The Transformation Story Archive

Strange Things and other Changes

Sometimes you get stories, which are simply unclassifiable, or I haven't yet opened their own category. Here you find all of it bunched together.

Adsorbing Passion [adult]
by S. B. Douglass
And I wondered...
by Arthur Pearson
At the End of Time
by Brian Eirik Coe
Be Anything [adult]
by Frek
The Bestialist
by Remus Shepherd
Body By Harmani
by Phil Geusz
Bouncy [adult]
by Changer
Candle Shortage
by RadioX
A Cautionary Tale for Pet Owners [good]
by Linnaeus
Changes in Middle Management [good] [adult]
by Mark Gooley
Chickenhawk and the Shapeshifter
by Bryan Derksen
The Closet
by Mickey
Cold Revenge [adult]
by Radioactive Loner
The Daily Grind [good]
by Tal Greywolf
Daycare [adult]
by Copernicus
Dead [good]
by XoYo
Demon's Revenge [adult]
by Jeffrey G. Harper
by Eala Dubh
Diary of a mad Scientist [good] [adult]
by Mark Gooley
Dragon in Fine Print [adult]
by KAS
Emily's Zenith
by Anonymous
Equalizer [new]
by DarkBird
Fading Darkness [good]
by Mat Charles
Fleeing Gods [good] [adult]
by M.A. Mohanraj
All That Glitters Does Not Have A High Refractory Index
Or: How to fracture a fairy tale
by Christina Marie Dyne
The Gazebo
by J.T. Skunk
by Bob Stein
Giving Anything [good]
by J.T. Skunk
by Tinbender
Hello [good]
by Anonymous
If It Don't Show...
by Bob Stein
Immaculate Deception
by d. page
In Alien Waters [good]
by Darcy Dallas
Jaskri and the Maiden [adult]
by Leem
Jury Service
by Bill Hart
Let Sleeping Dolls Lie [good]
by Jason Rodencal
Making the Grade [good]
by Bob Stein
A Matter of Taste [good]
by Mark van Sciver
Maybe Next Time [adult]
by Justal
Modern Medusa [adult] [new]
by Animals
Mr. Harper Chats With God [good]
by J.T. Skunk
Oh, let me be ... [good] [adult]
by Wanderer
Once Upon a Halloween [good]
by Fox Cutter
One Day In Suburbia
by Paul Exton
St. Patrick's Day Limericks
by Tinbender
The Price of Power [new]
by DarkBird
by Eala Dubh
The Recruit
by Bob Stein
Roots [good]
by Changer
Sculptura [good] [adult]
by Redline
by Damon Jason Casale
Secrets [good] [adult]
by Brat001
Shanghaied [adult]
by TC Lin
Short Takes [good] [adult]
by Lots of people
Snow Unicorn
by Bob Stein
Soft Dragons [adult]
by KAS
Someplace Safe
by Bob Stein
Sometime near the begining [good] [adult]
by #6
Special Delivery [good] [adult]
by Bob Stein
The Struggle [good] [adult]
by Mark Gooley
The Symbiont [adult]
by Chimerian
Terminal Depression
by Kim Liu
Thief Trap
by Changer
Time for a Change
by Bob Stein
To Shape One's Life [good]
by Jeffrey M. Mahr
Transformation Vignettes [good] [adult]
by Mark Gooley
The Velveeta Rabbit
by J.T. Skunk
Walk a Mile
by Bob Stein
by Bud Bennett
What Harold doesn't say
by Dexter Herron
by Cerulean
Who Hunts the Hunter? [good] [adult]
by Brian Eirik Coe
You Are What...
by Paul Exton