Well, that's it. The last of them.

As you can imagine this story took a while to write, so don't be expecting a sequel any time soon.  The Human Memoirs originally started as a writing exercise I set myself way back in the late eighties.  It's been through several permutations and refinements before the version that's been posted emerged, but it's been fun and I think that's what counts.  I've got other stuff in the pipeline, but most of those have still got some ways to go.

So far I've had some great responses from the readers of The Human Memoirs (Thanks and cudos to you all; You know who you are).  If there's anyone who's got some good suggestions or can point out any glaring errors, I'd be glad to hear from you.


And, lastly, there is this little page of all the illustrations currently available from Greg Howell, most of them belonging to Human Memoirs.  I, the editor, will try to install links to them at appropriate places in the story.

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