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The pictures are in reversed order, so the last drawn ones are at the top.

If anyfur wants to beg me to draw something, just tell me, I'm doing it for free (Hey, drawing should be fun, not work!). If you feel better you could offer something or draw a pic in return.
If you haven't done it allready, please read the assay on sketchbooks linked below.
If you want to have a print of one of the pics in full quality, just ask.
If you're looking for some 3D-work, you may alternatively visit my (_very_ small) 3D-gallery.

Size: 50.8kb
My first pic made with 3dsMax2.0, a simple water-elemental
Size: 38.0kb
Believe me or not, I just tried out my (little 5"x5") graphic-tablet
Size: 37.0kb
This job is just to easy for 3dsMax ...but I needed a new logo.
Size: 20.0kb
Well, I tried to understand the interface of Bryce... and failed.
Size: 34.9kb
This is the evidence, the CIA hides a Wherewolf in Area51 ;)
Size: 19.5kb
Tried to draw a complex object in 3ds to get used to it...seems I made it!
Size: 15.0kb
Well, this way a furry looks much more realistic, didn't it? This Pic shows my Avatar, Suran
Size: 27.2kb
on the other side of a zoo-cage in a dark, icy-cold and lonely night. A try in a new 3d-proggie. Looks better in the original size.
Size: 11kb
tried an animated gif...
Size: 27kb
Just a try...
Size: 10kb
The last fighter flying into the surrise
Size: 20kb
Somebody openes the Scre'en in Suran's Den.
Size: 52kb
The hunter...
Size: 33kb
and the hunted ... on their designated flights.
Size: 30kb
Look into her eyes...
size: 82kb
A friend of Suran working for the NASA (this time more dificult, because its colored. perceive the paw)
Size: 2kb
A Face, staring at you
Size: 90kb
Look at the MP right in the back.(The Sunglasses are handdrawn)


You like furry-art? You have a sketchbook? You should have read these two documents:
Rich Chandler's essay on Sketchbooks
And whats left in it

What?You can't draw? Don't say that, it's easy. Here's a good point to start.


All images shown here are © 199* by Suran and may be freely copied for your own use.
However posting, altering or selling of this images or parts of them is allowed AS LONG AS you ask me beforehead. Feedback of ANY sort is allways welcomed.

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