The exceptionally wide range of color and the considerable differences in physical size and proportions of the Dusicyon culpaeus have previously misled zoologists to describe many species and subspecies. as a consequence, the task of clarifying the relationship within the genus Dusicyon as been complicated to the present day.

The term pampas fox (Dusicyon gymnocerus) is used often to include the species Dusicyon griseus, Dusicyon sechurae, Dusicyon Inca and Dusicyon fulvipes.The systematic classification is quite uncertain, the descriptions of the species usually being based on very little material, without taking into account the wide variations stemming from geographic distribution or differences that arise as a result of differences in climate. Thorough investigations are needed to determine precisely how many species are contained in the genus Dusicyon.

Fact is, that the Dusicyon microtis and the Dusicyon griseus are considered different species; further differentialision is uncertain.