The Transformation Story Archive With Fur and Claws...

Taken by dreams

by nanomage

They came again last night.

I say they, because I have not seen them, only spots of light, like you see when you are beginning to pass out. And I feel a presence. It could be one or many I don't know. This time they came for my eyes.

As before, I could not move, yet I was awake, there were pushing's and tugging's that were both physical and dare I say, spiritual? A voice that was mostly in my head sang to me. A beautiful voice that spoke no words yet delivered meanings I could not understand. Then, as it had happened too many times before, a rush of pleasure that spread though me, making my entire body thrill until I could take no more. Then all gone, no lights no presence, no consciousness.

In the morning, I looked at what had been done. My eyes were sullen and catlike, crescent iris, long thick eyelashes. Funny, the last "gift" was the loss of all hair, now they returned a tiny portion. From my old hairline, I had a crest of blue feathers that I could fluff like a cockatoo. Old change now, that happened a month ago.

The first time, I thought I had had a vivid dream. The next day, I noticed rather idly that my nipples were missing. Odd, but not earthshaking. A man does not need nipples anyway, so I decided not to worry. A week later the dream came again, and that morning I had cloven hooves, later identified as being goatlike by my doctor. Yeah, that time I did freak and ran, clipity clop to my doctor, who seemed to take the whole thing in stride, he twisted the things, tested the flex, took x-rays, then gave me Prozac and sent me home.

The visits became more frequent after that. And I was conscious through them now. Each time the presence grew stronger, the voice clearer, but still no words, no explanations. I got the feathers then, and an extreme change in my hips and buttocks taking my slim 34 in. hips to well over 46 in. and the buttocks were round and firm. By them my life was ruled by fear, fear of sleeping, fear of being seen. I called in sick for as long as I could, and when my Boss finally pressed me for the reason, I quit over the phone. More changes, and none of them human, or consistent to one particular animal. My doctor prescribed Lithium over the phone and had it delivered. That added a new fear, he was giving me drugs for the mentally ill. Was this in my mind? Was I mad, and only thinking that this strangeness was real?

I allowed my mother to come see me. I asked her, "Is this real, or in my mind?"

She looked at me, and very carefully replied. "Yes, it is real."

By then, I did not know if I could believe her. My Doctor sent me a letter. In it he said that my DNA could not be Identified, not human, not animal, UNKNOWN, in big capital letters. He wanted me to come to the University hospital to have more tests run. I threw it away. I spent my days watching daytime TV. and cleaning my old pistol, over and over. I loaded it a couple times, but could not lift my hand to finish it.


I looked over these pages from last week, the day I wrote them after being gifted with cat eyes. The changes come every night now. Long floppy ears that hang down off my head, but I can move them into any position. A plush reddish tail, I think fox, Antlers of some kind. My whole body has a soft fur, in zebra stripes. Last night, I lost my manhood. my crotch is flat and empty, the fur somewhat thicker there. In back, under the tail there is a vagina, large and plump, not human in the slightest, I have no idea what creature it came from. I am not taking the drugs anymore. I threw them away, The gun too.

The lights are back, and the voice, I can hear it, and understanding seems mere moments away. I can feel the twisting and tugging at my belly. I am awake, I can move. I am writing with one hand and feeling my belly with the other. Nipples, four of them, my belly is swelling, and the nipples are getting larger. An udder, a cow's udder I think. I feel good, I feel perfect.


She says. "Time to take a dreamer, take a lover."

She has the face of a doe, the body of a woman. Her arms and legs are those of a pony and a long snakelike tail. Her breasts are cone shaped, and six of them hang from her chest and belly. her fur is leopard spots. She is lovely beyond description.

I am going with her.


Taken by dreams copyright 1999 by nanomage.

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