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Reclaiming Breslar

by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

Breslar was once a mighty Duchy, with an impressively massive castle as its seat of power, much land and many subjects. The ruling family was of long descent, with several intermarriages with the Royal line to strengthen it. Breslar was second only to the kingdom itself ... until the war.

Marilliar, Breslar's parent kingdom, decided that it had to annex its neighbor Lomik, a kingdom of equal strength and size. The ensuing war was disastrous to both, leaving most of the continent lawless as well as mostly peopleless.

The Duke of Breslar's son returned to a changed Duchy to claim his title. It was his right as the last living heir of Breslar's line, according to the laws of the now dead and gone Royal line of Marilliar. But, he found someone else in power.

Harn was more than weary as he finally rode across the border of the land that was now his own. He was falling down exhausted, and only the fact that he was on horseback kept him going at all. He had known his Duchy would be changed - he had ridden through a land ravaged by the war, desolation all about, and of the ten men he had taken with him from that final battle, all had fallen to the bandits and marauders that now roamed freely and made travel a chancy thing. The Kingdom was torn into small bits of land, its nobles trying to keep their own lands theirs in the wake of the destruction of Marilliar itself. Some few were trying to expand, those who had held enough in reserve from the war to allow them to actually attack their neighbors, trying to expand their own power, trying to fill the gap left by the Kingdom itself. These bands of attackers presented almost as much danger as the bandits, either trying to co-opt his own men, or attacking him in their conquering frenzy. He retained some home of something remaining of Breslar, though - he had encountered the occasional territory held fast by the strength of the steward left behind, and his father's steward, Manlakar, was a man of incredible resources and strength.

As he dazedly rode across his own lands, Harn was cheered to see few signs of war - no burnt farmsteads, no untended fields, no flocks of ravens feasting on the remains of battle. It took half a day to reach Breslar Castle, still standing and in good shape. He thankfully rode through the open gates, to be greeted by Manlakar himself. The man demonstrated his wisdom by helping Harn from his horse and leading him directly to his rooms. Manlakar said, "My Lord, rest you now - you look to be exhausted. You can tell your tales on the morrow - the whereabouts of your brothers and father, how the war went (though we know somewhat of that), the whole thing. Your news can wait long enough for you to recover somewhat from your journey." Harn stripped, washed himself perfunctorily, and slipped into bed - the first comfortable sleeping arrangements he had had in longer than he wanted to think about. In moments, he was fast asleep.

Somewhere in the night, he was wakened by someone getting into bed with him. The soft feel of female flesh pressing into him recalled to him that he hadn't slept with a woman in almost as long as he hadn't slept in a bed. His flesh was not so tired that it didn't begin to respond immediately.

There was very little light in the room, but Harn needed only his hands to discover that the woman in his bed was beautiful. She had long hair; very soft, very full breasts with very small, very hard nipples; a trim waist; and a very wet, very warm, very willing cunt. There was very little foreplay - Harn's cock was starved and ready for action, and the woman seemed to be in much the same mood. A few kisses, a fondle, and then to action. The woman was an accomplished lover - skillful, athletic, satisfying. Harn shot his first load quickly, but stayed hard within the woman, who had yet to say a single word. His second orgasm took a little while longer, with Harn stretching it as long as he could. His lover writhed beneath him through several orgasms of her own before the stimuli got to be too much for the young man. His second cum was so powerful, so relaxing, that he fell asleep almost immediately, his half-hard cock still within the mystery woman.

When he next awoke, he felt perfect. Refreshed, satisfied, like new. At first, he was sure that the mystery woman had been a dream, but upon examining the sheets of his empty bed he discovered physical evidence of her nocturnal presence.

He cleaned up and went down to breakfast. In the dining hall, he met Manlakar and they talked over a large meal about the war, the Breslar line, and the Duchy. Afterwards, Manlakar took Harn to his father's study, where the steward returned the Coronet and Seal of Breslar to the new Duke. And after that, he introduced Harn to his niece Lhisan, an incredibly beautiful, dark-haired young woman who looked at Harn with a knowing twinkle in her eye. She said, "Pleased to meet you, Your Grace. My, how youthful and handsome is our new Duke. We must plan a party to present you to the populace - let them know that their Duke has returned from war."

The idea was finally accepted, after much persuasion. The date was set for two weeks hence, giving plenty of time for the heralds to proclaim the occasion and for the castle staff to prepare. And, for Lhisan and Harn to get better acquainted.

It turned out that Harn had little else to do but spend time with Lhisan. The duchy had learned to take care of itself in the day to day things, and there hadn't been time or energy in a long time for frivolous court functions. So, the castle had very few servants in residence - and the few staff were easily managed by Manlakar. Fortunately, Lhisan was not difficult to spent time with. She was very good at finding fun things to do. Though Harn would have been happy to spend all day in bed with her, she only permitted it at night, once per night. Every time they did it, he fell asleep immediately afterward, waking up the next day feeling fully refreshed no matter how long they took in their pleasure.

By the time of the Ball, the Duchy was coming back to life. People were filtering in from all sides, and the Castle was bustling again. Many people commented on how good Harn looked - how young and fit. Harn was surprised by the compliments he received, but took them well.

The party was a success, and there were many comments about how young the new Duke looked, how he was the youngest Duke they had ever had. This confused Harn even more: Harn was almost thirty, and his own father had become Duke when twenty three. But, the attentions of Lhisan distracted him from wondering quite well, and he enjoyed himself immensely at the party.

That night, he and Lhisan made love several times - her skill at keeping him erect, or getting him ready again within minutes of an orgasm was fully demonstrated as she coaxed him through 4 orgasms, after the last of which he fell asleep completely exhausted. So exhausted, in fact, that he didn't notice as Lhisan drew two more cums from his comatose body.

When he awoke next morning, alone as usual, he padded naked into me bathing room to shave. When he saw himself in the mirror, however, he gasped. He looked barely past puberty! Somehow, he had dropped more than 15 years from his looks. There was no hair on his chest, only a few under his arms, just a light coating about his cock, and only the faintest peachfuzz on his cheeks. And that face - none of the experience of his years showed. It and his body both looked young, almost childlike. The change was staggering.

He dressed hurriedly in tunic and hose, neither of which fit properly any more. He slipped into his boots, which were a little loose, and hurried downstairs and into the main hall, looking for someone to explain to him what was going on.

He met Lhisan on the way. "My, don't you look fine," she said, and Harn blushed, feeling strangely like a 14 year old speaking to an older, beautiful woman. "Would my little man like to spend some time alone with me in his room?" she continued, brushing by him to head back toward his rooms, while making contact with as much of her body as possible. Harn found himself following her without thinking, his body - especially his cock - leading him on, it seemed.

When they were back in his room, Harn asked in a voice that was much in keeping with his new body - rather higher than it had been, and prone to cracking - "Lhisan, what has happened to me? Why do I look so young?"

"Questions later, you little stud. Come to bed and be good to me, and then I'll tell you everything."

Harn found this sudden interest in daylight sex suspicious, but his young and hormone-ridden body had no qualms about it. He was out of his ill-fitting clothes in a flash and on the bed with an equally naked Lhisan. He fondled her luscious body with a first-timer's avidness and tentativeness that eventually gave way to his years of experience. He urged Lhisan to three climaxes with his tongue and hands before using his cock to plow her pussy to several more. And, as she had done the night before, she kept him hard after he came, and he came again, and once more without softening. Then, as he started to wilt after the third cum, she went to work in earnest, taking control from him, working him to a fourth and fifth orgasm, getting him hard again easily after each one. After the fifth orgasm, Harn was doing nothing but laying there watching Lhisan taking his cock into her mouth, flooding his body with pleasure. He passed out from it well before she coaxed his cum from his balls for that sixth time, and he knew nothing of the seventh and last time.

The quality of the sun shining through his window told Harn that it was late afternoon when he again opened his eyes. Almost fearfully, he went to his mirror and was suitably appalled. The person in the mirror - it couldn't be him. The reflection was of a child - young, maybe ten but no more. Hairless, with none of the muscles and planes of the adult he had been, thin, childlike - except for two oddities. First, there was the cock which was incongruously adult on the young body - it alone looked the same as it had on the adult version of Harn. The second strangeness was the total lack of a scrotum, not even a child's. Small fingers reached down and pulled up that large cock to reveal to Harn directly that his balls were indeed gone.

"Lhisan," he said in a child's voice. "Lhisan has done this to me!"

He threw on a tunic that was now like a tent on him and stormed out and down the stairs, and into the great hall. He met one of the cleaning staff and said, "Tell me where Lhisan is."

The maid said, "Now, now, little boy. Slow down. Why do you want to find Lady Lhisan?"

"I ..." began Harn, getting angry at the insolence of the maid. Fortunately, he hadn't been duke long enough to get used to automatic respect, so he was able to reign himself in, remember the image he presented, and say, "Please, ma'am, I have a message for her and it is urgent. Do you know where the Lady is?"

"That's better, lad. And, who dresses you, anyway? That tunic is far too big ... Anyway, Lady Lhisan is in her chambers. You know where they are?"

"Yes, ma'am, and thank you." Harn hurried off in the opposite direction, toward the guest apartments.

When he got to Lhisan's rooms, he barged into them to find her lounging in a chair wearing an unbelted and half-open robe, reading a book. When she noticed him, she said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was so late."

"What the hell did you do to me, bitch! Why do I look like a child?"

"My my, such language from such a little boy. Just sit down and be quiet and I'll explain. But first, put this on."

She had in her hand a band of cloth attached to a cut black stone. Harn had no idea why he went calmly over to her and took the band. He looked at it for a moment, noticing that the stone was shaped into a seven pointed star, and that it was almost translucent. Lhisan said, "Go ahead, put it around your neck." Harn's hands moved automatically, stretching the strange cloth and putting it over his head, settling it finally around his neck so that the stone star fit in to the hollow of his throat.

"And now, your answers," said Lhisan. "First, the individual you met who called himself Manlakar is not. He has been replaced by a demon who has a very special mission here on your earth. I am not Manlakar's niece either - he does not even have a niece named Lhisan. I am from the same realm as the one who masquerades as Manlakar - a demoness to aid him. As of yet, you are our only subject/victim, but there will be more - many more.

"Our mission is simple: the arch-demon Phreznin intends to establish a world of his own. So, Merhel - the Manlakar-demon, and I are here to collect all of the male and female seed from this portion of the continent for use by our Master Phreznin. A side effect of our gathering process is a reversion of the body of the victim into childhood, although the sexual organs remain adult and functional. The reversion is normally only about a decade, though frequency of use before final withdrawal increases that, and by continued use after final withdrawal, I could continue to regress you all the way back to infancy.

"In order to keep our mission secret, you and our future victims will have a block put upon your memories so that, unless it is required otherwise by Merhel or myself, you will be a ten year old boy in every way. Except one. Come here, little one."

Harn's body was no longer entirely his own - Lhisan seemed to have a strange control over it apart from the effect she had on his appearance. He walked over to her unprotestingly, unable any longer to voice his outrage at what she had done t him. He stood passively still while she stripped from him his oversized tunic, but he gasped when she took his adult cock in her hand, and again when it erected. The sensations it generated were heightened by the fact that he had a child's body, which magnified the feelings somehow.

Lhisan bent down and began to suck on Harn's cock, slurping and slobbering on its hard and throbbing length, sliding her hand up and down after her mouth to add to the sensations that were driving him wild.

She slurped off of his cock and said, smiling, "Well, this will take a few more months off your body-age, but its worth it, I think. Your cock is so nice and hard. Now, just lie back and let me go for a little ride."

Harn flopped backwards onto the bed and Lhisan's order and she climbed onto him, straddling his hips. Once she was positioned over his cock she bent her knees and squatted over him, guiding his cock into contact with her pussy, and then sliding herself down onto it until it was fully inside of her. Then, gripping his small waist she began pumping up and down on it, faster and faster until she came, and again, and again. Finally, Harn came, powerfully and drainingly, and immediately fell asleep.

And that was only the beginning.

Jamon walked into the inn that the notice had indicated and headed for the rear booth on the left. He found the booth occupied already, and slipped into the booth opposite the mailed woman and the child.

He said, "You Arra?" At the mailed woman's nod, he continued, "Name's Jamon. I'm free for a while so ... what's the job?"

Arra said, "Breslar."

Jamon started sliding himself out of the booth. Arra said, "No wait! Please? I need help, Master Jamon. I cannot do this alone."

Jamon turned back and said, "Of course you can't! An army couldn't clean out Breslar. That place has been a black spot on this continent for almost ten years. No one has ever come back from a mission to Breslar. What do you need done there that two can accomplish? And, what's in it for me?"

"I have learned the secret of Breslar, as well as the way to defeat it. All I need is some protection getting to the Castle itself - once there, I should be able to do the rest. As to payment, it is said that the treasury of the Duchy still lies in the vaults beneath the Castle. Half shall be yours upon the successful defeat of the two who hold Breslar in thrall. Believe me, our talents combined shall be enough to win the day."

"Well, I am a sell-sword, and I go where I'm paid to go. All right, to Breslar it is. When do we leave?"

"Soon, very soon," said Arra. "But first, there is something you must do ... that must be done to you, rather. Um, come, let's talk in my room - its more private there. I'll explain the details there."

Jamon followed the beautiful woman up two flights of stairs to her room, the unnamed child trailing behind. Arra was slender, with long dark hair - down to her curvy yet tiny ass. Her small-ringed mail was shaped to her torso, presenting the hillocks of her breasts to all. She bore no weapon, and Jamon wondered just why she wore the mail - warriors normally went fully decked out or left all martial trappings behind.

Arra's room was really a small suite, intended for parties of guests. She offered Jamon the third of the four bedrooms that opened off of the common living room if he so desired, and the mercenary, thinking of his little one-cot room across town, accepted readily. His last employer hadn't been in any condition to pay off his debts after the debacle that ended the lives of most of the caravan Jamon had done his best to guard. Unfortunately, the seven other sellswords hired to keep the nine wain caravan safe had been more than a little rotted out - there was more dreamdust in the saddlebags of the guards than in the stock of the merchant. Thus, he was rapidly running out of money, which was the main reason he was thinking about accepting this job, foolhardy as it sounded.

Jamon struggled to push those bad memories out of his mind - at least there were few still alive that knew how badly his last job had gone - while Arra busied herself neatening up and settling the three of them into soft chairs in the living room. She produced a cold flask of something green and fiery for herself and Jamon, and a small glass of something that smelled fruity for the child.

She finally settled nervously into a chair, and sipped at her drink for a while before speaking. Jamon didn't mind - he was slyly staring at Arra and her lovely oval face and violet almond-shaped eyes.

Finally, Arra said, "It took me a long time and much hard work, but finally I have learned just what has been going on in Breslar. In short, Phreznin the Arch-Demon is using the Duchy as a life-source to enable him to create a world of his own. He has employed two demons to do this for him, and they have been draining the seed from everyone passing close enough to the Castle to become ensnared in their glamours. The result of this draining is a reversal of aging in all but the sexual organs, as well as complete mental control of the victims.

"My sources came up with three ways to prevent the mind-control and the seed-drain of the demons, but just one way to banish the demons themselves and restore their victims.

"Let me introduce Helleara, my magician companion and mentor. I should admit that it was much by her effort that I have learned as much as I have about the blight in Breslar. And she has taken the most difficult of the three protections: before the regressional magic too hold, she was night twice my age."

The child Helleara spoke up for the first time. "You impudent little scad! 'Twice my age' indeed! I am but old enough to be your big sister, and not a year more. Now, stop circling the problem my dear - this man needs to know what will be required of him. Tell on, Arra, and tell straight." Jamon noticed then the age behind the blonde-haired child's green-gold eyes, as well as the open affection that was not in any way shallow and childlike upon her face as she chided Arra.

The mail-clad woman smiled back at the child and said, "Well, Jamon, take the truth of Helleara's age somewhere between the two assessments. But the extend of the regression is not important - only the fact of it. Helleara has been transformed in body back to about 11 or 12 years, but her mind is the same and all of her magic is available to her. In that body, she is immune to the magics of the two demons in Breslar.

"I ... I took on the second method of protection. I, by means of powerful magics, have ... have ..."

Helleara took up where the embarrassed Arra left off. "The second method involved the removal of both sexual organs and sexual desire. Poor Arra, she's locked up tighter than an unwilling virgin in a cast iron chastity belt, and far more permanently, too."

Jamon was as embarrassed as Arra by Helleara's frank disclosure, but decided that it was a sacrifice worthy of freeing Breslar. Jamon also began to worry just what kind of method was left of the three; what would be required of his body to protect it from the demons.

Finally, Arra was able to continue. "So, to your part. The third method falls to you, for we are not sure of the efficacy of any one of these methods, and believe that having all three among our troupe will ensure that one of us is able to complete the exorcism of the demons. It is ... um, the third method is to merge the male and female essences of the subject, to thwart the genderly specific magics of the two demons. So, both Helleara and I will apply magics to you that will blend male and female in your body."

"Whoa now! Wait just a damn minute! 'Blend male and female'? What does that mean exactly? And, can you undo it?" Jamon was definitely put off by Arra's disclosure, and was seriously considering backing out, no matter the state of his purse at the moment.

"It will be a simple procedure to return your body to its original state, as long as our mission takes less than two moons. After that ... well, it may be impossible in that case. But if we take that long, probabilities are that we will have failed by then anyway.

"As to the exact effects - well, we just don't know. It effects people differently. In most cases, one takes on characteristics of both sexes. To what degree depends on factors that have not yet been determined."

"So," said Jamon cautiously, "what, I'd end up with, um, breasts or something?"

"Or something, yes."

"I see. This is a somewhat unusual contition for taking a job, you must admit. Do you think I could take some time to consider this?"

Arra looked like she didn't want to let him get away, but finally she said, "Okay. Be back in the bar downstairs at 8 AM tomorrow with your 'yes' or 'no'. We must begin as soon as possible: the conditions that Helleara and I have put upon ourselves are not all that pleasant, either, and suffer the same deadline for reversion as well."

Jamon thought long and hard on his way back to his little room, and well into the night. Somehow, possibly not completely rationally, he came to a decision somewhere in the middle of the night.

He was sitting in the bar of the Inn Arra was staying at when she came down the stairs. He rose and went to meet her when she reached the bottom, and said, "I'm with you. Let's begin."

Arra smiled, and turned back up the stairs. Jamon followed her back to her rooms, where Helleara was still sleeping.

Telling the sellsword to make himself comfortable, Arra first woke the mage-child up, then started mixing some potions while Helleara took a trip to the bathroom.

Everything was ready by the time Helleara returned. Arra had the child check her preparations to be sure of their composition while Jamon was instructed to strip down to his loincloth. Then, he was given two flasks to drink, and the two mages painted a circle in blue on the rough wooden planks of the floor, then surrounding it with strange white runes. When both flasks were empty (not as difficult a task as it might have been - neither had a disgusting taste, though neither was particularly appetizing either), Jamon was instructed to lay flat on his back inside the blue circle. When he was in position, the two mages closed the last gap in the circle, and inscribed the last rune, completing the first portion of the ritual.

Helleara knelt just outside the circle to Jamon's left and began chanting softly. Arra took up a position opposite, and said, "The first flask we gave you was a strengthener - the changes from this spell will by fueled by the energy in your body, and that potion will make sure you are not sapped fatally.

"The second flask was a combination of two things. One is an expediter for the spell, and the other a sleeping draught. It should be taking hold any second now. When you awaken, we will be ready for our mission. I will see to it that your equipment is altered to fit whatever changes manifest in your body. Everything will be fine, Jamon, don't worry ..." And Jamon's eyes closed, his breathing deepened, and he was unconscious.

Arra swallowed, prepared herself, and began to chant, too. She swiftly fell into Helleara's rhythm, and power soon ringed the sleeping man, filling the blue circle from floor to ceiling. Purple lightning laced the air above Jamon, occasionally darting down in one collective bolt to crash into his body and flash through it from head to toe. These jolts caused Jamon's sleeping face to wrinkle in pain, but the bolts themselves left no mark.

The chanting rose in pitch and speed, higher, faster, louder, until it peaked in one long, loud note and then cut off instantly. The lightning flickered out, and the blue of the circle evaporated - the spell was complete.

Both women took a moment to catch their breath before opening their eyes to watch the transformation that was beginning slowly. Jamon had a fine warrior's body - well muscled but not over-developed, trim, handsome. As Arra watched, that body began to change.

His face softened, became a little rounder, a little less harsh. The jaw lengthened, though, hollowing his cheeks. His eyes got slightly larger and his lips grew more full. His hair became finer, thicker, and much, much longer while it lightened to a lovely silver-blonde from its former straw color. The changes in his chest began with it getting flatter and shallower, as the built-up muscles of his pectorals melted away. Then, it began to grow again, little hillocks rising under each nipple, then swelling larger and larger, until he had a fine pair of medium-sized breasts.

His waist, meanwhile, became smoother if not much thinner as again the musculature faded away under softer skin and a slight layer of fat. His hips, though, swelled greatly, ripping the sides of his loincloth as they expanded. His arms and legs also lost their masculine definition, becoming more femininely shaped while retaining almost all of his former strength.

The faint glow that surrounded Jamon's body was still present long after the physical changes ceased. Arra noted that there was actually very little of the male left in what she could see of Jamon. She wondered what was happening under the tatters of loincloth, and whether those changes were really enough to keep the male and female balanced in Jamon's new body.

When the glow was at last gone, Array reached out and removed the upper portion of the loincloth. She saw that he still had a cock (and a fine one, too). It was fringed by a small patch of the same color hair as was on his head. His balls were as hairless as the rest of his body, and they looked somehow strange. Hesitantly, though only curious, Arra reached out and touched Jamon's genitals, trying to discover what was so strange about those balls.

And she found it. His scrotum was divided, half for each ball, though they normally rested together in such a way as to seem a single sac with a deep crease. Arra found, however, that the split had been caused by the remarkable development below Jamon's cock - he had acquired a cunt. Just a vagina, actually, with the bisected scrotum serving as odd lips, and possibly his cock serving in place of the clitoris. Arra found it very, very interesting.

She probed a finger into the slightly moist cavity, and she smiled when she noticed Jamon's hips wriggle in reaction. There was more than a bit of jealousy and envy in that smile, though, as she briefly recalled what it had felt like to feel something probing within her pleasurably. She rued not taking Helleara's suggestion of spending a day or three having a major orgy before taking upon herself the sealing spell - now she had no real desire for sex, though a little kernel of unfulfilled need remained buried in her mind.

Arra removed her hands from Jamon's anatomy and noticed Helleara casting a spell. As the child moved her hands and chanted, a pile of equipment - armor, a trail pack, scattered clothes, a saddle, and weapons - took from to her right. When the spell was complete, Helleara said, "Thought I'd save some time. Since the merc didn't think to lug his stuff along with him, I decided to fetch it. Now we can get it ready for his new incarnation, then be backed and ready to leave by 11 or so."

Arra nodded. Helleara looked like a child in every way (well, save, perhaps for those old eyes), but her mind was just as sharp and wise as ever. Piece by piece, the two of them altered Jamon's things magically into proper shape for his/her new body. Some things had to be created from scratch - such as a halter for his new breasts - but when the two women were done, Jamon had all the equipment he would need to function as an almost-female warrior.

By then the sleeping draught was wearing off, and Jamon began to moan. Despite the strengthener he had been given, the magic that had altered his body had wracked it but good, and he felt weak and strange, as if his skin didn't fit quite right. He moaned again, and rolled his head to the side. When it stopped throbbing, he opened his eyes. Arra noticed that even their color had altered - while they had been an average-to-pale blue, they were now a vivid and bold violet, a color that seemed to blaze forth from the beautiful and strong female face.

Jamon parted his newly reshaped lips and worked his jaw and tongue for a bit, as if trying to get used to them. Finally he said, "Did it work?" in a voice an octave and a half above what it used to be. Both Arra and Helleara nodded, and he closed his eyes again, almost as if he was disappointed. Then, mustering strength for the effort, he sat up and braced himself on his arms, looking at his new body (not to mention complete nakedness) with astonshment and near shock.

Hesitant fingers began to explore. Jamon felt his soft, smooth skin, his breasts - so full, firm, and erotically sensitive - and nipples, which erected at the slightest touch. He ran a still-lightly callused palm down his side and onto his hip, marveling at the softness overlying strength that he detected, as well as the lack of body hair. With only a slight hesitancy due to the presence of the two women in the room, he closed his hand about his cock and began to squeeze it - he wanted to make sure that it still worked.

To his immense relief, he felt it start to harden. But, as it did, he felt something else strange in his groin. With his other hand he cupped his balls, and as they separated, he discovered his new vagina!

He was just about to cry out in surprise and outrage when his middle finger slipped into the moist opening. His cry turned into a rather loud gasp of pleasure as he felt his vagina penetrated. The slick walls felt like all of the other cunts he had ever fingered, but being able to feel the sensations that activity generated was new and mindblowing. His other hand began moving even faster on his cock as he dug another finger into his new cunt.

Completely oblivious to the presence of the others, Jamon continued to double-masturbate himself. His cock was rock hard and straining, and he felt it would have shot off but something was holding it back. His other hand was working in his new cunt furiously, two, then three fingers pumping in a lather of female juices. His strange new female feelings built up farther and farther until finally his new cunt broke in orgasm. As his new cavity spasmed in release, his cock finally released geysers of thick, white cum into the air. He sighed deeply and fell back on the floor, drained.

Eventually, he sat up again. He saw Arra and Helleara staring at him and he blushed. He said, "By the edge, I'm sorry. That was so ... crude. I ... I touched myself just to reassure myself that e ... everything still worked. But, once I had, I couldn't stop. And ..."

Helleara said, "Hey kid, stop worrying about it. We've both seen and done that before, and I think that you 'couldn't stop' because of a side effect of the spell. Now, let's familiarize you with your new gear so we can get moving."

* Within two weeks, Jamon was accustomed to his new self. He grew comfortable with his new gear first, but it had been shaped to his new body and wasn't hard to get used to. Next came comfort with his new body, which was very much like his old one in the important ways. With a little practice and constant drill, he was soon able to wield his weapons with the same sureness as before. As a bonus, he found a new pleasure in the movements of sworddrill from his new body. Lastly, he finally accepted the oddness of his new sexuality. The combination of male and female in him seemed, as Helleara had suggested, to stimulate his libido, so that he was all but forced to jerk off several times a day. In deference to his two companions, and what they had left behind for this quest, he took care to be alone when he satisfied his new cravings.

Which was fine as long as they traveled in civilized lands and were able to stay at inns. Arra had enough gold to provide a separate room for him, and he was able to slake his lusts fully, even if alone. But, the lands around Breslar had been gradually depopulated by the demons in the Castle, so that for traveling for a little over two weeks the trio was forced to camp at night, and they had only packed along one tent, which turned a strained situation into an explosive one. It wasn't that Jamon was so dishonorable as to force himself upon someone. But, sleeping so close to a woman he considered beautiful but who was totally unavailable was putting a terrible strain on his resolve.

Fortunately, Helleara noticed Jamon's difficulty and brought it to the attention of Arra along with a possible solution. That night, the child-crone absented herself from the tent to leave the two 'adults' alone.

There was a strained silence for a while as Jamon tried to restrain himself, and Arra tried to implement Helleara's plan. Finally she decided to go the direct route. She turned on her side to face Jamon and said, "It ... it's been obvious to both Helleara and I that you've been having a rough time ... um ... well, sexually. I know I told you that I removed the temptation of sex from myself in order to resist the demons in Breslar but - what I'm trying to say is that much of my body is still able to participate in sex: only my womanhood is sealed. I ... I don't know how much I can respond in my present state, but ... but I found you handsome before the transformation, and quite beautiful now, and if I can help assuage the discomfort I helped put you into, then I'm, happy to do so."

Jamon was stunned by Arra's offer. He restrained himself long enough to say, "Thank you from the bottom of my heard, Arra," before crossing the space between their bedrolls and kissing her passionately. She responded well, if not overpoweringly. She even felt a bit of desire deep within her and wondered just how effective the course she had taken to protect herself would be.

Jamon began by disrobing Arra. She wore only a lightweight tunic and loose breeches, so it was quickly done. Arra's body was beautiful - clean-lined, lithe, with full breasts and hips, and a full bush of hair between her legs. Jamon kissed her again on the mouth, then each breast as he ran his hand into her crotch. He wasn't surprised to find no opening there whatsoever, but he knew other ways to enjoy a woman, as well as entertain one.

His hand continued under her body to her anal opening, and was relieved to feel her body respond just a bit. He went back to playing with her breasts and kissing her for a while, trying to bring Arra to the same pitch of arousal he was at, but she seemed incapable of attaining it. Finally, he turned her over gently and got her onto her knees, stroking her body the while, and began preparing her asshole for penetration by licking it.

He could tell that he wouldn't be the first into her ass: it was too responsive, to educated to be virgin. He was glad - fucking an ass with only spit for lubrication could be tricky if it was to go well, and having an educated partner would really help.

When Arra was ready, Jamon took a second or five to spit into his hand and slick down his throbbingly hard cock before placing the head of it against Arra's opening and pushing surprisingly easily all the way in. He was soon in to the hilt and, waiting only a second, he began to pump in and out.

It was heaven. Jerking off relieved his tension, but Jamon really needed to fuck, and Arra's ass, while not the method of choice, was infinitely better than using his hand.

Jamon continued to pump through three orgasms before he couldn't go on any more. As far as he could tell, Arra hadn't orgasmed even once, but when he asked if she needed release, she said, "No, Jamon, I don't. I don't think I can orgasm in this state. Your fucking made me feel very good, but you haven't left me hanging either. Thank you for asking, though."

Their journey continued, with Helleara leaving the tent each night for an hour or so so that Arra could help assuage Jamon's needs. She took him up her ass many times, sucked him off and ate him out too, and one night they found a present from Helleara - a dildo. Jamon then learned what it felt like to be fucked up both ass and cunt, and he enjoyed it immensely.

Crossing into Breslar wasn't spectacular - they had been traveling through battle-like desolation for the past two days, and it wasn't appreciably worse across the border. The main change the crossing brought on was in the little band's behavior. They were now half a day from the Castle and the demons it housed, so they hid their weapons and donned their disguises.

When they reached the Ducal seat it was as two peasant women and the child of one of them. They were received as at any castle, save that the servants who saw to their needs were all children - not one looked more than 12 years old. Ostlers took their horses, pages their bags, and a cute, very young girl played chatelaine and showed them to their suite. It was a large complex of rooms, far larger than they needed, sumptuously appointed and very comfortable.

The last page to leave after placing a saddle-bag in the common room of the suite said, "Mid-meal has passed, my ladies, but we can bring you a cold plate if you wish. Last-meal will begin at 6 - you will be summoned at the proper time. If you need anything, just call."

The three adventurers settled into three separate rooms in the suite, then gathered in Arra's room to discuss their plan of action.

Helleara spoke first. "I've warded this room as subtly as I can. They shouldn't be able to either overhear us or detect the warding itself. Arra, have you decided how we are going to deal with our hosts, the demons?"

"After due consideration, yes I have made the determination. Ekrode."

Helleara stared, and said, "But how are we going to get it into the food?! I will admit that ekrode is probably the best choice, but it must be within the subject to be at all effective, and the more the better. How are you going to get the demons to ingest it?"

Arra hesitated, looking acutely embarrassed. Finally, hesitantly, she said, "I-I'm afraid that Jamon w-will again be called upon to d-do the hardest part." Turning to Jamon, she said, "The specifics of the spells we want to use to banish the demons indicate that 'ekrode' must be within the tissues of the victim. While mixing it with food or wine is the most obvious way to get it into a person, I have thought of another way to accomplish the same thing."

She was silent long enough for Jamon to get impatient. He had not the slightest idea of what ekrode was, nor what spells it would aid. He also had no idea of why Arra seemed so embarrassed about her plan, but if the stuff needed to be inside the demons for the spells to work, it needed to be there. Finally, exasperated, he said, "Well? How?" What was he going to be asked to do?

"Ahhhh ... um ...," Arra began. She looked at him, then away. Softly, she said, "Sex."

Helleara laughed but Jamon just stared blankly. Arra continued, "If mixed into a lubricant, and if said lubricant is used in ... in anal sex, it will be absorbed into the bodies involved."

The light of understanding dawned on Jamon's face. He recalled stories told among his mercenary fellows - something usually called 'spiking the slicer'. The stories confirmed Arra's words, that lubricant (or substances in lubricant, at least) was absorbed into the body during sex. The stories had told of using everything from brandy, wine, or ale to dreamdust and joyweed, either mixing the various intoxicants with lube, or using it straight. The effects of the 'spiked slicer' were at least as good as the normal methods of ingestion, and for certain drugs, far better.

Jamon thought back to the beginning of the sexual sessions between himself and Arra and wondered how the many times he had explored her anal passage (and later, she his) had influenced her decision.

The progression of their their games reminded him of an alternate solution. He said, "Why does this have to be me? You wielded that dildo to quite excellent effect on me - why couldn't you do the same to the demons?"

Arra said, "Yes, that is an option that I will keep in mind. But, though we both have some odd anatomical features, yours is the ... less suspicious, shall we say. A woman with functioning sex organs of both genders is far less threatening than a woman with no sex organs at all, especially considering the lures that the demons use to ensnare their victims. No, you are, I'm sorry to say, our best first line of action.

"Now, we must persuade Merhel - the male demon - to sample your charms first. Without a doubt, he will find you a surprise, but I think a pleasant one. You must do your best to maneuver the action to a state where you can use the lube. In fact, if he should want to do something that requires lube, let him - it will do you no harm to absorb some more ekrode at the same time that he does. Next, we will need to get Lhisan into your bed - most likely, she will come to you at Merhel's bidding. After that, Helleara and I will cast the spells that will drive the two demons from our plane and seal it to Phreznin for many, many years, if not forever."

Arra had produced a clay urn stoppered with cork, and she presented it to Jamon. "I took the liberty of preparing the mixture before hand, soon after the idea presented itself to me. Good luck, Jamon," she said, and kissed him.

He took the jar and the kiss and said, "I'm going to need it."

* Jamon sat in front of the mirror in his room and looked at himself without really seeing anything. He was acutely nervous - it was now several hours after the lavish evening meal and by all predictions his first seducer would arrive at any time.

The meal had been a delight to the palate and very hard on the nerves. In all the rather small hall - not the main hall of the castle, a page had explained - only Jamon and Arra, and their hosts the Steward Manlakar and his niece Lhisan, were above the age of 14, and most present were under 12. It had been disconcerting to see so many children around so few adults, especially with the knowledge that all of those children had once been adults, some castle functionaries, some duchy residents, others merely travelers, or perhaps fortune hunters like themselves. Helleara had cautioned them all about the ubiquitous seven pointed stars held by a cloth band to the throats of all the children present - she said that the black stone was a physical spell that maintained the control the demons had over their victims. She told them to avoid all contact with those stars. The three guests had been introduced to the Steward and his niece, and then had been seated about half the room away from them. This left only long glances and speculation among the three about the two demons in human guise, speculation that increased Jamon's unease. Both demons were very good looking, and Manlakar looked not much older than Lhisan, as if his sibling that had been Lhisan's parent had been far older than him (which was, of course, only fancy as the demons were probably not related, and in any case could not have been related in an uncle-niece manner as demons didn't reproduce like humans).

And now, Jamon waited for one of them, probably Manlakar-who-was- really-Merhel, to arrive for a liaison. And it was thinking about this tryst that was making him apprehensive. He had only had sex with Arra since his body change, and he felt comfortable enough with her to do it because she had helped to created him. Now it was required that he have sex with a total stranger, and a male at that. Not that he had never taken a male lover before (though always as the active partner, of course), but - well, it was different now. He was beginning to worry a little about that - about how good the latter days of his and Arra's dalliances had come to be after the gift of the artificial phallus.

His vision cleared and his reflection looked back at him. He was wearing only a brief loincloth, leaving his considerable feminine charms on display. He tried to forget for an instant that his reflection was him, but was rather some woman preparing to come to bed with him. The long, oval face, the long straight hair of sliver-blonde, the exquisite breasts, full but not huge, firm but not rocky. He felt the male within him rouse, and of course, the manhood between his legs responded. The loincloth began to tent, and the way it rubbed against the softness of the satiny cloth excited him even more. He stood and backed away from the mirror until he could see the 'woman' from head to mid-thigh. Then, keeping the separation between himself and the mirror's image strong, he removed the wisp of satin from around his hips, revealing the secrets of the strange woman. He tried his best to gauge his honest reaction to that silver fringed cock at the center of those womanly hips, but found that he didn't know whether the heightened desire he began to feel was genuine to his fantasy, or applied to his total acceptance of his new self. He stroked his cock several times, then let a hand slip between his balls and touch his womanhood, which was hot and wet and achingly empty. Reluctantly, he removed his hands from his loins and stooped to pick up his loincloth. He turned from the mirror and its alluring image, trying to suppress his manhood enough to wrap it back in satin. Barely succeeding, he sat back down to continue waiting.

Some short time later - time spent staring mindlessly out the window at reflected moonglow - Jamon sensed someone behind him. He hadn't heard the door open, but then, he hadn't been exactly paying attention either. It could have been either Arra or Helleara, so he turned around slowly. Instead of either of his companions, though, he saw Manlakar/Merhel standing there in a velvet robe and nothing else as far as he could tell.

The handsome human-formed demon said, in a voice that was deep and rumbling and sexy, "I see I have caught you in a revealing state of dress, Lady J'mon (which was the pseudonym he had been introduced as). I apologize, but also confess that the view pleases me."

Jamon's second reaction (after the first one of embarrassed surprise) was a very feminine blush of pleasure at Manlakar's comment. He felt his nipples tingle with rising arousal seemingly just from the sound of that voice. The arousal grew swiftly even after the demon had ceased talking, and it spread swiftly from flaming breasts to his dual genitals, putting both into overdrive instantly.

Manlakar was looking intently at Jamon's breasts and face, and thus didn't notice the hefty tent in Jamon's loincloth. Something about that gaze increased Jamon's arousal to unbearable heights - he had to do something about it.

He closed the distance separating him from Manlakar and pulled the knot on the demon's robe's belt open. The robe gapped, and Jamon pushed it off of the demon's shoulders, revealing the fact that the 'steward' had been wearing nothing but the robe.

Jamon stepped back to take a good look. He had seen naked men before, and admired them too, but this time it was different. First of all, Manlakar- Merhel-demon was the best looking man Jamon had ever seen. In one word, HOT! Slim, sleek, somehow radiating strength despite his slightness. His hair was dark, his eyes deep blue, and most of his body was smooth and hairless - only around an impressive cock did the dark hair appear below his neck.

Formerly, when Jamon had looked at a man as a sex partner, somehow the submission of his partner to his will mad him feel more manly. But now, looking at Merhel, he had no feeling of being submitted to - rather, he felt an overwhelming desire to submit, a desire that did overpower him, driving him to his knees before the almost mesmerizing cock of the demon. As he looked at the slowly stiffening rod, he wondered what it would feel like entering his body. As he wondered, he felt both of his openings begin to tingle with anticipation and need: he deeply wanted to feel that cock inside him, and he intended to begin by sucking on it for a good long time.

Reaching out tentatively, he closed a hand about Merhel's cock. He squeezed it rhythmically, causing it to quickly harden to its full length. Once it was at maximum, his squeezing barely dented the silky flesh, but its reaction (a throbbing of its own) indicated that Merhel could still feel his hand's action.

Jamon had sucked cock before - his male-male encounters had always left his partner as satisfied as himself though he never let them fuck him - so when he opened his mouth and inhaled Merhel's rod, his tongue and throat were ready for the warm, silky, steely length. He took half the cock in the first gulp, and let it rest there to get properly wet before he began to push his face closer and closer to Merhel's pubic bush. His throat was unused to the impressive length Merhel sported, but it knew what to do, so eventually Jamon's nose was touching the skin under Merhel's bush.

And then, Jamon went to work. His hands darted rapidly around Merhel's crotch and ass, stroking and caressing everything he could reach. Meanwhile his mouth was busy with its morsel, licking and sucking, biting lightly, scraping teeth slightly across skin, squeezing with strong throat muscles, doing everything he could to make the disguised demon cum.

His efforts were rewarded as Merhel groaned and his cock pulsed out wad after was of thick, salty cum. Jamon tried to take it in his mouth at first, but Merhel just kept cumming and cumming and Jamon couldn't swallow fast enough. So, he pushed back down the rod and let it shot directly into his stomach. After what seemed like half an hour, Merhel's cock stopped pulsing. Jamon pulled back off the cock, cleaning it as he went. It was half limp but all clean when the head left Jamon's mouth.

Merhel said, "My dear, you have an incredible mouth. Now, while I gather more strength and get ready again, may I return the favor?"

Jamon rose to his feet and walked over to his bed. He lay back with his crotch (still satin-covered) near the edge. Merhel accepted the invitation and positioned himself on his knees (cushioned by a pillow) between Jamon's spread legs. He hooked his fingers in the top of Jamon's loincloth, and began drawing it down. First revealed was a shock of very white (and soft) pubic hair. Very shortly thereafter, the root of his cock was revealed and Merhel stopped for a moment to stare. Then, shrugging, he continued to remove the soft wisp of cloth, eventually exposing the full (slightly less than rock-hard) length of Jamon's hefty cock and his unique balls. When the cloth was removed from Jamon's crotch, Merhel undid the knot holding the cloth together and unwrapped it, leaving the length draped on the bed under Jamon's thighs. Without the binding and with his spread legs, Jamon's next little secret was revealed - his scrotum was separated to show the coral pink of his vagina.

Merhel straightened from his inspection of Jamon's crotch and looked along Jamon's body, from the surprise femaleness between his balls and underneath his cock to an impressive mounding of breasts (made more impressive by the lack of effect gravity seemed to have on them even in his prone position), to his feminine face and white flowing hair. surprise and pleasure were in his face when he said, "So, my beautiful guest and conquest is much more than she seems. I wonder what magics your parents dabbled with to produce you? Or, maybe a curse? Well, we shall have much time to talk about it later ... much later. Now, let me sample the multiple pleasures your beautiful body offers. You will be a truly unique gem in my collection ..." His voice trailed away at the end so that Jamon barely caught the part after 'gem'. When the demon was finished gushing, he settled back down over Jamon's now fully erect cock, opened his mouth, and swallowed it.

Merhel's mouth was even more educated that Jamon's, indicating far more experience. For a while, the demon just concentrated on Jamon's cock, but eventually he remembered the other half of Jamon's sex and sent first fingers, then tongue deep within his vagina. Swiftly getting the hang of keeping both organs stimulated at the same time, he applied his talents in keeping Jamon on the brink of a crashing double orgasm for what seemed like a thousand years. When the final push was made, Jamon came with both organs, spurting quarts of semen and oozing gallons of woman-cum, and the force was so great that he blacked out for several minutes.

When he awoke, he found that he had been repositioned on the bed and that Merhel was mounted above him, cock in his pussy and pumping slowly, sensuously, and incredibly erotically. As soon as he sorted himself out after his little 'nap', he registered the building sensations coming from his groin, and had to cum almost immediately which didn't set the pleasure back at all.

Merhel was even better with his cock than with his mouth. Jamon had never felt anything like this before - the dildo wielded by Arra was fine, but this was magnitudes better. It was more than the friction - feeling a real penis moving in and out of him, the warmth, the slight malleability, the animation ... it was definitely a case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts!

Once he realized that Jamon had recovered, Merhel's hands began to rove, while his hips gradually picked up speed. They caressed Jamon's body, paying special attention to his breasts and cock, which had been wrapped in his loincloth. Merhel played his body like an instrument, increasing the pleasure in every part of his body little by little until again he exploded, almost, it seemed, literally. When he came around this time, it felt like he had been asleep for a short while, not must a few minutes. Though he still felt slightly tingly all over from the ecstasy of that last orgasm, he was completely recovered from it.

He again found himself engaged in sex that had begun while he was unconscious. Merhel was sucking his cock again, and as his attention turned to the wet and slippery feelings being generated, it inflated the last inch or so to full hardness.

Merhel was paying attention, waiting for Jamon to recover. When he did, the demon stopped sucking and said, "I don't often get the urge to do this, but you are just too special not to use you to your fullest potential. I want you to fuck my ass, my lovely man-woman."

Jamon was almost too pleasure-blown to realize that this was his chance. He was first rather surprised and pleased that the demon would want to take on such a 'submissive' role. Then, the opportunity revealed itself and he rolled off the bed and fished out the special jar from the sideboard. When he turned back to the bed, he saw that Merhel had positioned himself on arms and knees, a few pillows bracing his chest to relieve strain on his arms.

Jamon returned to the bed, already rubbing a glob of lube on his own cock. He climbed up between Merhel's legs and took another glob of the slippery gel and daubed it right over Merhel's asshole. This activity was almost normal to Jamon, considering the past weeks with Arra. Merhel's ass wasn't that different from his employer-mage's nether end - and he really knew what to do in this situation.

His hands stopped their activity when Merhel's rear access was ready - he didn't even half to think about it. Then, he moved in closer, got a grip on the demon's hips, aimed himself handless, and pressed slowly until the head of his cock was within Merhel's asshole. He paused then to gauge the readiness of the passage.

But Merhel beat him to it. Once it was obvious that Jamon was fully seated, Merhel pushed back rapidly, gobbling up Jamon's cock with his asshole until cheeks met groin.

Thereafter, Jamon had to really work to do any of the fucking. Merhel was wild with a cock up his ass - he tried to do all the moving. Jamon, after fighting and working to get into a rhythm that would allow both of them to do the moving, finally gave up and let Merhel do the rocking while he took up the slightly easier task of making sure his cock stayed in Merhel's ass through the demon's gyrations.

Once he settled down and ceased concentrating so hard on the mechanics of fucking, he began to feel Merhel's ass on his cock - and it was magnitudes better than fucking Arra had ever been. She had been a receptacle - Merhel was a partner. It wasn't Arra's fault of course, but Jamon was still amazed at the difference. And due to this difference it didn't take Jamon long to cum drainingly, leaving himself limp and spent.

Merhel wasn't fazed. He extracted himself from under Jamon, got more of the lube, and began to grease up his cock and Jamon's ass.

Jamon had already noted the difference between live cock and dildo - he was soon convinced that the comparison held up when applied to the asshole. Merhel was as masterful at the art of ass-fucking as he was at all other forms of sex, and Jamon was soon writing in ecstasy at being filled by the demon's cock again and again and again. The lube was very efficient and felt heavenly as it decreased the friction between his ass and Merhel's cock just enough to make the event possible and still very enjoyable.

Merhel was able to last for a very long time. Jamon was brought to many internal orgasms, not one of which produced any reaction at all in his cock, though he nearly passed out more than once along the way.

When the demon was finally ready to cum, he began to stroke Jamon's cock as well so that a triple orgasm finished out the session. Jamon's double share of that orgasm - from his cock and in his ass - drove consciousness from his body with ecstasy. Merhel slipped out without Jamon noticing.

* Next morning, Jamon approached consciousness slowly and with vague discomfort. He felt as if he had been drinking for a week, except the hangover was all over his body.

He worked himself up to crawling out of bed and staggered over to the washstand. Light was streaming in the window as he poured water into the bowl and laved water over his face. Drying off but feeling no better, he went over to the wardrobe to find something to wear. But he never got that far because of the mirror on the door of the wardrobe and what he saw in it.

After staring for several minutes, he called out, "Arra!!"

Instants later, the woman was in the room. She said, "What..." and then saw what was the matter. She stared at Jamon in stunned silence, amazed and confused by the change in his appearance.

For, overnight Jamon had changed. He was even more feminine now - a softer, more female face; longer, more lustrous hair; much fuller breasts; arms, legs, and waist slimmer and sleeker; hips and ass wider and more flared. Oddly enough, his cock had lengthened by an inch - a change seemingly opposed to the rest of the alterations he had undergone.

Suddenly wondering, Jamon flexed his arm and felt his bicep. It was as hard as before - apparently only the shell was changing, leaving the swords- 'person' underneath.

Jamon turned away from the mirror and said, "What's happened, Arra? Why did I change again last night?"

Arra said, "I don't ... ah, wait ... It might be ..." She closed her eyes and passed her hand down his body. She frowned slightly and did it again. Opening her eyes, she called out, "Helleara, come here please."

The crone-child appeared and Arra said, "Could you check Jamon for agents, please?"

Helleara copied Arra's earlier movements and said, "It's still there. It wasn't supposed to still be active, but the original spell is still there. Maybe it couldn't just to the job and quit - this isn't a natural form, after all." She closed her eyes again for a moment, then continued, "Yep, that's it. The spell that made you the way you are now, Jamon, is still active, keeping you in balance and functioning. And, since we used ekrode in the original casting, when the new agent was added last night, the spell kicked in again and further feminized your body. Never would have imagined that the degree of femininity, or perhaps, pulchritude, would have depended on the dosage of ekrode, though ...."

Jamon followed the explanation well enough to realize what it meant. "Wait! Are you saying that if I manage to tryst with Lhisan according to the plan and manage to use the ekrode on her that I will get even more - well, rounded?"

Arra said, "Yes. Unavoidable, and unforeseen. It'll be fully reversible, naturally, don't worry. Of course, you don't have to ..."

Jamon narrowed his eyes, then sighed and said, "Okay, okay. I'll keep to the plan. Could you fix my clothes and stuff? I don't expect Lhisan to accost me in the middle of the day, so I'll need something to wear until tonight ... "

* As it turned out, Jamon was wrong about Lhisan. About an hour after a page (wearing a black star neckband) had delivered bread, meat, cheese, and wine to the suite for lunch, another black-starred and therefore controlled page arrived with a message that Manlakar wished to see Arra and the child, but not Jamon. The two of them left, leaving Jamon alone.

He was sitting in his room trying to read a book when he felt hands on his shoulders, starting to knead them lightly. He gasped and turned around to find himself face to face with Lhisan.

The demoness said, "My uncle tells me some interesting things about you, dear. They were so fantastic that I couldn't just take his word for them, though. So, I came to see for myself."

Jamon found himself enthralled by Lhisan's gaze. The demoness backed up a step and Jamon involuntarily stood and followed. Still staring into those captivating eyes, he began to undress, with occasional help from Lhisan. In little time he was naked, and Lhisan said, "My, my, but uncle wasn't completely honest in describing your charms. What sweet, ripe breasts. What full hips. And, what an absolutely gorgeous cock! But, uncle told me about that other surprise you have underneath it. Let me see ..."

She knelt in front of him and took his cock in her hand. After spending a moment stroking it, she lifted it up and pressed it against his belly. With her free hand, she gently cupped his balls and slipped her middle finger into the split between them. It was warm and wet in there, and both Jamon and Lhisan got excited by her probing. She shifted the balls as far apart as she could get them in her palm and wiggled her finger as far in as she could get it, causing Jamon's cock to quiver and his knees to buckle a bit.

She extracted her finger and put it in her mouth. "Ummm, tastes very different - almost masculine. I like it." She stood up and untied her robe, letting it fall from her shoulders. As naked as Jamon, she led the stunned 'man' to his bed and pushed him down on it. Spreading his legs as wide as they would go she began to eat Jamon out.

The demoness was a demoness at cunnilingus - better even than her 'uncle'. Her tongue was amazing - it was as long as his cock, but far more agile of course, so it could probe around his cunt, touching strange places and making him feel interesting things.

Lhisan proceeded to eat him for almost an hour, driving him to peak after peak and eventually into orgasmic black out. When he returned to the waking world (with some help from Lhisan's fingers and tongue), she said, "Fuck me in the ass, she-stud. Uncle said you were particularly talented at that." Jamon got out the spiked lube, not even marveling that his opportunity had been handed to him so easily. He hesitantly began to lube up his cock, worried about what it would do to him. Finally, he decided to just do it, and deal with the consequences later when the job was done. He was as erotic as he could be in lubing her ass, and then he put his all into fucking her ass.

She had a very responsive ass and Jamon got much pleasure from fucking her. He made sure that she orgasmed several times before releasing his own load. When he came, it was deeper and more draining than he could ever remember an orgasm being.

He didn't quite black out, but he felt a little light headed as he rested for a moment. Meanwhile, Lhisan was rummaging in the drawer that had held the lube and found the dildo. She smiled evilly and brought it over. Scooping up a bit of the lube and began to fuck Jamon's cunt with it. Not only did it make Jamon orgasm several more times, but it got his cock hard again.

When it was stiff and straight again, Lhisan left the dildo lodged in his cunt and then mounted his cock. Moving at her own pace, she used his cock like a living dildo, fucking herself with no help from Jamon save in providing the stiff organ. When he finally climaxed (after lasting through several orgasms of hers), he blacked out again, though this time it wasn't just pleasure that robbed him of his senses.

* He awoke several hours later, feeling strange again. He looked in the mirror and found that he had, in fact, changed again. First, his overall measurements hadn't changed much, but they had been refined - he was now even more stunningly beautiful than before. His face was thinner and prettier, his hair was longer and glossier - things like that. His cock had grown again, too. But the more startling change was in his age - he now looked roughly 5 years younger than he had that morning!

He put on a robe that was absolutely no good for preserving modesty and went into the outer room. Arra and Helleara were there chatting in quiet tones. The pseudo-child noticed Jamon first and gasped. Arra turned and stared too, causing Jamon to blush a bit. Then he said, "The other demon came into my room after lunch, while you were with Merhel. She has been dosed with the ekrode now."

"And I see that you got some too, as well as some other kind of magic," said Arra. "Perhaps it is fortunate that both demons are now primed for our magic as you seem somewhat susceptible to theirs ..."

Helleara said, "Be that as it may, we have an enchantment to weave. Jamon, go get armored - you will be a secondary barrier and protection while we cast our spells. We will prepare the room in your absence."

It was strange putting armor on his new body - stranger even than the fact that it still fit, thanks to the way that Arra had magiced it to shift its shape to his current form rather than requiring a new spell each time he changed. Binding his newly ultra-feminine body into a rigid form of leather and metal only served to accentuate his new curves, his totally new shape. His armored ride to the border of Breslar had not prepared him for this, though he wasn't really sure why the figure he faced in the mirror bothered him. He posed, flexed, did some practice katas, and found himself getting aroused by what the mirror showed him - an incredibly gorgeous woman wielding a sword with incredible skill. It was erotic in an odd way, and he found that he had to stop and loosen his loinguard before he injured himself. As soon as he was again in a condition to, he refastened his armor and returned to Arra and Helleara.

Jamon had no idea what the things the two sorcerers had done to the other room were for - the sigils and runes on the wall and floor, the glowing groups of lines in no pattern or form he could discern, the small pots of smoking coals, the oddly shaped candles at various points around the room. But it all had a powerful air about it.

Arra said, "We have warded the room from most magics, but it would take too much time and far too much power to ward against physical intrusion. That's where you come in, Jamon. The demons will feel what we are doing to them, and it stands to reason that they will do whatever it takes to stop us. Their magic will be nullified, but they can send people in. Try not to hurt any such people - they will be acting under the control of the demons, not their own will." She took a deep breath, looked around, and said, "Okay. Ready?"

Jamon nodded. Helleara and Arra said, "Good," together and each settled into the center of a crosshatch of lines which began to pulsate in time to the chant they began.

Jamon faced the door to the suite, sword at the ready. The chanting behind him continued on and on for a long time before anything in the room changed. Then, there was a sizzle and a part of the south wall flared orange for a moment before slowly fading back to normal. The frequency and duration of such flares (external probes by the demons?) increased for a time, then got further apart but more powerful and concerted. But nothing got through save the light.

Then, the physical assault began. At first, it was conjured beasts, first presented as shapes that sizzled against the wards in the walls, then momentarily present in the room as they fought through one of the wards on the door only to be destroyed by the more powerful ones just inside of it.

As he watched the glowing shapes sparkle in rainbow colors all around him, he noticed a strange tingling begin in the core of his body. It wasn't unpleasant, just irritating in a minor way, and he wondered what its cause was.

Then, the first child screamed his way through the wards on the door and hurled himself at the chanting women. Jamon's response was instinctive - his sword moved, and the child fell, bleeding.

Realizing that he needed to concentrate to prevent any more serious injuries (he hoped his first victim wasn't death-wounded), Jamon strove to ignore the growing tingling within him. He began to defend the room bloodlessly from the child-slaves sent by the demons. But the tingling increased, and then began to localize in his breasts and groin. As he fought, he had to strive harder and harder to put aside the tingling in his nipples, and the wet warmth within his cunt. His cock wasn't responding at all, at least not by becoming hard, though he could feel the tingling within it.

The distraction was nearing the limits he could bear, and Jamon was just about to collapse when there was a shrieking that he felt in his bones that seemed to last an eternity. Before it faded, he felt the tingling in his erogenous zones peak, causing him to orgasm and then black out.

* He woke up to the feeling of a damp cloth being delicately stroked across his brow. He looked up and saw Arra sitting on the edge of the bed he seemed to be lying on. He had a sense of a long time having passed - he felt slightly achy, and he wasn't wearing his armor any more, though he hadn't been dressed in anything to replace it, so was wearing only the brief cloth wrappings he usually wore under it. He rose slowly to his elbows and asked, "Did it work?"

Arra smiled and said, "Yes, Jamon - the demons are gone. Much has been done while you were asleep - its been almost 4 days since the banishment. We first removed the neck bands from all of the captives here, restoring their minds. Ever since, we've been slowly undoing the magic that caused them all to become children, though we cannot completely reverse the changes. The Duke was one of the first to identify himself to us once the neck bands had been removed - we restored him as best we could, and he has granted us half of the treasury as a reward.

"We've also had time to remove the spells from each of us, but ..."

Jamon had noticed that he was still very feminine, and he said, "But what about ...?"

An older but very handsome woman came up behind Arra and said, "It was the ekrode, Jamon. It was a side effect both of our casting, and of the demons' last effort to stay. Both things managed to stabilize this as your normal form. We could, with a great deal of effort, restore you to your former self, but it wouldn't be a permanent change - it would require booster spells and special potions at frequent intervals. We wanted to ask you before forcing such a thing on you."

Jamon sat up fully and turned away from the women. His hands went to his crotch nonchalantly but with panicked purpose. He controlled the sigh that wanted to escape as he felt his cock there beneath the loincloth. Then, curious, he probed deeper and found that his cunt was still there too. And, his breasts couldn't have been missed.

He considered for only the briefest moment, then said, "Well, I guess this is my reward. I've gotten used to it - I think I'll keep it. Thanks anyway."

Helleara (the once again older woman) said, "No problem. Good working with you, Jamon." He heard footsteps and the door closing, and slid off the other side of the bed to stand and remove his underthings. He felt a hand help with his breastband and turned to find Arra, nude, behind him. She smiled and slipped her hand between her thighs. Jamon smiled when he saw her fingers slip into herself. She said, "I've been waiting a long time to feel your cock in my cunt, you she-stud. Oh, and by the way, I'm glad you like your new body - I love it! Come here and let me make that cock small again."

Jamon was out of his loincloth and on top of Arra almost too fast to see. He reflected, as he felt his cock sink into the cunt of his love, that he was glad he had accepted the job to reclaim Breslar.


Reclaiming Breslar copyright 1996 by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr.

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