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The Farm

by Anonymous

The farm was situated on the outskirts of town. Nobody went near it - the woman that lived there was reputed to be a witch. As we draw towards the end of the twentieth century there seems very little room in this world for magic and this was the exact philosophy of David Crichton as he walked up the muddy road towards the farm that day. He was twenty years of age, good looking, a good guy to be around, or so his friends told him. These were the same friends who had put him up to this. All he had to do was knock on the door and end up seducing the woman. He often bragged he could pick up anybody - and if he could end up shagging the woman on the farm there was two hundred pounds waiting for him. The farmyard was deserted as he approached, he dug his hands into his pockets a little more firmly and knocked on the dusky blue door. There was an eerie silence about the farm, no birds sang, even the wind seemed to die down. The door opened. David's heart skipped a beat. He saw a beautiful girl. She was about nineteen by the looks of her, and wore a tight fitting T-shirt and mini skirt and tan pantyhose. She ran a long nailed hand through her dark brown hair and regarded David with a cold smile. He took a deep breath before beginning. "Good Morning. My name is David Crichton. I'm from Charlie's double glazing. I've been sent here to-" "I know you." Sneered the woman, "I've watched you walking down my path, I know about your reasons to be here. I know your friends are waiting at the top of the path. Well, you should have heeded the warnings Mr. Crichton, you should not have come." David could not surpress a laugh - the girl was so melodramatic, if she wasn't a witch she was certainly mad. He smirked and continued, "I'm sorry to have bothered you Miss. I'll just go now. But I'll be back." "You won't be." David turned around to walk away, muttering "stupid bitch" under his breath when he was far enough up the path not to be heard. "I heard THAT, BOY!" shouted the girl. David's heart skipped another beat. How could she have heard? He continued walking. "Don't you know never to cross a witch?" She cackled as he walked away. "You'll pay! You'll pay for walking away from me!" David was nearly at the gate when he heard the woman whisper a harsh word under her breath. The world span, his stomach heaved and he passed out.

David opened his eyes. He could hear a ticking clock and appeared to be lying on a sofa. He was in a living room by the looks of it and was being watched by the woman from the farm house. She smiled at him again. "You took a nasty fall there David." "Yes, I must have" said David getting up. " I've got to get home." "So soon?" she smiled again. "Well, maybe not that soon." He said looking at the beautiful woman opposite him. He walked across the room to her and without even thinking about it ran his hand along her leg and up her skirt. She stood up and slowly pulled down the mini skirt, it dropped around her small ankles. She was wearing nothing but the pantyhose underneath. Then she pulled her T-shirt over her head and smiled again. Her breasts were firm, perfect and rounded. David was immediately caught between being very scared and very turned on by the situation he was in. In the end his male ego won, so did the promise of 200 pounds. He was going to have this woman. He approached the mysterious woman, his eyes drinking her beautiful form in all it's curvy glory. He was about to place a hand on her hip when she took a step backwards. "What is it?" he asked, genuinely hurt and puzzled. "Were you going to cheat on your lovely young girlfriend with me?" David's mind reeled. How did she know about his girlfreind? She continued unabated. "How dare you!" she shouted. "Jesus!" he cried. "What's your malfunction you stupid whore? Hey, they're right in the village, except you're a bitch not a witch." His eyes narrowed in hatred. "Well you'll find I am a witch, and you're not a man, you're a Pig."

David fell to the ground as a pain began in his stomach. He turned to look at the semi naked woman before him. She began to laugh. "You're nothing but a pig!" she yelled again, putting emphasis on the last word. David writhed on all fours, and stared up at the woman in shock. He felt his bottom incisors growing inside his mouth, and reached a hand up to feel them there. They were pushing out of him mouth - two white tusk like protrusions. He screamed in fear and staggered onto two feet. "W...what's happening?" he demanded, putting his hands to his head. "You're turning into the pig you are." Answered the witch, nonchalantly. "No!" screamed David and made a run for the door. Out in the hall he had to stop, his whole body was sweating hot and then cold. He reached for the door handle and gasped in shock. His fingers on the left hand were involuntarily swelling. His pink fingers fusing and hardening. His other hand was just starting its transformation into hoof; he could still just move the fingers. With great will power he grabbed the door handle, flung open the door and began to run outside. The woman, still clad in barely nothing agilely followed him. He ran into the yard, his heart beating hard against his chest. He risked a look at his hands where they continued to bulge into clumsy hooves. His left hand was now very hard and numb, his other just behind. He collapsed onto the ground as his insides gargled alarmingly. As he gasped he produced a high pitched squeal. His tusks were now fully grown and with horror he felt his nose begin to expand. The nostrils large, pointing forward, pink. He grunted in shock and grabbed his stomach again. There large piece of broken mirror lying against the wall of the house and he swivelled his eyes to his reflection. His ears had grown pointy and were now large and flat, they looked ridiculous hanging out from his head. His nose was becoming a snout, his tusks those of a male boar. The woman kneeled beside him, the site of her black pubic triangle showing through the dark nylon of her tights made David excited, a feeling which mingled oddly with the pain and horror of his metamorphosis from man to pig. She laid a hand on his nearly complete hoof, even as his arms spasmed. "You won't be cheating on girls again will you, David? Now that you have these hooves and that face!" David grunted again and shouted, his voice sounding strange and blocked. "Please, please stop this. I don't want hooves! I don't want to be (snort) be a...(grunt) pig!" "But you're already becoming one," laughed the beautiful witch. He felt his jeans becoming tight around the waistband and groin and thighs. He cried out again. The witch seeing his discomfort pulled his trousers away, then his socks. His feet had elongated, even as his thighs had become plump and short. His leg hair was gone, and he kicked his nearly hoofed feet in horror. The agile man he was was melting away. The words Calvin Klein were stretched around his waist and a huge bulge sat were his penis was. Then the witch unbuttoned his shirt like she would with a lover. David squealed and kicked beneath her. She pulled the shirt free and David lifted his head to look in horror at his body. His muscles and light chest hair was gone. Instead was a long torso and a fattening belly. "My, you are a fat little piggy!" laughed the witch. David strained to look in the mirror one more. There was now a slightly smaller version of himself, but his belly was large and round. His arms were smaller and ended in cloven hooves. His legs were now ham hocks, kicking feebly as muscles built in his thighs but dwindled in his lower legs. His belly button was pushing together with increased flab. His neck was thickening and he watched in horror as he noticed his hair thinning. His ears were fully grown, his snout was now huge, there was no sign it had ever been a thin, aquiline nose. His eyes were smaller, being surrounded by more flesh. "I've got something to cheer you up." Said the witch, "Wait here, Pig" The witch dashed inside, leaving David alone. "Heeeeelp Heaaaaaaah Ahhhhhh(Grrruuuunt), Haaaa(Squeal" shouted David, his vocal chords, tounge and lips no longer functioned like a human. He waved his hooves and saw his arms were now fore-legs. Inside his animalistic head his brain told him he must get away now. He squirmed to turn over, and then found he could hardly stand on two feet. His breifs grew tighter, they could hardly cover his swelling butt. There was another bulge at the back of his pants, pegging them like a tent - an appendage that was never meant to be contained within jockey shorts. A hairy, curly tail was slowly easing it's way out above his buttocks. The sight kicked David's survival instinct into full throttle. He had A TAIL, he was truly turning into a pig. With great effort, he staggered for the gate, but his centre of gravity was way out. He was almost bald, only a few patches of dark hair remained between those large floppy ears. He grunted and with a squeal overbalanced and fell onto all fours with a thud. His hooves landed with a clop into the mud, now completely unrecognisable as hands. His body was now designed for four hooves. As he struggled and changed the witch came back out. She was carrying a pig - a sow. David screamed inside (but squealed outside). His briefs were about to rip, they were tightening very fast and suddenly the witch lunged forward. She ran her fingers down his smooth, round back. "You won't be needing these any more! Animals, especially pigs don't wear clothes" she laughed and ripped the briefs away, leaving David naked. His reflection was that of a pig. His buttocks were huge and with a shudder he saw a pig's penis between his legs. It was pink and hung low, his pubes had gone, it's original shape almost gone. The woman laughed uncontrollably. "You won't have any luck with your girlfriend now David, not unless you mount her!" David squealed in fear, his buttocks wobbling, his fleshy tail stiff with terror as he made one more attempt to stand on his hind legs. The woman dropped the pig which squealed and ran towards the developing boar. Then, the witch pushed David's body into the mud. Pure fear overtook him as the last of his hair thinned and dropped he snorted in shock, course white hairs convered his body and then he saw the sow. Animal instincts were trying to overcome him. He tried to say in his head that he was still human, but that was soon overode. His approached the sow and mounted her, his fore legs, once arms resting on either side of his mate's neck.

The woman smiled, picked up the torn clothing that lay scattered around her farmyard and made her way back to the house - another new animal that would reproduce small pigs for her farm. He had been damn sexy too, but not now. Not unless you were a sow...

The Farm copyright 1999 by Anonymous.

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