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The Birthday Wish

by Jack deMule

Peals of laughter drifted from the dining room, disturbing Joe's concentration. He put down his pen, and rubbed his temples. He didn't notice Sara until she spoke. "Daddy, aren't you going to come watch me open my presents?"

"I'm sorry honey, I have to work that I have to finish by Monday. When I'm finished, in a little while, you can show me all your birthday presents, O.K.?"

Sara nodded, knowing that he would not be finished in a little while, that she would be lucky to spend five minutes with him before the weekend was past. She returned to the dining room, her mother, and her friends, but she still found it hard to join in the festive mood.

Her mother set the cake down on the table. "Make a wish and blow out all the candles!"

Sara thought for a moment, then she took a deep breath. Her face turned red as she exhaled trying to squeeze every last bit of breath from her lungs. All the candles went out.

"Do I get my wish mommy?" Sara's mother smiled. "If you wished hard enough, you might."

A look of concern crossed Sara's face. "I wished as hard as I could. I should get my wish."

Her mother stroked her cheek. "Then you will honey, I'm sure you will."

The documents on Joe's desk began to blur and he felt like he was suffocating. Joe dragged himself to his feet, gasping for breath. I have to get some fresh air, he thought. Christ! I must be having a heart attack. Trying to act as if nothing was wrong, he casually walked past the dining room, out the front door, and collapsed in the back yard.

The cool air seemed to help. His breathing was a bit easier, and laying on the long wet grass seemed strangely restful.

"Daddy, are you O.K.?" Sara had followed Joe outside. Joe tried to get up but was only able to rise to his hands and knees. His chest ached, and he felt very weak.

"Oh, sure I'm fine. Daddy just needs to rest for a few minutes. Won't your friends miss you? Shouldn't you be opening your gifts?"

Sara placed her hand of Joe's shoulder and sighed. "The party is all over, they've gone home. You missed all the fun, and didn't even get a piece of cake."

Joe felt a pop, and his ribs bulged outward. The pressure in his chest was relieved. "Sara, please.." Suddenly he couldn't speak. The sound of crunching cartilage filled his ears.

He turned his head to look at Sara, and as he did, he noticed how long his neck had become. Following a ripping sound, he watched as his clothes split, revealing a broad back covered with thick white hair. The ground was slowly moving away from him, he felt his arms and legs lengthen, aand he watched his fingers stretch and fuse.

Spell bound, Sara watched too. When Joe's body had finished re-arraginging, Sara clapped her hands with joy. "I knew I'd get my wish! Mommy said I would!"

She threw her arms around the pony's neck, and kissed his cheek. "Now you can play horsie with me for ever and ever!"

The Birthday Wish copyright 1996 by Jack deMule.

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