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The Wanderer


This story is one of many in the explorations of Kiyoshi/Kira. This one is later in his long life, where he has gained considerable control over the forces of magic, and the mind. If there is any interest in more stories about Kiyoshi/Kira, please email me and I'll see what I can do. This story took about 4 weeks to finally get down. So, don't expect instant stories to pop up. I work a full time job in addition to my Internet activities, so it may take a bit. Comments are allways welcome, story idea's considered. Even character suggestions for traveling companions. Please send flames to the bit-bucket.

BTW, I was using Kira as the name for his female personality long before I purchased an internet account, so there is no intentional simularity between him/her and the other "Kira" in

Thanks for reading!

Striding through the Circle, He appeared in a tunnel of some type. It seemed unused, It went in two directions. He reached out empathically, and felt them, people above. Picking a direction, he walked. After what seemed like hours, he came to a ladder and started climbing. After 4 levels, he came to a grate, gave it a shove and pulled himself up.

"Back alley. How convenient." he spoke to himself. He re-covered the hole and proceeded to start looking about. "Not many people here, I wonder if there is anyone interesting to play with." Again to no one. After an hour of walking about, a man of about 5'4" and very muscular approached. Kiyoshi could see the Security guards trying to be in obvious. He stopped.

"Excuse me. You looking for something?"

Kiyoshi turned, at a full seven feet in height, he was a very odd oriental. "No, not particularly."

"You mind telling me what you're doing?"

"Exploring. If you wish to learn more, you'll have to walk with me." and he turned and started walking.

The man followed, "Name's Richard Lucas. Yours?"

"Kiyoshi." The guards where well trained, they moved out of his path before he ever 'saw' them.

"Kiyoshi.... I see. You have a purpose on Venus One?"

Kiyoshi stopped. "Venus? What's the year?"


"Yes, Year!"


"Hmmmmmmmmmm...... missed again."

"Who are you?"

"A Traveler. You have somewhere private to speak?"

"My office. This way." Kiyoshi followed. At the door a sign read 'Richard Lucas, Administrator.' They both entered, once inside, Richard took the seat behind the large oak desk. "Would you mind explaining yourself to me? You an Earth agent?"

"Earth agent? No, simply a traveler from the future."

"Uh huh."

"Don't look so surprised. Do you not believe Temporal Travel is possible?"

"Sure. Someday." Kiyoshi could read him like a book, no empathic control at all. "And Captain Kirk is a real starship Captain."

"He is, or will be, as the case may be." Kiyoshi reached into a pocket and pulled out a Phaser.

"I have one of those too." Richard spoke, pulling one from the desk, he pressed the button, and the lights flashed and it made toy Phaser sounds. "See?"

"Yes, but, mine is real." Kiyoshi pointed it at the coat rack and promptly disintegrated it. Richard's face went slack.

"What do you want?"

"You, Richard. Would you like to explore time with me?"

Richard looked at him dumfounded. "Is that a real offer? Don't you have a Prime Plot device, or something like that?"

"No, I'm not part of the Federation. Realize though, it won't always be Future times, A lot of it will be in the past as well."

"Yes, but I have an obligation here first."

"A man of Duty? I can appreciate that. When?"

"Three years, 42 days, 7 hours, 12 minutes."

"I'll return here, to this office in eleven hundred and thirty eight days." Kiyoshi snapped his fingers and disappeared.

** The next three years where very grueling for Richard. He counted down the days. Would the stranger return when he said he would? He hoped so. Richard packed a bag a full week before the scheduled return of Kiyoshi. Inside the bag, on the top, a Laz Pistol and several extra energy cells.


Richard stood pacing the floor of his office. "Did you lie to me, Kiyoshi? Just pull my chain?" He said, speaking out loud to no one, or so he thought.

"I wouldn't do that, Richard." Watching with amusement as Richard jumped, "Are you ready to travel?"

"Yes!" Richard grabbed his pack.

"Good. This way." Kiyoshi started walking towards a blank wall, as he approached a black circle of what looked like blue lightning flashing across it appeared.

"Through that!?!"

"Yes." Kiyoshi grabbed his arm and pulled him through.


Richard could tell they had traveled. Other than the twist in his stomach, the night was balmy, and the air was fresh, not like it was in the dome on Venus. "Where are we?"

"How should I know?"

"Huh? You're a time traveler and don't even know where you are?"

"Why do you think I explore when I arrive some place?"

Richard looked dumb founded. "Can you take me back home?"


Richard fainted. When he awoke, he was lying on a stone slab, the sun beating down on his body. Kiyoshi was laying across from him. A young woman wrapped in his arms. She didn't look very happy. Kiyoshi noticed that he was awake, and opened his arms to let her go. She promptly got up and moved away. She was wearing a toga, and her features where definitely of Greek origin.

"You may go girl. Don't send the guards again, or I'll have to hurt them." She scampered off.

"What was that about?"

"I told her that if she just stayed here while we slept, no harm would come to her, it also kept her guards from annoying us."

"Have you figured out where we are?"

"Yes, Greece. Care to go for a walk? There is a city a few miles down the road." Kiyoshi got up, Richard following suit.


They walked through town, getting odd looks now and again. Kiyoshi in his woodsmans garb with the large cloak, and Richard in pants, boots and shirt. Kiyoshi turned and walked into a building. A tavern of some type. Kiyoshi sat at a table, as did Richard. A few moments later an attractive young woman walked up and asked something in Greek that Richard could not understand. Kiyoshi replied calmly in English, the girl nodded and walked back to the kitchen.

"She speaks modern English?"

"No, one of my talents as a traveler is that everyone can understand me, and I can understand everyone. Regardless of the language spoken. You do not have that ability yet. I will have to take you back to my origin to let you learn that ability."

"When will that happen?"

"When and if I decide you are worthy."

"Oh." Richard sat quietly. Pondering what tests Kiyoshi would come up with to determine whether or not he was 'Worthy'. A short while later, a leg of lamb and drink showed up. They ate quietly. Once finished, Kiyoshi watched as Richard finished his meal, who stopped when he noticed. "Something wrong?"

"No. Just thinking."

"'Bout what?"

"Getting Laid. Care for a trip to the local bath house? This place is pretty much like Rome, Bath houses are where the sex is at."

"Sounds interesting."

"Quite." Kiyoshi stood, looked over to the counter where the girl was and flipped her two coins. Richard could have sworn they looked like gold. The girl almost fainted when she looked at them..........

The walked down the street, again getting the strange looks and stares from people as they passed by. "Maybe we should get some local clothes?"

"Later, after the Bath." Kiyoshi stated as he turned and walked into a Marble building where the sounds of people hard at play could be heard.

Richard walked in. Open displays of sex where occurring, women with men, men with men, women with women. Kiyoshi looked about and walked over to a wall, selected a girl who looked about 18. "Pick one Richard, I'm buying." He walked with the girl to the back, undressed and slid into the water. Richard could only watch with fascination as he saw Kiyoshi's cock. It wasn't even hard and looked a good 5 inches in length. Richard looked again and picked an older looking woman, she must have been about 20 or 21.

He walked her to the back and undressed facing away from the crowd, then turned and slid quickly into the water. He wasn't a slouch himself, at 9" when fully erect, but he wasn't about to show the world. She came over to him and started massaging his cock with her nimble little fingers. Experience. She was good, very good. He pulled her forward, and she rested her hands on his chest, keeping him from his goal of sliding into her. "What's wrong." He said. She didn't understand. He looked to Kiyoshi, who had the girl facing away from him, and he could see that she was having trouble taking his manhood. Kiyoshi looked over.

"This is Greece, Richard. The only birth control they have is taking it in the other hole." He looked at the women with Richard. "You are his for the night, I pay in gold, and very well if he is pleased."

Richard looked at her, she turned from Kiyoshi and looked at him, nodding her head. He had dreamed of doing a woman in the tail, but had never thought it would happen. He released his grip, and she dutifully turned around and backed up to him, grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. He wrapped his hands about her and started fondling her breasts and clit as he slid into her. Tight. He could only go about 7 inches into her. She panted and moaned, bucking against him as he thrust into her. She was skilled at this as well, tightening her muscles against his thrusts. It didn't take long before he climaxed. She tensed up, milking his seed from it's source, she leaned back and kissed him, he reciprocating in earnest, continuing to play with her clit, she moaned as she herself climaxed, tensing again on his manhood.

He backed against the pool wall as she slid off of his now softening member. She turned towards him, kissing and rubbing. It didn't take much, as he was getting aroused again. She hooked her hands under his legs and pushed him up and back onto the edge of the pool. Licking the tip of his cock with her tongue. He stared in fascination as she ran her lips and teeth along his shaft. He was erect. No further work was necessary. She swallowed him whole. Right down to his balls.

Her hot mouth felt soft as velvet as she deep throated his entire length. The suction was perfection itself. She worked softly and greedily. As if she knew there was some secret goal at the end of her duty. He climaxed. She swallowed. He just kept coming. Eventually falling back in bliss as she continued her ministrations. It was going to be a long night.....


Richard woke the next morning, lying in a strange room, as he looked about he only saw his pack sitting in a chair. He slid out of bed and looked closer around the room. He swore that Kiyoshi had checked them into one room the night before, but couldn't see hide nor hair of the pack he had. He checked his pack and noticed his weapon was still there. "Thank God for some small favors." he thought.

Over on the bed, the covers shifted, Richard grabbed his Laz pistol and leveled it on the movement. The figure rolled over and pulled the covers in around her neck. Her?! What a beauty. On a scale of 1 to 10, a definite 13. Her face was small and chiseled, she looked like she was maybe 16. And Beautiful. He couldn't stop staring at her face.

She looked at him, and seemed fixated on the weapon. "Going to shoot me?" She asked. He almost stumbled.

"You speak English!"

"Of course I do."

"Are you a friend of Kiyoshi's?"

She sat up, stark naked and cleared the hair from her face, pulling it back in a pony tail. Her ears where pointed. "Something like that."

He lowered the weapon while walking over to her, her 32B's sat perfectly on her chest. "Are you a Vulcan?"

She snickered. "No silly, I'm an Elf."

"An Elf? Yeah Right. There's no such thing as Elves."

She looked at him, moved off the bed and reached beneath it, pulling out a rucksack of some type. Lord, what a beautiful body, Richard thought. She sat on the edge of the bed and started pulling on stockings, a tunic and finally a pair of pants, then started reaching for some boots that where also under the bed. "Where are you going ?", he asked.

"Away. Elves don't exist, so I guess I'd better leave."

"Hey! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. Please don't leave, I'd have no one to talk with."

"You might have considered that before you insulted me."

"Please?" He sounded positively miserable.

She stopped and looked at him. "Apologize."

He thought for a moment, "I'm sorry. Sorry I didn't believe you where an Elf."

"Good. I was afraid I'd have to leave."

"huh?" was all he got out as she stood, pushed him back, and straddled him on the floor, pulling her tunic off again.

"Kiyoshi said you where available. That true?"

"Uh, I guess so. Where is he anyway?"

"He had some things to do, and left me to take care of you." She stood and discarded her pants again.

"Ummmm, I know it's kinda rude to ask, but, how old are you?"

She smiled at him, "87 and a half." tossing her stockings aside.

"Oh." His dick popped up. "What's your name?"

She moved over him and slowly lowered herself onto his manhood, taking just the tip inside her wetness. "Kira." She gasped, as she slid down the shaft.

Richard moaned. Tight, possibly tighter than the girl from last night. He reached up and started massaging her nipples, which stood at perfect attention. She closed her eyes and started rocking back and forth, gently, grinding his full length into her.

He didn't think it would fit, though she seemed determined to have it all in her. She would rock some more, then bounce a touch, forcing more of him into her. Finally, he couldn't see his cock any more. She just sat there, her eyes close, a smile like the cat that ate the canary on her face. After a few moments, she started rising up and down. Slowly at first, then with greater urgency. Richard didn't think he'd be able to hold it. She slowed, then stopped, he was right on the edge, and she stopped. After a moment or two, she started again. Slowly, then, building up to a rapid pace. She rode him again. Bringing him almost to the point of release, then stopping. He tried to rise, to push her onto her back, but she just pushed down on him and clamped onto his cock. Geez, she was stronger than she looked. He decided that being on bottom was just fine. She started riding again. Slow steady strokes, She was going to do it again. No, she didn't. This time she kept going. He exploded inside her, his manhood shooting 3 loads of pent up orgasm. She leaned forward and across his chest.

"Thank you."

"Thank you....." She purred.

It was strange, as he noticed. He was still hard as a rock, even several minutes after his orgasm. "I think somethings wrong."

"Nothings wrong, Richard. Go to sleep, I'll explain everything later."

He didn't like that, but it didn't seem he had a choice. "On the bed at least, Kira."


He picked her up with amazing ease. Probably no more than 110 pounds he thought. Through the whole process of moving to the bed, she secured herself on his body, locked on his cock.

"Go to sleep now."

"I'm not really sleepy." he replied.

With that, she started kissing his chest, after a moment, he felt a sharp pain for a moment, then complete ecstasy. He ejaculated again. His eyes rolled back into his head, and he fell asleep. She impishly sucked a bit more blood from his chest, then licked the bite and sealed the wound, as if it had never been there. "Sleep well, Richard."


He awoke with a start. Jumped up and looked at his chest, looking for signs of a mark.

"Something wrong, Richard?" Kiyoshi's Soft baritone voice sounded.

His head jerked in the direction. Kiyoshi was sitting on a stool, naked as a jay bird. "What's going on? Where's Kira?"

"Right here, Richard." Kiyoshi spoke.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I'm many things, Richard. I'm been traveling the megaverse for many thousands of years. Sometimes I pick up companions along the way. To date, I am a Mage, Elf, Vampire, Dragon, Cybernetic Engineer, Doctor, Warp Specialist, And numerous other things on a list too long to remember. I am over 17 thousand years old. I no longer age, and am quite immune to disease. Sometimes I pick someone, like you, to be a traveling companion. There are one of four fates that can befall you."

"One... You'll live out a life wherever I leave you if I tire of you." Richards heart missed a beat.

"Two... I will take you to my origin as an equal, and let you learn to travel the Megaverse yourself."

"Three... I'll take you to my origin as a piece of property, you'd have paperwork to sign, confirming that you give yourself to me, the failure to sign the paperwork would result in the people who run the place erasing your mind, and training you in whatever they fancied. 85% of those mind wiped and sent through the training die." Kiyoshi let that sink in. "The other 15% have no memory of who they ever where."

"Four... I would use my magic to turn you into a charm." He holds up a one inch tall silver charm and tosses it to him, it is the girl from the bath house. "As I did her. She makes an excellent charm, doesn't she?" He tosses him another, it's of the girl Richard was with. "Set her on the floor." Richard complied, Kiyoshi waves his hand, and the girl appears, looking around, lost and confused, he waves his hand back, and the charm rests on the floor again.

"That is the end of what I have to say on this matter. You'll succeed in one of these four goals. Even I don't know which one yet."

Richard sat there looking at the charms, after what seemed like hours, but was only minutes in reality, he reached a conclusion. "So, Kiyoshi, what are we doing today?"

"More sex, then a play, and perhaps a bath afterwards."

"Oh, are you going to become Kira again?" he hoped.

"No..... you are....." Richard almost dove for cover, but it was too late, he looked down at.... HER self. She looked up to see Kiyoshi standing over her, his cock already getting stiff.

"I can't take THAT!"

"You can. I made your form with magic, you can handle me.... with a little effort."

"Oh." He leaned forward and kissed her, pushing her fully onto the bed. It was strange, Richard had never thought about it, but her body was responding completely. Part of the magic? Part of Richard? She wasn't sure, but the tongue on her breast was exquisite. She moaned with pleasure as he started fondling her other breast. She could feel his massive member between her leg and his stomach. A full 12"? Lord, I hope he did a good job making this body, she thought. They spent the better part of an hour kissing and fondling. Kiyoshi never tried to enter her. It was if he knew it would probably make her snap. Instead they just massaged each other. S/he still found it hard to believe s/he was laying there with a man. After a while, Kiyoshi rolled to his back and just stayed there.

"Is something wrong?" she asked.

"No. Nothing. By the way, you are now Rachael, as long as you are female. When you are male, you may be Richard."

"Rachael." she said. "OK., I can live with that."

"Good. In that pack over there are some clothes that will fit you, go ahead and get dressed." Kiyoshi watched as Rachael moved from the bed and started pulling some clothes out of the pack, pants, tunic, boots, panties. "Don't forget the bra, Rachael." Damn, she thought, almost avoided the kinky looking brassier, it looked like it just gave cleavage, didn't even cover the nipples.

"You'll have to help me with it."

Kiyoshi stood and walked over to her, looped the brassier through her arms and walked around behind her, locking the clasp. "I'll let you get out of it, so you can start figuring out how to get in it." Kiyoshi reached into a drawer in one of the cabinets and pulled out his pack, then pulled clothes from it for himself and proceeded to get dressed.

"What are we doing now?"

"Dinner I think, I'm hungry, then one of the open air plays."


They ate dinner rather quietly, other than the what do you want, and I'll have this, not much was said. Rachael noticed she was getting A LOT of looks and stares.

"What play are we going to see?" It was strange listening to this new, strange voice.

"There's a drama in the park tonight. I thought that would be a good one to see. I overheard someone in the bath house mention that it was exceptionally done."




"How long am I going to be like this?"

"Like what? Female?"


"Oh, I don't know. A little while I suppose. That's why I gave you such a good sendoff from your male form. Don't worry, it's completely reversible. Besides, you have several of the advantages of a true elf now. Like in excess of an eight hundred year life span."

"Really? Eight hundred years?"

"In excess of."

Rachael sat quietly throughout the rest of dinner, pondering that information.

They arrived at the amphitheater and selected seats to the back, Kiyoshi sat on on of the marble benches and pulled Rachael into his lap, wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head on her shoulder. "Hmmmmmmmmmm........." He whispered, "Next time we will get you clothes more appropriate to your gender." "Huh? Why?" "To have easier access to your pussy, of course!" "Oh. You don't have to do that." Kiyoshi looked at her face, "But I do." he smiled. "Don't worry, I'll make your decisions easier, You'll only find the clothes I want you to wear in your bag from now on." "And if I don't wear them?" "You'll go nude." "Grreeaat....." "I thought you'd appreciate that. Quiet now, the play is starting." Rachael settled into his lap, resting against his chest. Lord, he was a big man. Even as a male, Kiyoshi made Richard look like a dwarf. Rachael settled into watching the show, and after a while, noticed several other couples in the back of the amphitheater, although, it looked like they where wearing toga's that made them easily accessible. It made it quite apparent what the back of the amphitheater was used for. Kiyoshi's hand brushed against her breast, then the other. 'Why these feelings?' she wondered, "Ohhh...." she moaned, as he gently found his way up the inside of her tunic and started massaging her nipples. Kiyoshi looked at his raven hair beauty and started manipulating his magic. Rachael almost jumped off his lap as the first touches of magic started setting off the nerve endings in her crotch. Kiyoshi smiled, 'I'll have to add that one to my list of interesting spells' he thought, and began to manipulate the nerve endings of her body, nipples, clit, the insides of her vagina. Kiyoshi was very familiar with this body, as he had used it extensively in other dimensions. Knew how to get the reactions we wanted. She was lost in bliss, unaware that 'he' was female and being manipulated. She could do nothing except enjoy the sensations. She let out a loud moan, Kiyoshi pulled one hand from her shirt and clamped it over her mouth. "Quietly." he whispered in her ear, thought he didn't move his hand from her mouth for the rest of the play. His magical ministrations persisted throughout. Rachael was lost in time, unable to focus on anything as the signals from her body continued to assault the pleasure center of her brain. Finally, after what seemed like hours, she climaxed, long, slow, erotic. She arched her back, her feet touching the ground, her back resting against his chest. She shuddered, then again, and again. Finally, she slumped into his lap. Kiyoshi pulled her back into his lap and released the spell. She was semi conscious, Kiyoshi pulled his hand away and noticed blood on the inside of it. She had bitten her tongue in order to keep from screaming. Kiyoshi's vampiric nature took over as he licked the blood from his hand, then kissed her extensively, licking the blood from her mouth. Uhmmmmmmmmm, he always enjoyed the taste of a good elf. He whispered a spell again, and the bite she had inflicted upon herself healed. After a few moments, Kiyoshi looked down to the stage and noticed the play was nearing an end. Rachael snuggled in closer to him and buried her face into his chest, she was making soft mewing sounds. He could smell her sex wafting up from her pants, her crotch was totally drenched. "My, my, you've made a mess of yourself." "Uh, huhhh." was all she replied. "Well, Guess we'll have to go someplace to get you cleaned up." He hooked his arm under her back and legs and lifted her as if she didn't exist and left the amphitheater.

They arrived at a bath house shortly there after, Kiyoshi walked in and asked for a clean, private bath for himself and his companion and flipped 5 gold coins to the attendant, who didn't have a problem finding them a private area. Upon entering, Kiyoshi sat Rachael down beside the pool, then pulled the curtain, undressed, and slid into the pool. Washed himself, then moved over to, and undressed her, placing the clothes in a pile. He acquired a bucket, filled it with water from the pool and washed her pants and panties, laying then on a bench to try. "Rachael, time to snap out of it." he whispered in her ear. "Do I have to?" she whispered. "Time for a bath." as he reached under her and pulled her into the warm water. He soaped up a wash cloth and proceeded to clean her thoroughly. She waited patiently, finally he swatted her on the rump and proclaimed her "clean". "Though we'll have to wait on your clothes to dry, you made an absolute mess out of them." "I don't think I did it alone." "True enough." Kiyoshi hopped up on the side of the pool and stretched out on the edge. Rachael moved over to the edge and watched him, she seemed to have a hard time taking her eyes off of his member. "Kiyoshi?" "Yes." "Did you change me in any other way? I mean, you didn't change my.... personality, did you?" "What makes you think I could?" "I find it hard to believe you couldn't do anything you wished." "You're right. I could, but I didn't. The differences you are feeling are due to the female hormones in your body. You are not a male who looks like a female, but a real female in every respect." "Oh. So the urges I'm feeling are just female in nature." "Yes." Rachael drew herself up the the edge of the pool, An easy task, she noticed. Then pushed his knee's apart and settled herself between them, gently leaning forward and taking him in her mouth. Kiyoshi pushed up on his elbows and watched her as she started giving him head. She's definitely never done this before, he thought to himself. She would work his underside, and each side, and Finally taking him lengthwise down her throat. She almost gagged, and still only had about 6 inches in her stretched, dainty mouth. After a few minutes of this, she pulled away and stood up, positioning herself above his now hard member, she squatted down and took his shaft in her hand and pressed the tip against her slit, staring into his eyes. "You said this body could handle you?" "Yes, with a little work." She pushed his cock into her slit, after a moment, she stopped supporting herself with her legs. He grunted as she squealed, she had enveloped a full 10" of his cock before he stopped her descent. "Rachael! I said 'with a little work.'" he stated. A moan was all she responded with. After a few moments, she regained her composure and looked into his eyes, gently rocking back and forth, until the rest of his length was impaled in her flesh. "This is....... different...." She panted. After a few minutes, she started lifting herself. The rhythm continued, with both of them meeting stroke for stroke. Kiyoshi had his first orgasm simultaneously with Rachael, thought not the last for the evening. They met each other in orgasmic bliss 3 more times that night before Rachael Finally passed out in complete ecstasy.

Several weeks had passed since Rachael's first female intercourse. Her sex drive was insatiable. If she wasn't with Kiyoshi, she was playing with herself. Then one morning, months later, she got up and rushed for the bucket, promptly leaving her dinner in the bottom of it. This went on for several more days, Kiyoshi would roll over and ignore her. After the fourth day, she came back to the bed, knealed behind him and started gently rocking him. "Kiyoshi?" "Hmmmmmm?" "What's wrong with me?" Kiyoshi rolled back. "Wrong with you?" "Yes. I keep throwing up." "Nothing. It's a natural occurance." "That I should throw up every morning?" "Yes." "That's not normal, unless......." "Correct." "I'm pregnant!" She yelped. "Yes." "I can't have children!" Kiyoshi reached over and rubbed her belly. "Yes, you can, and you are." "Children. So in nine months, give or take, I'll be a mother?" "More like 24." "Huh?" "You're and Elf. They develope and age slower. With an 800 or more year lifespan, comes a 2 year pregnancy." "I'm going to be pregnant for two years." Rachael sat quietly, letting it sink in. "Have you never had children?" "Yes, well, not myself. I was married, it didn't work out. Two children, both with their mother. Of course, she's managed to turn them against me." "I wouldn't worry about it. You'll have a child of your own to raise as you see fit." "A child of my own. Is this one of your tests?" "Everything in life is a test, Rachael. But, this isn't one of mine. I told you when we first arrived what they did for birth control. The child in your womb is a direct result of you own actions. Though I look foward to helping you raise him or her." "Really?" "Really." Kiyoshi pulled her down and began stroking her hair. "I have an appointment today with a gentleman about purchasing a villa. It should provide more than enough room for us to raise the baby. I expect you to properly take care of the house, cook, clean, etcetera. I will take care of our financial requirements." "I.... Ah.... Don't want to get married." "Married? We're not married. You just happen to be the mother of my child. As such, it is my responsability to take care of you and the child until it is of age to take care of itself. Are you ready for the obligation you are about to take. It is possible to abort the child if you feel you cannot handle it." Rachael looked at him for a while, weighing the facts, and what a child of HER own would be like. Kiyoshi smiled before she spoke the word. "Yes." "Good."

The next two years went by relatively quickly. Kiyoshi purchased a villa on a cliffside that overlooked the bay. Rachael was constantly looking for sexual release and slept with Kiyoshi at every opportunity. Kiyoshi also entertained himself with other women. Some from the bath house, some from other places. He occasionally released the two girls from there charm prison, as Rachael considered it, although he informed her that they noticed no passage of time while in that state. The child, a boy, was delivered by Kiyoshi without complications. During the next year, Rachael learned how to do it "greek". Though most of the time, sex started in her crotch, Kiyoshi's orgasm ended either in her tail or her mouth. At the end of that time, during one of there normal routines, Rachael rode him to conclusion in her proper hole. "I want another child. Hope you don't mind." Kiyoshi pulled her down to him, kissing her with passion. "I don't mind at all. As many as you wish." "Good." she paused for a bit. "Four. I want a total of four." "Done." Rachael spread them a year apart. Noticing that one only finished breast feeding just as the next was born. "Part of the long life span." Kiyoshi informed her.

They spent a total of 13 years there. Rachaels oldest was the equivelant of an 5 year old, the second 3 and a half, third 2, and the fourth an infant. "Rachael." "Yes." "I intend to leave this place." Startled, she looked at him, searching his eyes for an answer. "Are you taking me with you?" "I give you the option. You may remain here, or, you may go...." "With you." she interupted "with me, in the form of a charm." Her heart sank a notch. "A charm? You won't take me otherwise?" "Not at this time." She lowered her head onto his chest. "If that's the way I must travel, then so be it. What of the children?" "You will hold them when I cast the spell. You will all be together, so you may continue to raise them when I call you back. You will miss nothing of raising our children." "When do we leave?" "Two or three weeks." "I'll be ready."

3 weeks later, Rachael stood in the middle of a room. The two oldest children standing on either side of her, an arm wrapped around her legs. The other two where in her arms, the youngest nursing on one of her breasts. "Just a few more minutes, Kiyoshi, she's almost done." Kiyoshi smiled and waved his hand, catching the moment as the charm appeared in his hand, a slightly startled look on Rachael's face locked on the charm for the duration, their fourth child still suckling from her breast. Kiyoshi reached into a pocked and pulled out a bracelet, 7 or 8 other charms attached to it, and added Rachael to the collection. That finished, he collected a few other items he had picked up during their stay and placed them in his pack. Summoned a portal and stepped through. "Wonder what I'll find at the next stop." he mused.


This story is one of many in the explorations of Kiyoshi/Kira. This one is later in his long life, where he has gained considerable control over the forces of magic, and the mind. If there is any interest in more stories about Kiyoshi/Kira, please email me and I'll see what I can do. This story took about 4 weeks to finally get down. So, don't expect instant stories to pop up. I work a full time job in addition to my Internet activities, so it may take a bit. Comments are allways welcome, story idea's considered. Even character suggestions for traveling companions. Please sends flames to the bit-bucket.

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