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The Sisters of Circe

by Anonymous

'Blast it!' swore Dave. He was trying to concentrate on his assignment but couldn't because of the damn racket downstairs. His new neighbours had disturbed him for two days now and they were making an awful commotion again. Sometimes he swore he could hear animal sounds in the flat. Didn't they know that pets were not allowed in the building. As far as he knew, there were three women downstairs, and weird screeching and chanting sounds came from their apartment until the early hours. Finally he had enough and decided to confront them.

A minute later he knocked on the door. The chanting sound stopped very suddenly. Then he heard soft footsteps approaching the door. Slowly it opened, and Dave saw the beautiful woman he had seen in his life. She had a slim, but curvy body that was only emphasised by the fact she was wearing a figure hugging black dress. She looked at him with angelic blue eyes, her lips slightly parted.

'Yes?' 'Sorry to disturb you, but I was wondering if you could keep the noise down.' She smiled slightly. 'Oh I am sorry. Are our festivities keeping you awake?' Dave was at a loss. He could not keep his eyes from her body, and was shocked to feel the stirrings of an erection, which was beginning to form an embarrassing lump in his jeans. Without warning, she grabbed his hand and said, 'Why don't you come in and we will present you with...a formal apology.' 'OK'. Said Dave hurriedly.

As he walked through the door, the sight of two more women greeted him. One was tall and blonde, again she was very volumptuous.

'Hello' she said invitingly.

Another woman with red hair sat down on the couch.

'Welcome to our apartment' she said.

Dave was trying to assess the situation. There was obviously something very strange about the women. They looked at Dave, and Dave looked at them, and their beautiful lithe figures. One woman had black hair, another had red hair, and the one who had answered the door had blonde hair. Then, without any provocation or warning, the blonde one said,

'Do you like our bodies Dave?' Dave swallowed hard, not even wondering how she knew his name. 'Yes, yes I do' he answered dreamily. 'Let me introduce ourselves' said the black haired woman. 'We are the sisters of Circe.' 'What?' said Dave a little alarmed. 'It's a long story, but let it be said that like Circe, we hate men.' The blonde woman interupted, 'So, we rid the world of them and make them into something much, much more interesting.' The black haired woman sat down and slowly pulled of her dress, exposing her slim, tanned legs, and delicate naked form. Dave could not help it, he had a full on hard on which pushed against his jeans. The blonde woman reached forward and stroked it, causing orgasmic shivers to run through Dave's body. 'He's quite the stallion, isn't he?' commented the red haired woman, and the blonde and black haired one laughed. Dave really though he was onto something. 'More of a donkey really...' said blonde. 'Yes...' hissed the black haired woman, 'a donkey...'

Dave suddenly felt a wave of pain hit him. His body was running hot and cold. He felt a pulling sensation on the sides oh his head and quickly raised his hands to it. He felt his ears growing longer, in horror he groped the tips that were becoming pointed as they twitched and grew beneath his touch. The three women had all sat down to watch the show.

Dave fell backwards and tripped over the carpet. 'What's happening to me?' he cried in terror, his heart beating hard against his chest. His ears continued to stretch, and slowly, Dave reached up and felt them. He felt hair forcing it's way out beneath his fingers and realised he had the ears of a donkey. His entire body had begun to itch, he scratched feverishly. Then his hand caught his eye. It had become darker somehow, and was fast becoming numb. The fingers were thickening, pushing together...

'Oh God, help me!' he cried. But his calls fell on deaf ears. 'Why should we help you?' laughed the blonde woman. 'We're doing you a favour, you're going to be a lovely donkey.'

Dave felt his clothes becoming tighter. His thighs were straining at his jeans, his buttocks were pushing hard against the seat of his pants. Then he felt pressure building in his shoes, which he tried to rip off. Unfortunately, his fingers were hardening fast, the skin was now dark, he was quickly losing any sense of feeling. He struggled forward, and managed to yank one off. His foot was lengthening, the toes had fused. It looked like somebody had moulded brown clay onto his toes. Heaving hard, he managed to get a grip on the other shoe, another, brown, elongated foot ending in what was fast becoming a clopping hoof was released into the air.

Dave collapsed back from exhaustion, but his body cruelly continued to change. His eyes wide, he stared in horror at his hands. His wrists were sprouting light brown hair, it continued up to his fingers, which were now decidedly hoof like. His foot long ears pulled hard against his head in terror.

'Please, make it stop!' he shouted again. His voice was deeper - more guttural. This only made the women laugh more. He could feel his teeth emerging from his mouth. Running his thick tongue across them, he felt that they were bigger and flatter -only adding to his goofy appearance. He could feel his nostril flaring, hair was growing on his face, which had begun to push out slightly.

Dave took a shuddering breath, then, his jeans tore down the back. His buttocks exploded out, swollen as if full of air. A downy coat was beginning to cover them, and he tried to reach behind him, but his arms would not bend back anymore. There was a small swelling at the base of his spine. With great effort, he staggered to his elongated feet. The jeans slipped away, resting on his ankles which were arched very high off the ground. His feet made a loud clopping sound on the hard floor.

'No! HeeeeHano!' he bellowed helplessly.

Dave's stood exposing his lower half to the women. He made no attempt to pull up his jeans, knowing that he could not reach there anymore. His penis and testicles looked childishly small compared to his muscled thighs. That was soon to change...

His genitals began to grow, as is catching up with his animal like body. The foreskin became thickened, his pubic hair sprouting along its elongating length. His balls darkening with hair, inflating almost. Orgasmic thrills shot through Dave, which mingled oddly with the discomfort of change.

'Well, you are a big boy now...' laughed the red haired woman. 'You're going to be the farm stud!'

'No!' grunted Dave. His mouth was now dark and thick lipped. He tottered on his feet, realising that he must not fall onto all fours. He was fast becoming unrecognisable as human. His pelvis and stomach were swelling, hair pushing through his darkening skin. His thighs were now thick set, and with a shock, he felt a hairy thing touch his ankles. It was a tail, sprouting from above his buttocks. Already the tassel was flourishing on the end of the new appendage, which twitched as new muscles began to work.

Dave was now about 8ft tall. His balance was off, he reared up his head and for the first time, let out a truly animal sound, it was a frustrated bray -


His arms began to rotate forward in their sockets. He tried to push them back, but it was no use. He toppled onto all fours. His arms were now forelegs. His knees were pushed towards his stomach, protruding his hair-covered buttocks and legs. Dave's insides groaned as internal organs became those of a donkey. His hooves clopped noisily on the floor, and in terror Dave produced a pile of Donkey manure which sat in a pile behind his hind legs.

This was a sign to the women that Dave had almost entirely changed. His neck thickened and pushed his new donkey face away from his body. Then his shirt split at the back, and in all it's glory was a black cross, which had grown across his shoulders. He stomped his hooves awkwardly and kicked his hind legs. His torn jeans eventually slipped down collecting in a heap around his hind legs.

A fully-grown male jackass now stood where Dave had only moments ago. The women waited until they new the spell would make him forget his previous existence and then slipped a halter over his head. The donkey brayed again - and the sisters of Circe smiled.

Grim - but true.

If anyone wants to illustrate this story, then get to work and post them in...the story also has the makings of a universe perhaps...

What happens when somebody walks in on the sisters of Circe?

This is my first story, so if you're going to criticise it be gentle. Otherwise, I know it is a blatant excuse for a transformation scene, but still....

Anyway - enjoy...

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