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Pony's Revenge

by Dream Weevil

1994 Dream Weevil

The following is an entirely unauthorized (and very loosely coupled) "sequel" to a story group written by different author(s). Apologies to those authors. This story does not feature the original characters, though there is some name- space overlap.

Randy awakened slowly, from a drug-induced fogginess that seemed to take hours to lift. It certainly seemed like a dream-- the green of the grass, the shade of the giant maple at the edge of the southern pasture; the cool breeze.

Awake, the vision was far less pleasant, in particular because hands and feet had been bound, and because Randy was lying on a tabletop. Outside. Unclothed.

The three women had given up waiting for the anaesthetics to wear off, and had wandered away.

There was no gag. There was memory: Two of the ponygirls at his door, freed somehow from their stable-- and a third actually _in his room_, the insolent one-- with her tackle missing and a hypodermic in her malformed "hands". "What the--"

This was the middle of the day. The girls should have been out on the pasture now, walking about, performing their daily exercises. They had gotten loose, somehow. It had to have been Windy, damn her.

Certainly someone, one of the stable-hands, one of the other owners, had to have been within earshot. "Help! Somebody untie me!"

The calls only served to alert Randy's three assailants, who took their time in returning. A few minutes later, the three ponygirls-- though it was hard to call them that now, with their bits and bridles and reins gone, and with them walking nearly upright-- were beside the table.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Come on, 'Master'," Keena said. "You should have figured it out by now."

"Windy! I'll have your hide for this! _Hey! Someone let me out of here_!"

"Shouting won't help," Windy said, nodding at the dark-haired Raven. Raven nodded back and trotted off, with some measure of bounce to her step. "You see," Windy continued, "none of your cohorts remain on the island. They were in quite a hurry to leave when we convinced them the island was about to get raided. I guess they felt pretty guilty at what they'd done... enough to leave even you behind."

"Guilty? Windrunner, Juniper, you both agreed to do this! You signed a consent form! All our ponygirls did. We've merely given you want you want."

"What we want?" Juniper cried. "Did you even once consider telling us what would really happen? That you'd be putting drugs in our water? Injecting us with hormones? Using us to breed more slaves that you'd treat as horses? Look at me, Randall. Look! I don't know if some of the effects of your 'treatment' will ever wear off! I might be able to run twenty-seven miles an hour, but I can barely walk upright! And the drugs-- what they do to one's mind... when Windy--"

"Katherine", the other woman said.

"Yes. Katherine. You've gotten us to forget our own names! When Katherine got me to stop drinking your drugged water supply, and I could really see what was happening to the others..."

"We've increased your potential!" Randy answered, straining against the ropes a bit. "The richest, most powerful men in the world would pay dearly to have any of you around! You have been allowed to transcend the bounds of mere humanity... and your potential to feel pleasure is nearly unlimited!"

'Windy' leaned over the table, and looked down into her captive's face, trying to make out some sense of remorse in his eyes.

"I was so convinced that I was a horse," Katherine said, "that I actually started drinking from the water trough that the real horses use. You didn't think to add your potion to that, though, did you?"

Randy closed his eyes, and clenched his fists. Opening them again: "Let me out of here and I'll make sure you return to normal."

"I don't think so, Randall. After all you've done for us, we've decided--"

Raven returned, holding the reins of one of the compound's 'real' horses. The mare was obviously in some distress, or excitement; she wouldn't hold still, and kept flipping her tail about.

" return the favor. Increase your potential, Randall. That's why you're not on a boat with the others."

Katherine reached below the table and retrieved a syringe, of the type used on the ponygirls. This one, however, was filled with a whitish, milky suspension, rather than the clear hormone injection the girls normally got. She swabbed a spot on Randy's arm with a cotton ball.

"Modified equine semen," Katherine announced, proceeding to stick Randy in the arm. "One benefit of training is knowing how to coax this stuff out... There we go... all gone!"

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Katherine swabbed the injection site. "Believe it or not, I know what I'm doing... I hope."

"Katherine was learning to be a geneticist before you abducted her," Raven noted.

Juniper, who had yet to remember her "real" name, retrieved a plastic bucket from below the table, and scooped a handful of the contents; a white goop. The lubricant has something of a disinfectant odor. She splattered the goop on Randy's abdomen, and begin to smooth it across him.

Raven brought the mare over a little closer; the horse sniffed at Randy, and immediately grew more excited, and tried to wrench herself from Raven's grip.

"Not yet, girl. Easy. See, Randy? She likes you."

"Strange, isn't it," Juniper said, as she moved to Randy's legs and began coating them, "that they treated the 'real' horses better than they did us? Walking around with gadgets strapped to us to catch our pee..."

As if on cue, the horse pissed; a golden stream to which the girls paid no attention.

"It'll be all worth it if my little experiment is a success," Katherine said. "We'll be famous. You especially, Randy." She touched him, a warm caress, and spread the lubricant along his side, and coated his arms.

"I-- I'm losing the feeling in my legs," Randy complained, as Juniper spread the lubricant there.

"The restriction enzymes in the serum you just got are interfering with your RNA, just like we did with the horse semen. Bound to be some side effects. Hopefully we won't shut down anything vital..."

"You bitch! I never should have--"

"I might agree with you there, Randy. But you did, and... well..."

Katherine nodded to Raven, who let the mare's nose touch Randy; more excitement. She loosened up on the reins, and the horse turned in place, tail still twitching, and whinnied. The tail brushed Randy, and then it lifted, slowly and gloriously.

Randy looked up, and felt weak, and a bit dizzy; his breathing gradually slowing, as the injection continued to take effect. "No-- get away--" he breathed.

"Silly!" Raven said, releasing the reins. "If she wanted to take a dump on you, she'd have done it already. Not that I'd complain if she did."

Randy's head slumped back down to the table; his hair now matted with the lubricant which Juniper was still covering him with.

Raven led the mare to the end of the table, nearest Randy's feet. The mare turned to look at Randy once again, and whinnied in excitement. Juniper whinnied along as Raven backed the horse up to the end of the table.

Katherine leaned over Randy again. "Look at her, Randy. She's a wonderful creature. So strong, so sleek... so big. And she wants you, Randy. More than anything else."

Katherine grabbed Randy's shoulders and slid him, almost effortlessly, toward the end of the table, where his feet bumped into the horse's rear end. This seemed to excite the mare even more, and her tail lifted again. Randy looked, and something seemed strange. Indeed, the mare's birth canal was swollen, giant flaps of grey flesh, as if she had recently foaled.

"That's what gave us the idea," Katherine said. "She's giving us the chance to pay you back for what you did to us. And if it works, we'll be famous."

Juniper held Randy's feet, and removed the leather strap which had bound them together, and to the tabletop. Katherine released his hands from the table as well, leaving them tied only to each other, and then pushed again. The giant equine buttocks moved, so slightly, out of the way, and Randy's feet slipped between them. The mare reacted, pushing backwards, into the table, trying to get as much of Randy as she could.

Randy's voice lacked the energy he needed to really sound angry. "What the hell are do you think you're doing?"

Katherine braced herself at the head of the table, and pushed on his shoulders again. Now his feet penetrated, entering a land purely animal. "This place you're going can make a horse out of nothing at all." Another push. "So with a little help from your own secret laboratory, the injection we gave her, and the corresponding one you got, she'll have no problem at all making one out of you."

Raven brushed the mare's mane, and made a guttoral horse-sound that the mare seemed to understand. "She's really excited about this! She wants you to slow up a bit, Katherine. Go more smoothly."

Katherine changed positions and pushed again, smoothly, against what little resistance the birth-canal opening offered.

"Remade in her own image," Katherine said. "A fitting destiny, for one so obsessed by horses." Katherine came to the side of the table, holding Randy by one shoulder, and motioned for Juniper to pull by the other. This time, the push was a big one, and Randy found himself buried in Lady's birth canal, up to his waist. Lady whinnied again.

"It'll be quite interesting to see how you turn out," Juniper giggled. "Four legs and all." Another push.

With most of his weight now off the table and inside Lady's cavernous body, Randy was beginning to slip down into the depths of the equine womb on his own accord; massive reproductive equipment waited silently to begin its work. Katherine removed the straps from Randy's wrists, and he immediately tried to brace himself against the horse's rear, only to find himself held fast. In his attempt, he only managed to slide in further-- to his arms, which he held outstretched. Lady brushed his face with her tail.

"I think it's working," Raven cried. "She says she's all ready to conceive."

Katherine squatted down a bit. "And so, my former master, it seems that you are the one to finally cross this line from this cruel reality into fantasy. It's a shame you won't remember any of this. When you return to us, should all go well, you will be a creature of legend. A cen--"

Randy was struggling for breath, as Lady began to sap the energy and humanity from him. "And if it doesn't--"

"If it doesn't work? We'll try again on her next cycle, that's all. She'll have no problem turning what's left of you into horse piss. So, though you don't deserve it, I'll wish you good luck. Goodbye, Randy."

Raven whispered into Lady's ear. "Okay, my friend. It's all up to you." The horse took a few careful steps away from the table, and whinnied as if in pain.

"Easy, girl."

Lady regained her confidence thanks to Raven's touch, and in a few minutes the contractions were over. Lady's birth canal and womb were sealed for a long, comfortable gestation, during which Lady would impose her own equine patterns upon the former homo sapiens; and she headed off to graze.

Katherine took a deep breath. "Well, my friends, are you ready for something real to eat? Had enough oats for a lifetime already?"

"We should check on the others afterwards, Kathy. They're bound to be disoriented, now that the drugs are wearing off. And I'd really like to get into the office and look through the records... I must have a real name other than 'Juniper'."

"I don't know," Raven said. "I kinda like 'Juniper'. And why does it matter? If we can't ever go back, except as some kind of exotic toy, we can call ourselves whatever we want. We're free."

Pony's Creation

1994 Dream Weevil

This was the longest nightmare Randall had ever experienced. Certainly there had been others-- the one that ended with a jail-window view of a ponygirl-laden pasture, for example, and countless other he hadn't been able to remember. But he had woken from those; blinking his eyes until they blinked open in real life.

That wasn't workng now. The beginning of the nightmare was so far away as to have been a dream-- Windy, Raven, Juniper, outside, the table, and suddenly that big godawful horse and its disgusting wetness and then the light was gone, and further away, receding, as the dream itself. But now he was awake, or so it seemed-- but hot, folded up, too weak to move, unable even to breathe, or to feel his own heart beating-- not when he was surrounded by hers.

The mare's engine of reproduction had been waiting; unimaginable power lurking in the shadows, waiting for its chance to spring to action. Once any opportunity for escape was gone, Randy had been fastened into the mare's life-support, like a soft web protecting him from harm while, at the same time, ensnaring him, holding him helpless to that overwhelming, animal heartbeat.

This temporary safety came at a price; the 'spider' had approached slowly, attracted by the messenger he carried within him. It leapt upon him, a scramble of new, incomprehensible genetic messages everywhere; and then, in that dizzy haze, at the edge of disaster, it became quiet, sleepy. The mare's ovaries had done their job. And now it was growing. It was him-- but not him-- a scary, new presence, wet and hungry, and as long as he continued to accept that life support, of which there was no choice, it grew stronger and larger, and took over more and more of him.

He would have screamed, if he could, to wake up; but he couldn't. Hair and tail and hooves; and the mare laughing at him, in a voice he could understand, proud of herself: "Look what I've done to you!"


Juniper refilled the feeding trough for the second time. "Wow, Raven, she sure is hungry!"

"She should be. She's pregnant." Raven brushed back her long, black hair and turned around, walking back up to the mare's side. Squatting down, she put a hand on the horse's swollen belly. "Hard to believe he's really in there. I wonder if he can still hear us?"

There was no answer.

"She's getting really big," Juniper said.

"Yeah. She's starting to get uncomfortable; but that's normal about now."

The two women watched Lady eat, and drink, until she was done.

"I should bring her inside," Juniper said. "Looks like rain."

"Not quite yet."

"Why not?"

A moment later, the mare lifted her tail and pooped, making a respectable mound in the grass.

"That's why."

Juniper ran her finger's through Lady's mane, and the horse moved its head closer. "I see! You know her so well, Raven..."

"I took it as an opportunity, my friend. We were all so close to believing ourselves to be horses... might as well learn about the instincts."

"In some ways," Juniper answered, "I sort of miss it. Not the carts or the enemas or such... but the men, the attention."

"That was part of the training, you know."

"Yeah, I know."


It was all he could think, and it wasn't clear whether the voice was his own, or someone else's, and not a voice one could put into words. It was merely a thought: "This life is mine now. You shall never forget you came from me."

Then, suddenly, great crushing force, visions of his body caught in the grip of a gigantic ape who sought to squeeze the life from him, bend his bones in ways they weren't supposed to, mold him to some new shape and push him through a tiny, tiny opening--


"Well, that does it," Katherine said. "There's no way of getting a message off of this place without everyone hearing it, so we're on our own. I mean, how was I supposed to know that the only boat left had no engine?"

"Shhh, Windy, quiet."

"Come on, you know my name is--"

Raven didn't look up. "We're all horses tonight. Lady needs all our support now."

Lady remained on the ground, half on her side, her periodic groaning disturbing the other animals.

"Is she really that close?"

"I'd say a couple more hours, at best. She's pretty well dilated and starting the second stage now. She won't eat or drink."

Lady, indeed, was pushing; her birth canal relaxed and open, her womb growing smaller by the minute as the contractions did their work, leaving her sole occupant only one place to go.

At last, shortly after midnight, membranes began to bulge from the horse's rear; a smooth, gelatinous sac, filled with liquid and bone and muscle, slowly extruding through an opening less than seven inches in diameter. The size of sac seemed to grow as the mare continued to expel it; containing the unrecognizeable occupant, hidden and floating in a great quantity of amniotic fluid, swelling as if Lady was blowing up a balloon.

Some parts came quickly; larger sections of the offspring's body surging free of the womb at once only to remain trapped in the sac. It was hard to believe that the entire thing had come from within a single animal, even one of Lady's size. Finally, with expulsion nearly complete, the sac burst, like a popped balloon, spilling hot liquid everywhere, even across the three women who knelt in the straw. And the planet's newest inhabitant took its first breath.

"My God," Raven said. "What have we done?"


The centaur said nothing for its first four days, as the women nursed it from a special bottle. When its eyes first opened, it looked about, but the stare seemed blank. It made no efforts to get up during this time; and Raven finally convinced the others that they had interfered with the natural process by feeding the animal in place, rather than forcing it to rise to straggly legs, as its mother would have made it do.

It protested, at first, remaining still, silent, as if it was trying to die. But they left it alone, locked in the barn with its mother, who nudged and licked and soon enough taught it to walk. Juniper caught the first sight of this, peering through one window in the barn; the creature standing, not entirely stable, with its head below its mother's belly, suckling. Once caught in the act, humiliated as it were, there was no further reason to hide, and by the sixth day of its existence, the centaur would nurse even with all three women present. It remained by its mother continuously.

Windy was alone with it, on the tenth day, when, just after nursing, it spoke. A voice not quite like Randall's; more "neutral", as if all emotion and personality had been washed away. The voice was human, but breathy, toneless, almost a whisper.

"What... have you done to me?"

"How much do you remember?"

A moment later, the centaur began to cry, which disturbed its mother to no small degree. Nosing at Windy, to get her out of the barn, the mother remained by the creature's side, itsonly consolation.

Windy returned the next day, when it was nice out, and Lady had tentatively ventured outside without her offspring, to chew on the softer, new grass not far away.

"You did this to me," it said.


The centaur looked down at itself; a spindly body; what used to be a human spine now fused permanently to an equine backbone; all four hooves new and soft, light brown coat still a bit too thin to provide meaningful warmth, and none at all above the (human) navel, where it ended.

"I brought you this," Windy said, handing the creature a sweater. "How... do you feel?"

"How do you think I feel?"

"I mean physically. This is important! Can you sense your... legs? All of them? Move your tail?"

The centaur's tail twitched. "Yes. I don't know how-- I just do it." "Good. You're much healhier, now that you're eating."

He nodded back. "Congratulations," he said. "You've done the impossible. You'll be famous."

"No, not without you," Katherine answered. "You are not going to become a circus freak; we created you, we'll take responsibility for you. You'll have a good life here."

The creature became agitated, turning as if to charge, suddenly stumbling to its knees, feeling the pain. "Careful!" Kathy yelled. "You'll hurt yourself!" Coming to his side, holding him, letting him feel her human hands and human skin for the first time, she told him: "You are a legend come true."

"I... deserved this, didn't I?"

"Forget it," Kathy answered. "That was all long ago. You're getting a second chance that nobody ever gets."

Weeks passed, in a quiet, comfortable way that Randall had never known, as egs grew longer and more confident, and body grew by more than ten pounds a week, and the days were filled with little more than eating, and running, and talking to the three women, and sleeping. Filling a horse-sized stomach with a human mouth took quite a long time! The "ponygirls" took him for walks on the islands' paths, paths they used pull carts along, and share their secrets, and listen excitedly to his excitement. He took it quite well, even joking about his situation, until:

"At least... this is one way for me to be hung like a horse, isn't it?"

It stopped the thee former ponygirls in their tracks; frantic whispering that Randall's huge ears couldn't quite make out.

"Ummm... Randy, I know we should have brought this up before, but..."

"But what?"

"You... don't have one."



"Wait a minute! You mean I won't ever have one?"

Juniper laughed. "You mean you thought it would 'grow in' later or something?"

He jerked away, violently and then leaned over, looking through his own front legs and towards the place where--

"Holy shit! What the hell-- All this clever engineering and--"

Katherine blushed a bit. "It wasn't our choice-- really! I guess we just assumed it that she'd conceive male when there was really a fifty-fifty chance, and--"

"Goddammit! I'm male! I can tell! I can feel it! As for... well, how the hell am I supposed to know how horses develop it? I can't even tell on a cat!"

"Neither can I," Juniper whispered.

"Slow down there, four-legs... No use getting yourself all excited."

"You would have been born with it, Randall," said Raven. "The rest of you is definitely female. I checked. I can understand if you can't see under your own tail--"

Randy didn't wait for the explanation; he ran, as far and as fast as he could.

"God, Kathy, what's going on? Why didn't he... she know?"

Katherine looked down at the tracks Randall had left; perfect horse- prints. "Chemically, the brain... well, his human-side hasn't changed as much. I had to prevent that; otherwise we'd have nothing other than a 'normal' pony now."

"So we have a half-man, half-horse, half-male, half-female?"

"Not exactly. There are no human male sex organs; and Lady wired her daughter into every part of him, even if all the programming isn't live yet. What masculinity he's got left will be no match for those huge equine ovaries Lady gave him."



At a year and a half, the fate Katherine spoke of began to arrive. A tiny trickle of equine estrogen from swelling ovaries suddenly become a flood, as the horse-part of the centaur prepared to complete its sexual developments. With the full flow of that same blood travelling through the "human" torso and to every cell of the entire body, sending messages to dormant organs, the rest of the transformation began.


"Raven! What in the world happened to you? You're soaking wet!"

"She did it again, the bitch. She's so moody! Got me to scrub her back legs, then begged me to rub under her belly, and let me have it while I was down there!"

"Yeah, but-- you're soaked!"

"Have you ever seen how much-- how fast this female centaur of ours can piss? And she just can't stop laughing!"

Windy laughed outright. "Why didn't you just get out of the way?"

"She weighs fourteen hundred pounds and is twice as fast as I am! Besides, I can't afford to get her any more irritated. She'd probably dump on me if she got the chance!"

"She's like a teenage girl, Raven. She's going to get rebellious. She's got her tits-- both in front and underneath-- and she's getting feelings she's never had before. That's why she's acting so... different. I think we're going to have to introduce her to Sam pretty soon."


"Sure. She's ready to bear young-- at least, she's ready physically. She might even like it! After all, Sam is hung like a horse, you know..."

Raven decided not to mention how dizzy she felt. It would be better after she changed and showered.


Two weeks later-- at the height of Randy's fertility, Juniper went to take the centaur out to the pasture where Sam awaited. Randy (which is what everyone still called her) was waiting patiently. She was, by all measures, beautiful; wearing a tube top around her otherwise naked body, groomed perfectly, her long hair flowing down her back.

"You know why you're going, don't you?" Juniper asked.

"Of course," Randy answered, rubbing her front legs with human hands. "I'm not stupid."

"You'll be okay," Raven answered. "Not even two years old, and on your first 'date' already."

"They could have consulted with me, you know. We could have talked about this, you, Windy, Juniper and I. I mean-- I don't have anything about getting knocked up, I guess, but... I'm still human, Raven. I still think like one. How many changes can I go through--"

"You'll be fine," Raven said. "And you get the easy part. He gets to chase you around until you're ready for him."

"Can I wait until next month?"

"No chance. I mean-- you can stay here, Randy. You've got a stomach that can digest hay and grass and fur to keep you warm. We're on an island-- one that doesn't have an infinite supply of food, and we won't have enough fuel to get through the winter. Katherine's gotten a boat working now... and don't worry, we'll be back."

"The others aren't coming, then?"

"They're out at the pasture waiting for me to bring you."

"Oh." Randy looked disappointed. "Raven?"


"Rub my belly one more time before we go out?"

Raven patted the centaur's side. "Sure, girl. Ummm-- wait a minute. You're not planning to--"

"Maybe I am," Randy announced, smugly. "Why don't you crawl underneath me and find out?"

"Sure... For old times' sake. Let me unlock the door first."


"I'm telling you, Kathy-- she's been in there. The door was broken! There were hoofprints!"

"But she's in the barn! She's there now with Raven. What in the world would Randy want from the lab? Unless--"

"Raven! Quick!"


Raven, meanwhile, sat below Randy, just before her hind legs, dutifully preening from this vulnerable position. Long hair fell before the front legs, where Raven watched, and then a head, upside down, looking between its own legs. "Ummm.... Raven?"

"Yes, Randy."

"Guess what?"

Raven rolled her eyes. "Gosh, Randy, I have no idea." She looked upwards, briefly, to see where that half-inch long urethral slit was, and then looked down, hoping that it was only a bluff this time.

It wasn't. Though, before anything happened, Randy said something surprising: "Forgive me, Raven, I was hoping it wouldn't have to be you."

Then the spray came. A very pale yellow, almost water, gallons of it; and Raven felt not only dizzy, but outright wrong. And as soon as she rolled out of the way, into the clear air, the spray stopped.

Randy, who had lifted her hair from the floor to keep it dry, turned to look, but didn't move. "Feeling a little funny, aren't you?"

Raven could only nod.

The centaur lifted her left, rear leg and hopped a bit, positioning her posterior over Raven again.

"You didn't leave any of that 'modified equine' stuff in your lab, Raven, but you did leave enough research information to tell me-- that I could make something similar on my own. That my own body could make it, given the right ingredients. After all, I'm not a horse; but I'm not human--"

"Randy-- but--"

"Don't call me 'Randy' any more! The human you once knew... is gone. You and your friends made me, and the least I can do is return the favor."

With a burst of energy, Raven jumped up, out from underneath Randy. But as soon as she was up, her energy was gone, and she slumped against the back wall of one of the stalls.

"Come on, my friend... succumb to it. You got the first dose the last time I got you. You're already under my spell. You can't fight it. Let me finish the job. I don't want to be alone!"

Raven ran out of the stall, only to be hit, full-force, by the front and torso of Randy's body; arms wrapping around her, picking her up almost effortlessly, dropping her in a heap at the back of the stall.

Ten the centaur left the stall, turned, and re-entered, tail first, cornering Raven in the confined space. She spread her legs just a bit, knelt down on her front legs to block any escape, and unleashed the remainder of her bladder. At first; watery again, then a sudden change- milky, slimy, sticky. Raven tried to crawl out, as the stuff continued to spray upon her, then tried to sneak between those back legs, and Randy raised her tail as a warning. Finally, as the chemistry defeated her, Raven collapsed in a heap, and the centaur picked her wilted body up in her arms, almost dropping her because of the slippery coating, and then moved her to a different corner of the barn; a corner which had been cleaned and prepared for the occasion.

And then, backing into that very corner, the centaur raised its tail, and its buttocks moved apart, revealing that birth-canal opening, which was already wet and relaxed. Crouching down, almost sitting upon Raven, her full animal weight in play, she began to work her body about Raven's, settling about her, consuming her almost entirely; and, holding this grip tight, knelt down on her front legs while holding her rump up in the air. Relaxing, letting gravity help as she tightened and relaxed and tightened again, feeling the soft, small human body slip gently inside; her body already decoding Raven's DNA to prepare it for the changes--

Raven slowly awakened, to find herself held firmly in the centaur's hot wetness. As soon as she had the energy, she screamed; and then the breath was nearly crushed out of her.

The barn doors opened, with Katherine and Juniper there; the centaur, facing the door, tried to lower her tail a bit, hiding Raven's head under its darkness.

"I'm sure I heard her. Where is she? Where's Raven?"

Raven let out a bit of a squeak before the centaur could clamp down on her again, and Juniper heard it. But before anybody could react, the centaur ran from the barn, right between the two women, still carrying her helpless passenger. Once safely out of reach, she turned back, flicking her tail across Raven's hair.

"You're going to kill her!"

"I don't think so. In creating me, you gave me this ability--"

"You can't do it by yourself! You can bear your own young, but to transform a human requires components of real equine semen that you don't have! Relax, now, and we'll get Raven out of there, and we can talk--"

"Once she's integrated, you will only kill her if you harm me. And as for the horse-cum... I know exactly where to get it."

The centaur turned, and walked, awkwardly, off towards the pastures, pausing just once-- tail raised-- so that the two women could see the expression on Raven's face just before her descent into the depths of the monster's belly. Then she broke into a slow gallop, and was gone.

"Juniper..." Katherine said, motioning towards the pastures-- "we were about to mate her! Once she does, Raven is as good as gone-- at least as a human!"

"I left the gate locked," Juniper answered.

Katherine started running. "But she's got hands! She can unlock it!"

It did not take long for the centaur to discover that the male horse was turned on by the chase; she teased him and led him to the far side of the pasture, as the huge penis grew even larger-- and then sbe stopped, as if she just couldn't move any further, and flicked her tail, just so- -

The front legs settled down on either side of her, and then the probing under her tail--

The women were still too far away. As they ran across the pasture, they could see that the penetration was taking place, huge testes ready to flood the centaur's womb, and Raven--

"No!" Juniper screamed.

The animals didn't listen. It was over in only a few seconds, the coupling complete, the seed planted. That overwhelming heartbeat began to take Raven into the deep, long sleep, as egg, sperm, and Raven united irreversibly within the centaur's depths.

"Maybe it's this place," the centaur said, as the two women tried to dry their tears. "As a human, I tried to create a society of half-human, half- horse 'pony girls'. You did it for real. I have this feeling, deep inside, that we are merely bringing back to life something which existed long ago."

Katherine nodded, absent-mindedly.

"When I'm done with Raven, you may decide to join her. The four of us, together, could rebuild our race."

Katherine didn't know if she agreed with the centaur or not. There was something of truth in what it spoke, but the shock of what had happened-- what she had done-- to Randy, and now to Raven, was too much. The one thing that was certain: she had changed the Order, and there would be no going back

Pony's Revenge copyright 1996 by Dream Weevil.

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