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Change Lady

by Brian Eirik Coe

Jake pulled the handle again on the slot machine and watched intently as the white wheels spun. "Come on, come on. Bar, bar... aw, crap," he muttered. Jake fished into his pocket for more quarters and glanced up to see the buxom cocktail waitress approaching. "Hey baby, over here," he said with a lecherous grin.

She walked over, clad in an extremely revealing harem costume to match to Arabian nights theme of the casino. "Drink, sir?"

"Budweiser. And bring the bottle if you can."

"It's just on tap, sir," she said in a melodic voice. "Is that okay?"

He barely heard her, his eyes and attention glued to her obvious attributes. "Uh, sure, that's fine. Say, you doing anything after your shift?"

She didn't say anything for a second as she jotted down his order, the glanced up with a tired, weary smile. "Sorry, can't stand men with beards. I'll be right back."

He stared hard at her legs as she walked off. Absolute perfection, that was for sure. Shaking off his hormones, he reached into his coat pocket again and looked for more change, but only found bills. Slipping off the vinyl covered stool, he walked over to the change booth. A matronly woman was practically waiting for him. He glanced at her nametag and handed her the ten dollar bill. "Hi, Betty. Can I get change?"


He blinked a couple times as the floor seemed to shift under his feet. Betty looked at him concerned. "Are you okay, sir?"

He nodded absently. "Just woozy from all this money I've lost," he said with a slow grin. He grabbed the roll of quarters off the counter and walked straight back to his slot machine. He was sure it was going to pay off. He slid onto the wooden stool and plunked the first four quarters in. "Come on, lets pay off."

"Here you go, sir," said the cocktail waitress as she set down his Heineken. Jake couldn't get over how sexy she looked in her faux pirate wench costume. He took a swig from the bottle and dropped a few coins on her tray. "Thanks, baby. Sure that you won't reconsider?"

She smiled thinly. "Sorry, buddy. I told you, unless you can grow a beard in the next few hours, you're out of luck." She took off down the row of machines and Jake turned his attention back to his machine. He rubbed his chin with his fingers and lamented not having grown one, no matter now big a pain they were.

It took only a few minutes of losses before he was completely out of quarters. With a sigh, he made his way over to the change booth again. "Hi Betty," he said cheerfully. He was way down in dollars, but having a good time. "More change, please."


She felt the world tilt again, but it seemed to right itself again. It must be something in the air around here. Betty handed her the rolled up coins. "There you are, miss. Good luck!"

Jackie nodded and headed straight back to her machine. Thankfully, no one had sat on it just yet. She dropped three pfennigs into the machine and pulled the liver. The four bars spun in sequence, one by one lining up in the same position. "All right!" she shouted, jumping out of her chair in joy, her ample breasts bouncing along with her. "That's two hundred pfennigs!"

She started scooping the coins from the bin as they counted out, dumping them into a cup. As she finished, she looked up to see the cocktail waiter next to her. She felt her heart skip a little as he saw him in his tight Roman toga. "Congratulations!" he said enthusiastically. "That's a big win!"

She smiled. "Thanks. First time I've hit anything on this machine today. I knew it was ready to pay off." He smiled and picked the drink off his tray, handing it to her. She took it hesitantly. "I'm sorry, I didn't order anything." She handed the white wine back to him.

He looked a little hesitant. "It's from the gentleman at the roulette wheel," he said pointing.

Jackie glanced over and saw the man standing there, but he was far more interested in his chips than her. She looked back at the waiter. "This is from you, isn't it?"

He smiled sheepishly. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so forward."

She smiled and laid her hand on his arm. "Really, I'm flattered. But I just don't accept drinks from strangers." She winked, "But if you're interested after your shift, I'll probably still be here trying to clean out this machine."

He grinned and took off down the row of slots. Jackie started filling the machine with the coins. It didn't take long before her big win had turned to an empty up and a memory. Grabbing a bill from her purse, she walked over to the change booth. "Hi Betty. Looks like I need another change..."


The casino shifted again, and Jake started to wonder if something was really wrong. That was at least the third time that had happened. He steadied himself and found himself looking at Betty, her ears moved from bored to concerned. "Are you okay, sir?"

He nodded, rotating his ears forward. "I'm fine, I'm find." He grabbed the rod of deckers. "Thanks."

"Bend your tail!" she said cheerfully as he walked off.

Jake slipped onto the blue cloth covered stool in front of the computerized slot machine. He slipped a trio of deckers into the machine. "Come on, triple 3's!" The stylized vegetables and numbers flashed past at blinding speed. It came up three husks. "Damn!" he muttered as it spit back just his three deckers.

The cocktail waitress laid a hand on his neck. "Better than nothing, isn't it?"

Jake turned his head back, feeling his tail stiffen and his ears sag. She looked gorgeous in her skin tight silver suit. It perfectly matched the contour of all four of her breasts. He was suddenly glad that he was staying at a place with an outer space theme. "Too true," he said.

"Can I get you another drink?" she asked in a musical voice. "Maybe a Tall Malke?"

He straightened his ears as much as he could and tried to raise his eyes to hers. He could see the slight grin on her face. "Sure, that'd be great."

"With or without ice?"

He blinked. "Ice? Who puts ice in a Tall Malke?"

She shrugged. "This is Las Vegas. We get all shades of weirdo here." She wrote the order out quickly. "I'll assume no ice, then."

He licked his lips and waggled his ears. "I'd really prefer it at your place later."

She seemed to consider it. "I get off in a few hours. You can buy me a drink then." She rubbed his ear a bit. "Then we can talk about it." She flashed her incisors at him, the turned toward the bar. He couldn't take his eyes off the crystal pomp on the tip of her tail. It reflected the blue lights magnificently.

Jake smiled as she walked away. It looked like he was wearing her down pretty fast. Maybe his luck was about to change.

Three minutes and a rod of deckers later, he was pretty sure that it wasn't completely changed to good luck. He stood and hurried over to the change booth. He didn't want to be gone when the waitress came back. He plunked down a bill on the counter in front of Betty. "Looks like I need another change."


"You okay, sir?" she asked concerned. Jake steadied himself against the counter. "Sure. Must be your perfume or something."

Her ears perked up. "Sir?"

"Nothing," he said grabbing the basket of kroner and his ident-card. "Thanks."

She flashed him a toothy grin. "No problem. Have a good run!"

He swished his black tail as he sat down at the chrome plated slot machine. He slipped the thin bar into the coin slot and pushed the lever, watching intently as the reader whirled. "Come on, lets have it..." He kicked the base of the machine with his hoof. "Damn. I know this is going to pay off eventually!"

He ran his fingers through his mane and sighed. He was down at least a thousand kroner at this point, but he could afford that for now. He slipped a few more into the machine and pushed the lever. His luck had to change pretty soon! He was sure of it.

"Here's your drink, sir," said the waitress as she set down his malted molasses. Jake couldn't help but think that it was only prayer that was keeping her two huge udders under that thin leather vest. The perky cowboy hat she wore made her look strangely sexy rather than childish as it would on just about anyone else. He could barely keep his eyes off those chestnut furred legs, either.

He dropped a couple coins on the tray. "Are you still up for later?" he asked hopefully.

She rubbed his neck. "Well, my stallion, then or sooner."

He instinctively took a deep breath. Muted by the smell of mint smoke and alcohol he could smell her. She was definitely coming into her time, and once more, she didn't have another stallions scent marking on her. He reached for her waist and she didn't resist. It looked like she was ready, and she'd chosen him. "Sooner is good," he said as he rubbed his wrist glands over her hips and at the base of her tail.

She smiled and set down the tray. "I already cleared it with my boss."

Jake smiled, "Let me just clear the machine here," he said with a shudder in his voice. He pushed the lever and turned his attention back to rubbing his scent all over her back. He barely noticed when three carrots popped up on the screen and coins started pouring out of the machine.

"Oh wow!" she said dreamily. "Look at all that."

He turned his attention back to the machine and started scooping out the coins with her help. "I'll just use this to order a bottle of bubbly for later." He whispered into her ear as they made their way over to the change booth. He slid his basket and ident-card over to her. "Can you change this for me?"


She felt the strong hands of her buck grip her more tightly around the waist as her knees buckled a bit. Something about this booth... "You okay, my doe?" he asked.

She turned her head back and looked up at him. He looked so handsome in that gondoliers costume. "I'm fine." She felt his strong hands move up her stomach to her lower breasts. The feeling was indescribable. It was no mistake, she was definitely in heat. That was going to disappoint the guys back at the office. They'd been following her for weeks waiting for it. But Jackie would rather have this bucks fawns than theirs any day.

Betty slid Jackies card back across the counter with a wink. "There you go, miss." She waggled her ears. "Have fun."

The big buck guided her toward the elevators. "Shall we retire to your room?"

She slipped the key card into his hand. "It's 1526."

He smiled and licked her in the ear. "Oh, 15th floor. You've ever mated in a sauna?"

She pushed the elevator button. "Not yet..."

Hours later, Jackie wandered back into the casino in a dream state. She knew, being in heat, that the experience was going to be heightened, but the buck was far more experienced that he had let on. He'd stayed with her for hours, far longer than the normal buck. She doubted that she'd ever see him again, so few ever did, but the experience was worth it.

She walked though the nearly empty casino and straight to the change booth. She was surprised to see the same doe, Betty, behind the cashiers window. "Don't they ever give you a break?" Jackie asked with a dreamy smile.

Betty grinned back. "They do, but I took an early shift today." She waggled her ears. "How was your night?"

The doe was a bit forward, but Jackie was in too good a mood to care. "Fabulous. He should be in the brochure for this place."

Betty chuckled. "I think he is, unofficially."

Jackie pulled out her ident-card. "I think I've got to win a little money today. I've got two or three fawns coming." She slid it across the counter, "Change please."


He blinked a bit. He was going to have to see a doctor about these dizzy spells when he got home.

Betty slid the Casino Credit Line card across the counter. "You're all set, sir. May you scent victory."

He thanked her and walked straight for his slot machine. Being so early, the machine was empty. He tapped the touch screen and brought up the slot machine option. He knew that this machine was going to pay off big again, and after the night that he'd had, he was sure of it.

He slid the card into the slot and started tapping the screen, burning through his credits at light speed. He was getting upset when a familiar and wondrous scent came to his muzzle. He looked up to see the black furred wolf coming toward him seductively. She'd slipped into a fresh uniform, looking so sexy in that fifties drive-up restaurant get up. Her black fur shone under the lights, and she glowed with wonder. "Good morning," he said, drooling.

She smiled and slid up next to him, sitting in his lap. "Good morning yourself. I thought I'd see you back down here, my Alpha." She licked him on the nose, and they started kissing deeply. When they stopped, she moved her muzzle up to his ear and whispered, "I'm yours, if you want me."

He stopped, his heart skipping a beat. He'd known she was in heat, but could it be? "You're sure?"

"My heat's gone, and the test is positive." She kissed him again.

Jake felt his mind reel a little. A part of him had hoped for this. She was, simply put, the most beautiful wolf he'd ever met. He couldn't leave her behind when he left in good conscious regardless. Pregnancy, he knew, meant that she was linked to him, and him to her. He could already feel the connection now, his mind clearing of thoughts of other wolves. He kissed her deeply again, then whispered into her ear, "I take you as my Alpha," he said in the tradition of their people.

They were like that for a few minutes before he felt the need for a little privacy with his new mate. He slipped the card from the machine and decided to make a quick stop at the change booth. He slid the Casino Credit Card across the counter to Betty. "Can you change this?" he asked.


"Here you go," said Betty as she slid the red bills across the counter.

Jackie felt woozy again, but that wasn't why she didn't even reach for it. She let her ram take it for her. He had an arm around her shoulders and was alternately leering at her breasts and licking her short horns. "Are you sure that I can't gamble anymore?" she asked. "I only got into town a couple days ago."

The ram loosened the collar on his Viking costume and hugged her closer. "You've got a household to set up, my ewe. No more gambling for you" He patted her on the stomach. "You've got my children coming, after all."

Jackie chaffed against her new husbands commands, but already felt her will vanishing. She'd known this day was coming for a long time, but it didn't make it any easier to swallow. She'd been an independent ewe up to now and had always hoped to find a ram that she could be a partner with, and not a servant and baby factory for.

It was her bad luck to go into season a month before she'd expected. Her will reduced to nothing by hormones, she'd taken the first interested male. Now, she was having a hard time thinking at all. She knew that it was just the hormones of the first days of pregnancy, that she would think more clearly by the end of the week, but it was disturbing.

As her ram led her from the Casino and to her new life, she looked back at the ewe behind the change booth window. There was something about that Betty that bothered her, but she couldn't put a hoof on it. Just then, her ram nuzzled her at the base of her neck, sending a shock of mind numbing joy though her already addled brain.

She looked more tenderly at her ram all of a sudden, only dimly aware of anything else in the universe. She looked again at the ewe behind the change window.

Betty was looking her way. She smiled thinly and winked. Betty turned back to the window, where a young ram had laid down a small stack of bills. "Can I get change, please?"

She smiled. "Certainly, sir. Right away."