She looked at me quizzically.

"No, not really," then she smiled. "I actually changed into this form because I remembered you said you like Clydesdales. But I probably am a little large really."

She stopped in her walking and closed her eyes again. It was hard to describe what happened next. The best description would be to say she shrank. Her muscular Clydesdale body seemed to collapse in on itself. The muscles remained, but were smaller and different looking. Her legs also shrank, thinning. The hairy feathers on her legs faded into the sleek feet of a small breed of horse. Her torso also shrunk, reducing in size to keep in proportion to her new body. Within a few moments, I still had a centaur standing before me, but a smaller breed. I was not sure, but I would have thought her equine body was probably a Arabian thoroughbred, but I was not sure.

Her eyes opened and she looked at me, this time from an almost equal height, although it did help that I was standing on a tussock of grass. She pranced around me.

"You like?" she asked with a gleam in her eye.

I nodded.

"So, this is you?" I enquired tentatively.

She nodded.

"This is what you could call my, ummm, default form," she said. "I sort of shift into it if I don't think about retaining whatever form I was in. Fox example, sometimes I go to sleep in my human form and wake up in this form. It doesn't happen very often, but I have got myself a reinforced bed."

I nodded in understanding.

"This is also the form I feel most comfortable in," she continued. "When I am in another form I seem to feel constricted in some way. It is not uncomfortable, but a little like wearing ill fitting clothes. When I am human, it is like wearing something that is too loose, when I was that Clydesdale it was like wearing clothes that were too tight. This form seems to fit me much better, so I wear it a lot."

I nodded again and continued walking alongside her as she resumed moving at a slow pace. We wandered up out of the flood-plain and along under some trees, she was talking about what she called her "condition." For the most part of it I just nodded, asking questions every now and again, learning more about her and her kind. After a while, an old building came into view.

"A renovated stable," she explained with a grin. "The original house was knocked down after a fire damaged it. This place isn't as nice, but it seems to suit my needs much better than a conventional house."

It was what I would have described as quaint. A small, two story weatherboard building, carefully nestled within a clump of trees. One side had a gentle ramp leading up to the upper story, probably left over from the days of storing grain and whatever upstairs.

She opened the main door and gestured for me to enter.

"Sorry if it is a little basic inside," she apologised. "I'm not one who goes in for the fancy things."

I muttered something about it being fine and entered the dark interior.

Inside I was greeted by the smell of fresh hay. One end of the bottom story had been kept as a stable, while the other end was a combined kitchen and lounge room. A small set of stairs led up to a loft upstairs. As I flopped down in one of the chairs, she walked over to the fridge, opened it and pulled out a jug of water. She poured me a glass and stood watching me.

As I slipped at the water she drank the rest of the jug, refilled it and finished it again. I smiled to myself. She had told me how while in a centaur form she had to eat to accommodate both parts of her body. That was why she usually ate in her horse form, she said the grass was bland, but it was much better suited for eating large amounts of food.

After a few minutes we had both recovered enough to talk again, so for a while we made small talk. I mentioned the stable part behind her and she blushed, pointing out there was a bed upstairs, but a horse was not very comfortable on satin sheets. I giggled and nodded in understanding. While we were talking, I noticed she began to rub her hind quarters on the bench. In the beginning I ignored it, but then it became obvious something was annoying her, so I asked her about it.

She stopped with a start.

"Oh, sorry," she said. "I did not really realise I was doing it. My hair is all a mess and I have not had a good grooming in ages."

I raised an eyebrow.

"Well," she continued. "I use to book myself in to a dressage place and get the full treatment, but there is no-one good around here and there are limits to how much my arms can reach."

I was silent for a moment.

"I could give you a grooming," I ventured.

She looked at me for a long minute, then nodded before walking in to the stable part of the house. She rummaged in a cupboard for a moment, then returned with an array of brushes. She handed me one.

I took it as I stood up.

"I'm no expert at this," I said hesitatingly. "You'll have to tell me what to do and don't worry. If I do something wrong, yell at me and I won't do it again."

"Don't worry," she said with a cheerful grin. "Its easy. You put the brush on your hand like this and you make your way over my coat."

I nodded.

"Where do I start?" I asked.

"Usually you start with a horse's neck," she explained. "But I'd say it would be ok to start at my shoulder."

I started just above her left leg. Tentatively at first I brushed at her fur.

"Harder," she said. "You don't have to worry about hurting me. I'm not a cat or anything."

I nodded and pressed a little harder.

It was not easy going, I was trying to be through and I began to build up a sweat. It took me quite a while to finish her leg. Then I made my way back up to her shoulder. Her body was easier and I could do it in long slow strokes. Lazily I progressed along her side and on to her left hind leg. Again, this took me a considerable amount of time. Then I worked my way through her tail.

It was a long tail and I worked out all of the knots and brushed it until it glowed. I looked up at her human shoulders and realised I must be doing something right as her head was thrown back and she was making what I would have to call mhrring noises.

I smiled to myself and brushed down her right hind leg before working my way back up her equine flanks. I then commenced grooming her right foreleg, eventually finishing down at her hoof. Slowly standing, I ran the brush lightly over the edge of her equine chest, lifting it off where it her fur faded to human skin. She shivered and placed her hands on my shoulders, I looked up and we both leaned forward. As our lips brushed in a sensuous kiss for the first time I became acutely aware of her human breasts which were pushing against me.

After a moment our lips parted and our mouths separated. We both opened our eyes and looked at each other, then with one some unspoken signal we embraced again. As I held her, I felt her move beneath me, I opened one eye and looked over her shoulder in time to see the remains of her equine rump fade into her now very feminine figure. The legs which now pressed against me were definitely very human.

For a second time we parted.

She smiled seductively and whispered, "you've massaged one part of me, now how about the other...?"

I just smiled as she lead me upstairs.

The loft contained a small wardrobe and a large bed. We both sank down on the bed and embraced again. Then she turned over onto her front and I began to massage her shoulders. I gradually worked my way down her back and for the second day along her legs. She then turned over and I worked my way back along her front. By the time I had finished at her temples, her own hands had begun to massage my own body and it was not long until I too was naked.

The evening progressed and we slowly explored each others bodies, first with caressing finger, then in more intimate ways. Finally, as the house descended into darkness we lay wrapped in each others arms, happy, but exhausted.

That night I had the strangest dreams.

I dreamt I had met this beautiful woman. We made love. Then, as we coupled she slowly turned into a horse. I remained coupled to her and I felt my own body begin to change.

It started first with my maleness, growing to match her own proportions, then my legs changed, extending as my toes welded themselves into hooves. A tail grew from my rear as my hips expanded to fit my new legs. The change continued up my body, my chest and torso enlarging while my new feet danced behind my lover as I continued to thrust inside her. My arms with which I was holding on to her shoulders suddenly extended, my hands reforming themselves into hooves, then the change progressed to my neck. While she had kept her human torso, my neck began to extend and I felt my head growing heavy. A muzzle pushed itself out from my face and I felt my ears slide up to the top of my head. My eye sight wavered as my eyes realigned themselves. Then from deep within me, I felt a familiar sensation as the stallion I had become continued to mate with the mare beneath me.

Letting out a whinny of pleasure my huge organ spasmed inside her and I collapsed exhausted over her back.

Wow, what a dream.

I stood still and shivered as tremors of pleasure shock my huge frame. Then it dawned on me. This was too realistic to be a dream. The sensations, the sights, the smells. All too real.

I let out another whinny, this time one of surprise. Ayshea's head suddenly spun around and looked at me with a start. She gave an anguished cry and stepped forward, sliding out from under me. I took a deep breath in pleasure as I slipped free. I was not sure, but I could tell, I was a lot bigger certain departments and that certain things still felt really good.

She turned and cradled my huge head in her arms, pressing my head against her breasts.

A tear slipped from her eye.

"I am so sorry," she sobbed. "I did not mean it. I was not aware of what I was doing. It should not have turned out like this."

I rubbed my forehead against her skin. I would have liked to have told her not to worry. I definitely did not mind, but all that came out was a soft whicker.


Ayshea fussed over me for a while. I could see she was stressed about what had happened, like I said before, I would have liked to have been able to tell her everything was okay, that I did not mind, but this was a little hard when you could not actually say anything. So, I did a lot of nickering and nibbling at her flanks instead.

After a time, I began to get hungry. I think she heard my stomach growling because she suggested we go outside. She wandered over to the large door, opened it and lead me down the ramp. I was glad she did since by eyesight was now pretty bad compared to how it had been. A lot of blurred shapes and very little definition.

It was quite strange really. I seemed to have two different minds. One of them was my human self, which was madly trying to assess the situation. The other was my horse self. It seemed happy to sit in the background and watch for most of the time, but when it was needed it would just take over. For example, I did not have any hassles moving around. I would have thought that getting about on four legs would have been hard, but I was very steady on my feet. Similarly, when Ayshea lead me outside, I found myself cropping the grass without any thoughts into the matter.

Ayshea still wandered around me, looking at me talking aloud, reassuring herself more than me I think. From what I could gather I was a normal stallion, probably a mixture of Clydesdale and Percheron, she was not sure but I was definitely a draft horse and a big one at that.

While I was grazing I began to sense something else. It was hard to describe it at first, sort of elusive, but it grew stronger.

A scent.

A very interesting scent. One which more horse self seemed infatuated about. My human self did not pay it much heed in the beginning. It was not until I realised I was gently nuzzling Ayshea's hind quarters that I began to take note, but by then it was too late. By this stage, by horse self had total control and was driven purely by instinct. In front of me was a receptive mare and I was a stallion.

In a sudden move, I reared up on my hind legs and lunged forward. Ayshea was taken completely by surprise, she tried to resist, but I had her cornered up against a fence. She began to say something, then my hardened member found her opening and I plunged in. Her protests suddenly changed to a moan of ecstasy and I let out a whinny of pleasure and began thrusting into her.

With one half of myself rebelling against my animal instincts I continued stroking into her. It did not take long before I felt the pleasure build to unbearable proportions and I spasmed deep within her and collapsed heavily onto her back. The beast within my sated for a while, I was able to fully comprehend my actions and I wept. If only I was a centaur like her, then maybe this would not have happened.

I was longing so much for a human torso that I did not notice the change approach. Slowly at first, then with growing speed my neck flattened and spread out. My mouth began to pull into my face and arms slowly grew from a newly formed set of shoulders. My ears slid down to the sides of my face as my eyes moved until they were facing forward. In a few moment, the change was complete and I suddenly found myself with a human torso.

I was still covering Ayshea and I lent forward and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. Moving my head close to her ear, I whispered, "I am so sorry."

She turned to look at me.

"I had no way to stop myself," I tried to explain. "Once I started I could not stop it. I tried, I really did."

She turned to face me, put one arm over my head and drew me close for a kiss. For a moment, I was to shocked to react, but then I responded and kissed her back passionately.

She manoeuvred herself around and walked out from under me. I slid to the ground and looked at her as she faced me. She stepped forward. For a moment I was unsure about what she was going to do. Then with no warning she spread her arms and hugged me, kissing passionately.

Again I was taken by surprise.

She must have sensed something as she whispered, "Thank you," in my ear.

"For what?" I managed to stumble in reply.

"For the sex," she explained with a smile. "It was so good and so animalistic."

She paused.

"But it was a little quick..." she said with a coy grin. "Do you want to try again...?"

I smiled and nuzzled down her neck, by sheath already beginning to bulge with the thought.

We found out many interesting things that weekend. The most interesting was the fact that I too had equine blood back among my ancestors. We concluded that meeting her was enough to trigger the dormant ability in myself. I found, that like her, I was able to take the form of both horse, human and anything in between. The second interesting thing I found out was there is a spot on a female centaur, just between her equine shoulder blades and human torso which will drive her crazy if you lightly massage it, plus they love being tickled at the junction of their human belly and horse breast.

It did not take me long to transfer my base of operations from the city to the farm. Ayshea as well, also turned to contracting and now works form home. We like it, about the only people who ask questions are our friends who drop by from time to time. These friends are divided into two distinct groups.

There is the human group who almost always say, "You live in the middle of nowhere," and they can not wait to leave. The other group are the nonhumans. They usually say, "how did you manage to find such a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere."

Speaking of the nonhumans, they are an interesting bunch. Ayshea was right, there are a lot of them out there, it just that humans always see them as human. It was a bit of a shock to discover my boss was actually a minotaur. Then again, it suited his personality. I invited him down for the weekend. I think he will enjoy himself, we just got in a dozen cows to help keep the grass down. Although, I got to remind the Dalton's not to go chasing him. The Dalton's are a couple we met who are hiking around the country side, I never thought werewolves could make such a nice couple.

As I walked outside, I saw Ayshea frolicking in the sand patch. I smiled and walked over to her, my human torso melding into an equine neck as I nuzzled her in greeting. She whinnied a reply, stood up and galloped into the forest. For a moment I stood still, contemplating how much things had changed, then I neighed a challenge and took off after my mate.

Ayshea copyright 1998 by Wolphin.

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