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Adam's FoxBox II - THE page for fox-lovers 

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The OzFoxes FoxWeb -Homepage of Robert & Margaret Carspecken
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The Fox's Den
The Swift Fox(Home of Ray Rasmussen
A site by Richard T. Matheson
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Tanais the Fox series written by Clive Grace 
an essay entitled "I am a swift fox". 
ShadowFox's kitsune and fox myth page
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Cochrane Ecological Institute - Swift Fox Captive Breeding Program
Tim Sussman's Urban Fox Research 
Oz_Foxes FoxWeb: Questions & Answers.
The Predator Project.
foxes and humans.
Mike Micucci has put together a little fox information page 
wild dogs and foxes.
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Acorn Naturalists: Foxes and Coyotes.
Foxes of North America.
Fox Species.
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Hunt Sabotuers Association 
Mammal Slide Library of the American Society of Mammalogist 
The Center for Urban Ecology (CUE) (National Biological Service / National Park Service) 
INTERNATIONAL SPECIES INFORMATION SYSTEM (Which animals are in which zoo and how to contact the zoo) 
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Species Links

Red Fox

The Red Fox: Rogue Valley Oregon.

The Red Fox

Red Fox Ecology.

The Red Fox: Rogue Valley Oregon.

Vulpes vulpes - The University of Michigan - Museum of Zoology - Animal Diversity Web.

Gray Fox

The Gray fox.

The Gray Fox.

Gray Fox: Texas Zoo: great photo!

The Desert Fox page.

Urocyon cinereoargenteus - The University of Michigan - Museum of Zoology - Animal Diversity Web.

Gray Fox.

Arctic Fox

Alpex lagopus - The University of Michigan - Museum of Zoology - Animal Diversity Web.

Arctic Foxes of the NWT.

The Arctic Fox by Arctic Circle.

The Arctic Fox by ADF&G Wildlife

The Arctic Fox by the Animal Diversity WEB by University of Michigan.


The Desert Fox page

Kit Fox

San Joaquin Kit Fox.

Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis) and Swift Fox (Vulpes velox) Bibliography

Mammals of Socorro County, New Mexico (Kit Fox).


The Swift Fox(Home of Ray Rasmussen)

Swift Fox Facts by World Wildlife Fund.

Swift Fox by the Canadian Wildlife Service.

The Swift Fox on Schoolnet.

What is a Swift Fox?

Swift Fox Bibliography by William Standley.

Teresa G's Swift Fox Page: St. Thomas School.

Fragile Legacy: The South Dakota Swift Fox.

The Swift Fox reintroduction in Grasslands National park, Saskatchewan.

Swift Foxes Find New Homes in Southern Alberta: Good background information.

raccoon dog

The raccoon dogs, chinchillas and degus pages!


Cerdocyon thous - The University of Michigan - Museum of Zoology - Animal Diversity Web.

Otocyon megalotis - The University of Michigan - Museum of Zoology - Animal Diversity Web.