The Transformation Story Archive

With Fur and Claws...

Half an animal, half a man, and totally furry, some transformations go only half the way... Ther's also two furry worlds in the worlds directory: The Winds of Change and The Blind Pig.

A Dangerous Game
by Picklejuice
The Allure of Furries
by K. M.
Anubis [good]
by Phil Geusz
The Articulum
by Lance Holloway
Basketball [new]
by Ryan Hoffman
Bite the Bullet
by Paul Exton
Blew Knight
by Bill Hart
Commission [good]
by Phaedrus
Costume- Vixen, Golden [good] [adult]
by Kim Liu
Deer Me...
by Wolphin
Degree in Lycanthropy
by Curtis Brookes
Down the Rabbit Hole
by Beast
by Changer
The Fox Kid
by Rodford Edmiston
The Fugitive
by Xodiac
Historical Revisionism
by Brian Eirik Coe
Hollywood Fever [good]
by nanomage
Horse Whispers [adult]
by Cody Pony
Indecent Exposure [good]
by Jacob T. Fox
Lessons learned [adult]
by TimeFox
The Life of the Party
by Plonq
by Lance Holloway
Love Carrot
by Phil Geusz
MUCKing About [good] [adult]
by Wanderer
The Mutates
by James S Cole
Mute City [good]
by Jason-Roo Tracer
The Mystery Boy [good]
by Sarah
Napoleon and the Genie
by Dread Pirate Baker
No Greater Love [good]
by Jeremy Ducharme
Passenger Pigeon 13 [good]
by Kristina Davis
Perfect Timing
by Ben Sibbald
Roger's Creation [adult]
by regal
Snake Boy
by Glenn Wesley
A Sound So Sweet, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mage
by Finny Fiona
Taken by dreams [good]
by nanomage
Twisted Speed
by DrumerTigr