Miavir's Treasure Chest of assorted Furryness

Miavir's Treasure Chest of assorted Furryness

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Welcome to the world of Furryness, I'm Miavir. Unfortunately, the Video link hasn't been installed yet, so you'll have to wait a bit to get Pictures of me. Or maybe my Furcode will suffice: FFDs3amr A C+++ D H+++ M+++ P++ R+ T+ W Z+ Sp# RLCT a+ calbu+++$ e++ h+ iwf+++ j p*>- sm#.

This will not I hope inconvenience you, you may comfort yourself by browsing these pages. Oh, to reach me, log into FurryMUCK or Furtoonia and page me there if I'm on. If you don't know what I'm talking about, maybe you should read Getting Started on FurryMUCK.

If you don't know what a Furry is, well, there are almost as many opinions on that as there are furries. To get a general hint, you might want to look into "What is a Furry", or for more detail, see PeterCat's Furry InfoPage , "What is a furry?" by Watts Martin, or even "What is a Furry?", an article, mostly by 'Dr. Pepper', who wasn't a furry himself, so his view should be taken with a grain of salt.

Now, without further ado, on to the furry stuff :-)




Furry Related



Furry Treasures

Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories A Service by yours truly.
Yerf a collection of 'Squeaky Clean Furry Art' ;-)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Sociopolitical Ramifications MUCK Homepage
Foxes' Underground Revolution Home Page
Furry Resource Page
YiffNet The All-Furry IRC Network
Kevin and Kell
Second-Ed A treasure for his RL service, not his webpage :-) (This is Ed Zolna's new shop, he used to be the one behind Mailbox Books)
United Publications A furry mail-order outfit.
Convention Rules seen at CF7
A Quozl quote Some intelligent thoughts on the state of Furrydom IMHO.
A Boojum quote Some even more intelligent thoughts. Boojum is truly a 'gentlebunny'.
Random Quotes Some furry, most not.
For Felines some important messages.
Sabrina Online
West Corner of the Park
Tony's Believe-It-Or-Not Odditorium!
World Scatological Survey
How to Be a Successful Evil Overlord
Sluggy Freelance
My Adult Furry Page.

Fanzines, Apazines, Books, other Publications, Films, Series

Roz Gibson's Huzzah! APAzine
FurVision the Fanzine by Karl Maurer.
Ink Spots
South Fur Lands
Lazy Fox Studios Makers of Anthropomorphine and Foxes Are Neat
Antarctic Press
Furthest North Crew
Mauser's Index Page Rich Chandler and The Gallery APAzine.
The official GoldDigger Page
The Fred Perry Fan Club
Das Bauhaus Publishers of Demon Hunters and High Speed Dirt.
Swatkat Fanclub Online
The Belfry Revar's net-furry-zine.
Second Ed
Walter Kitty
Space Jam
DSMNFTP Archive some stuff about David Sim (Creator of Cerebus) as well as his comments on how to create Comics.
The Usagi Yoyimbo Dojo
SwatKats Fanclub Online
Greener Pastures
Cartoon Frolics
Guardian Knights or try the Backup Site.
Sacred Blue Comics
The Centaurs Gatherum
Viktoria's Secret
Halloween Comics
Radio Comics
Yarf! The journal of Applied Anthropomorphics.
Lycanthropes & Furries
Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe

Furry Online Comics

Belfry's Furry Comic Page
Kevin and Kell
West Corner of the Park
Sabrina Online
Ivory Tower
The Class Menagerie
Skippy & Liska
Off The Beaten Path
Sluggy Freelance
The Cyantia Chronicles, a collection of Comic Strips by Syke that seems to change names daily. Also, try the Backup Site
User Friendly The Comic Strip
freighter Tails The Misadventures of Mzzkiti.
Dela the Hooda
Ozy and Millie
A Doemain of Our Own
Under the Lemon Tree
Faux Pas
The Suburban Jungle
Nip and Tuck
Master Zen-Dao Meow
The Changing Workplace Y'know, I scare myself by how many of the 'in' references of this strip I undestand.
Clan of the Cats
Vinci & Arty
Better Days
21st Century Fox

Furry Books

The Sholan Alliance book series. A set of very good books I have no hesitation to recommend.
Steven R. Boyett and The Architect of Sleep Info page. Also a very good book, but sadly, close to unobtainable these days.
Sweet Treats Dessert Recipes from the Kitchen of Marsha Redfox. Nice illustrations, nice recipes, how can you go wrong ? ;-)
The Silver Wolf. Something for the Werewolf fans, though I haven't read more than the sample chapters myself yet, it sounds promising.

Furry Artists

Artists at Tigerden
The artists of FNC
Velan Central Library Artists ( or try their mirror in Australia
Featheries Avian Anthropomorphic Art
John Sutton's artists page
FurNation Artist's Image Archive!
Damian Cugley's Front Door Also known as Slate.
Graph-X-Press (Jim Groat)
PumaPaw Graphics (Ken Sample)
Eric Schwartz The official site for an (IMHO) VERY nice Artist. also available: the unofficial site.
Reed Waller (Co-Creator of Omaha)
The Living Clay Productions (Michele Gault) Sculpture and art.
Fantasy Illustrations by Little Paw (Terrie Smith). Also available: Their old FTP server.
Tygger L. Graf The NOT cute one. (Imagine sounds of a Mrxxxx laughing about obvious lies here, especially since he saw the RL Tygger at CF 7).
Diana Sprinkle
Lisa Kuprijanow
Amy Provnost
Thyromanes With his Infinite Difursity, a new furry species a month.
The Art of Jimu
Marci McAdam
Michele Light
Samuel "Accipiter" Jirenius A nice artist I met at EF II, who draws some very CUTE furries ;-) Unfortunately, his home page seems unavailable, so I've replaced it with his VCL one. --Sadly, now offline permanently-->
Dusty Rancourt (Justin Carpenter)
Joe Ekaitis (the one who been advertising so much on alt.fan.furry).
Soap puppy Productions (Ginger, J.Willard)
AP Entertainment Quality Classic Cel, and CGI Animation Studio
Dean L. Norton
Nakira Wookie's return.
AfterFox's Looking Glass
Rotten Weasel Graphics Pyewacket's Furry Art, Toons and Comics
John Boulton
Amanda's Honey Pot by Amanda Geyer
Jeremy "Wolf" Kidd
Andrew Thompson
Anthro-morphs.com Formerly Rowell's den.
Creations by Kama
André Heinonen
Jack Furlong
Grinning Gryphon Graphics by Genesis Eve Cook
Guppy (Colin Crisanti)
Floyd Yancey
Paladin Graphics
Ravenwolf Studios
Christine Klunder's Art & Things!
Chuck Melville actually his VCL page since his home page seems to have vanished.
Kyo's Nu World
'Manda Dee
Lisanne Norman Writer of the 'Sholan Alliance' series of books.
Starbow Productions Brendan Wiese's online Studio.
Glass Onion Graphics Selling works of Michael Whelan, IMHO the finest artist alive.
Ted Sheppard
The Threshold P.O. Holland's Creative Endeavor Pages
John Barett
Gordon's little Foxhole Gordon McVey
Wooly Mittens Workbench
Floyd Yancey
Mel. White
DIGITAL;EDeN by Amp (Japanese with a smattering of English)
Rebecca Kemp
Lutrai Island (Ollie Canal)
Obsidian Cliffs Jennifer Ilena Reiter
Black Rabbit
Zoo.topia Matt Harpold
Eugene Arenhaus aka Chipmunk ( he has an Older site too.
Rags' Page of Furry Chaos
ArabicaVulpie FurryPages by Kehza (Jeff Robinson)
The California KitFox art archive (Roy D. Pounds II.)
Squee Rat
Squibb Squirrel
Deirdre McClintock
OzFoxes aka R & M Creative Endeavors (R. & M. Carspecken)
Den's Den
Sinyx's Den
Mark Vega's furry Art
Manawolf's Lair
Joe Rosales
Harem ina Foxhole by Kye Sempai, aka Chad Burbidge
Sammy Skunk
Pandamonium Phil Bolton's Furry Art Page, or try his mermaid page, or his directory at Velar.
Something Diffrent (Louis Frank)
HowArt (Shawntae Howard)
Caribou Inks (Sara Palmer)
Jim Hayden
Ken Singshow
Saul Cullen
Larry Elmore
Dee Dreslough
Eric Elliott
Beerhorse.com the site of Lonnie DiNello a.k.a Dalia Ironhoof
The Treehouse of Sammi Patterson.
Bewildered Art the are of Bridget Wilde, whoo may also be found on Furnation
Monika Livingstone
A few more in my Adult Section.

Artists 'How to' Sections

The Classroom by Genesis Eve Cook
The making of Slinky by Chipmunk
Nakira Including how to draw neat looking eyes.
Andre Heinonen Also, something about 'Body Language'.
Dee's Online Art School by Dee Dreslough
How Ollie drawz by Ollie Canal
Al Mackey's Tutorials
Piccillo's Online Art Lessons
Terry Whittiers Artwork Preservation Article on why some art goes bad, and what can be done by Artists and buyers to prevent it. A backup is here.

Multi User Games

How to Connect to FurryMUCK (and elsewhere)
Rhal's index of Furry Mu*'s
FurryMUCK Still the biggest and the best (IMHO)
Furtoonia Another place you might be able to catch me on.
Sociopolitical Rami
fications MUCK Homepage I'm here less often than I should, but it's still possible to catch me around. They also have a mirror site at furry.de that should be quicker for europeans.
Furcadia A furry graphical Mu*
The Fuzzball Software Public FTP Directory.


ConFURence East
Eurofurence Currently up to EF 8
The old Eurofurence 3 site
The Eurofurence 3 Artshow Summary My big chance to play Exhibitionist :-)
MidwestFurFest, the furry track of DUCKON finally became it's own Convention.
Albany Anthrocon 98 - Here There Be Dragons
Mephit Mini Con .Though not nearly as big as EF, certainly not 'Mini' any more, at least not for Germany.
Feral! a furry Summer Camp in Ontario. (Mirror Site)
ConiFur Northwest
Further Confusion
Furcon.de A list of German Furry Cons.



Yerf a collection of 'Squeaky Clean Furry Art' ;-)
The Velan Central Library
Orlando Furry Archives
Japanese Furfandom on Fang
Note: 'Kemono' is the Japanese word for 'Beast', and it's come to mean the same as the english 'Furry'


The Velan Central Library (also available via Web)
arclight.net what used to be called snowmeow.com
fysh.org With some nice sites and mirrors of several furry picture newsgroups.
Naked Toon and Erotic Anime Archive (Requires a fee for acess)


Swatkats Stuff


Mailing Lists

The EuroFurry ML A discussion of anything to do with furrydom as it pertains to europe. Generally english.
The Furry Literature ML FAQ

You know you're a furry XXX when...

You know you're a furry fan when... (Terry Knight)
You might be a Furry if... (G. Raymond Eddy)
You might be a Furry if... (Cloudchaser Shaconage)
You might be a Furry if... (Furnation Archive)

Various Subgroups

Free paws! The bare-pawed furry community.

Furry Resources

Jurann's Furry Grand Central
Furry Resource Page
PeterCat's Furry InfoPage
The Furry Search Page LIONESSES, CATS, and other FURRBALLS
Yiffle Your Index For Furry Links Everywhere
The Athena Furry User Library
Velan Central Library - Card Catalog
The Snowmeow Project
The Eurofur's Resource Page
The Furry Birthday Page
Polar Den
White Tigress
The Transfomation Story Archive not all furry, but a nice percentage
The Furry Code
The Furry Music Foundation
FurDir A directory of furries.
Yahoo on Furries

Furry Mailorder Outfits

United Publications by Tuu-Shrin, in Brittain. Useful, with a modest sized Archive.
Rabbit Valley (used to be Mailbox Books after Ed Zolna stopped doing it)
Second-Ed (This is Ed Zolna's new shop)

Furry related Subjects



Captain Packrat's Plush Central
Plushie Ring
Galen's Furry Plushie Page
Cheetah's Private Dimension
The Amazing Adventures of Bromwyn Bunny.
Teddy Ruxpin
John's Homepage
Fairlight's Plush Paradise
Dekhyr Dragon
Kanya's Plush Paradise Kanya is moving to a new adress
Meeko In here for the incredibly cuddleable Meeko plushie available.
Teddy Bears Mailing List Links
Mom's Brownies (Hey, theres a Teddy Bear in there ;-)


Yahoo on Plushies
Bear St. Now new with the Kösen Haus Plushie line.
Stuffed Animal World
Quicksilver A Gallery of Wonderful Things.
Australian Shop Link
Puppets on the Pier
The Puppet Gallery
SINA Bears
Dany Bären
Bears by the Sea
Talk to the Animals
Bearly Legal
Ty Inc.



Macrophile Homepage
PumaPaw Graphics (Ken Sample)
Jeremy "Wolf" Kidd
Joe Ekaitis
Dinosorceror. Still available: old site



The Fursuit Ring
Unci's Tail (with 'how-to' info on building your own tail)
The Fursuit Furry Costume Information Exchange Mailing List.


Yahoo on Fursuits well, actually on Furry Costumes :-)
Effective Engineering


Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories (Here the transformation stories subpage).
The Transformation Story Archive Rather extensive Archive
The Transformation Story list A listing of TF stories online and offline.
TF-Ring The ring of sites to do with transformations.
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TSAT a bimonthly e-zine with transformation as a topic



Archive und Foren A collection of German stories and links by Juergen Friemel



RINN's Page
DIGITAL;EDeN by Amp (Japanese with a smattering of English)
Zoanthro_P by Monty (note also his more Adult site in my Adult Furry Page)
Tas's T.room
Anime Web Turnpike
Melanie Klegerman's Faeries look very anime (and very Elfquest ;-)
Toybox Online!

Picture Archives

Big Fire Anime Archive



World Wide Cats
LAL Cat Archive
UiO Cat Archive (extends the LAL archive)
Cat Fanciers' Home Page
Fanciers' Cat breeds Page
Wild about Cats A big cat rescue group.
Feline Conservation Center at The Exotic Feline Breeding Compound
Cats! A to Z at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
David Stevenson's Cat Page
Bandit's Page
Tony's Believe-It-Or-Not Odditorium!
The CAT User's Manual
Lisaviolet's Cathouse
The Cat Basket
Tigers Live! at Lincoln Park Zoo


The Foxbox
National Fox Welfare Society


The World Wide Raccoon Web
Raccoon Yiff Bones


The Squirrel page
The Squirrel Lover's Club


Ferret Central
Ferret World
Ferrets [Jonas Nygårds]
Lars' & Nadine's Ferret Page!
Modern Ferrets Magazine
CyberFerrets FerretCam

Bunnies, Rabbbits, Hares, et.c

(Well, ...of a kind)
House Rabbit Society
A Bunny Fan


Jimmy's Sea Otter Page
Lutra's Wet Side

Skunks, Opposums

The Wonderful Skunk and Opossum Page


The Wolf Inside (deals more with werewolves, but still a good source)


Bat Conservation International


Panda's Forever


The Hamster Page
Hamsterdance (If you're feeling down, go here. Don't forget to enable sound ;-)


Orcas at SeaWorld



General Information

Seaworld/ Busch gardens Animal Information Database
The Electronic Zoo
Mammal Species of the World at the Smithsonian.
The Tree of Life
Jon's Picture Archive Animal section.
Terra For the kiddies.
Wild Legacy
Animals Insects and Pets at Yahoo.
WildSex How DO they do it ?
American Association of Zoo Keepers with among others a Picture archive.
Sunet Picture Archive Animal Picture subsection.
The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Online Exhibit subsection.
Endangered Animals Andy's favorite critters.
The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology's Animal Diversity Web
National Alternative Pet Association
The Animal in you


Btw, if you have a link on this page, and a button you'd like to see added to it, feel free to send me e-mail telling me where to find the button. Please note though that to keep a homogenous look on my pages, and to prevent anyone trying to draw attention by creating larger buttons (thus leading to size inflation), I'm only accepting buttons sized 100 * 36 pixels or lower (or have approx that many total pixels if not shaped similarly). Please also note that I reserve the right to refuse buttons I deem unacceptable for any or no reason.


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