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Be Anything

by Frek

I am on my way to the store, walking up Dromore Street and spacing out when someone asks me,

"Hey, are you a furry?"

I look over and see this strange guy leaning over some bushes nearby. I had never told anyone I was a furry, and he somehow knows my secret. So I say really casually,


He leans further over the bushes and, like we were conspiring, he says to me, "My name's Jared. I have some really great costumes that you might like."

This sparks my interest. I love to dress up in furry costumes, and so I respond, "Really? Can I see them?"

He says that he's got a whole room full of them in his house, of all different kinds. I agree to come in and see his costumes if he shows me one from the front door first. I am still being cautious. He invites me up onto the porch and tells me to wait there. He goes into the house and I hear his footsteps going up the front stairway. After a few minutes he comes back down holding a large rabbit costume. The fur on it is so thick and curly that I start to get aroused on his front step. He brings it up to the screen door and, as if taunting me, asks,

"Here's one of the less fancy ones, do you like it?"

I am esctatic. If this isn't as good as the other ones the other costumes must be the most incredible things in the world. Immediately I open the screen door and enter his house. The front room is very nicely decorated, with a long shag rug, a large leather couch, and a beautiful marble fire place. But hardly noticing the splendor of the room I take the costume from his hands and run my fingers over it's surface. With less control I could lose right here. The fur was silky smooth and so thick that I can press my hand completely into it and not see any trace of it. I pull my hand out and flip it around to look for the zipper. To my suprise there isn't one; there aren't any seams visible either.

"Here, run this over the back." he says as he hands me an exaggerated pull tab.

I take it and, following his instructions, run it down the center of the costume. It neatly slides open revealing a glossy interior covered with red silk. Reaching my hand inside, I rub the silk and find it to be as soft as the outside, except sleek and not furry. He says to me,

"You can try it on upstairs. Follow me."

Dumbfounded I follow him up the ornately decorated staircase to the second floor. At the top of the stairs there were three doors. "Through here." he says pointing to the closest door.

He opens the door and it leads into a beautifully decorated room. A bed with satin sheets against the far wall takes up most of the space.

"You can change in here. I'll get set up in the next room. Just wait on the bed when you're done."

I finally get to put on the costume. As I look it over I notice the incredible detail on the face. The nose is just the right shade of pink and the fur around the face is slightly shorter than the rest of the body. A fine set of whiskers protrude from the area around the nose and the ears are floppy enough to cover the sides of the head. The mask is attached to the body at the neck and has the most realistic eyes I've ever seen. I slide my legs into the suit, and then my arms. The soft inner fabric clings to my arms and legs and wraps tightly around them. I stick my head through the bottom of the mask and feel it cling to my face and cheeks. I take the pull tab and run it up the back. Turning around as I look into the full size mirror reveals a very beautiful female rabbit. I'm not scared as many would be because for many years I have been making and wearing female costumes. This rabbit is fantastically well endowed and has very nice dainty paws. There is no sign of where the costume sealed up; the fur is uniformly thick.

Seeing nothing more to do, I sit on the bed and revel in the feelings this suit produces. I run my paws (I had begun to think of them as mine) over my soft belly and up over my furry breasts. The suit transfers every feeling perfectly. It feels as if I'm lying naked on the bed in my fur. I reach between my legs and rub my inner thighs, receiving the most incredible sensations throughout my body. A warm shiver spreads up through my crotch and up my torso every time I rub my legs. As I move closer up towards my crotch the door opens and in walks a very muscular hare with a towel around his middle. He surpasses my height by a good four inches and with his long ears at least by a foot. All the way down from the tips of his ears to his feet he is covered with the same thick fur as me, although light brown not white.

"I see you got your costume on well enough, and you seem to be testing its limits as well. Well, I'm going to help you push those limits even further."

Jared, now in his hare costume, pulls off his towel and reveals his cock. I've never been attracted to men, but being in this suit I have become the rabbit for a while and might as well make the best of it. I lean back on the bed as he comes closer slowly. He smiles and lowers himself on top of me. His throbbing cock pushes hard into my body and I feel those shivers again except stronger and this time I shake, and tremble with each one. I've never felt this way before and I am really enjoying it. It feels like I'm going to burst when suddenly more shivers pass through me stronger and faster than ever, it feels as good as my cock does as I cum, except spread through me. I buck around on the bed in the intensity of my first female orgasm. He is not done though, and keeps pumping as another orgasm hits me. I wrap my legs around him and pull him deeper inside me. He groans as his seed flows into me, he pulls himself out and lies down beside me. I am heaving, trying to catch my breath. That was incredible.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asks

"It was incredible, how do you do it? How could I have sex like that?"

He smiles as he says, "That's a secret, but seeing how you enjoyed it so much, do you want to do it again?"


"Whenever. Come over any time, I work from home so I'm always here."

I was amazed. A stranger invites me into his house, gives me a fully functional female rabbit costume, the greatest sex of my life, and then tells me I can come any time and do it all over again. He smiles as he watches my expression. I am overjoyed.

"So, you like my proposition? Will you do it?"

"Yes, yes of course. I'll give you anything, what do you get out of it though?"

To that he smiles and reaches over and fondles one of my nipples,

"Everything I ever wanted."

I smile as fatigue takes over and I fall fast asleep. I wake up to the morning sun creeping in through the blinds over my naked furred body. The other side of the bed is made and as I look around the extravagant room it hits me that last night hadn't been a dream. I rub my body and slowly roll out of bed. I take off the costume regretfully, but then remember what Jared had said the night before: "Anytime." I step out of the costume and walk over into the connecting bathroom. The shower is large and smells like sandalwood. I take a nice shower and wash myself off. I had gotten pretty sweaty under the costume, but hadn't noticed until I took it off a few minutes ago. I kind of miss my breasts as I dry myself off and get dressed in my clothes from the day before. The costume is still lying in a heap on the floor where I left it so I walk over to it and lay it out on the bed, enjoying how it feels under my fingers and thinking of how it felt last night.

I walk downstairs and find Jared on the front porch typing on a laptop and sipping coffee.

"Hi, how'd you sleep?" I say.

Jared looks up and closes his laptop, "Fine. How about you?"

"Better than I ever have in my life. That suit is so comfortable. I left it on the bed. I wasn't sure where to put it."

He smiles, "That's okay, I'll take care of it. Do you have anywhere to be today?"

Suddenly I remember my job, "Shit! I'm almost an hour late for work!"

He laughs. "Oh well, tell them you had a migraine. They'll believe you; everyone has them once in a while." Jared says, "There's more coffee in the kitchen, straight inside and to the right, and there's some cereal in the cupboard."

"Hey thanks, but I'll catch some at work, see you soon."

"Yeah, bye." He watches as I leave and then goes back to his laptop.


All day at work I can't concentrate. The customers seem more and more annoying as the day drags on, and by four o'clock I'm ready to snap. All I can think about is getting back to Jared's and into another costume. When I leave at five, my co-workers want to go for a beer, but I tell them I have a headache, and head to Jared's.

When I get there, a note says he's out for groceries, and will be back around six-thirty. Disappointedly I head home. When I get to my apartment I feel really tense. All I can think about is getting into another costume. There is nothing to eat because I had forgotten to go to the store last night, so I order pizza. The guy comes, and is very annoying. I don't tip him. The pizza tastes pretty bad, and I decide that I'm not really hungry anyways, at least not for food.

I head back to Jared's, my dark cloud lifting as I approach his block. When I knock, he opens the door saying, "Welcome back."

I go in and we walk to the kitchen. He has made some spaghetti and suddenly I'm hungry again. I tell him how my life stinks when I'm not here and how my apartment is so horrible, and he tells me to bring my stuff and move in with him. I'm more than happy to comply.

We finish our supper and I ask, "Can I see your other costumes?"

"Sorry, no. I can bring you another one if you want."


"Follow me."

We walk back upstairs and he tells me to wait in the bedroom again. I sit on the bed and wait for what seems like hours. He comes back in with a black cat costume. I take it from him as he goes to change and look it over. It's even better than the rabbit. The suit is a female again, with shapely hips and cleavage that are wonderfully porportioned to the rest of it. The fur is a thick black covering that stretches everywhere except the paws and the rear, which are white. The face has round, expressive eyes and a short muzzle with a pink nose and long, stiff whiskers. The ears point straight up with a slight fluff of white at the tip. This time I look between the legs and see that it is blank; there isn't a hole or anything, but I assume that would change once I get it on. Once again there is an exagerrated pull tab that undoes the back for me. I suit up and look down to once again be greeted by the happy mounds of my cleavage. My tail is incredible. I can bend it around and rub myself with it. I'm practising this maneuver as Jared walks in.

He resembles a large, striped tomcat and is very forward with what position he wants to use. I ride him like a horse for almost an hour and have double the orgasms. When I buck around during an orgasm I rub my clit on him more and am set off on another orgasm. Afterwards I am completely spent. I collapse off him and fall asleep as he rubs my nipples.

I awake at around six o'clock and Jared is still snoring beside me. This is the perfect time to search for the rest of the costumes. I get out of bed slowly. I guess this suit makes me quieter too, because I hardly make a noise as I walk out of the room. Time to search the rest of the house. The first room I check is right across from my room. It's a large closet filled with men's and women's clothes of all different types. I walk through that room and find a sexy fox fur coat that feels heavenly against my own fur. As I turn around I become aware of someone in the room with me. Jared is watching me from the doorway.

"What are you doing in here?" he asks calmly. He's not wearing his costume any more.

"Trying on clothes. I should have asked you first."

"Were you looking for the rest of my costumes?"

I feel like he already knew the answer so I decide not to try lying. "Yes, I really want to try all of them on."

He smiles, "You will, just one after the other. Don't worry, you'll get to try them all on."

"Can I keep wearing the coat?" I ask.

"Go ahead. Do you want some breakfast?"

I am feeling a bit hungry, but I also want to see if it's possible to eat in these suits. So we walk downstairs and have breakfast. The suit seems not even to be there as I eat. It's like I'm not wearing it.

After breakfast, Jared gives me a key so I can get in if he's out shopping. I've grown so used to the costume I only notice it just before I leave, and then have to run upstairs, strip down, and take a shower. Like yesterday, I leave my costume on the bed and lay the coat beside it. I trudge off to work, and by mid-afternoon, I am bored out of my skull.


After work I run "home" and find Jared lounging in the living room, beside what looks like a green pile of fur. He looks up as I enter and says, "How was your day?"

"My day was fine," I reply. "What is that?"

"This, is your costume for tonight. Have you ever thought of being a snake?"

"No, it sounds interesting though, how do I put it on?"

"Come upstairs and I'll show you."

I follow him upstairs and into the bedroom. He lays the snake down on the floor. It's at least ten feet long, and about two feet thick. My new costume is covered from head to tail in long thick green hair. The head is very interesting, with instead of a frightening face, a very calm, almost gentle smile and deep brown eyes.

"Here, you undo the top and just lie down in it with your arms at your sides. Go ahead, try it on. I'll do it up for you."

I strip naked and rub the snake with my body. It is so very soft, softer than the other two put together. Jared undoes the back for me and I lie down in the body and inch my way up through the velvety interior so that my head is inside the snake's. Jared reaches down and pulls it closed. I feel very strange--my whole body feels like one huge arm that I can twist and turn in so many different ways. I try moving forward and it seems more natural than walking. I slide slowly over the fur rug letting it rub my whole body at once.

I raise up on my tail and look Jared in the eye. "What about you? Where's your costume?"

"I'll need your help getting into it. It's in another room; I'll get it. Wait here, I'll be back in a minute."

So I wait, and practise slithering up and down the bedposts. It's really easy. I just coil up on the bed and wait. Jared comes back in a few minutes with a bright pink snake costume strung over his shoulders.

"I'll be female this time, and give you a break."

He lies the costume down on the floor and opens the back. His costume is a good foot longer and wider than mine and has longer hair. Jared lies down and inches up into the head, which is molded to be beautiful, and yet still look semi-serpentine. I grab the zipper in my mouth and pull it up along his back, then remove it and put it beside him on the floor. We both slide up onto the bed and entwine ourselves together.

I feel a throbbing between my legs and feel the weight of a hard, foot long cock pushing up from where my crotch would be. Jared rubs against it and the short, soft fur on his belly stiffens it further. I slide down his body and slide my cock into his slit. The inside is covered with millions of tiny hairs all moving at once and stimulating me beyond imagination. After two thrusts I burst, filling him with my seed, but I'm hard again almost instantly and moving up and down faster and faster, the tiny hairs swirl ing my cocktip until I explode again. I can feel his vaginal muscles clenching and releasing as he approaches orgasm. Then at once in a fountain of cum we both spray everywhere. He rolls off and falls fast asleep, but even though I am spent I still feel the need to satisfy myself more. I curl my tail around and run it up and down my cock slowly, I spray all over myself, and then, thoroughly exhausted, I slip off to sleep.


Waking up as a snake is an entirely new experience: the sun warms me just right and I lie in bed dozing for at least an hour. Jared comes in later to watch me.

I rub against him, and say, "Get a costume and come back to bed. I'll make it worth your while."

"Fine, but get out of that one first. I have others you'll be dying to try."

I lie still as he runs the zipper down my back and opens the costume. I pull out of the snake and run my hands over its body. It still feels wonderful. Jared closes the back up again and rolls up the costume.

"I'll show you the closet today. Follow me."

I am esctatic, following him to the third room on this floor. Inside a small bedroom with less extravagant furnishings than the last, there is a large walk-in closet to one side. It's to this that Jared leads me. He throws open the doors and I reel back in shock. The closet is obviously what takes up the most room here. Hanging row upon row are incredible costumes: a bear here, a beautiful vixen here, and costumes from fantasy, dragons, trolls, winged monkeys, and demons, huge furry beasts with wings and claws and teeth galore. I walk into this closet of magic and search up and down for my perfect costume.

"Here they are. Choose one you like and I'll go put this snake back."

Moving up and down the aisle, I find myself attracted to a beautiful vixen costume. This one is anatomically correct already, and has hot pink nails, large pert breasts, and a very realistic pussy. I look into her eyes and see what looks like an intelligent glimmer far in the back.

Jared says, "Sorry, you can't wear that one. It's problematic. Come down here; I have one to show you."

I follow him, all the while looking back at that vixen with the soft brown eyes. We move farther into the closet and into a stranger section of costumes. There are all sorts of weird things here: furry balls hanging beside each other in a hammock (one pink and one gray), geometric shapes covered with rainbows of colors and fur thicker than my waist, thick rugs, clothing, long

fur coats, and catsuits covered in short black fur.

Jared has stopped back at the furred balls. He picks the pink one up and throws it to me. "Here, wear this. I'll take the other one."

I catch the ball and study it. It's about three feet in diameter, with an additional two inches of pink fur coming out of every side. Jared takes the gray one and walks out. I go back to the other bedroom to change. There, I lay the ball down on the floor and run my hands over it. The outer pink fur sprouts from a darker thicker fur close to the ball. I open it up and step into it, but then I'm faced with the problem of closing it back up. I step out of the satiny inside and walk over to the bed, jam the zipper in between the mattress and the bed and head back to my costume. I roll it over to the zip and step into it. By grabbing the edges of the opening I pull them together and run them past the zip. Once the back is completely closed the room grows dark, everything is dim and I lose my bearings. Then Jared's voice comes from the door. I head towards it. I bump into him and rub around on him, and we both move towards the bed. Once we hoist ourselves up onto it I ask,

"What are these things supposed to be?"

"Furry balls. They're made for sex."

Jared grows a large knob on the side of his ball and pushes it into me. My suit gives in, taking its shape as he pushes further into me. I am overcome with orgasm. Every move he makes in my new orifice sends shivers all throughout my body. As he pushes in deep and twists around, I start to tremble and shake with a new orgasm every second. He's right. These are made for sex. Hours pass as we twist and turn to stimulate ourselves as much as possible.

Finally I deflate and lie still, completely exhausted. He rolls back and deflates beside me. We both sleep, but minutes later I awake and roll over to the zipper in the mattress. I unzip myself and climb out of the ball with one purpose in mind: to wear that vixen costume. I move quickly and silently out of this room and head towards the closet.

I walk straight to the vixen costume. Taking it out of its place, I grip the pull tab and try to open up the back. The zipper doesn't work; it runs down the back without the slightest parting. The costume is heavier than the others, too. I am so turned on by touching it that I need to find release within it. I bring it back out onto the bed and thrust myself into it. The vagina is very sensual, the inside lined with the same fur as the outside. I cum almost immediately. I wipe it off on the sheets and bring it back to the closet. Taking the pull tab again I run it down the back. This time it parts and a hysterical girl falls out of it crying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

She is about twenty, and has long black hair, and blue eyes. She crouches on the floor coughing and crying softly for a few minutes before she calms down.

"Thank you for letting me out. My name's Felicia. A few years ago I came here and suited up with Jared. Every day for two weeks I came, and we had the most incredible sex. Anything I could think of, he would have a costume ready for me. I was losing myself, and I realized it and told him I had to leave. He seemed okay with it, but I agreed to bed with him once more before I left. This was my mistake: you see, the costumes seal up and can't be undone until the wearer has had sex in them. He helped me suit up and then left me in this costume. He gives me a drink that slows movement and eventually makes it impossible to move at all. Because you came, he forgot to give me the drink this week. Let's get out of here."

"You won't be going anywhere." Jared says from the closet entrance.

"Why did you do this Jared? Why don't you just let us go?" I yell at him.

"You wanted to come, and you said I could have anything. Well, I want you both to stay forever."

"You can't make us stay!" the girl yells.

"Yes I can." Jared backs up and closes the door, I hear the lock click. "Put some costumes on and I'll let you out."

I run up and pound on the door. It's stuck tight.

Jared laughs from the other side. "Or you can starve in there; it's up to you."

That door is the only way out of this closet, and the only way we can open it is by suiting up.

"See the blue zipper on the door? Use that with any costume and then come out."

I walk over and pick up the pull tab hanging on the door. It's slightly heavier than the other ones but is shaped the same. It has a screen on it that is displaying the number zero.

"I guess we have no choice." I say as I walk back, "Take a costume. I'll have the vixen."

"Okay, here, I'll take this fox." Then she whispers, "That way we can get out of them later."

Even though I'm scared, the vixen costume still makes me aroused. It's fur is long and thick and heavenly to the touch. Its light brown color makes it even more desirable. The breasts are large and covered in the same fur as everywhere else, other than a pink nipple at the top of each one. The rear end is very well kept with a long beautiful tail coming out right above it. I look into the open back. the inside is a delicate pink satin with a furry patch around the crotch and chest. I slip my legs in and feel the costume cling to them. They start to shrink and become very trim and female. I push my arms in the sleeves and feel get the same clinging feeling as they become slightly smaller and daintier. I push my head in and look down at my new body. Everything is slightly orange tinted through the suit's eyes. Felicia takes the tab off the floor and runs it up my back, and I feel a strange tingle as it reaches the top and the cool air of the closet is cut off by a warm layer of fur. The back and chest cling. I can feel my breasts now.

She picks up her own costume and pulls it on. I see a strange spectacle as new muscles bulge under her fur and her face becomes masculine and handsome. Her cock sprouts out from between her legs and into a sheath along her belly. She turns around so I can zip her up. I pick up the zipper and walk over. As I bring it up to her back I notice the number is now one instead of zero. I run it up her back and when it touches the top and her costume is sealed the number changes to two.

"Okay, we're both suited up let us out." I call through the door.

"Slide the zip under the door." Jared tells me.

I slide it under and hear him pick it up. He looks at it and then opens the door. As we walk out he presses a red button on the zipper and Felicia falls over unconcious. Jared looks at me and presses the button again and everything goes dark.


My eyes open, but I can't move. I'm back in the closet hanging in one of the hammocks. I hear footsteps as Jared walks in.

"Did you have a nice sleep? Don't try to answer. You won't be able to." He smiles and says, "I hope you like that costume; it's your new body. That special zip closes the suit for good. Like the animals you imitate, your vocal chords are gone. You can't make a noise, nor can you move. I gave you that same cocktail I give Felicia. Oh yes, it was very clever of you two to get costumes of the opposite sex--thought you could just get out of them given the chance. I've stopped that little chance, haven't I? Don't worry. In a few days I'll let you move again, maybe even have sex with each other, or with me. Don't try and leave though. Notice that collar around your neck? Try and leave through any door or window and you'll get a nasty shock. You'll black out instantly."

He reaches down and rubs my breasts, "See you soon." He laughs as he leaves the closet and locks it.


Jared leans over the bushes to get closer to the passerby,

"Hey, are you a furry?"

Be Anything copyright 2001 by Frek.

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