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The Circe Treatment

The Circe Treatment was dreamed up by me, when Anonymous asked me, how I would like to be transformed.

He wrote Shell Game, a bit later I wrote "Reassigment", and the rest just happened.

Shell Game [good]
by Bob Stein
Another Shell Game [good]
by Bob Stein
Stunt Double [good]
by Bob Stein
Protection Racket [good]
by Mark Thompson
Reassignment [good]
by Thomas Hassan
Going Home [good]
by Bryan Derksen
Field Trip [good]
by Phaedrus
by Wanderer
Restoration [good]
by Bob Stein
Harold's First Hunt [good]
by Bryan Derksen
Escape Claws [good]
by Bob Stein
Full Circle [good]
by Tal Greywolf
One Last Adventure [good]
by Fox Cutter
The Other End