English Name:


Deutscher Name



-Vulpes (real foxes)

Lathin Name:

-Vulpes Vulpes peculiosa Kishida


-Size: 60 centimeters or more long and 30 centimeters or more high at shoulders with a 45 centimeter long brush.
-Fur: sandy to reddish brown, white under parts black legs and backs of ears.
-The muzzle is sharp pointed, the ears are large and erect and the eyes are large with vertical pupils.

-Cubs are covered with soft, downy, chocolate colored fur and their tail is not a brush though it has the usual tag. The muzzle is blunt and the ears are small.

Geographic Range:





Activity:The fox is mainly nocturnal but may be out during the day sunbathing or sleeping when the weather is good.
- It is a loner except during the mating season.
-It usually sleeps in a natural cavity or a burrow taken over from another animal, although it can dig its own burrow.
-It lives in almost any kind of area including gardens in small towns, but prefers woodlands.
-It feeds mainly on rats, mice and voles, but also eats all flesh, even carrion.
-It will eat poultry, game birds, lambs and any other bird or mammal it can catch.
-It also eats vegetables, fruits and grass.
-The male feeds the vixen as soon as the cubs are born and may continue to bring her food and to help feed the cubs for some weeks.
-The vixen teaches the cubs to forage later, and they leave their parents in August.


-Mating: Jan. but may extend into February.
-Gestation:51 - 63 days
-average litter is 4.
-Cubs open their eyes at 10 days and leave the burrow when they are about a month old.
-The life expectancy of the fox is said to be about 12 years.

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others :

- The red fox is rare in Korea and its number is said to be decreasing. One may be found in the Seoul Zoo.