English Name:


Deutscher Name



-Vulpes (real foxes)

Lathin Name:

-Vulpes vulpes macroura



Geographic Range:

-Native in North America







Food Habits:


Specialities :


others :

-here is an msg I found on newsnet:

Vol 191, NO. 4 National Geographic April 1997
-Earth Almanac Section
-"On the Trail of an Ice Age Fox"

Ghostly gray denizens of Montana's Beartooth Plateau, elusive mountain
foxes may prove to be a relic from the Ice Age: a distinct population
within the subspecies Vulpes vulpes macroura.  Amid brutal winters at
7,500 to 11,000 feet, the foxes may have been hunting snowshoe hares
since the glacier's final retreat some 12,000 years ago.  "Compared
with lowland foxes, their bodies are stockier and lose less heat,"
says Montana biologist Robert Crabtree, who livetraps Beartooth foxes
to get smaples for DNS analysis by Purdue University's Brad Swanson.
- John L. Eliot.