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Fleeing Gods

by M.A. Mohanraj

Helena struggled out of sleep, blinking her eyes hazily against the darkened room. It had been a most vivid dream. Since she'd left her spineless husband and the regular supply of dull sex, she'd often had erotic dreams Somehow none had been quite this...explicit. A tongue had licked her instep, her toes. Teeth had nibbled on her calves. She had almost been able to feel the muscled body, the sensuous hands caressing her thighs, her hips. She could almost hear his heavy panting, and smell his strong breath.

Actually, she could still smell that strong breath, that unmistakable mixture of strong spirits and poor oral hygiene. There was a strong scent of aroused male in the room. Helena suddenly sat up and switched on her halogen lamp, ready to grab it and crack it on the skull of any would-be rapist.

As the light flooded the room, an immense man reared up on the bed and away from her, raising a hairy arm to block his eyes from the light.

"Shut that off, wench! You'll ruin the mood!"

Wench? What kind of man calls a woman wench? Helena relaxed a little, still retaining her firm grip on the lamp, and peered at the impressive stranger in her bedroom.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him, quite calmly, she thought.

"Seducing you!" he thundered. "What does it look like I'm doing?" He lowered his arm a bit, piercing blue eyes blinking in the light like those of a dazed deer. Helena stared intently at him, hungrily drinking in the obvious strength in those arms, that chest. The man was positively bristling with hair, and muscles bulged under the thick brown coat. Something else bulged too, an enormous penis that stood out proudly from his naked body. Helena had been married for seven years, and bar-hopping for three, but she had never seen anything to match this before. She licked her lips.

He blinked at her, looking a little confused. Then he seemed to gather himself together. He started shouting again.

"Fear not, fair maiden. I am the greatest of lovers, reknowned in seven kingdoms and across seventy seas. No harm will come to thee!"

Helena winced at the volume. "Could you lower your voice a little?" she asked, as she started to shift her body, preparatory to sitting up. The man immediately flung himself down on her, pinning her to the bed. Helena just lay there, enjoying the weight of his body on hers, the teasing scritch of curly chest hair against her nipples.

"My apologies, maiden, but I cannot have you turning into a bull, or a swan, or trying to run away" he said, in a voice slightly softer than before.

A bull? A swan? A strange suspicion started dancing through Helena's head. "Just what did you say your name was?" she asked him.

The man's chest swelled proudly, incidentally crushing her breasts beneath it. "I am Zeus, ruler of Olympus, seducer of maidens, wielder of the thunderbolt....and you shall not escape me!"

"Why would I want to?" Helena practically cooed, as she laced her arms around his thick neck. That would explain how he got into her locked bedroom, the odd dream she'd been would explain a lot of things. She began rubbing her naked body against his, maneuvering so he could slide that gorgeous tool into the place where it belonged.

"Sorry?" he said. His voice suddenly seemed much less like massive thundering, and more like a pitiful squeak. He held his body very stiff as he stared down at her. While stiff was good in some ways, his stillness was somewhat of a problem now, as she couldn't get to quite the position she needed. "Are you not afraid of me? Will you not shift your form into a thousand others so as to escape? Will you not turn into a tree, a pebble, a breath of breeze?"

"Honey, I can't shift my form into even one other." Helena replied. She raked her nails along his back, and writhed her body underneath his, hoping to stimulate a response. His response wasn't quite what she expected.

"But it is simple. Even the shepherd maids of Greece knew how. Let me show you," he said. And with that, she felt an odd sort of twist in her brain, strange enough to make her pause a second in her feverish groping. Suddenly she knew how to change forms, how to become a thousand creatures of wind and flesh and earth. Zeus smiled in triumph above her. "Now, will you run?" he asked.

"Mmm....I don't think so," Helena said. With that, she used her newfound knowledge to stretch her body, adding several inches to her height, and not so incidentally enabling her to finally slip that stiff penis inside her dripping cunt. Helena gasped then, and bit down on his rock-hard shoulder. She started to slide back and forth, almost gnawing on his skin as she did so.

"But they always run," Zeus said. He sounded dismayed. "I cannot believe women have changed so in the mere millenia that Hera and I spent travelling ...surely you are unnatural, a freak?"

Helena kept moving as she replied, "Well, my appetite's maybe a bit bigger than most women's, but I think I'm pretty typical nowadays." Suddenly, that feeling of delicious fullness started to disappear. Helena looked up in sudden suspicion. "Hey, if you're a god, surely you can keep it up?"

Zeus started to pull himself away. "You are a hellish imitation of a true woman. I will go and find a more feminine being in whom to spend my heavenly seed. You cannot expect me to perform with a creature as unwomanly as yourself. It would be...unnatural!"

Helena suddenly clung even harder, wrapping her long (extremely long) legs around his muscular form. "Not so fast, boy. You look to be the best lay I've had in a long time." Helena's mind continued the sentence; 'with potentially infinite endurance.' "You're not getting away until I get what you promised earlier. And not until I get it several times."

Zeus moaned in dismay, and suddenly changed himself into a porcupine. But Helena changed her skin into an odd fur, and stuck to him like velcro. He wailed in horror, and changed himself into a lightning bolt. But she changed into a storm, and blew out all the windows as she surrounded him. Zeus moaned as he turned into a waterfall, pouring out of her forty-seventh floor windows. But she turned into a river right below him, and engulfed his sweet essence. It was then that he really started to run.

Helena chased him down the highway, causing the early morning traffic jams to become early morning wrecking sites, as the heavenly dawn filled the sky. Irate businessmen in suits leaning out their car windows could hear a male voice, whimpering on the wind as the pair disappeared over the horizon. It was clearly calling, "Hera? Saaaaaaaave meeeeeeeee........" The ones who listened carefully even heard a soft chuckle of what might have been goddess laughter as they hurriedly pulled their heads back inside, and quickly rolled up the windows.

Copyright © 1994 M.A. Mohanraj

Fleeing Gods copyright 1996 by M.A. Mohanraj.

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