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Spells 'R' Us

The original Story is A Strangeness at the Frathouse now finally online here. Anonymous decided to throw the setting open, and here is a selection of the tales written.

A Strangeness at the Frathouse [good]
by Bill Hart
A Sense of Duty
by Bob Stein
The Best of Friends
by Bill Hart
Football Mania
by Eddie Glover
Halloween Party
by Bill Hart
Heart's Desire
by Bill Hart
Just Any Horse Will Do
by Jack deMule
Maid To Order
by Netman
by Eddie Glover
by Zhara
Tried as a Juvenile [adult]
by RadioX
The More, The...
by Bob Stein
The Skin Game
by Wanderer
A Bottle Of Dreams [good] [adult]
by Tal Greywolf
Unfinished Business...
by WhLghtnin
No Regrets
by GoldenMane
Byte Me
by Phaedrus
A Friend in Need [good]
by Bill Hart
Perfect Pair
by Anonymous