English Name:

-Cape fox, cama fox or silver-backed fox

other names

-Ger: Kapfuchs, Kamafuchs, Silberrückenfuchs
-Fr: Renard du Cap


-Vulpes (real foxes)

Lathin Name:

-Vulpes chama


-Black silver gray; flanks and underside light yellow; tip of tail always black
-Body length: 1.5-2 ft; 45-61 cm
-Tail length: 12-16 in; 30-40 cm
-Standing height: 11-13 in; 28-33 cm
-Weight: 8-11 lb; 3.6-5 kg

Geographic Range:

-South Africa from Zimbabwe to Angola
-open savanna and in semi-arid regions in southwestern Africa, from Southern Zimbabwe to the Cape province.


-Nocturnal; found alone or in pairs, in savannas and steppes.




- Mating: possibly the whole year
- birth after: 49-56 weeks (51-53 days)
- birth-time: possibly the whole year
- litter size: 3-5 (3-6)
- weaned after: 6-8 weeks
- grown up in: 1 year
-Weight at birth: 1.7-3.5 oz; 50-100 g
-Life span: No more than 10 years

Food Habits:

-Omnivore, particularily small mammals, carrion, fruits.

Specialities :


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