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He is a Mix of Human and Fox (He's face and fur of a fox, but is digiterating bipedal). He's average tall, has warm looking , green Eyes and a long and dense red/white fur runs down his body. In his right hand he holds a long, even stick and with his left he strokes the fur of his sleeping lioness, laying besides him. He wears a long, light blue rope, not that dark that it would make you think he's a negromane and not too bright for his mysterious Aura. He's strong but not very muscular, so with his big hands he can fight well but also be tender. His long fluffy tail moves slowly from left to right while his eyes are mildly looking at you as if he were an old friendly fox, but he's actually in his late teens and far away from being called ald. He's mostly just looking at the scene but don't restrain form talking to him, he has much to say. He's able to open a Portal to another reality; the Portal is called the scre'en.
And he knows how to use the Power of the source(es), wich gives him a few (light)magical forces.

Having problems to imagine him? No problem:
#look Suran -nobreak |less
As your eyes scan the room there're settling on a huge fire burning
in the middle of the people standing around here, chatting.
Nobody seems to pay any attention to it, as if they couldn't see it.
There is something strange in that fire, it seems not to burn up
and send it's sparkles into the air but to flow down like a burning
heavy gas floating down a floor. Just a second...
the fire has a shape or at least flows over one
...a human shaped body. With time passing by you can make out a
fox-human morph under the fire. As the shaking of the flames becomes slower
a single flame takes your attention, about a meter or so high and slowly
swinging from one site to the other from left to right, left, right,
left, right you get nearly hypnotised by that flame, ...that flame
anything is unusual with it but you can't see what ...the tip, it's
white. You were so busy with looking at that flame that you only now
as the flame changes into a long, fluffy, red tail realize that you're
looking at a furry. He's avarage tall, strong but not muscular and he
has a well-groomed fur, a fur looking like a frozen flame. You've seen
him from behind, but now he's slowly turning toward you and you see
his white belly-fur witch makes him looking as wearing a jacket,
wild and elegant at the same time. He has noticed your look and is slowly walkig
over to you, slowly...looking as if he were hovering. In a second he stands
right in front of you, giving you a mild smile. You see his clear yellow
eyes with pupils like a black mountian-lake, as if you could jump into them,
diving and it seems as if there were anything gleaming at the bottom.
His eyes are closing as he turns his head slowly to the
side, awaking you from your dream and turning his face toward you again
as he says "Hi!" in a mild and calm voice, smiling knowing, obvisously awaiting
an answer.


#look Sara -nobreak |less
This is Sara, Suran's lioness. She is a normal panthera leo,
no furry. She weights about 180 Pound, but nevertheless she is
only a curious big cat, inspecting everything and jumping upon
every table(what makes her not very beliked because her tail is
in everyones glass). She likes it to hunt footballs and try to
"kill" them while they are ever jumping out of her
strong claws. But mostly she is sleeping next to Suran being
crawled by him.

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