About me

(Note that this page is outdated since over 8 years. I have a diploma in computer science now and you can find more about me at Suran.info (also note that when I made this page my english was terrible.)
Hi! My name is Suran. I (just) left scool, want to study Informatics(, what else) and love foxes, good 3d-art and well written storries as much as nice pictures. So if you've drawn/written something ... I'm allways interested. (I doubt an inteligent lifeform has to mention that he's a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek or the X-Files.)
My hobbies are (as you might expect from the gallery) photo-retoushes and raytracing, a bit of drawing (I don't publicise that much but if you are really interested =>drop me a mail, I answer everyone), programming and reading.
Well, I doubt that it tells much about a person but my system (at home, not this one, it's not mine) is a 6x86-120+ with 32MB of ram running Memphis(no tm) and Winhang NextTry 4. (It's a lie that it nearly never chrashes and that C2-security it a joke)
If you want to chat with me just mail me your Adress and I'll do a 'talk where.your.are' as soon as I see it or DCC-Chat 'someone1' on IRC (slower).
In MUCK's and NewsNet my Avatar is: Suran. His two most prominent properties are that he's a Fox-Morph and that his 'pet' is allways with him... his Lioness.

If you want to get known about my Avatar click \\\\\\\\\\ here /////////// 

I'm online scince a few years and providing this page scince october in 1996.
If you want to send me a mail noone else shall read (private topic, passwords, ...) feel free to enchipper it with one of the following keys. Please keep in mind that the Net isn't as secure as you might think it is. 


My keys are also availiable through www.pgp.com My public PGP-key is: OUTDATED Back