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Playing Horse

by Tekwolf

"Hi, I'm John and I have a passion for horses. I have three of my own and I really enjoy watching them run in the pasture. I spent all of my savings to buy my farm, so that I could have a place for them. I had always liked them since my parents had taken me to the state fair and let me ride the ponies when I was little. My folks could never afford a horse for me no matter how I begged. Horses got to be quite an obsession. My room was full of all types of pictures and every horse calendar that I could find. Most other boys had girlie pictures, but not me! I wouldn't waste the wall space. Don't get me wrong, I liked girls, but just not enough to hang their pictures everywhere.

There had been a stable several miles from our house and I worked all kind of odd jobs to make enough money for riding lessons and after I had learned to ride, I spent every spare dime with the stable. In time I managed to get the owner to hire me and take out my wages in riding time. This is why I now own my own farm and horses. Two are mares and one is a gelding. Each of the horses has a distinct personality. Sally, is a quarter horse mare of medium height and has a sweet disposition. Every night when I feed them, she always nuzzles me before she eats, while the other two are feeding their faces. It seems as though she is thanking me beforehand. I know. I'm giving a horse, human traits, but it really seems true.

Hazel is the other mare. She is somewhat of a mix breed. I just liked her looks and bought her. She is a crafty devil and prone to playing tricks on me. I was filling the water trough one night, when she shoved me with that big nose and I fell into the water. I could swear that she was laughing at me. I decided to teach her a lesson one night and feed the others first, but when I bent over, she bit me in the butt. I learned not to turn by back to her again. Buck was the gelding. He was a line back dun. He and I got along real well and he was my choice for riding most of the time. For one thing, he was immensely strong and I never felt like I was a burden to him. Also, he was even tempered and not prone to getting easily frightened. Both of the mares had thrown me at one time or another, but Buck never had. The other two were jealous when Buck and I went for a ride and left them home. Jim was a friend that I had gone to school with. He had gone on to become a doctor. His area of expertise, was genetics. I don't know why he had liked me in school, we were opposites. He got good grades and was always on the honor list, while I didn't and was always in trouble. We remained friends through the years, as his research facility was just across town from me. I went in for a visit one day, when he rushed out babbling about a new breakthrough. He had attached a genetic code to a benign virus and injected it into a mouse and the mouse's DNA was temporarily rewritten into the different genetic code. I really didn't know what this meant, but as usual he put it in terms that I could understand. The mouse had changed into a sparrow for about five days, before reverting to its original form. After the second transformation, it was dead. Apparently its mind couldn't cope with the transformations.

This was really cool. He just took cells from the bird and added them to the solution of virus and injected them. In about ten minutes, the virus had duplicated enough for the transformation to begin. This new discovery could be the answer to many diseases, that had plagued humanity for years. The applications were unlimited. "Would this work on a human," I asked. A germ of a thought was forming in my mind. "Yes, in theory it would, but it would be unethical to test it without much more research," he said. I was beginning to form a plan. It was a fantasy that I had, that might now be a reality. He had made up several vials of virus solution, and I had no problem stealing one when he wasn't looking. We said our good-bys and I went home.

I began to make plans. I took vacation from work for a couple of weeks and made arrangements for a local boy to come by and feed the horses every day. As I worked for a veterinary supply company, it was no problem to get a sample of frozen horse semen, which my company supplied to universities for animal husbandry experiments. I started my vacation on Friday and couldn't wait to try my own experiment. I went into the barn and took off my clothes and stored them safely away and then started. I carefully added the semen into the vial. The solution was white for a moment, then returned to a clear state again. I brought the vial to my lips and drank. I didn't see any harm to me. After all, the mouse had changed back and I had always wondered what it was like to be a horse. I believed that my human mind could handle the change that the mouse couldn't.

At first, I didn't notice any change. After all, it took the mouse ten minutes to start to change and I was much bigger than a mouse. After thirty minutes, when nothing had happened, I sat on a hay bale and started to think that it wasn't going to work. I felt a strange pulling sensation at my stomach and looked down. What I saw was incredible. My crotch was radically altered. The penis was now in a furred sheath that was attached to my stomach. As I looked, it slid out and I was shocked at the size. The testicles, were ten time normal size and were covered with a brown fuzz, as was my whole crotch. As I watched, my skin started to darken and grow hair of the same type. I felt a pushing sensation at my back and looked back to find a tail. My back tickled and I saw that I had a mane of long, back hair. The changes accelerated now. My hands, uncontrollably balled into tight fists and the nails started creeping over the whole bottom half and the bones of my arms were lengthening. My stomach was expanding, as I felt myself growing taller. My spine was growing longer and my chest was ballooning out. Soon, as my spine continued to curve, I found that I couldn't remain upright. I fell to all fours and with a sharp crack my pelvis realigned and widened. I was getting much larger overall. It seemed strange to have a mostly human head on a horse body, but that was soon remedied. The pressure built in my head and as my face expanded outward, my neck lengthened. My eyesight got slightly blurred and I could see my new nose forward of my eyes. Everything seemed to snap into place and I was a horse. This was wild! I was a horse. I took a step forward and felt my new body respond. Actually I found that I could feel everything with more clarity. It seemed as though I had more awareness than before. Cool. This was what I had hoped for. I lifted my head and took a deep breath. The smells were overpowering. I could recognize human and horse. There was food over there and then I smelled FEMALES! I nosed the barn door open and went outside. I followed the smell to its source and found Sally and Hazel. They were at the food trough eating. There was another scent, but I didn't pay it much attention, as it didn't seem a threat. I was glad Buck was a gelding. I wouldn't have to share. SHARE! What was I thinking? I realized that I had new instincts. Controlling them was going to be tough. I had enough trouble controlling the new body and the instincts were overwhelming me. Without thinking I had reached down while thinking and munched grass. I ambled over toward the source of the intriguing smell. The mares. Apparently Sally was coming into heat. I slid in behind her, even as she moved her tail aside in welcome. I had to stop. This was immoral, at least to the human me. The stallion won out and I slid up her back and mounted her. Ecstasy, unlike anything I had ever felt, totally drowned the human. The stallion finished his task and dismounted. He moved to the water though and drank. He raised his head and trumpeted a challenge to the world. There was no competition, for his herd, but he didn't know this. I came to, lying on the wet grass. It was morning. Where was I and how had I got here? The answer was not forth coming from my fogged brain. Suddenly, I felt a nose in my back and as I looked up, there was Sally. Realization of what had happened came back to me in a flood. I scrambled up and made for the barn. I started to put on my clothes, when I noticed to my horror, that I was not completely human. While my penis and testicles had returned to human size, they were definitely not! They retained the horse like hair and the furry sheath. Feeling horrified, I ran into the house to find a mirror and see myself. I went into the bathroom, where there was a full length mirror. I saw several other things that I found hard to believe. In addition to the equipment change, there was a vestigial tail. I hung down toward my knees and I found that I could move it some. There was still a mane down my back. It looked strange on my human back, starting at the base of my neck and extending down almost to the crack of my butt, where my tail was. Stunned, I stood there and looked. I thought about it and realized that I could conceal almost everything with clothes, but I didn't want to live with it forever! I had to find Jim! Jim was really no help. Sure, he poked and prodded me. He took blood samples from different parts of my body and other cell samples. He seemed fascinated with my situation. I suspect that he had wondered if it would work on a human, but was afraid to try it. After days of this treatment he asked me to come over, so he could explain. Jim told me that my body was still in flux. That is, that the human and horse DNA were both fighting for control. The balance seemed to be fairly even. There was more human than horse DNA, but the animal DNA was stronger. The areas that he had sampled that had looked like a horse, were from a horse. He couldn't explain how this was occurring. It seemed to be a side effect of the transforming agent. He just had not done enough study on it yet. Jim warned me to avoid any situations that would stimulate my system in any way. Depending on what stimulus occurred, it might let either DNA win out over the other. Gods, I had to be careful. And for several months I was. I was careful in my feeding and Handling of the horses and tried not to get over stressed at work.

Work was a real bitch. You have no idea how hard it is to wear clothes over the tail and other parts. I also realized quickly that when I sweated, I began to smell like a horse. It seemed that my scent glands were still horse. I wore a lot of cologne and tried not to get bothered. When I did start to smell, most people would contribute it to the fact that I sold vet supplies. They assumed that I had something to do with horses. Jim continued to research for a cure and came over at least once a week to check on me and tell me what he had found. There was never any good news though. I seemed to remain the same .I got home from work one day and being sort of stressed, I decided to go for a ride. I saddled Hazel and led her from the coral. I mounted and we started away from the house, up a trail.

We had gone several miles and Hazel was lathered, when I noticed that I had a hard on. This wasn't right. Why was I getting excited from riding? It had never happened before. Hazel was acting strangely also. I stopped and got down and removed the saddle. I wanted to see if there was some kind of burr under the blanket. I found nothing. As I handled Hazel, I realized that I was getting uncomfortable. My jeans were awfully tight and there was an uncomfortable hitch in my back. I don't know why I didn't realize right away what was happening. I smelled a scent that sent shivers through me. I had been smelling this for a while and didn't know it. I knew that smell from somewhere and couldn't place it. Suddenly there was a ripping sound and my behind surged outward and split my jeans wide open. As I looked back, I saw a full tail and a hairy butt. Oh shit! Not again! I was becoming a horse again. Now I remembered the smell! Hazel was in heat. The same as Sally was before when I was a horse. Apparently, this was the catalyst that the horse DNA needed. My chest and stomach swelled and my arms straightened as my shoulders changed. My legs burst the pants as they grew and bent. I already had hooves on my back feet and on my front also. I was gaining mass as my neck lengthened and my face pushed out. The smell became absorbing. Found myself wanting to repeat the experience from before. Strangely The horse part didn't become stronger. The instincts were there, but this time I was able to somewhat guide them. I felt my now enormous penis slide from its sheath as I completed the change into horse. This time when I mounted my mare, I remembered.

After it was over and I was satisfied, I wondered to myself if I would ever be human again. Did it really matter to me? The answer was no. Being a horse felt some how right. I had my own small herd now and a large pasture to live in. What more could a horse ask for? I hoped Jim remembered my instructions to him, if this happened. Maybe its what I wanted all along. The breeze shifted and the scent of heat was strong again. Time to be a stallion!

Playing Horse copyright 1997 by Tekwolf.

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