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Oh Bull!

by Tekwolf

Brady was a kid that no one liked to have around. He wasn't handsome or talented. He was not a brain or particularly athletic. To put it lightly, he didn't fit in. He was a kid that sat in the background and wasn't noticed much. When he was, the other kids in his high school went out of their way to be mean or make fun. Now there was going to be a Halloween party at the home of the most popular girl in school. She was a cheerleader and in the honor society. She wouldn't give Brady the time of day normally, but this time she paid attention to him. He wondered why. Later that day, he found out. She had been using him to make her boyfriend jealous. He caught Brady behind a building and beat the crap out of him. Brady was hurt. It wasn't the physical beating that was so bad, it was the knowledge that she had used him. He vowed to get even.

Brady needed a costume for the party. He wanted something that no one else would like. They wouldn't know who it was and he wanted to make them all play. He needed something special. Then he remembered a flyer he had seen advertising a costume shop. Spells R Us. They must have something that would do. Maybe a skunk or something else equally gross. He went down the street that it was on and entered the shop.

He browsed around for a while, when a grizzled old man approached him. "See anything you like Brady?" he asked. Now Brady found it strange that this man would know his name. He hadn't said anything yet. " Let me show you some of my wares," he said. Brady stepped out of the main shop into the back room and waited for the old man to show him something good.

The first box that he brought out had a costume of a satyr in it. It smelled faintly musky and kind of revolted Brady. He wanted something that wouldn't let anyone know who he was anyway. After several more tries, the old man became frustrated. He asked Brady," How badly do you want revenge?" Brady said without even a pause," Worse that I have ever wanted anything." "Then I thing I have just the thing for you," the old man exclaimed. He went to the back and rummaged around in a chest and pulled out a large box.

As he opened it, Brady Was slapped in the face by the incredible smell of it. "What in the hell is that!?" he asked. "It's a minotaur," the old man answered. "You wanted something that would gross them out and get even with them. This is the costume for that all right. Brady thought about it and realized that he was right. He had told the man he wanted it badly, now was the time to prove it!

Brady took the costume into the dressing room and tried to put it on as the man had instructed. He removed all of his clothes and took out the costume. Brady had learned a trick a long time ago for avoiding unpleasant smells. He breathed through his mouth and let no air pass his nose. This was the only thing that kept him from gagging. It smelled like a cow barn, only a hundred times stronger. He struggled into the thing. His feet went in first. He didn't know how he was going to walk with his feet pointed down into the cloven hooves of the costume. Some how his feet were cushioned and didn't feel as bad as he had suspected that they would. He pulled the suit up. When he got to his male equipment, he realized that there was a place in there for it. The pouch was much too large for him, but it was comfortable anyway. The bony butt of the costume where the tail was, poked him in the rear. He'd have to ask about it. Up it came and one by one he put his arms into it and spaced fingers into the two halves of the cloven appendages at the end of his arms. The hand-hooves, were surprisingly moveable and he had no trouble swinging the heavy head up and over his own. He found eye sockets that he could see through and passages where he could breath, still through his mouth. Brady had expected the costume to be cold and clammy, but to the contrary, it was warm and snug and fit him like a second skin. He clomped out into the store. The old man came over and finished tying the laces in the back.

Brady looked at himself in the mirror and was impressed. The image before him was massive and imposing, as well as being well hung. That last part embarrassed him, but he realized that it was in his game plan to gross out the women as well. He started to pay for the rental, but the man told him," No charge. I'll make money before its over anyway. This last statement confused me, but he really didn't think on it for long.

He walked from the shop to the party. It was only a mile or so, and it was a warn night. He noticed that he was breathing through his nose now, but didn't smell all that bad. Well maybe he had gotten used to it.

He arrived at the party and went in. Brady was smug, when he noticed that everyone gave him wide berth and avoided him when possible. Several girls were holding their noses. Cool! He went over to the food and got something to drink. He managed to poor it down his costume's shout and swallow most of it. He couldn't talk through the mask, but didn't mean to anyway. There was a girl there dressed like a cow and Brady danced with her. She, of them all, didn't seem to mind the smell. Brady looked up from where he was sitting, as the grandfather clock struck twelve. He got up and moved around the room, touching almost everyone at one time or another. That didn't make anyone happy and the cheerleader came over and asked him to leave. Brady was starting to leave, when what started as a scream, became a bellow.

He looked back and saw everyone's features changing. He stood there and watched. In a matter of minutes, there was over thirty cows in the room. He stared in wonder. He was elated. His head that had been so heavy all night suddenly felt light. Was he this large before? Why was his sight going blurry and where were those smells coming from? Brady felt a twitching at his behind and looked at the tail there. He was moving it and could feel himself doing so. The cows were looking more and more attractive! Brady suddenly dropped to all fours, unable to stand upright any longer. He now realized that he was a true bull. His last human thoughts were," I said I would give anything. Now at least I can make them pay and pay and pay... The bull prepared to service his herd.

An old man sent his drivers for a pick-up. His new herd was waiting and the price of beef was high indeed!

Oh Bull! copyright 1997 by Tekwolf.

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