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The Transformation

by Tina Maria Holmboe

It was a strange situation she found herself in. Sitting in the soft hay of a stable-box, relaxing, her legs crossed, and her attention turned to her Master, standing with several diagrams on the opposite wall. She smiled. With a laught he threw a diagram down. " Of course, you are right my dear ! Here I am, lecturing. What we OUGHT to do is proceed with the Transformation ! " - and he smiled. He looked at her, and his eyes narrowed. " But first I DO need to hear you say it one more time. We have talked this over, yes. But it is a serious step... I want... need, a ponygirl. We have known eachother for a very long time, and you share my fantasy. You need to BE a ponygirl. I want it to be permanent. I want to see you leave your position as a human, and spend your life as a pony. MY pony. But I need AGAIN to hear, from you, that this is what YOU wish too ! " - and with this he knelt before her, holding her head in his hands.

She looked directly into his eyes. For a second there was only the soft sounds of the horses in the stables to be heard. She smiled. " Master... I have thought this over long and hard. Many a so called professional would say that I long to escape the world, that I am self- destructive. Many are the terms they would use about me. And perhaps they are right. The only thing I know for certain is that when you offered me this... it felt right. I have thought it over, and over. It STILL feels right. " - she held his hands, kissing first the one, then the other. " Yes Master. I wish that you take my humanity away, and make me a real pony - YOUR pony. For ever. " Again silence prevailed. They both knew what they where saying, and they both knew that this was right, for them, now. And they where both happy, sitting there in the hay. He kissed her, and she returned the kiss. For a long time they just sat there, holding eachother. Then he rose. " Good. Now, you do understand that what I will do to you has been planned for very long time, and that I am fairly sure that the process itself is safe. " - he looked at her. She nodded. " But... " - and he paused - " it is not painless. It involves some aspects of serious pain, and will result in some damage to your body. This damage will not affect your ability as a pony, it is quite essential in fact. But it will probably affect your human side... " - his voice trailed off. " Master... I do not wish any human side. Do to me as You see fit. Do to me as You need to make me a pony. Not a human girl. mare. " - and she smiled as she said this, looking up at Him. Bending down, he helped her to her feet, kissing her again. " Let me explain what is about to happen then... " - and he picked, smiling, up his diagrams. " This is a picture of a horse's leg " - and moving a ruler he showed her. " From the top, the forearm, the knee, the cannon-bone, the splint-bone, the pastern and the coronet in front, and the tendons, the fetlock and the heel in the back. " - he flipped over to another diagram. " Here is a picture of your leg, taken whilst you stand on your toes. " - and again he pointed. " What I will do is transform your legs, and arms, into the equivalent horse legs needed. If you look here, " - and he put transparent diagram of the horse legs over her - ", you can see that your calves will make the splint-bone, your heels will make the fetlocks, or the ergot in the hind legs, your instep creates the pastern, and your toes the hoof itself... " He looked down at her, and in his eyes were clear for her to see the certainty that she was going to back of, soon. She smiled, encouraging him on. He found another diagram, this time of her arms. " The arms we must do something special with... " - and for a second it seemed the he saw something far away, - "... as you know from our measuring session that when you stand on your toes, you can't reach the floor with your hands. " - he pointed to a picture that clearly showed this. " I DID consider surgically removing your arms below the elbows, and your legs below your knees and replacing them with appropriate horses legs, " - and he could not help glancing at her to see how she took this, - " but there are problems with that. I am no surgeon, and I want the pony's body to be the same as yours, SO... " Her comment was a mere whisper, but it made his heart pound... " Oh Master, I AM sorry... I wish there was a way, if that was what you wanted... " - and she looked down. He leaped to her, craddling her head, kissing her hair, stroking. " Little one... no, it was a mere thought. No... want ALL of you. Of YOU. " and for a while yet they comforted eachother. There was no need to rush, the rest of their lives was theirs. He looked at her as he raised. She was his, and he could hardly understand the luck, the chance. He nodded. She would make a perfect pony ! " Let us proceed, " - turning again to his diagrams, he pointed to her arms. " As the preferred position for a pony is on all fours, you will need small extention to your arms to make a 90 degree angle in your hips and shoulders. " - once more he switched diagrams.

" Now for the other characteristic parts of a horse. The tail will be fastened close to your own tail-bone. " - he looked her ower, - " Even thou I ought to remove your breasts, who have EVER heard of a pony with breasts, I value them too much... " - and with a smile he saw how relieved this made her. " Your voice is a problem... " - and sigh'ing he picked up a syringe from a shelf. " I thought about taking your tongue out, but that creates other problems. Removing your vocal-cords brings us back to the surgical trouble once more. I HATE having to use chemicals, but this substance will take your voice away. It is not permanently - which is what bothers me. I seek another solution thou ! " - and he put the syringe back. Looking down at her he went trough her body, again, checking to see if he had forgotten some specific detail. It seemed not... " It seems everything is set then. Before we leave I wish to go trought the 'rules' thou... " - and again he sat down before her, looking into her eyes. " There are not many. When to-day is over, you will physically be more of a pony than you had imagined. But I am no fool, nor are you. There are times that might make it needed to see a doctor. I have friend who will help us out. He will be your vet. " - her Master smiled with her at that, and went on. " He will also... " - and he looked down now - " help us in another case. He understands what we feel. In the case of my... illness, he will feed you and look after you. In the case of my death... " and he held her tight as she threw herself around his neck. " I know...I know... but no man is immortal, and I MIGHT become ill. He has agreed to then take care of you in any way you wish. will leave instructions so that he can take you back into a human. If you wish to be sold, he will seek to find an owner he trust... " - and once more his voice trailed of as he saw her face, her eyes. " Master ! I beg of you, now, even thou I will not even contemplate such a thing. You cannot die ! " - she sobbed silently in his arms, but continuing with force, " BUT... if such a thing should happen... please, tell him to... to put me down Master ? I will not live without you. Let me then meet the end as a pony. Let me die as I have lived... " The silence was deep, and they sat still for a long time. In the end he nodded, and got to his feet. " Little one, if you are ready, let us proceed... let me take you into your life ! " With a smile she got to her feet, the sadness forgotten.

" Yes Master ! Please, let us go ! I long... " and she took his hand. They walked, hand in hand for the last time, out of the stable, across to the small, square building by its side. The place was large and windowless, made for this purpose only. The door swung easily, revealing yet another inside it. On the door-step he stopped her, and taking her by the shoulders he turned her around, holding her, and like this they both looked out on the day, the blue sky. The second door was, like the rest of the inside, sound-proofed. The cabin was divided into several parts, a shower-room, an equipment room, and the main smithy. The floor was clean, VERY clean, and they took their shoes of just inside the door. " Now... go, undress and take a shower. Remove all hair on your body, your head not included of course ! Then come out to me... " - and with a final kiss he pointed her towards the shower. Humming to himself, hearing the water flow in there, he went about making the final preparations. From the equipment-room he brought the straps, the needles, the disinfectant... he brought out the hammer, and he prepared the table. She took long to finish, but that was as expected. As she came out he looked at her, smiling. " One, last, time I must ask you my dear... are you willing ? " - and he looked her directly into the eyes as he asked. " Master. I am. I do this out of love, and I am willing ! " - she smiled back, her voice clear, sincere, happy. He smiled again. " GOOD ! " - and casting all doubts aside he went to work. He lead her over to a frame. " I will not inject you with the voice-remover yet, for your screams will indeed delight me. And you will scream. Not only do I allow it, I order you to. " - and he smiled to her - " Now, lay down ! " And so she did. The frame was designed for her, leaving her with her legs and arms stretched upwards. Another frame was place on top of her, fastened with screws to the first one. Her legs where tied to them both, and so was her arms. The parts of her legs below the knee where free, and so was the parts below her elbows, but apart from her head she was unable to move anything else. Now he fastened two legs and an arm to the frame, leaving one limb free to work on. From a table nearby he lifted something that looked like a long sleeve of skin, the color matching her own. On the end was a hoof.

" This is the fore-legs. They have a handle inside, around which I want you to grip. " - and with that he pulled the leg on. It was tight, fitting perfect to her arm. She gripped the handle, and moved her wrist tryingly. The hoof moved. " As you might notice, the handle is located inside metal device, making it impossible for you to move your hoof sideways. No horses do you know... " He smiled, and tying that leg down, he proceeded to the other. With both forelegs in place, he loosened one hind-leg. " These are abit different... inside is a shoe of metal. This will force your foot into the correct position. It continues up to your calves, and prevents any wrong movement from your side. " - and he pulled the leg on. Her foot was forced into position, and she moaned for a second.

" You will get used to it.. but it will hurt for some time, I assure you ! " He tied it down, and proceeded to the other leg. Once down, he took a step back. She looked wonderful In her eyes was a confused sparkle thou, wondering about this. He smiled, and walked over to the furnace. When he came back, he rolled down the skin on the legs, making the metal quite visible. They where of a shiny contruction, pretty and clean. And solid. In his hand he held a welding torch. He looked at her, and with skill he welded her hoofs on, making them impossible to remove without tool. She smiled up at him. He rolled the skin back up, and took another look. She moved her hoofs abit, looking strangely proud of herself. " Oh Master, my hoofs are so pretty !! Not to large... just pretty little hoofs ! " - and she looked at them, smiling.

" I am glad you like them my dear... very glad. You will be the prettiest pony around ! " - with that he turned again to the table. " Now... the skin is of a very special kind. It might attatch itself to your skin if left in place, in fact that IS the plan... but we must make sure it does not slide... " - and in his hands where needle and suturs when he again turned towards her. Her face went pale. And she closed her eyes. He fastened her legs to the frame once more, and proceeded to sow the skin on, with close, careful stitches. For a few she managed to cry silently, then she gave up. Her screams would have been heard for miles - had it not been for the sound-proofed walls. Her eyes where still closed as he kissed them, the last stitch done, the wounds cleaned with disinfectant, and a sense of pride in his eyes. " Good girl... that was not so bad, was it ? " and she shook her her. " No Maaaster... not bad at all.... " - her voice trailed of. " Listen, in a few weeks the skin will hopefully attatch itself to your own, making the legs apart of you. Then I will remove the stitches. If it has not, then I must sow again... " - and he smiled.

He loosened the frame now, letting her out. He would not yet allow her to stand on her hoofs, and lifted her up, carrying her to a bench, smiling as he felt her hoof around his neck. She smiled, defying the pain.

She was put face down on the bench, and tied in place, legs spread, with solid broad leather straps. She could not move an inch. From behind her came his voice. " This will hurt more than anything you have ever felt, I assure you. Your tail will be fastened now, to your own tail-bone. This means I must make a small cut, fasten it, and sow. Feel free to scream... " and he cut at once, making her scream, a high, piercing sound. The procedure did not take long. A base was fastened to her tail-bone. Into this a tail was put, creating the illusion of a long, proud horse-tail. The stiches needed to close the insission was many, her screams likewise. He let her stay there for a while, breathing heavily, sobbing, her tears dropping down on the floor. Whilst giving her time, he put the shot of chemicals in her left buttock - the needle not producing enough pain to penetrate the ones in her legs and tail. Finally he loosened her straps, and helping her to her feet. She struggled for a second, shivering. Turning around her he looked... and felt satisfied.

" Good... very good. Now, try to talk. "

Not a sound came from her, her eyes wide open as she tried. Desperatly. He smiled. " Good. Ok, one tap for yes, two for no. Can you feel any tightening of your throat ? " - and he looked very instensly. ( tap, tap ) " Good. Try to make a sound then, a sounds like the ones your RACE use to make... " - smiling he looked at her. She whinnied, smiling back. Laughing he stroked her hair. " You learn quickly. Then again, horses DO know this from birth, and you have been a pony, havn't you, even thou captured in a human body ? " ( tap! ) He laughed again. " Now down on all fours. Practice abit while I go outside and prepare some final details. " - and with this he left her.

Struggling abit to get down, she soon found that it was not all that hard at all. Trotting around the room she could not help admiring those cute hoofs, her legs as they should be. It did not take him long to come back. Upon entering he left the door open, the sunlight shining in. " Outside girl, over to the paddock. There is one thing left. " - with a clap on her rump he sent her out, into the sun, into the real world. She trotted along as fast as she could, into the paddock, around, enjoying herself even thou she was not yet accustomed to this, nor had the pain subsided. In a few seconds she stood still, frozen, looking directly as she was at the burning fire, the long branding iron. Behind her he closed the gate, and picked up a rope. " Oh yes... I will brand you " - his voice came softly to her, but the clear assurance in it made her shiver. She ran. She ran as fast as she could, trying to find way out, the gate, closed, the fence, to high. She was about to get up on two when he caught her, tilting her over, tying her forelegs to her hindlegs and dragging her over to the fire. She shivered, whinnied desperatly, struggling, but found that she had no way out. His right foot held her down, her feet was tied. And his voice was soothing. " I know... but you knew too, that I would do this to you. I know that fear that is in your heart now. But I will brand you whatever happens. All ponies have one... " And she relaxed. She closed her eyes as he picked up the now white-hot iron, as he put a wooden stick in her mouth. Thinking, feeling, trying to put herself into the mind of a pony, her body became filled with that warm feeling that it always did - when she thought of such a life. And it tightened as the iron touched, as he pressed it against her right buttock, burning, branding his mark into her flesh. She could not scream. She whinched, but could not scream.

For a long time he sat by her head, comforting her, before he let her got. On stiff legs she walked around the paddock, trying to escape all the pain, something she could not do. In the end he stopped her, holding her head, kissing her mane. And then, in the sunshine, in the paddock. With her rump burning from the brand, her tail waving, the sight of her hoofs filling her with pride. She knew it. She knew it to be true, and she could not help smiling. She was a true ponygirl. A pony even. A mare, HIS mare. And she would be so forever. Gone was the woman, gone was her days as a human. She was happy.

The Transformation copyright 1996 by Tina Maria Holmboe.

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