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The Fat Lady

by Anonymous

The Bagel Boutique makes the best bagels in the city, hands down, and they make a fantastic cup of coffee to wash them down with, too. I ordered my favorite, an egg bagel, toasted, slathered with cream cheese and piled with lox so fresh a skilled veterinarian could probably revive them. Tray in hand, I walked across the nearly empty dining room and slid into one of the gigantic wooden booths along the wall. After settling in and taking a bite or two (properly chewy, just enough cream cheese...) I looked around and, not having many people to watch, admired the job they had done with the place. Expensive tile floors, local art on the walls, ample seating, lighting not too bright, a great place to hang out and study in the afternoon. Soon after taking another bite, I had people to watch.

The bell on the door rang and I peeked back behind me discreetly, but then held my glance as an absolute mountain of a woman appeared. She just barely cleared the door and walked in at a ponderous gate, swinging her arms in what looked like a laborious effort to waddle across the room. Another women nearly her size followed closely behind her, looking nervous and scanning the room like a scared mouse. My eyes followed the pair until the second women's eyes met mine, noticing my stare. I turned back to my bagel, trying to ignore them, but then found myself compelled to look up again after the two passed me and approached the counter in back.

The lead woman was dressed in a black dress the size of a tent with a dark, flowery, scarf falling about her shoulders and back beneath long brown hair. My astonishment at her sheer size failed to subside as I watched the pair order and pay. Her rump was the size of a large beanbag, the dress hanging over it stopping just above calves which were almost as thick and round as they were tall. As she turned to talk with her friend her profile left me no less astounded, her breasts were enormously round and rested atop a stomach that extended nearly beyond her reach. She turned back to the counter, her arms hanging out at her sides at nearly forty-five degree angles due to the beach ball shape of her body and her gigantic upper arms, which themselves were well over a foot in diameter.

It was then that her friend, a slightly smaller replica of herself, nervously noticed my stare a second time and once again and sent my attention back to my bagel, which I had nearly forgotten about.

I took another bite and noticed the two large forms in the periphery of my vision growing larger as they approached with their food. Feeling embarrassed for having stared, and looking down pretending to fidget with some things in my bag, I was mortified when the two approached even closer with their trays held out at full reach and set them down in the booth I was facing, immediately next to mine. The second woman shot me another rueful glance, but I was relieved when she took the side of the booth facing away from me, the wooden bench creaking sharply under her weight. The first woman then slowly lowered her bulk into her own seat, the bench groaning even more heavily as she slid into the booth, facing me directly.

I battled my curiosity as I ate, trying not to stare. The first woman took a bite of her food, lifting her bagel the considerable distance over her chest to her mouth, elbows resting on her sides. I watched her round face as she chewed, her neck hidden by her chin, and found my gaze glued to her. She swallowed and talked with her friend, and her face beamed with a bright, gentile smile. Forgetting about my food again, still stupefied by how immense she was, I stared absently at her for some time until her eyes quickly met mine and then looked away just as quickly. I felt my face flush but continued to stare until she glanced up again, studying me briefly before looking away again. That second look jolted me; she looked me over the way a parent would keep an eye on a child, keeping herself aware of my actions but otherwise focused on her conversation with her friend (which I was too enthralled to catch a word of).

I looked back at my neglected bagel for a moment but glanced up again when I heard her move. She reached under her breasts to adjust her bra, her arms straining to lift her chest and fix the fabric beneath them. She jiggled everywhere as she heaved her chest twice and slid things into place, and then glanced up to catch me staring a third time, noting me with the same brief but knowing glance as before. My embarrassment was overwhelming this time and I quickly looked down to grab my coffee, which was now lukewarm.

Before long the couple had finished, quickly outpacing my distracted eating. Each slid out from the booth with some difficulty and rose slowly to their feet, making their way to the trash by the counter. I was quick enough this time to avert my eyes before they turned around to head for the door. I took a bite of food and kept my eyes bashfully on my tray as the two approached, but my heart started racing when the two large forms, impossible to miss out of the corner of my eye, slowed and stopped dead right in front of my booth. I tried to ignore them but had to look up after a few endless seconds to see the larger woman facing me squarely. We stared at one another for a moment.

"You seem to be very interested in the way we look?" the larger woman inquired, almost smiling, a wry but not angry look on her face.

I was so dumbfounded that I probably could not have answered her even without a mouthful of bagel. My face burning hot with embarrassment and my heart thumping, I stared vacantly at her for some time before managing to squeak, "I..."

"Well, I might just see you later, then." she said, almost laughing, before winking at her friend and swinging a great arm around to get herself moving toward the door.

Still aghast, I chewed quickly as the two met the door and left, the bell ringing and then falling silent. I look around the empty restaurant and quickly finished my bagel before nervously gathering my things and sneaking out.

I arrived at the house I was renting for the semester and locked the front door behind me, still a bit spooked by the encounter. As I settled in I comforted myself with reassurances that this woman was probably just some oversensitive kook whom I would never see again, and my thoughts eventually turned to the movie I had rented earlier, which I popped into the VCR before grabbing a bottle of Weiss and settling on the sofa. The movie that looked so interesting in the store turned out to be a pretentious bore which, with some help from the beer, quickly put me to sleep. I was tired and slept deeply for several hours before being roused by a firm rap on the door.

Addled and groggy, wondering who the hell would be at the door at nearly midnight, I absently opened the door and was startled into alertness by the imposing figure of the fat woman, still wearing the same black dress and scarf.

"Hi, remember me?" she said somewhat mockingly, but with the same gentile smile she wore earlier that night.

"My god", I started, somewhat scared, "really I..."

"I have something for you!" she said quietly before raising an open hand and blowing a gust of sparkly dust into my face. The cloud swept quickly over my face, strangely cool and sweet-smelling, and I got a good nose full of the powder, choking briefly and ducking back from it, trying to clear my eyes and figure out what was happening. "Don't worry, I'll check up on you soon" I heard her say before finally clearing my watering eyes enough to see her shut the door behind herself.

I had a strange flowery-sweet taste in my mouth, and the panic you would expect me to feel was strangely absent; I felt utterly confused but somehow serene. I looked out the window in time to see a car backing out of the drive and heading up the street, the engine's sound fading in the distance and leaving me in a bewildered silence.

I backed into the house and tried to clear my head. Had I been poisoned? Should I call the police? How did this woman know where I lived - did she follow me home? My questioning was interrupted as a strange weakness washed over my whole body, followed by a faint tingling sensation which began to grow.

Now I began to panic, sure that I had been poisoned. I started to run to the phone in my bedroom but made it just inside the door before being overwhelmed. I stopped, wavering, and backed against the wall for support. I was tingling all over and dizziness spun through my head as I let myself slide down and sit against the wall on the wooden floor. Breathing heavily, feeling hot, my head absolutely swimming, it occurred to me again that I might die if I didn't make it to the phone. I looked to my left at the phone on the night stand and started to move for it, reaching around with my right hand, when an electric tingling drew my attention to my chest.

I felt myself through my T-shirt and noticed how fleshy the area had become. I stopped in disbelief and felt myself more carefully; I could feel my chest on each side slowing filling each hand more and more. That this was actually happening took a minute or more to sink in, by which time my hands were holding two soft mounds of flesh. It occurred to me at last, breasts?

Breasts? I pulled my shirt over my spinning head and threw it aside, and two steadily enlarging breasts were filling my hands as I watched them. My nipples were growing in diameter, the peaks thickening, absolutely no hair left on my chest. My awe was interrupted by a cutting tightness around my waist, and looking down toward my belt I saw only my fleshy stomach, which had grown over the top of my pants. Handfuls of flesh filled my hands as I felt my belly, also growing steadily, the uncomfortable tightness increasing. I dug underneath the growing flab and managed at last to unlatch my belt and jeans, which had also grown strangely tight. I struggled to peel off my pants and felt my whole front move in ways it never had before, breasts falling to one side and then the other, my belly jiggling faintly.

Still weak and exhausted by stripping, I slumped back against the wall and felt myself squish out >from beneath myself as I sat down, and grabbed at still more flesh growing, my ass becoming wider and rounder. I managed to raise myself to kneel and examine my bottom with my hands; looking down I was absolutely amazed at how much of me there was! My hips were wide and round, and I couldn't even reach around to the middle of my ass. I leaned forward and felt down the backs of my legs and was distracted as my breasts, larger and heavier than before, bounced on my stomach. I grabbed at the outside of my right thigh and felt it swing heavily against my left thigh. I tried to reach further under my leg, but met with a feeling like I had pillows under each arm. I raised my arm to look under it and saw huge, fleshy upper arms, swinging pendulously and brushing against the fat sides of my body where my breasts merged with my growing sides. I tried to kneel up higher to look around the room when I realized I was already kneeling straight up; my thighs had grown down to rest on meaty, round calves.

I looked around and caught sight of the mirror across the room and was stupefied by the sight of another person which I gradually realized was me. Staring back out of the mirror was a kneeling, naked fat woman, with enormous round breasts atop a pear-shaped body, an enormous ass, and wide, round legs. I couldn't believe that the dumbstruck face with the gaping jaw was my own; a round, womanly face with a giant, round double chin resting on her chest. I turned my head from side to side, feeling my chin rub on my neck, and the figure in the mirror did the same. I slid my hands under my breasts and lifted them, amazed at their weight and how it actually felt to have them, and the woman in the mirror did the same. Awe overcame panic as I noticed I couldn't see my pubic area, because of my huge belly and my thighs, which were still growing and starting to force my knees apart. I squeezed my thighs together, amazed at how they kept moving along with my butt after I stopped, but felt nothing protruding there.

My knees, now forced further apart, were beginning to hurt fiercely >from kneeling as I realized how much weight they were bearing, and I awkwardly slumped back to a sitting position against the wall. I felt flesh moving everywhere and was surprised at the effort it took to support myself with my left arm as I slid my right leg out from under me. I settled my rump on the floor and swung my other leg out, resting in an almost reclining position on my huge behind, unable to sit straight up due to the massive round stomach resting on my legs, and my breasts, which now blocked my view of my stomach. My legs were almost two feet wide at the knee, and they jutted out in a V from beneath my massive bulk.

I looked in the mirror again and saw what looked like a huge mound of flesh, a ridiculous parody of a woman. I closed my eyes and felt my body still tingling everywhere, still growing. I brought my hands to my face and covered my eyes, my upper arms dragging over my body and just allowing me to reach my face. I let my arms fall back to rest on my sides, hanging out sideways at an angle. I heaved a difficult deep breath under the weight of my chest, and felt my breasts slide somewhat to hang over the sides of my stomach. I looked around the room and panic slowly returned as I saw the phone.

I tried to lean forward and sit up, but the masses of flesh in front of me forced me back into my reclining position. I reached to put a hand on the floor and push myself up, but couldn't reach the floor around my huge sides. I tried to move my legs, now jutting out in jumping-jack position, but couldn't manage to do more than jiggle my whole body. I started thrashing furiously from side to side and managed to get a hand on the floor, swinging my body over, but before I could try to stand the momentum of my massive body followed through, and I rolled completely over on my back again in the middle of the floor.

My heart started racing and the tingling intensified again, probably because the exercise that the struggling required speeded up my system, and the change process along with it. I actually felt the growth increase, my stomach filling out in one big round ball that stood up just visibly over my breasts, which were now beach ball size and rested heavily on my chest, spilling into my armpits. I could feel my pelvis lifting as my ass grew still larger. My arms were so thick that the flesh of my shoulders touched my round cheeks. I tried to feel my body with my hands but couldn't bring them to touch anything but my soft sides, which I could just manage by bending my elbows. I struggled about in another tantrum but could do no more than bounce my two-foot wide calves on the floor, my thighs never leaving the ground, and my whole body jiggling madly. Again my heart raced, and breathing was laborious beneath the weight of my chest and stomach.

I finally settled down as the tingling started to recede, and I was left helpless on the floor in jumping-jack position, unable to raise anything buy my forearms. I was at least six feet wide from hip to hip, and my stomach stood up four feet off the floor. Even my fingers were forced apart by the fat between them, making them unable to close into a fist.

"Grrrrhh!" I screamed, shocked by the deep but clearly female voice that rang out. With that I gave in and lay there sobbing with a female voice, an enormously round pile of flesh quivering with each breath.

After sobbing for an indeterminate period of time, my heart raced again as I heard the front door open and close, followed by slow steps on a groaning floor. I raised my chin and looked up over my head along the floor to see her stop at the door to the room.

"There, you look beautiful!" she exclaimed, smiling radiantly. My anger flared as her hips brushed the door and she came to stand beside me, but I looked into her eyes and felt dizzy and, suddenly, strangely calm. She looked lovingly at me, and I was entranced by her face. I felt like I was a child looking into the face of an adult, someone I could rely on to care for me. Jiggling everywhere, I started sobbing again, but plaintively this time, like a hurt child.

"But you're of no use stuck here like this, are you?" she said. She emptied a pouch of dust into her hand and blew it over my face, the same flowery smell enveloping me. "Meet me tomorrow morning for breakfast at the Uptown Cafe at nine. And here, you'll need the things in this bag".

She slowly retrieved a duffel bag from the front room and set it on the bed before heading back for the door. "And don't worry, sweetie, you'll be fine, OK?" she said sweetly before I heard the front door open and close again and the house fall silent.

The tingling started again almost immediately, only I felt myself settling and growing smaller. I raised my hands to feel my huge breasts reduce, and saw beyond them my belly falling. I was able to move my legs slightly closer together, and breathing became a bit easier. I was elated as movement became more possible and hopes that I would return to normal took hold. After a short time, however, the tingling stopped. I was still huge but my movement was less restricted.

I managed to get a hand on the floor and heave myself, with heroic effort, to my feet. The feeling of standing was incredible as my bulk swayed and then finally settled. I looked in the mirror; I was at least the size of the woman herself, gigantic upper arms forcing my arms out at an angle to rest on my sides, which sloped out under them. My stomach was one big round ball, a slight fold passing over a deep bellybutton in the middle that I couldn't even reach to feel. My breasts sat on my belly, gigantic, impossible, the size of beach balls, huge nipples at the ends. My hips were probably four feet wide, and below them, my legs were much bigger around than my chest used to be. My knees were thick with fat, and below them my calves were as big around as basketballs. I tried to move closer to the mirror and found I had to swing my arms to get started, and had to waddle ridiculously for my thighs to clear one another. I tried to walk normally but found that just couldn't move forward otherwise.

I waddled back further from the mirror so that I could see all of myself in it again and felt my calves bouncing with each step, every part of me moving ponderously, my legs carrying much more weight than they were used to. I looked back in the mirror, still awe struck. I had a round woman's face, in which I could still see features of my own, the same short brown hair, but a the smaller nose and softer skin, and a huge jowl of a chin that hung down, making my face appear larger than it was.

"Hello?" I said, testing my voice, shocked still to hear a woman's voice emerge. Standing there naked and dazed in the middle of the room, I eventually tried to decide what on earth to do next.

Looking around, I saw the bag the fat woman had left on the bed. 'The fat woman', I thought to myself, glancing again in the mirror. I waddled over to the bed and bent down, my arms squeezing my breasts together, and unzipped the bag. Inside it was the biggest pair of blue jeans I had ever seen. I held them up and thought they looked ridiculously wide, but then noticed that I was only holding them as wide as my behind currently was. Also in the bag was a huge black T-shirt, a bra reminiscent of a double parachute, a pair of cotton panties, also enormous, and a pair of women's tennis shoes.

I put the underwear on, almost losing my balance as I lifted each leg. I had to spread my legs wide as I stood to get the underwear past my thighs, after which I reached around and was just able to grab them and pull them over my behind before fitting my belly in the front. The jeans went on next, with some difficulty. They fit perfectly, but getting that much flesh into them wasn't easy. I buttoned and zipped them in front, just able to do so around my stomach, and then waddled to the mirror again. The jeans fit snugly but comfortably, and I looked like a giant balloon from the waist down.

Picking up the bra next, I fumbled with it for a minute, trying to figure out what went where, and finally slipped it on my arms, lifting each heavy breast one at a time into the cups. I struggled to reach the clasps in back but couldn't do so with such huge arms and being so big around, so I removed it and hooked all six clasps first before squeezing into it. Finally getting things in place I realized why women wore these things; the heavy pull I had been feeling in front was relieved as the wide straps on my shoulders bore some of the weight. I pulled the T-shirt on and looked in the mirror again.

The outfit showed off every bit of my size. I was round as a ball, breasts even rounder now with some help from the bra. I stared at myself with every bit of the fascination I felt watching the woman at the Bagel Boutique, only doubled, because I actually inhabited this body. I grabbed my stomach and tried to squeeze it back in, make it smaller, but the fat bulged around my fingers and bounced back out with a wiggle. I pushed my breasts in, trying to make them go away, but they fell back down, real as ever. I pushed my hips and ass in, not believing all this was really me, and it all sprung back out with a soft bounce.

My musing was interrupted by the alarm clock going off. Disoriented, I looked over at the clock and saw that it was 8 a.m.; I hadn't even noticed the light of morning through the window. The thought of meeting this woman at the Uptown seemed unreal, like a dream, but the mirror confirmed that I really had no choice. I looked like an ancient fertility doll in jeans and a T-shirt and could do nothing about it.

I opened the front door and stepped into the cool air, wishing I had a jacket that would fit me. Getting into my car was tricky; I turned sideways and let myself fall into the seat, and the whole car nearly bottomed out beneath my weight. My rump squeezed against the door and arm rest and my belly and breasts pressed against the wheel as I drove downtown and found a place to park two blocks from the Uptown Cafe.

I had to pull myself out of the car with all my strength, falling back into the seat once, and once I was on my feet I noticed several people staring at me. It hit me suddenly that I was in public - my whole reality for the past twelve hours had included only myself and the woman, and I felt pierced by the stares of everyone I passed as I waddled laboriously down the street, slowly, swinging my arms out at my sides, my tush jiggling madly behind me, breasts bouncing >from side to side atop my belly with each step. I saw a couple across the street actually point at me, alternately staring and looking at one another in disbelief.

I passed an older man and asked him for the time, still startled by my female voice. "It's eight thirty, young lady", the man said, looking me up and down, the reference to my gender still catching me off guard. I arrived at the uptown and settled myself down carefully on a bench outside, reclining, still not able to sit straight up, and waited. Not one person passed without a double-take, most staring more obviously at me. A few people returned my smile, but most were looking at something other than my face. I was accustomed to being able to walk down the street without attracting any attention to myself, and all the staring was starting to make me feel nervous.

"So, you made it! How wonderful. We have so much to talk about, and the food her is wonderful" the woman exclaimed suddenly, standing at my side. With some effort I stood and looked at her, still in shock that any of this was happening. "You've filled out quite nicely, haven't you?" she smiled.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I asked, "Am I stuck like this forever? What are you going to do with me?"

The feeling of being a child talking to an adult returned; I hoped that she would take care of me, knowing that she was the only person I had to turn to.

"Oh, we'll have plenty of time to talk about that. Let's go inside. They have wide, comfortable seats here for big women like us" she said, winking at me.

I followed her in, hips brushing the door, waddling immediately behind her, looking nervously around at the people staring from their booths.


The Fat Lady copyright 1997 by Anonymous.

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