English Name:

-Falkland Fox

Deutscher Name




Lathin Name:

-Dusicyon australis


-Shape and Size Foxlike. Fur short, dense, soft, yellow-brown, downside lightened,
-short bushy tail with white tip,
-large head with short, broad snout.
-Body length: 3-3.3 ft; 90-100 cm
-Tail length: 12 in; 30 cm
-Shoulder height: 18-22 in;45-55 cm

Geographic Range:



-Island denizens; remarkably trusting; origin still obscure





Food Habits:

-Magellan geese, young seals, penguins, sheep.

Specialities :

-Scince 1876 extirpated (poss.not naturally exticted).
-Falkland wolves were extremely similar to the colpeo fox: as their southern representatives, large with sturdy dentition;
-it is said that one difference between the two was the white tip of the Falkland wolf's tail. It is possible that they were nothing more than an insular variety of the colpeo fox.

-There has been much speculation as to how tie Falkland wolves were able to reach the Falkland Islands, which are 180 mi (450 km) from Argentina. The currents could not have brought them on driftwood. It was assumed that pre-Columbian people brought tamed, perhaps even domesticated, colpeo foxes to the islands. However, there are no domesticated colpeo foxes in South America, and at the time Europeans discovered the islands, they were not inhabited by humans. It is possible that forebears of the Falkland wolves arrived during the Pleistocene when the sea level was lower.

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