The Transformation Story Archive

The Other Sex

Tereisias started it, but the other sex seems to hold quite a fascination until today.

Alone On The Town [adult]
by Alan
Attack of the Big-Buxomed Bikinied Bimbos [good]
by Keith Morrison
Attack of the Big-Buxomed Bikinied Bimbos Part II [good]
by Keith Morrison
Best Served Cold
by Bill Hart
The Bingo Pool [good]
by Gavin Steyn
Black Ice [adult]
by unknown
Burning Bright
by Daedalus
by Owl
Career Day
by unknown
Chan [adult]
by Rae Lincoln
Cheryl's Dream [good] [adult]
by unknown
Chrissie [adult]
by She-Devil
Chrysalis [adult]
by Nate Denney
Closing Pandora's Box [good] [adult]
by Stephanie
Coar (Dream Come True) [good] [adult]
by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Convention Conversion [adult]
by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Cornsilk [good]
by Dr Isoscele
Costume for Life [adult]
by Leslie Leigh
The Crusader and the Slave Girl [adult]
by Christopher Leeson
The Disguise [adult]
by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
DNA [good] [adult]
by Stephanie
DNA II [good] [adult]
by Stephanie
The Fat Lady [good] [adult]
by Anonymous
Gender-Benders Anonymous! [good]
by Eddie Glover
The Graduate Education of Malcom Covington [adult]
by Elizabeth Bennett
The Guinea Pig [adult]
by Ruth White
Bob (Sequel to Guinea Pig) [adult]
by Ruth White
by Bob Stein
The Leaf [good] [adult]
by Liz M.
Male Order Bride
by nanomage
Male Statue Wanted [adult]
by Alan
Melissa's Change [adult]
by Ron L.
Molly [adult]
by Lisa Blades
Niteside [adult]
by Edwin Gay
Prisoners of Tiresias [adult]
by Christopher Leeson
Raised from the Dance
by Bill Hart
Reclaiming Breslar [good] [adult]
by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
ReGenesis [adult]
by Ansuz
ReGenesis, Inc. - Indistinguishable from Magic [adult]
by Bill Hart
Regrets and Might-Have-Beens [good]
by Lagos
Rescueing a Princess [good]
by Bill Hart
School of Changes [good] [adult]
by unknown
The Seeds Of Change
by Jamie
Sheena [adult]
by Jennifer Lorissa-Leigh
Skin [adult]
by Edwin Gay
The Stepford Wives [adult]
by Sarah Barndt
Terrible Tragic Story
by Gregg
Time On His Hands [good]
by Stephanie
To Dream in Color [good]
by J.T. Skunk
Trap [adult]
by The Professor
Under the Moons of Eden [adult]
by Christopher Leeson
The Wanderer [adult]
Wishes Once Wished
by Bill Hart
Zoot Suit [adult]
by Robin Douglas